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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning, i'm savannah levins. 3 3 3
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3 3 3 we are just three days away from the big game... and the
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afternoon for this place.. univeristy of pheonex stadium.. thatll be after they get in one more practice at home this morning. sports director reggie anderson has been in arizona for a few days now -- we'll send it out to him for an update from the desert. 3
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3 >> we're fortunate enough to be two brothers who coach in the league. we support our mom a lot. she has been to five super bowl and hopefully i can get her to one more but we have been blessed. our mom and dad did a great job with us growing up as well as the rest of our family members. what can i say? i'm a good man who has done a lot of thing in many world because of who taught me.
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will be a coach sooner than later? >> it's hard because by only call the plays in the preseason. the coach does in the regular season because there's nobody better than him. i learned from him and have done organizational things and have to get opportunity. i think i will knock it out of the park. >> reporter: how neat would it be if harold goodman would be a coach? whoever hires him, the franchise's gear would be a sell in the lower richland community. tomorrow in the valley of the sun, clemson and alabama will arrive in the afternoon and before you know it, it's time to convict off and settle the national championship, tigers going for their first title since 1981, alabama for their third in the last five seasons. reggie anderson, news 19, wltx. >> thanks, reggie. looking forward to it. everyone breathing a sigh of relief as we have another
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and it's now bigger at $700 million increase and could get higher by the time the numbers are announced saturday night as people continue to buy more tickets. this is the largest jackpot in powerball history so people who have never played are buying tickets left and right and one shop owner said it only takes one. >> well, i tell people that are like, "i never played it, i'm never going to win. quiz said i would rather win 1 in a million than none in a million. if you don't player, you won't win at all. >> one person did win a $1 million prize for matching five of the six numbers. the next drawing is saturday night. that's your deadline to get your tickets. you can see it on wltx before chew 19 at 11:00. speaking of, there is a winning powerball ticket throwing around irmo, waiting to claimed so check your tick.
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on lake mary boulevard in irmo worth $100,000. since the player also purchased a power play for an additional dollar -- probably good decision -- because their $50,000 prize doubled. the numbers drawn on saturday, january 2 -- 5-6-15-29-42 with the powerball number was 10. in richland county this morning deputies are looking for two suspects burglarizing a house just as the family returned home. this happened wednesday night around 10:00 on crestview avenue. a husband, wife and their two children were pulling into the driveway of their house when they saw a car parked in front. the suspects walked out of the home and demand they move their vehicle. deputies said the two suspects got into their car and backed into the families three times. when they wouldn't move, one suspect shot at them. then they drove through a front
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if you have information that could help investigators, call crimestoppers anonymously at 888-crime sc. lexington police also need the public's help in connection with a fatal hit-and-run involving a pedestrian on wednesday on the 500 block of gibson road around 1:00 in the afternoon. investigators said ellie mclea, jr., was hit and kil ed by a vehicle. if you have information that could help, you're ask to call crimestoppers. in columbia, police need your help finding drivers of a truck we're about to show you in a second used to steal $3,500 worth of fireworks. take a look. officers said the truck was seen on the 5800 block of monticello road shortly before 6:30 on monday, december 28. police believe the car is a black 1992 or `93 extended cab pickup with black rim and silver stripe down the side, as you see there. if you have information that
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you are ask to call crimestoppers this morning. resident in one clash don county neighborhood are still waiting for their flood-damage the roads to be fixed. resident in turbeville are concerned first responders won't be able to get to them in case of an emergency. sonya gutierrez is on your side, trying to get an answer when this work will finally be done. >> we have to walk at least about a quarter of a mile and have to leave the truck and cars down the highway. >> reporter: in three month, randy said he's only been able to drive his truck home twice. >> if you have to go get groceries, we have to tote the groceries all the way back there. >> reporter: this right here is where the u-turn curves. it starts there and ends on the other side. it does have other roads that have dead ends that way, but
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>> say if somebody was to have a heart attack or something, they would probably pass before the ambulance could get to us. >> reporter: the back street is a clarendon county road and residents have reported it every time. >> every time we call them, they said it would have to dry up before they fix it. but it had at least one time i dried up and they never did show up. >> we had over 450 road that were damaged. a lot of these roads are in such bad shape that our public works department is not able to, uh, repair them. therefore, the need for private contractors. >> reporter: this neighborhood with seniors and over 20 homes is one of those roads. the administrator want residents to know they're aware of the issue. >> that area is, um, scheduled to receive permanent repair once we have our private contractors on the ground, which we hope to do within the
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>> it's just, uh, a bad situation. nobody's here to help us, you know, when we need to get in and out. >> reporter: the resident says they're all counting on the county to fix those roads before someone has a health emergency. and keeping on flood news, if you still have debris leftover from the october flood and live in richland county, today is the last day to get crews to pick it up for you. after today you have to bring it yourself to one of the county's two dropoff centers. for more information on how to separate that flood debris and where those locations are visit meet our mom of the day now. she's marla nicholas. marla is a mother of five and was nominated by her daughter. she said her mother is a grouper who always finds the energy to putt smile on and do
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her five children and eight grandchildren. she's our foundation and we are thankful. congratulations to marla. to nominate the mom in your life for mom of the day, head to and click on the panner we have there to sentenced your nomination. time for the word of the day. it means pertaining to dancing and this is actually nature a greek goddess, the goddess of dancing and mother of those infamous sirens in freak mythology so fun fact for you this morning. we're helping you find fun and a great place to eat. stick around for what is happening in the midlands. plus our restaurant report card although we have rain in
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not be >> welcome back to knew 19 on this tgi friday morning. the midland has been dealing with a little bit of light showers and sprinkles throughout this morning and right now, the light showers are moving through parts of northern aiken county into saluda, pretty much light shower in saluda county and now moving to the northern parts of newberry county. showers, maybe light sprinkles,
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orangeburg from, say, holly hill, santee, to utahville, light showers as well moving throughout the area but right now, temperatures throughout our neighborhoods -- 45 lexington as well as st. ma matthew, bishopville at 44. columbia, 46, overcast skies, with wind out of the east- northeast at 8 miles per hour, a little windchill, 42 degrees is what it feels like right now. as our compmper models show, more rainfall will continue in the central and southern midland and as it quickly moves northeast, we may have sprinkles around lunchtime but by the afternoon and evening, we have overcast sky and will be the same into tomorrow morning. now, when the kid get out of school today, again, there's the chance of rain and will be mild, 54 degrees as soon as they get out of school as highs today throughout the midlands will generally be in the middle to upper 50s with a few community in new bury around 51 degrees, possibly a high of 52
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in columbia, expecting a high of 55, light showers. we'll end up with overcast sky and high of 45 as highs range from 45 to 49. 50@mathews, possibly 52 in orangeburg. the most some communities could see, maybe up to .15 inches of rain so not a lot but nonetheless, we will deal with the rain tomorrow, high of 60 degrees. as we get into sunday, as the skies start to clear, it will be windy, 15-to-20-mile-per- hour wind, high of 62. monday and next week, a lot of sunny skies but will be considerably cooler, highs generally in the upper 40s but lows back down into the upper 20s and lower 30s. as you get ready to head out on your friday morning commute,
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conditions right now, i-20 at 66. traffic has been pick up in both directions, no accidents on the interstate and a slow go as you come on augusta road, both sides from sunset boulevard all the way down to main street. if you're heading from the air force base, 42 minute commute,
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jackson gate, you're looking and if you want to do >> welcome back. 6:22 on your friday morning. if you want to find
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highly anticipated d rek the musical, jr., is here. take your kids to far, far away where a lovable green ogre spend his day with fairy tale misfits and misfits. you can take them to the theater at midlands tech today, tomorrow, and sunday. tickets only $5 and $6. if you want to go out after -- maybe before, have something sweet to eat -- we have something for you. here's this week's golden special award. >> reporter: today's winner you have probably heard of them and probably enjoyed the delicious cupcakes they have. the winner of the golden special of this week is cupcake down south. this is the assistant manager. tell me -- this was created in charleston. why did you guys decide to open in columbia? >> well, it just kind of made sense to come to the capital of the state and the vista is such a great location. it's really the heart of the city so it just made sense to open up the location here. >> reporter: and everybody
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special flavors every week. how do you decide which ones will be featured? >> well, we rotate our flavor schedule about every two weeks now. it's really hard to decide because we have so many favorites. >> there are so many that are just amazing-looking. before we show you them close up and tell you what goes into make them, let's look at the highest and lowest scores. here are follow-ups. during a visit on december 16, el mariachi received a 77-c for storing beach tongue on top of a trash can and two pots of food on the floor. they observed wiping cloths in the improper solution and food on meat slicer. december 22, they scored a 98- a. another follow-up is not required. china hot scored a 91 during their follow-up. mercado ask a pull bow got a 98. flaming grill in columbia
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church's chicken on two notch road voluntarily closed december 30 after scoring a 75- c during their inspection. inspectors saw wastewater pack up out of the floor drain and food prep area and mop sink outside. they saw drain fly in the bathroom, dish and prep areas. during a follow-up on the same day, store was given a 95 for diverting water leak and cleaning backup until a fix is made. the next visit is scheduled for the eighth. hill's lost points for having gnat in their food as well as dead and live roach in the equipment, cabinets and take area. they saw spilled batter and dead bug and noted foods were at the wrong temperature. during a hollow-up on december 22, they scored a 93. the next score doesn't follow normal protocol but knew 19 lets viewers know when there's bests. piggy park had a 91-a but inspectors saw live and dead roacheses throughout the kitchen.
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now to the hall of fame. carolina and little caesar's scored perfect 100s. enjoy. we're back with britney and behind us, you can see where magic happens to make these guys. they look so amazing. tell us what is in front of us. >> first, here we have our red velvet, by far our next seller. we have my personal favorite, the salted caramel chocolate, chocolate cake with chocolate cakes baked in and caramel cheese icing. we also started something new and it's our alcohol-infused line, our after dark cupcakes. and we have our sparkle white chocolate cranberry, vanilla- based cake with cranberries inside and put something in it. the identification has white chocolate in our cream cheese with sugar cranberry on top. over here is our hoc chocolate caramel moonshine.
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doll kay delay chai and on top, caramel moonshine inside and drip with caramel and chocolate. >> it's so hard not to drool as you are describing these. for people that just want something sweet or maybe something with a little extra inside, you can get these at cupcakes down south in downtown columbia. colby gallagher. >> thanks, colby. if you want to get healthier and want your veggies
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granite ha >> announcer: from the station that's on your side you're
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>> good mornin . thank you for waking up with us on this freud morning. i'm savannah levens. 6:30, chilly start to your morning. every federal, you say it will warm up a little bit but our word is looming over us. that "r" word, rain, is falling over us. it's light and scattered with the heaviest concentration through saluda and lexington county into aiken county and light rain from northwest into orangeburg county but temperatures right now -- it's rather chilly. 46 columbia, wind out of the east-northeast. conditioned will need their umbrella and coat. hour by hour, we'll be dealing
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in the afternoon, as we hit temperatures around 55-degree, rain chances start to go down and by 6:00, 52 with maybe a sprinkle or two. now, let's meet the traffic. as we get ready for that commute to school or work, i- 26, this is going to be at mile marker 104, both directions as you head between buyny grove and st. andrew, it has been picking up, traffic has been light. no real issues on highway 76, 378, crossing 77, and garners ferry has been picking up. stadium. from the airport downtown, 11 minute commute. give yourself extra time because we expect a little more rain on the roadways throughout the morning. we'll check the forecast in a few minutes. sasannah? >> ephraim, thank you. anybody who is anybody in
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vegas this week for the consumer electronics show, ces, as it's called, 2016, filled 28 football fields of space at the las vegas convention center with brand-new products that can change the world and of course, your life. our expert partners at have been working night and day all week trying to find the best of the best of those products. and mike joins us live from hey, mike. first of all, tell me what the vibe is like there. must be super exciting. >> i tell you what, ces 2016 is an enormous event with a ton of products so we really had our work cut out for us but we buckled down to a list of 48. i had three or four of the best in front of me right now so i will start off with the phantom drone.
6:26 am
these from the beginning and made drones popular. you have the best picture. next up, the glymph headphones. they look like normal head phones you wear while you're working around the house. it beams an image into your eye. it's like looking at a 65-inch television screen from 10 feet away. it's great if you're on a plane or want to watch something without anybody else looking in this looks like a thumb drive but if you plug in it the back of a television in an hdmi port, it will turn your tv into
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so no messing with wires or laptops. in an era of smart appliance, sometimes the smartest thing can be the design. if you lining side, the shelfing is set up. it's tough to fit it in. what whirlpool did is designed refrigerator where the shelves were tracked in a u shape so you can put something in the middle and there is a system and you don't have to mess
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if you want to see the entire list, you can see the rest of the products as well. from las vegas, >> mike, thank you so much. great products there. moving on now to your "usa today" headlines, two middle eastern refugees have been arrested following a multistate terror probe and are scheduled to appear in court today. one of them, a 23-year-old sacramento resident, managed to travel to syria to fight alongside a terror organization. officials say that man is somehow connected to a 24-year- old houston resident accused of providing materials to support i.s.i.s. the mother of the affluenza teen will face charges this morning. she helpedded her son flee to mexico after he missed a probation hearing.
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2013 when he was senten to just ten years probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people people. in an op-ed published thursday in "the new york times," the president said he will not support anyone who doesn't support common sense gun reform. it came. same day he made his case for tighter gun control rules during a rare forum. republican presidential forerunner donald trump will make a campaign stop in rock hill tonight. a spokesperson said tickets for the 6100 seat winthrop coliseum are still available but wouldn't say exactly how many. doors will open at 5:00 and the event will kick off at 7:00. right here in columbia, florida senator marco rubio will be back on the campaign trail today.
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carolina haven on bluff road at 4:30 in the afternoon. then on saturday, he will take place in a presidential forum moderated by house speaker paul ryan and senator tim scott. that's taking place at the columbia convention center from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. let's take a look at the other candidates attending jack kemp forum tomorrow. jeb bush, ben carson, chris christie, huckabab, fiorina, kasich, from 8:00 to 2:00 at the metro convention center. i think this, uh -- coming up, uh -- since it's looking like it will be a rainy weekend -- or -- no this is actually -- before we go to break one of my favorite matt granite packages or stories he has done so far, telling us how to save on fruits and vegetables. take a look. >> reporter: great to be with you.
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yes, apple. not the computer. this is actually a deal because it's supposedly imperfect and that has spelled incredible savings for the way i now buy my fruit. and vegetables. take a look at my favorite way to buy produce, ugly produce delivered. this is a real thing. what we would consider perfectly fine, a grocery store may consider imperfect and that spells huge savings. with prices starting at $12 a week, you can actually get some of the most beautitil imperfect fruit and vegetables delivered to you. very simple produce, very simple process. have your address, take a look, consider a trial, and if you're looking for a great way to get things delivered, imperfect produce, one of my favorite new websites and services in our community. now, again, you want to go get it yourself at the grocery store -- that may be a better way to go. but for the larger household, great savings you're
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>> all right. had to get that in. thanks, matt. imperfect produce. you can visit for more information. coming up, since it's looking like a rainy weekend you may want to hit the movie theater but before you do, hear leo smith's movie review after the break. kids, listen up. you will need your rain jackets and a warm coat for this
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rain is expected and >> all right, welcome back. 6:42 right now. a rainy, cold weekend, we're joined by leo smith and you have one you like. "revenant." >> i did like this one. it's kind of funny you said we've got a rainy weekend going on because this movie had some very dreary weather going on in it.
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"revenant," the new movie they have been talking about. if you have been watching trailers on tv, they talk about how it's supposed to be nominated for all these big award and everything. it's done by director alejandro gonzalez enuritu, i know one of your favorites -- >> of course, top of the list! [ laughter ] >> nerds like me know who he is. he had a strong contender last year with "birdman." he didn't win but -- no i think it did. he may have another good one this year. the only thing is this one may just be too graphic. life wouldn't always easy in the old west, especially when hunting in unwelcome territory. such was the case for frontiersman hugh glass. times it could be downright
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[ bear roaring, man screaming ] >> reporter: after being mistakenly left for dead, glass must slowly put his shattered remains together while patting mother nature and his adversaries but ironically, his fearsist rival is one of his very own. fitzgerald's agenda makes him the target of glass' revenge. the desire for justice fuels our hero with a will to live that would have been likely left for the serenity of death. >> i'm not afraid to die any anymore. i'm done it already. >> reporter: stories of survival can be brutal when we're expose to the harsh realities of what one must eat and do to stay alive. in this expect, "the revenant" compromises nothing. from begin to end, we're treat to a grisly, gruesome rachel that may be hard for some viewers to take and to his credit, dicaprio sacrificed
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his most authentic performance ever. i'm a huge fan of long tracking shots, and the director has once again raised his own personal standard. his relentless work ethic is sure to be recognized over the next few months during award season. the squeamish may revolt, but the steadfast will revel in "the revenant." so it's clearly one that i liked but, you know i can't recommend it to everybody because many people want to see a will ferrell move movie. >> i know you're talking about me. >> i didn't say anyone in particular. >> specifically pointing finger. >> i may have winked at you. >> you said they want to keep it realistic. >> they did and it was frightingly realistic. you know, the theater had a lot of people in it and from what i could tell, they looked as into
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it's probably going to do exactly what they're hoping for and really pull people in. >> all right, leo smith, thank you so much for that review. now we'll send it over to ephraim for a check of the weather. hey, savannah. today may be a good day to see the movie because we have some light rainfall moving throughout the midlands in the western and southern midland. right now the heavy rainfall is moving through areas of northern aiken county, northeastern aiken county into southern and western lexingngn unty. the rain is starting to move in, light rainfall in saluda and western newberry county. orangeburg has been hit or miss from norway all the way to utahville so temperatures aren't chilly. 46 columbia, 45 lexington, 43 in camden. we will continue rainfall throughout the morning into the midday but by midday will start to break up and by later this
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have overcast skies as highs today will generally be in the lower to middle 50s throughout our communities. we will have overcast skies and won't be as mild, 45 for a low tonight in winnsboro and up to 50 in st. matthews. the amount of rainfall -- we're not expect that much, anywhere from a fifth of an inch to .15 inches. we're not expecting much into tomorrow. 60 degrees on saturday, 62 on sunday. as the skies start to clear up, wind will pick up. from monday on, highs will move into the upper 40s with low in the upper 20s and lower 30s but a lot of sunshine for the four days next week. as we get ready to go out this morning, some of the roadways are wet so give yourself extra time as we look at 26 westbound by mile marker 104 near st. andrews road. no accidents are reported. further south, no issues from charleston highway, both
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traffic has been picking up quite a bit, though. from the village of sandhill downtown, 28 cmminutes.
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downtown, 13 minutes. >> welcome back. 6:51 on your friday morning. if you still have debris left over from the flood and you live in richland county, today is the last day crewew will come out to pick it up for you. after today, you will have to take that debris to one of the county's two dropoff centers been for more information on that and for information on how you should separate that debris, h
6:41 am
in turbeville haven't had their roads fixed since the floods and they're worried in case of an emergency. there's about 20 trailer homes all along tobacco street off of sandhill road. residents tell news 19 they have called the county multiple times but feel ignored. news 19 on your side and we now have answers from clarendon county. they said they're expecting to nail down a contractor within the next couple of weeks. >> to say somebody was to have a heart attack or something, they would probably pass on before the ambulance would get to us. >> that area is, um, scheduled to receive permanent repair once we have our private contractors on the ground which we hope to do within the next couple of weeks. >> the residents hope they can get the road fixed before someone has a health emergency. 8c coming up, a close call leaves a family in shock and
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loose this >> announcer: on your side, you're watching news 19, wltx. >> thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning. it is friday, january 8. the time right now 6:56. let's get to today's top stories in your midlands rundown. starting in richland county, deputies arlooking for two suspects burglarizing a house right as the family returned home. this happened wednesday night around 10:00 on crestview avenue. deputies said one of the suspects shot at the family after they wouldn't move their car. if you have any information about this crime, you're ask to caca crimestoppers anonymously at 888-crime-sc. lexington police need the public's help in connection with a fatal hit-and-run involving a pedestrian.
6:43 am
the 500 block of gibson road around 1:00 in the afternoon. investigators sardelle l lee mclea, jr., was hit and killed by a vehicle. if you believe you have information to help, you're asked to call crimestoppers this morning. let's meet the traffic now. i understand we have developments. hey, ephraim. >> we have been developing the information. there's an accident i-26 by exit 111. it's not showing up on the map. the exit ramp is closed so again, i-26 by exit 111. as far as in columbia right now, no delays as you come off of west columbia on sunset boulevard as well as on 321 from i-20 to knox avenue and casey. corners ferry to divine pretet good ininboth directions but traffic has been picking up. as far as our weather, still a lot of rain moves in. it's light rainfall and the heavy concentration is moving
6:44 am
it's a little chilly. temperatures 41 in waynesboro, 45 st. matthews, and columbia at 46 degrees. we are expecting temperatures, even though it's 42 wind chill right now here in columbia, that will start improving throughout the day. when the kid are at the bus stop, they will need their jacket and umbrella. 45-degrees to start off this morning. all of that rain will still continue, but you can see it's starting to lighten up we're not expecting rain all day but nevertheless, be prepared. a high of 55 degrees and rain just start tapering into the afternoon and by overnight tonight, overcast skies, 47 degrees will be our low. we'll still need the umbrella for tomorrow, though, because even though we're expecting more rain, the total amount of rain could be up to maybe .15 inches of rain. it's a pain in the neck we will have rain but not a lot of rain, high of 60 degrees by sunday, and as the skies start to clear, windy. by monday, over the next several days, highs will get
6:45 am
down into the upper 20s and lower 30s. so our winter temperatures are back, but we'll have a lot of sunshine come sunday and at least the next several days. >> so that rain will come and go a little bit over this weekend. >> pretty much but won't be a complete washout. that's a good thing. >> good news. thank you so much. we want to thank you for joining us on news 19 this morning. you can follow developments in traffic and weather on thank you for joining us and we'll be back here in just 25 minutes. stick around. captioning funded by cbs
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it is friday, january 8th, 2016.
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