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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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around the world good evening, thank you for being with us on this thursday. a group from university gave up their winter break to study the effects of october sled. news 19 savannah leavens is telling us what they are doing and how you can help.>> reporter: -- >> we just monitor their heart rate when they are going to the interview and see where the stresses. >> reporter: the students are spending their vacation time here. >> some of the questions that we ask include what the rescue process was like, how they left their homes, what they sell and they returned.>> reporter: they are co--- collecting research by interviewing victims. >> we ask them, please tell us what you went through. and then we break it down, in terms of what did you do to prepare, what happens during the flood, how have you been recovering. >> reporter: they hope to use
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be done differently. >> my concern is conducting interviews with the public's people would be scared to talk about it. but, i have found just the opposite to be true. people really open up to the experience and are wanting to share what they have been through. >> reporter: one of the eight students selected, she says it should -- it has been eye- opening. >> as much of a personal experience, they don't want it to go unnoticed. this is a very big hardship for the city and the rest of the state. and visibility it needs. walmart gift cards and in exchange for their time. they want to tell their story. even now, months later, they just want to be heard. >> i think it's giving them an outlet even though it's not a direct resource, they can talk to people about what they have been going for in a way that's not been presented since the
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it will be in the parking lot of the piggly wiggly through sunday. you can stop by anytime between 9 am and 6 pm. last night we saw clouds come in that kept temperatures up, the sun came out and it was still warmer then we were expecting. a low temperature 42 above the airport got up to 61 in the city and 62 at the airport. right now partly cloudy skies 54 degrees, windsor from the east and northeast at five miles per hour. tonight, the concert on the increase. 43 degrees, cloudy and 55 dropping 246 tomorrow night. it will have the weekend forecast coming up. thank you. residents of a mobile home neighborhood say they need their road fixed.
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flood. they are worried the first responders will not be able to get to them in time of emergency. there 20 trailer homes all along the street which is a county road not maintained by the state. they have called the county multiple times but feel ignored. today, they called the county administrator's of their expecting to mailed out a contractor -- nail down a contractor. >> if someone had a heart attack or something they would probably pass on.>> that area is scheduled to receive permanent repair once we have our contractors on the ground. >> reporter: however, there is still no timetable on when that will be done. until then, residents can sit and wait. long-term -- longtime carolina representative he had been senator. for over 25 years representing abbeville, anderson and greenwood counties he served on
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labor to commerce and industry. most recently he chaired the general committee which have a dss investigations over the last two years. several lawmakers found out about his death,>> i was just notified that senator. o'dell has passed. >> pennell. >> if we could just have a minute of silence for his family. >> he was a fine state senator. his a really go to kind of person when it comes to financial issues in particular. it's going to be a huge loss and, you can just the amidships on the panel among the legislators when the news came across.>> he was a 1960 graduate of the citadel, here's the cdl -- ceo of a company. governor.
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the president's state of the union response. she said she was first approached about it in early december. she has been given flexibility to talk about whatever topic she feels needs to be covered. >> it's an honor. you have to know, i always go back to that five year old girl that lived in the middle of nowhere and wondered what was out there. and to be able to think, i will not have the ability to address the country it is very humbling but it's an honor. >> she says her speech will be so much as a response to the president as it will be an address about issues of importance to her she will be able to watch the president and the governor here tuesday night on news 19. the governor, the state is continuing to gain momentum in the fight against domestic violence, a press conference the governor in task force members announced that they had 50 recommendations to tackle criminal domestic violence and 10 party started. that have authority started. they hope to make resources
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violence survivors and change the culture of how they are treated.>> the executive orders that she signed are very important because they were heightened awareness, and training and really help us find ways to assist those people. >> the governor said those who go through domestic violence shouldn't be referred to as victims rather survivors. she signed an executive order to extend how long the criminal domestic violence task force will work. lawmakers are making another effort to cut the dropout rate. this time with a bill that would raise the age from 17 to 18. a previous effort to raise the dropout age died in a legislative committee. supporters say drawing more public attention to the issue should help the chances of becoming law. police are asking for your police in helping find a truck. these are surveillance images
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officers say that the truck was seen on the 5800 block shortly before 6:30 am on monday, december 28. the person inside is accused of stealing 3000 hundred dollars /$3500 worth of fireworks. it is a black 92 or 93 extended cab pickup truck with black rims and a silver stripe down the side. giving the information call crimestoppers. it's been a talk of the nation, powerball, since there is no winner last night, saturdays estimated jackpot is a staggering $709 the jackpot could go even bigger. the high number of ticket sales , they are expected between now and saturday night. your odds of winning are long wanted to hundred 93 million. so play responsibly. you can watch it live at 11 pm
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football game here. 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for gas. asked says $325 billion will be's bent on gas -- will be spent on gas. there are lower gas prices. we love them. they are expected to peak in april and may. they say we will still be paying less than we were last year. museum is viewing a special collection. selections from the craft competition will be on display along with work from the portrait project. both exhibits showcase photographers and find craft artist/find craft artist. >> you will see 3-d mixed-media, you will see clay work, you'll see photographs of people. everything, that is here tonight at city hall is representative of our state and of the artists that live here in south carolina. >> the exhibit will be open
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still had the countdown to the national championship is on. after the break we will check
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anderson. 1981 was the last to the clemson tigers won the national college about championship. they are playing for it again this coming monday night. our sports director reggie anderson is live with the latest. >> reporter: here, is where the tigers in crimson tigers will be scoring off. a lot goes into getting a team ready for this kind of game
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christine brown has the story of one upstate woman who's helping the tigers get ready for the game.>> at least it's bright and cheerful. >> reporter: 133 orange jerseys arrived wednesday afternoon the marathon village alterations began. >> she has a team of women ready to go they can knock them out in a day. >> they are sowing several patches to the tigers national championship attire in less than one day. >> they have a schedule to keep and we have to make sure that they can keep that schedule. >> it's no small task but nothing that they can handle. >> a little more time-consuming, they want more stop and start. >> there one of the last shipments, the rest of the 17 person equipment team have been working nonstop to get the gear ready. >> they big undertaking is a pretty cool experience. >> most of it shipped tuesday, but their work will just begin.
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locker room. >> for donna she will take a small break to watch the game money -- monday. >> it's exciting is a game that i watch i look at and i think yes, we've got to do that. that's our work. it gives you a special attachment, and a different kind of a tiger pride knowing you're a small part of the team. >> reporter: it certainly a labor of love. meanwhile in the upstate a restaurant chain is getting in on all of the fun. the chick-fil-a said they will be serving a tiger pop biscuit on monday. that's right. the restaurant chain shared a picture of this on twitter. they said they will be serving up monday from 6 am until 10:30 pm. your breakfast can consist of a tiger pop biscuit. that's the store here in glendale, tigers will be arriving tomorrow night for their big-game. here in the desert reggie
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-- news 19. big news, sky more says he is coming back for his senior season putting off an expected injury into the nfl draft. after talking to his family he said it's only right he stays for a campaign. and the coach says he believes he made a mature decision to come back and he is excited about the chances to coach him. he made the announcement today on his instagram account. from the field to the basketball court, the ones basketball team is looking to continue their streak at pm is a tipoff in nashville against vanderbilt. the the second conference game, and they will look to open two and zero for the sixth time under the head coach the last time these two teams met mitchell and wilson posted 20 points each and dominated a 30
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so make you can catch the to -- men's team in action. they will be taking on vanderbilt at three will be another one what has so far been an undefeated season. let's turn our attention to the weather. so we will maybe see a little
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>> yes, we are. south carolina restaurant week is underway. colby gallagher featured one restaurant. >> reporter: you saw the award- winning pizza now we will see how it is made. >> robert is stretching out the dough, has a fresh ball. this is made with our 00 italian flour from italy, he is stretching it out that will make a 12 inch pizza he will make it on the pizza peel, he will add our homemade sauce to it. this is the exact things experience you will have walk through the line like this.
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shredded mozzarella cheese and he will put our fresh roasted chicken on it. and he is racing. >> it's a quick experience. >> it is. fresh pizza experience. >> then he will put like i said, the fresh roasted chicken on it. pulled chicken, and, we cook that here in the house. we shred our own cheese, we make our own dome and sauce. he will put it in our wood oven. >> so this oven what makes it special? >> like i said, it is an 8000 oven. it is an italian made what fire pizza oven. the deccan there is 800 degrees as soon as you put that cold go immediately start cooking it will start to rise, once he
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that these has died, then we can turn it. we have to turn in the exact same spot we put it in there otherwise it will burn and then return it several times in their you will see robert turning it, and it comes out and it's beautiful. >> reporter: on that we have been saying you are one of the participants of restaurant week what does that entail? >> i think this 80 different restaurants participating. i'm not sure that for sure. but we are participating at lunch and dinner with a lunch special and a dinner special but you can use lunch at dinner and dinner or lunch. the lunch special is your choice of a one topping pizza, split a caesar salad, into beverages. for $14.99, in the dinner special is a choice of the specialty pizzas, and, you can eat get a salad, into beverages
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alcoholic for $28. 4 okay, this is the pizzeria on the corner of main interbase. yesterday. you can get why not, they are part of restaurant week come out and get a delicious pizza just like this one that you see here. we were so excited about this one. just a few minutes, 202 main st., and columbia. for now, in downtown columbia colby gallagher wltx. with the sun coming out today we have warmed up nicely. it got up to 59 degrees in sumter, 62 columbia 64 orangeburg. it was 65 and augustine in charleston. to our north 58 degrees and raquel. we have high clouds started to come in.
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spread. this area of cloudiness just comes right over our area. we do have a rather intense low- pressure system offshore. of another system moving southwest, that the system that will factor in to a the temperatures are called but moderating here in the southeast. specifically in columbia, we have got a temperature of 44 influence, the clouds are increasing, temperatures are holding up. 54 columbia, in orangeburg. that's in orangeburg. the clouds continue to increase
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showers tonight and tomorrow. it will stay cloudy tomorrow. it's not until we get to saturday that we expect to see showers moving through. even then, we are not expecting a lot of rain. tonight called low temperatures kept by the clouds. expecting a low of 39 in newberry, 43 columbia, highs tomorrow will be in the middle 50s. looking ahead, on saturday we expect to see showers 59 degrees, partly cloudy sunday, 62 degrees but we expect it to be wendy, and the colder air will be coming in later in the day. we will feel it next week. expecting a high of 50 on monday, i the time we get to tuesday expecting a low of 26. another front comes to the area, that will be on wednesday. we will see breezy conditions it will stay rather chilly.
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>> so the rain isn't anything to write home about. >> less than a quarter of an inch. so maxilla had some medley and
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researched -- all eyes are on the middle school, they have been named the school to watch for the national honor in education award in 2007 they were the first school in the state to be named the recipient of the award. since then they have won it every three years making them the first school to do so.
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the recess to help children's with disabilities. the graders help preschoolers with autism as part of a program called product -- project awesome. they are making their own lesson plans. >> my favorite part is seeing the kids faces. the fifth-graders and the preschoolers. the preschoolers jump up when they walk in. and they say hey, can you play? and then he fifth-graders, just the joy and the leadership role that they had taken it's been a lot of fun to watch.>> 24 fifth- graders participate. it's the first year they have had the project in the coordinator said they plan to continue it in the future. staying in the classroom, students from bradley elementary here in columbia spent time video chatting with students from byrd high school in virginia. it was to thank them for
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october floods. the principle says that the much appreciated. at just the generosity of the students. and just, for them going above and beyond to supply toys for our students.>> principle adds that today's video chat was put together by the students. that is our time, for now,
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>> get off my stage! sharon osbourne's swift kick. what they're saying today. >> sheryl and i kicked his ass. >> and where we found the rude dude. >> you want her to apologize to you? come on. screw then, bank robber. look familiar? the dead ringer for tv personality mike rowe. >> where exactly were you when all of this went down? >> imagine moving to the big city and ending up on the front payments for this. the young woman slashed in the face by a knife wielding maniac. >> i could feel him beside me. then, exclusive, message in the bottle reunion. >> hi! >> she wrote the note. he found the bottle 27 years later. >> oh, thank you. >> and clay aiken under attack. >> did he really say the premier of "american idol" was worse than a root canal?
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