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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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numbers. 5 21 million dollar jackpot. $521 million jackpot. >> bad news. you didn't win. good news, no one did. the jackpot is going to roll over to over $600 million. largest in united states history. next drawing is this saturday. you can see it right here on wltx just before our newscast at 11. >> before you get that, efren is going to have more. >> all things considered, dealing with freezing temperatures. it is chilly out there. in newberry and winnsboro. and 41 degrees. here in columbia, 42 and cloudy
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wind giving a windchill of 37. the kids are going to need the winter jackets. 37 as they head out to the bus stop. clouds throughout the day. 52 by lunchtime and into the afternoon, getting by with about 56 degrees by midday. and then in the early evening, 51 by 6 o'clock. and now let's check on the roadways. no accidents. but on 26, piney grove road. traffic is light and no incidents reported on that end of town. in springdale, you're going to be okaka no issues there. and har veston, -- --
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. going to check more on that and the weekend. >> all right there. the city of manning has the material to fix roofs from damaged home and a waiting list of families that need the help but no skilled volunteers. more on one family that were displaced. >> from all i know all the duct work is ruined. >> haven't been able to move in since the october flood. >> $4,500 on this. >> to do this. >> new well, new everything. >> never seems to end. >> more rain and floods and it's been a nightmare. >> because it hasn't been fully dry , fema hasn't been able to help. >> they were here, but the people that need the help
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>> like us. >> incomplete. can't do anything. . >> talk to someone different. >> trying to help people in the county. >> collecting roofing materials since october jashgs my problem is i have the materials and i can still use om more material, but i don't have any skilled laborers. >> completed one home and enough to repair up to five more, including the wentz. >> need a few houses repaired. >> praying the lord is going to take care of us. so far, we're still alive. >> still here. . >> take it one day at a time. >> if you are a skilled roofer
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visit our website, for details on how to help. studying the effects of the flood on skrarlians. and they want you drn south carolinians. want your experiences and losses and distress. if you would like to participate, stop by the research mobile this week between nine in the morpg and six in the evening in garners ferry road in columbia in the abandoned pigly wiggly. . . outlining the agenda at the state house yesterday. exiled and prioritized by the chamber. this year, the chamber is asking for lawmakers to diversify the stream. chamber president said they
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to fix the roads and bridges stalled in the senate, but needs to be addressed this year. >> all they ask is debate and look at the process and that will work its course. confident that it's going to be working quickly. if not, we're confident that they'll deal with it in the session. >> agreeing that time is ticking and the roads are only getting worse. crews using band aids and short- term solutions are just some of the complaints of the public. >> you see the slabs in the road like you see on the screen there. and 1 on the road there has been there since before the flood. only uncovering more problems that couou be dangerous if the problems are not fixed soon.
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if somebody's out of state, they could be dangerous. could hurt you. >> not put in properly to begin with and failing what's underneath and we have a bigger problem that what we thought. >> drivers agree that a plan needs to be in place this session and some are conflicted if they want to pay the taxes to do it. new year's resolution, exercise ximent sales peak this time of year. >> ellipticals and treadmills, could get good ones. consumer reports is here to help. >> consumer reports is look at a dozen treadmills and ellipticals. >> looking at the ease of use. for the elliptical, an analysis
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treadmill, the dusht. >> an alternative motion machine. these allow you to vary your stride like a treadmill while keeping your feet in contact with the pedals. they take some getting used to and can be pricey. one is this cord adaptive trainer. it sells for nearly $9,000. fortreadmills, the first decision is folding or not folding. >> if you're interested in running and interested in this , the nonfolding are an option. they're well-suited for running. >> this tt eight is a great option. easy to read buttons and control even at a face pace. can get by with a less expensive folding treadmill. this is a best buy at 12
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$1,200. look for an elliptical with a heart rate program. going to adjust the resistance based on your target setting. this one offers a variety of intensities, so it's great for beginners and experienced exercisers. >> the $800 scwinn. . >> it's a very good option for saving money. >> i run on the treadmill when i have t t and if i want to get my mileage in and can't do it outside, outside is the best. i went to the park and it felt good. >> i see that.
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peak at this time. if you can hold off, you can get a good deal. mom of the day. nominated. always there when they need her and an all around amazing woman. congratulations to her and of course, if you want to nominate the mom in your life for mom of the day, you can go to website, and click on the banner. the word of the day is -- noun that means something of low value or quality. >> don't want to invest in a droft treadmill. it's a noun. >> treadmill -- >> don't want to dreadmill. >> they are dreadmills. nobody wants to get off them.
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going to tweet that out. even use that. if your resolution is to stay healthy or lose weight, we have a nutritionist to see how some small changes can make a big difference.
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saturday instead of sunday. . welcome back to news 19. we know a popular new year's resolution is to lose weight or lead a beater lifestyle. lisa is here -- some easy changes to lead a hltier life. >> adapting a healthier lifestyle, fruits and vegetables and lead protein, choosing meat, lane choices and beans and nuts other types of choices. and the high fiber and watching the added sugars and fats. starting with breakfast, a little swap that you can make. hung ri for those blueberries,
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oatmeal at home and add maybe half a banana and some cinnamon. that's going to shave you about 200 calories by doing that instead of muffin. >> easy thing to do over a week or year. going to make a difference. >> it could. >> this likes like a lunch or didier option. >> absolutely. and here you're looking at your preparation methods. added fats are what you're looking at here. and this with the baked meal, baked chicken, versus fried chicken, you could save five 500 calories here. >> and it's easy to -- how important is it to take the time to bake something or get something baked like this. >> and really, cooking more fresh meals at home, that could
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when we are going out to eat, not going to get everything at home. we can make the beters choices. looking at the preparation or ingredients. this is better here in my opinion. little snacking items. >> yes. you've got the difference between a snack where you're not getting much nutritional value as opposed to a snack where you are. with the almonds, getting heart- healthy fats and fiber, with that, you can feel satisfied for a little bit longer. and you can save 150 calories by choosing this quarter cup of almonds as opposed to this cheese snack. >> heard good things with almonds.
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. this is more with soda versus sparkling -- >> yeah. a different twist on a beverage, something different. you have 12 ounces of the regular soft drink. and here, the same stuff. 12 ounces of carbonated water, club soda, whatever particular one that you like and with a twist of lime here and by choosing one over the other, particularly choosing this over this, you can save yourself ten teaspoons of sugar. >> thanks. making all these swaps, cutting hundreds of calories and on your way to a better lifestyle. thanks for joining us.
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afante. . >> all the food over there and a healthy diet. not freezing though. none of us are. 73 in winnsboro and -- there is a windchill, winds from the north at eight. windchill of 37 degrees. and the high pressure continues to pull in a lot of that cool, dry air. this surface trough is on the atlantic coastline developing showers and thunderstorms and that's off shore. not expecting any rain today. when the kids get out of school, it's going to be mild and cloudy. highs in the 50s and the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s in all the communities. in column you, going to -- columbia, going to have 50.
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to ten miles per hour. lows tonight, 46 in camden. 44 in lexington and orangeburg. low of 37 degrees. once this area of high pressure starts moving off, going to have the complexes developing in the central and southern plains. showers and thunderstorms in the lower mississippi valley. it's moving very quick ri. a change in the forecast for tomorrow. a chance for sprinkles. and more on saturday and warming up. 64 and any rain that's left over to linger into sunday morning and will have pretty much mostly cloudy skies with a high of 62. after that, the winter conditions come back in the midst. midlands. lows in the 30s and having a lot of sunshine. dealing with one or two days of rain this week.
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the traffic, going to give yourself a little bit of extra time. traffic has been picking up on i-20. around mile marker 66, some enthusiasticening, but no delays. a little bit of a delay on gusta and ma street drive. and over sun set. and from shaw air force base, a little bit of a slow down.
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to jackson. . drones have really taken off. (rimshot. )you can spend hours checking out the different drone company companies inside the las vegas convention center. >> i would. and that's what noel brennan did. >> you can't miss the drone sound. a major trend of ces this year. . >> (inaudible). >> my six-year-old son can. anybody can.
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and yeah. >> microdrone 3.0. pint-sized. dubbed speedy. their drone goes on sale next month after a successful online campaign. >> spent a year developing it and making it. >> dropping the buzz to the showroom floor. >> that drone is holding position better than any on the market jieks a new thermal imaging can help firefighters. the drones will be hovering around for a while. >> the new law with those drones though if you buy one, you have to register it with the government. >> which is a good idea. people aren't going to be flying them where you're not
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and not the best pilot. . >> and so many privacy laws with the cameras and everything. you can check that all out on
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. from the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 this morning. we don't have the winner in south carolina. sad, but we could have the winner in south carolina on friday. >> that's exactly what's going to happen. no one in the country won the
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>> thanks for waking up with us. >> 6:30 right now. >> like we said, no winner in last night powerball drawing. now up to an estimated $675 million. largest in u.s. history. the drawing is saturday and you can see it here just before the 11 o'clock newscast. >> the odds of winning are long. one in 292 million. more likely to be struck by likely. elected to be president of the united states or die being hit by an asteroid. >> maybe not so good. but maybe it's worth it. we have a poll here. on are you going to g g tickets today? people are saying yes. i will probably be one of them.
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>> will efren afante be one of them? check in with him for a check with the weather. before that -- >> we need to talk more lottery. meanwhile, a couple in north charleston won a million dollars, we have to mention them. a million dollars in the prize. using it to helplpepair some of the damage from the floods. saying that they rarely play, mashing five of the six, but didn't get the powerball number. and now going to check in with efren afante. did you buy one? >> i'm going to buy one tomorrow. if i don't win, let's see. president efren afante. nice ring to it. i'll just keep my day job. the temperatures, it's chilly. not freezing. 41 in manning.
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36. windchill is the factor. feeling like 36 in sumter and 37 in columbia. when the kids head out to the bus stop, going to need the jackets just for this morning. cloudy and breeze and 38. high today of 56 and winds continuing overnight. tomorrow, a slight chance for a sprinkle or two and warmer. a high of 59 degrees. as we check in on the traffic and beat the traffic on roadways, traffic has been picking up quite a bit this morning. give yourself some extra time. no accidents being reported on the roadways. traffic on pine view and sumter, west of 77 and heading
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to lake mur ri and to williams bryce, from the airport downtown, an eight-minute commute. more on the forecast and how the changes are going to be playing out for the weekend after this. ladies? >> thank you, efren. on wednesday, a third round of torrential rain triggered floods in the highway to the southern half of the state. the vu international community is going to punish north korea for the bomb tests. a blast of that type would have produced a far more powerful outcome. if confirmed, this would be north korea's fourth nuclear test.
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syrian refugees have applied for residence in south carolina and parents and grandparents. according to the lutheran services of the carolinas, there's a background check completed by federal government. does not end when they leave for the united states. also go through health screenings before traveling. >> not that they're just coming here because of the economic reasons. they're coming to the united states to find the safety and because this is the land of hope and opportunity and freedom. and that's what they don't have in their home country. >> there is no word on when or where in south carolina the refugees will resettle. in spartanburg, a bond for a woman accused of trying to kill her 16-year-old disabled daughter and herself.
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and abuse of a disabilitied adult. found the suspect's daughter who has down syndrome in the kitchen. holding a glass of orange liquid with a white powdery substance. admitted to grinding up medication that was put in her drink and planned on stabbing her daughter after she passed out. and she admitted she had a similar drink to what she gave her daughter. took both the mother and the daughter to the hospital to be treated. if you got that sinking feeling about the tickets when you get pulled over? a new legislation is -- no owe kwoe ta. law enforcement agencies say
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>> i don't look at situations where -- something they didn't do or didn't deserve to be arrested for. >> lauments are expected to take up the bill when they go back to session this month. the popular hoverboards have been banned from the university of south carolina. not allowed in the school's residence halls after reports of explosions. >> and collisions, the boards became so popular, if you search the hashtag on twitter, you would find hundreds of videos like this with people falling. are you looking for a way to give back and make a difference in the community? we're on your side. helping you become a fairly
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the young lawyers and alpha kappa alpha sorority is going to have an event for dresses and everything for those who can't afford going to the prom as well as handbags and jewelry. drop it off on garners ferry road. more on that is on the website. the richland county library wants you to sit back and color. the coloring cafe is for adults. hundreds participating every week. all the materials are provided and can choose from different pencils and coloring sheets and crayons. >> life happens. when we take the time to figure out how to cope with it, it's
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that's positive that can give us a coping mechanism is worth it. try it. better than being sad about your situation. >> the library on assembly street will have it next tuesday at 2:30. settling the truth of refurbished versus new products. >> money man is protecting your next purchase. >> one of the most popular questions from the people that watch, settle it. refurb versus new. for the computer, get an extended warranty. when you can drop it, refurbish, not great. think of the people that
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and apple is one of the best to by refurbished. new battery, new warranty, new shell or screen. and brand neneitem by the time all these parts are put in and the warrantee is a great way to go. dropping things, mobile phones is one of the worth things to purchase refurbished. and hygiene issues, headphones, items you might use at home. i won't mention -- >> the headphones. that would be worth the splurge. >> i didn't think of the other ones. he just grossed me out. >> with the more expensive ones, i can see why. get what you pay for.
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more problems for south carolina's crumbling road. and the clock is ticking as they get worse. kids are going to need the jackets.
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after school .
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airport. . now the midlands most
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efren afante. >> welcome back. starting out t t warmest temperatures so far this week. 36 in newberry. 37 in winnsboro. and camden, 40. shrewd, 41. lexington at 43. the windchill is still an issue. 28 in newberry. feels like 33 in winnsboro. and 34 in manning. the average air temperature. 34 for a low. 55 for a high. slowly getting back to the norm. 5:31 for the sunset. and this trough is moving towards the coastline, going to stay at bay and the storms and showers are pretty much going to stay out there. the only thing we're going to
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58 in sumter. columbia, a high of 56 degrees tonight. low of 46 in camden. 44 in columbia, and the warming trend will continue. chance for sprinkles tomorrow with a high of 59. 64 for the high and rain ending by early sunday morning. by next week, back to average high and low temperatures. we will have a lot of sunshine. right now as we check on the road conditions and beat the traffic, i-26 wb, westbound, the headlights there, traffic is picking up quite a bit. no accidents on the interstate. and 321, all the way from the split and the fish hatchery
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27 commute. . welcome back. the south carolina chamber of commerce said the infrastructure the their top concern. lining out the budget yesterday. asking the lawmakers to diversify the revenue stream and give the transportation department 6 hundred million $600 million a year. one said they were disappointed when the bill to fix the roads and bridges stalled in the senate, but needs to be a priority this year. >> all the committee is asks is let's debate it. work out something.
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legislative process. we are hopeful that this is something that's going to happen quickly. if not, we're confident that they're going to do something to daesz it in this session. >> greeg that time is ticking and the roads are only getting worse. some use band aids and pashwork are some of the complaints from the public. >> seeing the metal slabs used to contain the roads. 1 on their road there long before the flood. and the water has only uncovered the problems that could be dangerous if the problems are not fixed soon. >> i know where the spots are. and if someone is from out of state, could be dangerous. could hurt you. >> not put in properly to begin with. and failing what's underneath
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than what we thought. >> most agree about the plan to put something into the session. but some are conflicted about paying more taxes to do it. developers with the beach company have now done the third phase of the design and development and meeting with the sdpien and development committee. housing 315 residential units and 30,000 square feet for retail space. >> we have been very successful in the first two phases. been very popular. 90% occupied. there's demand for it and the needs have changes. and being this close to the parkway is a big draw. >> expected to break ground on the project in the spring. coming up, three armed
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run. how you can help police find them and what happened after the break.
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new researchon down sugges . thanks for waking up with us. thursday, january 7th. >> getting to your top stories in the midlands rundown. >> searching for armed robbery suspects that happened just
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one of the suspects planted a gun at two employees and threatened to shoot before leaving. police got ahold of one of the suspects. if you have any information on the other ones, call crimestoppers. >> one dead after a motorcycle collision. identified as a man of columbia. said halls was turning into a private driveway when he was struck by a car and that car struck another from behind. the driver didn't have any injuries. the accident remains under investigation. checking in with the traffic with efren afante. looks like it's getting hef year. >> this is on #u7 and st. and
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not t cause on eastbound. and westbound, from mineral springs to sunset, traffic is picking up. as far as weather is concerned, it's chilly. columbia, th. wind from the north at eight. windchill of 37 under mostly cloudy skies and when kids get to the bus stop, need a jacket. and ditch that this afternoon. the rain from the surface trough will stay off shore, not expecting any of that to get back into the midlands. looking at a high of 56 here in the midlands. winds about five to ten miles per hour. light winds from the northeast and 54 will be the low. a change in the forecast by friday. high of 59 and kwarmer on saturday. the bulk of the rain chance will be on saturday. not expecting a lot of rain.
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lingering will be out, looking at a high of 52. after that, regular and norm winter conditions. highs in the 50s to the upper 40s. lows back down to the 30s. quite a bit of sunshine. and only rain will be on saturday. >> thank you, efren. . looking at what's happening today. a magnet fair. the open house is at the center for advanced technical studies from 5:30 to 7:30. giving parents a chance to look at magnet and other opportunity ins the area. and talk with school leaders. that's happening today. a charity basketball game tonight. nothing but net event will be at six at the keenen high
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tickets are five$ and the proceeds will benefit the palmetto breast health program. drop off location ks on -- and you can pick up your mulch, if you want at the stat farmers market while supplies last. >> and another thing to pick up is the lottery tickets. highest powerball jackpot in u.s. history. and the drawing will be here before 11. >> i will be getting mine. people will be waiting with bate bated breath.
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