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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here are a few good thursday, thanks for joining us. i am darcy strickland. >> i am and remark. -- and remark to families were being burglarized. it happened last night on crestview avenue. they say husband and wife were pulling into the driveway when they saw a strange car that they did not recognize parked in front of their home. the suspects walked out of their home and demanded the vehicle be moved. deputies say that the two
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backed into the family car three times. after they would not move one of the suspects shot at the car while the kids were inside. the suspect then drove to the front yard and through a fence if you have any information in this crime please call crimestoppers clemson police are investigating at tillman hall. someone spray painted stop honoring tillman. it happened either late last night very early this morning. tillman hall has been the center of controversy many have called for it to be renamed it is named after former governor been tillman who was a known white supremacist. this is not the first time that it has been vandalized. some of south carolina's top court is getting its first new leader in more than one decade.
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hour. he has been an associate justice on the high court since 2000, his replacing gene toll, turn 72 last year and had to retire because of her age. but, is actually going to turn 72 next month and can only spent one year south carolina's top judge. he had said that he would like to make the bar exam two days instead of three, and have a push to have legal fire out -- files electronically file. billy o'dell has died at the age of 77. harvey peeler confirmed the death. he died of a heart attack he was the first -- he was first elected in 1989 and represented district 4 which covers abbey wood and great would county. his in 1960 graduate at the citadel and was the ceo of o'dell corporations a cleaning product company.
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two children. the orangeburg department of public safety is getting 80 body cameras. they approved the purchase that they will cost $130,000. they will be used by patrol officers for operations. the order has been placed for the body cameras and they aren't affected in the next four weeks. the plan to have training within two weeks of their delivery and get them out on the streets as soon as possible. this morning, we woke up to some clouds quickly those clouds gave way to sunshine in temperatures warmed up a bit more than we were expecting. right now, we are between two cloud masses one offshore in the other one is back to our west. this is what's going to be coming into our area. temperatures did warm up into the 60s it is 60 degrees in
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55 a bit cooler in raleigh at 42. columbia mostly sunny skies at the moment the temperature is 60 degrees the windsor out of the northeast at seven miles per hour we will see in increasing clouds but a low of 43 tomorrow it will be cloudy a little cooler 55 degrees and we will continue to see those clouds into the tomorrow night with a low temperature of 46 degrees only a slight chance of any rain for tomorrow night. the better chance will be on saturday. let's take a look at traffic. we will start first of all in the northwest side of town. not too bad, as you go through west columbia and all the way into lexington, no big slow down a little slow down through malfunction junction. and a slowdown in the westbound lanes. and on the southeast side of town a bit of a slowdown.
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going to be until you get past lower richland boulevard. on the northwest side of town, -- rather the northeast side, we do have one accident report that's on polo road if you're going from downtown to blackwood it's 24 minutes. a look at our weekend forecast is coming up thank you. officials are trying to determine if north korea really tested a hydrogen bond air force planes took off from japan today in search of more information north korea's dictator claimed that the country did detonate a hydrogen bomb. in response officials and south korea announced that they will retaliate with propaganda broadcasts that start tomorrow if confirmed, this would be the fourth nuclear test. 17 miners who were trapped are now safe. they were rescued from inside a new york salt mine. they were trapped for 10 hours.
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sundown blankets and other supplies. tactical rescue teams went in and brought up six miners at a time. gas buddy is predicting a fourth straight year of declines. the average consumer spends about $700 on gas, restarting up 2016 within even better outlook, the national average of about two dollars a gallon is one quarter lower than a year ago. some say that's expected to translate into prices at the pump. michael jackson's estate will not stop until it gets enough. the all album is being reissued -- the album is being released again, the hallmark 1979 album they are also releasing a dvd of the film michael jackson's journey from motown to off-the- wall on february 26. off-the-wall features don't
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rock with you. catherine cudjoe, and marlon are among the family members that were interviewed. they have issued soundtracks since his death in 2009 at age 50. longtime cbs viewers are mourning the loss of one of tvs favorite repairmen. pat harrington who pay -- played duane snyder passed away last night. the sitcom ran from 1975 to 1984 is about a newly divorced mom played by and romano who moves back to her hometown with her teenage daughters. pat harrington was 86 years old. for those of you who want to reminisce and see her marathon best be marathon it will be on the saturday at antenna tv it can be found on channel 19.3 which is 1256. with no winner at last
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saturday is going to be a $700 million and claim to be largest jackpot nus history of a $420 million cash payout for anyone who can overcome those odds. and last night strong more than 100,000 players won prizes from four dollars up to $50,000. ticket sales leading up to saturday's drawing are expected to be strong across the country meaning, that the jackpot will likely ask -- escalate even larger. they urge players to play smart and play responsibly. >> i really believe that the jackpot was ours. >> i forgot to bring out the tickets. we had $54 worth of tickets we did a pool in the newsroom, $54 and this is why people say play
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nothing. he put and $54 -- >> really though, some people take hundred dollars. >> no, i just can't. the only thing that makes it feel better as we know we paid into the education. >> i'd feel better if i had a beach house. >> i would too. we are going to try to get on saturday, and hopefully at least get the powerball. >> why would we get? not even gone. >> she wanted to know how i felt. how much do we have to win until he cash on and i said i'm going with $10. the 27 of us if we went to hundred $70 that means each of us gets $10. >> i'm good with that pick >> you don't want to reinvest. someone told me, one of the clerks at the gas station told me i told her we had $54 she said he probably would have done a better find 10 scratch
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off tickets and two lottery tickets. >> next area responsible just give us a scratch off. but there's a contract so i have to inform those involved in the pool of how to spend the money. the no one will be that you pick >> until i lose pick >> until you lose. >> how would you have that? desha spend a lot of money. coming up next, players have decided not to go to the
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another season.
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return next season instead of leaving for the nfl draft. he made the announcement on his instagram, he said, it didn't feel right not finishing what he had started at carolina. he said he thought it was a mature decision. becomes and tigers are in glendale arizona getting ready for the championship game on monday, it will face alabama, they earned a spot after beating oklahoma in the orange bowl. our sports director reggie anderson is all ready in arizona and he has caught up with some former players and talked about the championship. he will catch up with him tonight at 6 pm. you can find him at twitter to. 2015 was extraordinarily warm and wet and the rest. the second -- in the united
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only 1973 and 1983 were wetter. every state across the grass -- across the us was wetter. oklahoma and had the wettest weather. and there are events that cost $1 billion in damage. december was also the warmest and wettest december ever recorded in the west. >> what exactly does that mean? >> it means it was a stream year. >> climate change. >> yes, but a lot of people i've been meaning to write an article. a lot of people have been saying, warm weather is climate change. it wasn't half all occurred, the one december that we had here was just phenomenally warm and wet. and certainly, global warming is in the background. however, there was more going on in december in just global warming.
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taking place and what a lot of people are not aware of because they are not meteorologists as we also had what we call a positive arctic oscillation, that tends to be a warm phase for us. now, it has changed extremely negative. so in my discussion with everybody today i am telling everybody, expect some really cold weather for the next few weeks. in fact, we might be seeing breezes all the way into central florida over the next to execute >> all my gosh -- my gosh. >> it's because the weather pattern has changed. let me show you what we saw. temperatures were held up, because of the cause. in fact, we only went out to 42 degrees last night once we got down to 42 we went study most of the night. 41 was below in sumter 42 orangeburg, but in the upstate, it did get a little cooler, in greenwood 34, the lower
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we saw the sign come out and that warmed us up -- the sun came out and warmed us up. 55 in sumter, 60 in columbia, 61 orangeburg, and 58 degrees in orangeburg. here's a look at the satellite picture. i've moved out we saw plenty of sunshine we are between two weather systems one is a vigorous area of low pressure offshore, this is moving towards the northeast. high pressure over the new england states has been bridging down into the southeast. if had some moisture coming up through the gulf of mexico you can see the showers and clouds over alabama and it extends to a very weak upper-level system. the next surface system is back in california that's moving through nevada right now and is heading our way. here is what we will see an increasing clouds may be a few showers upstate might even see
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the midshipman lands. that will be the case tomorrow and tomorrow night. we are not expecting much rain until saturday. saturday we will see a little bit more moisture and we expect to see showers and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon but again, it will not be much rain for the entire today. we might pick up a quarter of an inch of rain. here's are forecast 39 for newberry, 43 columbia 45 orangeburg, the highs tomorrow will be in the middle 50s. 55 in columbia, looking ahead over the next several days. a better chances for rain saturday high of 59, and it will be wendy kopp a partly cloudy on sunday. -- it will be wendy and partly cloudy on sunday. 15 degrees, you make it down to 26 degrees on tuesday morning with a high of 54 another front will be coming to wednesday this will be a dry frontal passage.
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we get a little colder by thursday with a low 29 and a high temperature of 52. you know, we are all trying to eat healthy in the new year. invited our friend chef keys back, who promises there is a healthy way to snack. we will talk about a lot of things including seaweed, how to cook with it, and these cheez its that are not cheez its at all. what are they? you tell us. >> they are like a cheez it but they are gluten-free, and they are made with nutritional yeast this is one of the things that i will -- that i think will start trending. >> this is a used that has been flaked if you smell it, because it's dried and roasted it has kind of a 90 parmesan or cheesy
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bark the cheese flavor. you don't have to make them gluten-free you can use regular flowers, we as garbanzo bean flour, and we also -- >> i didn't know that existed until about five seconds ago. >> i didn't either. there's so many different weird little variances of flour. there's oak flour., it's pulverized oates the can by oatmeal and put it in this and it will turn into that which is how to pick >> and you can cook with it. >> absolutely. you can bake with it. there's a lot of nice alternatives now for people that could not have gluten. and it taste decent. >> so how do you make these? these, we can start with our dry ingredients. >> which are here, just going to eyeball that. i emailed the recipe so we will
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about a third of a cup of your garbanzo flour. this is about two thirds of a cup under oat flour. you can use all-purpose. but, this one i think lends itself better. and then you have your flavor, which is garlic powder, onion powder and a little paprika. >> yelm -- sounds good. >> no food coloring. a little salt that gives it that final kick. and then, physically our dry ingredients are in i don't know if we want to turn on per se, because it is a little louder. the next thing that you do is coconut oil, you can use canola oil or anything else, but again we are staying with a healthy kick about two stable spoons gestures tablespoons -- 2 tablespoons.
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>> put that in there until it large crumbs. >> then it makes the dell. >> and then, you just lay it out and cut it? >> this dell has rested overnight i would recommend that is like with any positive. by the way this also gets about 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt. that's what turns it into the ball. when it's in a ball, put in a rough overnight and then, roll this out between layers of parchment paper, and however you want to cut it. you can cut it small, i would want people to know that i cut you can cut into be like saltine size. you can do what you want. shaped cheez it. >> and then you bake that if you don't have a so pat definitely parchment paper.
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i love this idea. a healthy snack you don't have
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the obama administration released new dietary guidelines latest report backs off previous recommendations about cholesterol and gets tough on sugar. marley hall reports in new york. >> reporter: anheuser cut back on sugar. >> i lost about 20 pounds without trying.>> reporter: new federal dietary guidelines are getting strict. for the first time the guidelines limit added sugar to no more than 10% of daily calories. >> we know half of the added sugars comes from beverages usually soda. >> reporter: the updated recommendations remove the
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it had been no more than 300 mg a day which is two eggs. the panel made the change after study show that there was not a clear connection between eating foods high in cholesterol in the amount of bad cholesterol that ends up in the blood. >> it's an excellent source of protein is about 70 cal and 18 and 7 g of protein. >> reporter: but the reports of teenage boys and men eat too much protein and should cut back. instead, they should eat more fruits and vegetables. >> if i get a steak and my salad comes, i'm going to go for my steak. >> reporter: there it goes news -- there is good news for coffee lover. they say it is healthy. as long as you don't add sugar or toppings. marley hall cbs news new york. >> how would you drink the coffee then? they also recommend saturated fats less than 10% of daily
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mg of sodium daily that's the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of
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>> thank you for joining us for the second half hour of friends at five. residents from a mobile home community haven't had the roads fixed since the floods in october. >> they are worried in case of errors -- in emergency emergency responders could not get to them or get to them at all. sonja gutierrez spent the day they're talking to residents. what did you find out? >> reporter: the roads look a lot like dirt track with lots of bumps. it's in an area where most of the residents are seniors were disabled. there's about 20 trailer homes all along a dirt road that
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looks like this. residents tell me that they have called the county multiple times but feel ignored since they have only been out there once. since the floods resident randy tells me his truck made it out to his home just twice that had to park in a grassy area by the main road and walk home because the cars can't make it. tonight we have answers from the county they are expecting to nail down a contractor within the next couple of weeks but they are afraid those roads won't hold. >> say if somebody was to have a heart attack, they would pass get there. receive permanent repair once we have our private contractors on the ground which we hope to do within the next couple of weeks.>> reporter: just to give you an idea of the residence i met one recently had a heart
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from an accident, and i met a veteran with a cane who tells me his wife is paralyzed from the chest down, they are all counting on the county to fix these roads before one of them has a house emergency. we will have more on the response coming up at 6 pm stay with us. duke university students are studying the effects of the flood, they want your input. all of this week they will be conducting interviews about their flood related experiences if you would like to participate and help their study stop by the research mobile this week anywhere from 9 am until 6 pm it's located in a parking lot of the vacant piggly wiggly. he will receive a $10-$20 gift card for your time. >> we're working early hours, but the people who talk to us seem really happy to share news with others. i think it's giving them an outlet we been -- even if it's
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talk to people. >> you can stop by anytime 9 am until 6 pm through this weekend and you will receive a gift card for your time. to midland mayors have been in the nation's capitol this week columbia mayor steve benjamin and sumter mayor were in washington dc yesterday they were asking for more federal money to help their cities recover from the october flood. they discussed the floods impact with housing and urban development secretary had road met with white house officials and congressman. outside today, the sun came out and it still out but it's going down. are temperature last report 60 degrees, windsor from east, 7 miles per. the air masses a little dry, we
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overnight, a slight chance that we could see a shower most of you will not see any rain. low temperature 43, tomorrow we are expecting cloudy skies and a slight chance for rain. high temperature is 55, or better chance for rain will come on saturday we will see a high of 59, it dries out for sunday will be partly cloudy but wendy, 62 for a high, but the cold air will be coming in. and on monday we are expecting a high of 50. now let's take a look at traffic. 2 first of all, we will start with an overview to show you on the northern part in the westbound lanes of i 20 there is a bit of a slowdown on the northeast side of town there is a slowdown on 77 northbound lanes from 270. and then on the southwest side of town the
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and so is sumter -- rather the swan the highway. on the northwest side of town on the lexington highway a bit of a slowdown. and we are also seeing that slowdown through the malfunction junction area. that's going to take you at least 15 minutes. back to you. usc has been hoverboards indoors and a school spokesperson says you are considering handing them -- banning them from campus. justin plant that is report -- justin is reporting. they had concerns about them with fires. they are restricting the use of hoverboards at least 20 universities have banned or restricted them. the consumer product safety commission is investigating 28 fires in 19 states tied for the motorized scooters. state lawmakers are making
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the dropout rate. it would raise the minimum dropout age from 17 to 18, a previous effort to raise the.-- dropout age died in a legislative committee, but they say drawing more public attention to the issue should help the new bills chances of becoming law. students are bradley elementary took part in a video chat this afternoon, the students were connecting with a high school in virginia. students at byrd high school in chesterfield virginia sent 13 boxes of toys last month the students met online to say thank you for the presence the principal there said that this act of generosity was inspired by the recent floods.>> it was a wonderful feeling. we did not know that they were doing this for us. and just open up the box and see the letter that the students did all of this on their own when i talked to the teachers, he said it was all
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driven >> meyer says that toys for tots have given -- has given toys the last two years, but thanks for this, they were able to receive two gifts. for the 15th year of south carolina bar to young lawyers division sorority are hosting the cinderella project it provides clean gently worn for my bridesmaids and prom dresses to where to prom. in addition to dresses they are expect to -- they are accepting jewelry and accessories. you can go to a list of other locations around columbia and orangeburg. last year we collected at this location alone 250 dresses. more than 250 dresses. again you can find out the locations that you can drop off your dresses post on our
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at news19. a group of kids gives up their recess to help kids with disabilities. news19 g&a fraser shows us the awesome project -- g&a fraser shows us the project. >> reporter: teaching his body and important skill. >> how to walk up and down stairs how to run and ride bikes and swing. and throw ball. >> reporter: he is one of many fit graders at harbison west elementary school who are big bodies. it's a program that allows big kids to help plate and teach preschoolers with autism. >> it's really fun playing with them and, i like helping other people. roman enjoys being a volunteer he and his classmates have been learning about autism and other
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>> to help them be better at those things. >> reporter: the project was the idea of a fifth-grade teacher and a preschool special education teacher. wanting all of their students to come together. >> it was to build empathy within the fifth-graders at the same time promoting school community. and it has just far exceeded our expectations. my favorite part is seeing the kids faces the fifth-graders in the preschoolers. preschoolers jump up and they walk in and they say hey can you play in the fifth-graders just that joy and leadership role that they had taken. >> reporter: the biggest take away is -- >> that they are different and you should treat everyone the same. g&a/ 23 fifth-graders participate in the program is
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has had the project. and the coordinator say they plan to continue having the program in the future. for nearly 2 decades amid landsman has put on -- a mid- landsman has put on a light show. it's to help send children to camp chemo is a labor of love free to the public. hoping to raise $10,000. that's enough to send 20 young cancer patients to camp. he exceeded that number and this morning he delivered a check for over $18,000 to palmetto richland hospital. he talked to us about why he wants to make sure that these kids get a chance. a child can go for seven days and they are sick children, normally they are in hospitals, and they are poked and prodded and they get to be cared for seven days. so that's why i support it so much.
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have that chance and i'm just trying to give them a chance to have fun.>> he has put on the show for 18 years despite being a cancer patient himself, he has lived with the disease for the past decade. well, mark your calendars states have arguments that for this year's okra strut. you can head to our well desiccant had their thursday for the okra strut. it is in the community park. it features street dances and parades arts and crafts, rides and a petting zoo and of course lots of amazing okra, the money raised from the events goes back into the community through scholarships and their community programs. do you ever feel like you don't have enough energy? >> always. right now. >> if you feel that way, stay with me. it could be your diet.
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your energy. welcome back, we talked about this before the commercial break there are so many times when you wake up and you feel like you have no energy. you get into the day, and you crash. even after you have had lunch. so much of your energy depends on your diet and you are making us some super foods making us feel good. >> we hope. that's the idea. so, now that it is getting colder, soups are a great thing, chile and that kind of stuff. we do a little play on the italian wedding soup. traditionally, it's kind of chicken and meatball, sometimes before deal depending on where you come from. we did ours with ground chicken. and then we use our own stock
5:38 pm
celery. i have a little butter and garlic. >> sounds delicious. >> you can do this in 10 minutes. and it is best served almost right away because there's pasta and so as the pasta six, it's going to keep soaking up. so if you would like we could get started. throw both of those in their this is basically one onion. >> i get to do this? >> shore. a couple of carrots. can make them big, or small. >> and fresh is better than prison. >> always. the do a couple of carrots, celery, and onion you want to stir that up and let that cut. once i coaxed down and brown's down we will add our wine, the chicken stock about a half -- half coupling. >> what kind of wine?
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>> i would stay away from the wind on the shelf that they cooking wine because they aren't very good. i'm not a fan. >> i've always wondered that pic >> now chicken stock you can buy it we make our own, it's a really awesome trick that most restaurants don't tell you is when you peel your carrots and onion skins and celery save them in a zip bag and when you get a couple back pulls throw it in here with water and bring it up to a boil and you have stock. if you have chicken bones beef bones, or even just vegetables this is basically what you're making. so all your leftovers with their way, save them boil them off into water for a few hours and you have stock. >> for anyone who does not necessarily have time. >> we can buy it. >> we have no energy. we want to buy the chicken stock without salt
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add stock -- salt. if you need salt you can always add salt. but if it's too salty then it's done. >> three bring this to a boil before we add anything? >> you bring this to a boil about 10 minutes then your meatballs, you'll make ahead of time. you can even buy some of these that are frozen. but ground chicken, turkey veal copy whatever you want to do. roll them up we sauti them. we finish them in the oven, these are done and cooked.>> you want me to dump the is and what >> let's start with pasta.>> this looks different than what i have purchased. >> you want to get something small because it will bulk up. if you get a big spiral noodle they will be huge. >> so you don't want a macaroni you what like half of one. >> exactly. if you look at the noodles in here, once they are cut. >> so that's the finished product. >> okay. this is how big the noodles get
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>> they double. >> we will come back out on the shot, and they can get a closer look at what the noodles look like before. so you can see how small the noodles are. >> so they will soak up a lot of liquid. and again, that will cut down for a few minutes. and if you don't have time, again everything in and walk away. come back 20 minutes later and it's done. meatballs going, -- go in. what we did which i think will be a trend, a lot of nutritionists are saying, that seaweed is going to be the new kale. and you find it a lot in japanese and asian restaurants. so, italian wedding soup have kale or spinach, or something like that in it. we substituted a dried seaweed. >> why are we coming away from
5:42 pm
why do we need something different? >> i like kale a lot. this has that ocean, really clean seaweed flavor. which isn't for everybody. so if it's not stick with kale. anything green is good for you. >> it definitely has an ocean cents. >> to me the last three steps really quick. put a little bit of added. >> just a little bit. >> it's dehydrated so it will grow. and you will see that. >> and we will plate it so we can see the finished product. >> and you have a spoon with my name on it. >> and you can garnish that with green onions or cheese or anything else. >> okay. there's the finished product and you promise it would give me lots of energy. >> is good hangover food too.>> you know i don't need that. three kids.
5:43 pm
andrea. >> all right, coming up restaurant week officially begins today.
5:44 pm
best restaurant week kicked off today. five of those restaurant -- 55 are in columbia. here's how it works they offer you a special menu which includes a multicourse meal at a lower price. the idea is to get folks that normally would go out to spend money to try some of the amazing places we have. some restaurants are offering lunch and dinner specials. for a list of all of the participating restaurants go over to our website.>> one of the downtown restaurants and participating in the restaurant
5:45 pm
colby gallagher is at the spot where you can get pizza cooked in just 90 seconds and it is good. colby. >> reporter: hello, you heard that right only 90 seconds it takes. this is marked -- mark donnelly, tell me, why did you decide to go into this concept why do we need it in south carolina? >> it's always fun to have something first three or first before atlantic chicago, new york everybody. we are here in columbia. so for local people, we wanted to bring something new and exciting to columbia and i think we did. it's a really great concept. >> and it's not just for looks, this huge grill, how is it possible to fully cook that doubt in 90 seconds? >> the oven runs at 800 degrees. it's woodfired. and because of that, we are
5:46 pm
crust, it will cook really fast. >> and those pieces are all ready award-winning. we have heard about them they can get it during restaurant week tell me ordeals. >> we have a lunch deal for 1495 dashboard on this $14.95, and then we have a dinner option that's $28, is a specialty pizza to salads, into beverages of your choice. >> reporter: you heard it, one of the many restaurants been
5:47 pm
for now, i'll be sending it
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whose road washed away during the october flood. the state has a new chief justice. for the first time in a decade. we will hear his plan. the powerball jackpot keeps soaring since nobody one. how high could he go? wltx -- news19 at 6 pm starts now. tonight residence in one county neighborhood are waiting for the flood damage road to be fixed good evening takes for being with us i am jr barry. >> i am andrea macht. they say they are frustrated with the delay. the biggest concern is in case of an emergency first responders will not be able to get to them in time or perhaps at all. >> sonia gutierrez is trying to get an answer as to where the work will be done. 4 during my visit today i found
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