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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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look at this picture effect setting, a 2016 logo here, in the far distance, you've got the mountain, here in arizona. just a gorgeous setting here. in the valley of the sun. and that's what's going to be awaiting clemson as they arrive here, at 6:26. about 25 minutes or so. the tigers will touchdown, we'll get a shot of them walking off the plane here in arizona for the first time and away we've got, media day tomorrow, and before you know, it will kick off off here. live at the sky harbor airport in phoenix, reggie anderson, wltx. thousands,,ens of thousands of visitors are expected to flock to monday's sold out game at the university of phoenix said staid -- stadium. federal authorities warn about the risk of terror attacks. they say they will have more boots on the ground, and also will use a multiagency coordination center, where
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and respond to the threats in real time: there will be a viewing party here in town, to watch the championship game, hosted by the columbia clemson club, it is taking place at the hickory tavern. kickoff is at 8:30. before the game, you watch our clemson championship bound special, it hairs monday night at -- airs monday night at 7:30. the if the tigers win it all, we have the first view of what that shirt will look like. this is the design that's being printed here in columbia, the shirt says simply perfect. best season in college football history. some of you may think it's a jinks to print shirts early before the game is played, but kevin shumaker says that's not the case. >> hear that from time to time, people get nervous when we have designs made, but in order to get approved through the
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have to do the design before the game happening, and everybody who is selling one o o these is already printing the shirt to make sure it prints correctly on the press so it has no effect on the game, i promise. both sides are doing it. >> and if clemson wins, the shirt also be printed as soon as the game is over. and will be available at retailers across the area tuesday morning, you can also buy them. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> we continue to see cloudy skies, and it's been cool out there today. it still is. temperature is at 50 degrees, winds out of the north at 3 miles per hour. and for tonight, it will continue to be cloudy. temperatures aren't going to move very much, expect canning a low just 46. tomorrow, lit be cloudy, we expect to see an increase in chance for rain during the afternoon. the high temperature of 57 degrees. then on sunday, it will try out, but it's going to be windy, and
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i'll have that forecast in a moment. well, the legislative session starts next week, many are wondering what lawmakers will be getting done, after a business off session, with the flood, where does the chance of roads bill passing stand in news 19 joins us now in the studio with a preview of this legislative session. joyce. >>reporter: lawmakers are hopeful that they'll be able to debate and eventually pass a roads bill, this session. saying there's even more pressure now after the effects of last year's floods. >> to me, it's been really a shock to me and a great source of disappointment, that we have not had that road. i hope this will be the year. >>reporter: lawmakers will be starting off this year with the states 1.3 billion dollar surplus. >> i'm hearing from a lot of different senators that it's going to be a priority. let's keep our fingers crossed. >>reporter: getting a roads bill pass. >> take surplus money, but if you do that and don't start
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that's a band-aid, that's not a long-term solution. >>reporter: and disagreements over that long-term plan include how d.o.t. should be reformed and restructured, and in a gas tax will be the stream of revenue for fubding repairs. -- funding repairs. >> tourism is the number one industry, let's let people coming into this state help pay for it. you know, people are coming to this state, just to buy gas, and leave. >>reporter: education reform and flood recovery toppedd the list. >> between roads and education, it could keep almost anything year. >>reporter: but with some big issues to get through, do other important bills stand a chance? >> there's so many important issues in south carolina. that we can suck the life out of the roof with three, or we can get those done and let all the important issues in south carolina, you know, have, you know, get a bite of the apple. >>reporter: now, you can head to our twitter page, and take our poll on what you think lawmakers
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poll is already getting a lot of traction already. live in the studio, joyce ceo, news 19. thank you, tonight, the state supreme court has suspended the law license for brian newman, earlier this week, new man pled guilty to tail you're to pay his taxes andordered to pay restitution and sentenced to probation, the top court appointed perry t. lumpkin to take over his client cases during his license suspend, we're told that he must now file paperwork within 15 days saying he will comply with the suspension, if that does not happen, he could be held in con tefrnt of kourd. tonight, richland sheriff leon lott is praising the clime crime lott. dna was able to link 19-year-old and 21-year-old ryan alison to the death of 20-year-old jeremy davis, both men are charged with deputies. back on december 13th, she shot and killed davis can and injured
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of the spinx gas station, that's the corner of hard scrabble and lee roads. lott says the dna was found on the victim's car, which led to his arrest. lott says without the dna, the case may have gone unsolved since the suspects had no connection to the victims. we're not -- who were not from the area and chose them at random. >> the family, of mr. davis, has some closure because we were able to find out who took theiren so, their loved one -- their son, their loved one. but it happened because the forensic lab, our investigators, working ass a team, that shows you the value of having our own forensic lab in this building, able to get efld and quickly turn it around -- evidence and quickly turn it around and solve cases. >> today's announcement was made on the final day for the woman woman who helped create the lab. she will continue to work as a consultant after she retires.
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investigatingghe death of a man who was found dead on the front porch of his home. on queens street. an autopsy shows he died from blood loss due to a cut on his head. they were stopping by to make sure their neighbor was okay. >> that was my concern, when i drove by, and of course, the police are not going to tell us anything, because it's you know, they have to keep everything until the investigations are completed. we've never had any rob in this area and it's always been very r friendly, and without any problems. >> the circumstances leading up to his death are still under investigation by columbia police. call 1-888-crime-sc if you have any information. a west columbia man is behind bars to accused of sexual exploitation of minors, 27-year-old steven patrick, they state that he solicited minors for prostitution online, he is charged with one count of
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prostitution of a minor. it is a felony offense, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. and in rock hill, the mother of a 3-year-old who shot and killed himself in november has been arrested. 29-year-old patricia carter has been charged with the you were unlawful neglect of a child. investigators say carter left a loaded gun on the bed where the boy was lying. she is out of jail on a $15,000 bond. activeists are -- slager was released on bond monday. 15 people gathered in front of the north charleston city hall, saying he is a danger to the community and he should have his bond revoked. they also want to meet with the circuit judge, clifton newman. he says he is troubled slager
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until the fall awaiting trial. the delay caused because roov is held first. there is word tonight that democratic presidential hopeful martin o'malley is at risk of being excluded from the next democratic president rnl debate, that's taking place in charleston a week from this sunday, because nbc says in order to qualify for that debate, a candidate must reach 50 #5% in recent national polls or polls in iowa and new hampshire or south carolina. o'malley has been polling at 5% in iowa and remains below the margins in new hampshire and south carolina, and in national polls, trailing hillary clinton and can bernie sanders by wide margins. on the republican side, marco rubio is going to be holding -- held a meet and greet here in columbia earlier today, he shared his vision for america. he answered questions about planned parenthood and same-sex. >> federal courts have injected themselves on an issue that is
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have defined for the whole country, what the definition of marriage is, something that the constitution doesn't touch, should not have anything to do with now. as a result, in the state of florida, where 60% of our voters, in the constitution of the state, just a few years ago, defined marriage as one man and woman woman, the will of the people has been thrown out the window by a supreme court ruling. that ruling is wrong, if you have enough people on the supreme court that will apply the constitution as originally intended, you never would have that had that's ruling. i am not putting people on the supreme court that believe that the constitution is a living and breathing document. >> one of 8 presidential hopefuls taking part in a forum tomorrow. the jack kemp foundation forum on expanding opportunity being held at the columbia convention center, moderated by house speaker paul ryan.
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it starts at # 30 in the -- 8:30 in the morning. >> lindsay graham will attend tomorrow's forum, but as as a presidential candidate. i spoke to graham earlier today about that. >> well, i think that the number one, i was frustrated, i didn't do better, i could always, i guess, be a better candidate, i'm proud of my team, ut it was hard to get on the main debate stage, i did pretty well in the debates, the under card debates, but they didn't last very long. i guess what i'm most proud of is two things, the same guy that left the race is the same guy that entered the race, i didn't change my positions, i tried to tell it like i believe it to be and on national security, i think above all others, i drove the debate. offered an alternative for leading from behind, obama's approach to destroying isil, it requires more american presence in iraq and eventually syria as part of a regional force.
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i'm proud of the effort in my team, to talk about how to defend this nation, other than just criticizing obama, giving a concrete alternative, and now, i'm proud to say, that most people in my party are coming my way and isolationism is in our rear-view mirror. >> have you made a decision on who you will be supporting. >> no, i have not. i hope we can give some momentum to someone other than senator cruz, and mr. trump. fine folks, but i think hillary clinton would clean their plot. and i am looking at someone that could be a good commander in chief on day one, that could beat hillary clinton and bring us together as a nation. i haven't made up my mind. i don't know that i'll endorse anybody, i don't know how much damage i've done to myself. but i'm glad a ran for president and it wasrustrating not
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because of the national polling, that was a mistake. i think my message did resonate when people heard it. i just didn't get in front of enough people long enough to make a difference. but i'm glad i ran, in south carolina has a chance to create momentum for a third choice other than trump or cruz, and i hope we'll take that opportunity. well, coming up tonight at 7:00, more from graham, including his thoughts our state's flood recovery efforts. camp bell's soup is the first major food company to start closing gmo's. they are also calling for the government to make a uniformed gmo labeling system mandatory, about three-quarterss of the company's products have gmo ingredients. girl scout cookies are on sale, your choices include 7 crowd favorites like thin mints and peanut butter patties, for the first time in the decade, the cost of each box is going up
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a gluten-free chocolate chip short bread cookie priced at $5 is available. it will last until march. how about this, t torrow ninit's report jackpot has leaped to 800 million. amid strong national sales. this is going to be the largest jackpot in american history. the odds of winning that jackpot are 1 in 293 million, so play responsibly. tickets are $2. and if you haven't purchased one yet, we're on your side to help you perhaps win. according to the multistate lodj7#(\(.;h)lo(a_ w)roa*[1xtvekcr]j;q those computer picks, but if you pick your own, the most drawn 42. play those. >> but the actual powerball, 20, picked. >> we've never had a jackpot this high.
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way as we along, very busy. sales are very good. we are urging people to play responsibly, this is not the time to go spend your whole paycheck on a ticket. solomon jackson bought one powerball ticket and won, and your odds are the same, whether you buy 1 ticket or buy 50. we're reminding people, not to get so caught up in the frenzy, that they do something that they will regret. >> well, of course, you can see that drawing right here on wltx at 11:00, tomorrow night during the afc wildcard football game. now, as we speak of winning, tonight's mega millions jackpot is 165 million. you can see that drawing just before news 19 at 11:00. all right. reggie anderson i i in arizona at the clemson tigers are about to land. >> we're going to check in with him now to see how things are going. >>reporter: well, that is the
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right now, everybody, clemson is about to make its way on to the tarmac here. at the sky harbor international airport. tigers coming in earlier than scheduled, scheduled to get here at 6:26, their early. we don't mind that. clemson, coming in as the number one team in the country, undefeated. taking on alabama, that will be coming in here in the next 25 minutes or so. but that's the story right now, you've got a high school band that's here to greet them. i'm sure music will be being played. in a couple of minute, we'll get the first look at the tigers here in arizona. live at the phoenix international airport. wltx. >> thank you so much. still ahead today on news 19 at 6:00, after a gloomy start to
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know if the rain will wash you're watching news 19 at 6:00. >> well, tomorrow, you can pick up free mulch, keeping the midlands, handing it out. at the state farmer's market. to pick it up, starting at 8:30, runs out. out. >> we have so many people who love to get their hands in the soil, make things happen in their own homes and their own yards, so it will go quickly. >> it should. >> yeah, good stuff. >> will tomorrow be a good day to work in the yards? >> the early part of the day. might see a little drizzle. by the afternoon, we'll see an increase in rain. right now, we have a front that is stationary off the coast, we have the cool air trapped right now, under a layer of low clouds.
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so you're not going to have any problems tonight. here is that stationary front, weak area of low pressure down in the gulf of mexico, but the main system is moving through rain. temperatures have moderated ahead of that system, but it's turning much colder behind the system, and the reason if for that is a very long arctic air mass, over the northern canada, that is now moving south. notice down in southern part of canada, winnipeg is down to 1 into the northern plains, continuing to move to the south. but ahead of the front, you can see how temperatures have moderated with temperatures in the 50s. through the mississippi river valley. now, here's what we're seeing in columbia, in the piedmont rsit's cooler,r, at rock hill, 46, 47 in greenwood. 50 for columbia and sumter and 52 in orangeburg. the computer models showing tonight, we'll have cloudy sky, cloudy in the morning, tomorrow afternoon, we start to see an increase in showers. a front will be moving through
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-- it will be windy and it will start to turn colder. for tonight, low temperatures, generally in the mid 40s, 46 in columbia, 47 in orangeburg, 45 in sumter. then for tomorrow, high temperatures generally ranging from 53 in newberry, 56 in camden, 57 in columbia, 58 in sumter, 60 in manning a a orangeburg. 7-day forecast, once we get to sunday, lit be windy, expecting a high of 62. that will be early in the day. with colder air coming in late in the day. and by monday, it will be sunny, notice a high of 48 degrees. 54 on tuesday. and another front will be approaching. it will be breezy and then that cold air comes in, on wednesday, a high temperature of 47, down to about 27 degrees thursday morning. and then, by the time we get to next friday, mostly cloudy, high temperature of 53.
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shot of cold air. >> we'll be ready for it. >> we're going to head out to arizona with sports director reggie anderson. >>reporter: yeah, the sun has gone behind the clouds, i feel like i'm in a nascar race, they're behind me, the plane carrying the undefeated clemson tigers, i wonder if dabo is piloting the plane, he likes to do everything else up there, he's a marketer, a recruiter, a pretty good football keech. but there is the -- coach, but there is the team. coaches, staff and player, they are on that plane right there, momentarily, they'll approximate stepping off here. at the tarmac. at the sky harbor phoenix international airport. of course o, this is the building up to monday night's national championship game between the crimson tide of alabama and the tigers of clemson. clemson top rank in the country.
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to ole miss, but it doesn't seem to be both erg them. and nick saban very confident. if you go to our website,, we've talked to some former clemson players about this match-up, we also talked to a former gamecock. he's going to roott for alabama. his sec ties are too strong to ignore. so d.j. in the cardinal locker room, will be rooting for the crimson tide. five clemson players and two clemson coaches, two former clemson players who are coaching. in that arizona locker room. you've got just two alabama players, we talked to one today, ed stinson, defensive end, that is on our website at you can follow us on twitter @ reggie wltx. and there you see, they're about to embark, they're just about 30 seconds away. from seeing the first shot of
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going to stay with it here. they drove delta. that was their airplane of choice. oour sure it's eye fine airline -- i'm sure it's a fine airline. 60 degrees. 60 degrees, cloudy, again, a gorgeous setting. got the mountains in the background. and this is a pick tour effect setting. tomorrow is media day, and then sunday, they'll have a little walk-through practice, the coach's press conference, where they do the photo op with the trophy. monday, game day. at glendale. they're playing at the university of phoenix stadium. momentarily, we expect to see somebody open the doors, and we'll see who is first to step off. i'm assuming lit be dabo -- it
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and when you think about it, this guy, 2008, he was the interim head coach. and after a couple rough spots to start off with, he overhauled his coaching staff, bringing in chad morris, with a major step, it ging that offense going, bringing in brent, later to take over the defense and now you've got tony elliott and jeff scott as cooffensive coordinator, so every staff decision that dabo has been a major improvement. pretty good effort at recruiting. so waiting on the team to arrive. off the plane. and again, i can look around, this really is like media row, i'm going to count, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, about 100 cameras are here. we're focussing on the plane. there's about 100 tv cameras
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clemson and alabama as they are making their first steps on to arizona soil. so we're going to -- i think the doors are about to open. and let's see who -- my bet is on dabo, i would assume it would be dabo, he's let's see what happens as the doors are open andho is stepping off? let's see. it looks like dabo, i see an orange tie. there he is, dabo and his wife. there they are. the clemson football head couple, if you will, embarking. i see jeff scott, looks like. and we have a high school band here, that's breaking into the tiger rag, right now. and of course, if you're wondering, alabama's alma mater, yeah, alabama, that will be played when r whenever alabama arrives, in the next 20, 25 minutes or so.
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and they are here. in arizona. and they are about -- very business-like approach, this is a very confident team. yes, they're the under d ds, they are the underdogs, but they're going to go at it against alabama, monday night,
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here at the airport, the tigers >> rose: they got him. the most wanted drug lord in the world wanted no more. also tonight -- >> i'm shot. >> rose: a philadelphia cop
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