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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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recovering from the station that's on your side, you're watching news 19 at 11:00. the count down is on for the national football championship. thanks for being with us. andrea has the rest of the night off. alabama arrived a few
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anderson as both teams touched down in the desert. >> reporter: they are in town here in phoenix. we are overlooking downtown phoenix. both teams are at their hospital tomorrow. their first practice is tomorrow. before you know it it will be sometime to settle this thing for college football's national championship. ming up later in sports, we will hear from a former blythewood -- he will talk about the impact that jeff scott made in his career in how jeff had a major hand in him developing into a pro bowl quarterback. here in just outside downtown phoenix reggie anderson. law enforcement plan to wrap
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this comes after recent terror attacks in california and paris. home grown terrorist is real and can happen in any city. in the stands will be bob coughman he began going to those games in 1962. he has been making scrapbooks since the '70s. >> someone asked me the other day, are you nervous? what if you don't win? what have you come this far and monday night you just don't complete the journey? my answer is, we've already won. we've already won to get to this point. >> the biggest difference is ticket prices.
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tickets this year started at $450. the columbia company has designed the t-shirt. the shirts will be printed and ready. if you want to watch the game with your fellow tigers. it is going to o going on. now the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. we have seen clouds throughout the evening and it continues to be on the cool side. temperatures have been holding steady. it is still 50 degrees. that's what it was at 6:00 this evening. we have cloudy skies at 6 miles per hour.
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46 degrees. we are expecting a high of 57 but we will see an increasing chance for some rain late in the day and into the evening hours. then on sunday, it's going to be dry but it will be windy and then turning colder for the first of next week. that forecast is coming up. all right, jim that's coming up. we have breaking news coming from hanahan. someone started a fire at michael slager's home. they say the fire appeared to be small and caused minor damage and two people were seen running away from the building. there has been opposition all week long since slager was released on bond. he is accused of the death of walter scot. the judge set his bond earlier this week denied bond back in september. that angered a lot of people in
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his former home in hanahan set on fire. this is still developing story in the lowcounty. nobody in the h he at the time. police continue to investigate. firefighter are looking into a fatal fire. it happened on the 1100 block of quiet lane. one person has died. we'll bring you more infnfmation as it becomes available. a man accused of shooting his stepmother remains behind bars this evening. loren thomas joins us in studio with what happened. lauren? >> he was denied bond. the 27-year-old was charged with attempted murder, possession of a crime and grand larceny. he was accused of shooting his 53-year-old stepmother many
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her condition is unknown at this time. the victim advocate spoke out saying that the victim fears for life and believes that weeks was trying to kill her. asking that bond be denied. when judge asked weeks if he should be denied bond, he agreed. the sheriff also agreed with the decision. >> i'm pleased that advocate was close contact with the victim and the family. the investigator told the judge what was going on and very much satisfied and the judge granted no bond. the court appearance and his criminal history, he's been in trouble as a juvenile. the shooting. they believe the gun was stolen
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in the studio loren thomas, news 19, wltx. the search continues for a missing cayce teenager. they believe elka james ran away from home. she was last seen on sunny side drive. she is described 4'10" tall. she has died her hair black, blue, and purple in the past. if you have information call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. two men broke into a sumter business. surveillance images shows two men breaking into palmetto explosion. they stole two cases of soft drinks and damaged two doors. if you have information call crimestoppers. in the upstate now, a
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charge with first-degree criminal domestic violence. he is 53-year-old henry campbell. he fired off a gun outside of his home where his four children were. campbell has been with the sheriff's department since 1998. a gop donald trump spoke to a packed house in rock hill tonight. we are told the 61 coliseum was full. some supporters say they travelled hundreds of miles to see trump. this is his last scheduled stop in our state. marco rubio brought his campaign to the capital city today. he shared his vision for america. he answered q qstions about planned parenthood, national security, and same-sex marriage. he will be among eight gop
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columbia convention center tomorrow. it is being monorated by paul ryan and house speaker. the senator lindsey graham will be there tomorrow but not as a candidate. the senator told me today he is still trying to decide who he will support for the nomination. >> it is important that south carolina look long and hard who to support. i hope we can give some momentum other than senator cruz and mr. trump. fine folks but i think hillary clinton will clean their clock. i look who will be a good commander in chief. bring together as a nation. i don't know if i'll endorse anybody. i don't know how much damage i've done for myself. it iseally frustrating not being able to get on the big stage because of national polling.
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i just didn't get in front of people long enough to make a difference. i'm glad south carolina has the chance. i hope they will take the opportunity. >> if donald trump or senator cruz win the nomination would you support it? >> i'm a republican. i really want to beat hillary clinton. i don't dislike her i just don't think she will do anything really different than obama. we need to go in a different fashion. what is conservative? i think i'm a good conservative. i believe we are losing we are not supporting the people who suffered the most. we will not win the election
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he has alienated a lot of people. if we get a solid ready on day one nominee to be commander in chief we will win. >> will you run again? >> i enjoyed it enough that i woulddntertain that thought.when had a chance to speak, i think i made a difference. big stage. again. you shouldn't limit somebody's ability to be heard based on national polls. having said that, i met some of the most wonderfuleople in iowa and new hampshire. had a great team in south carolina. we started leading the pack. when mr. trump got in everything changed. i'm interested in helping the next president whether it is
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i'm here to say two things, i'm a gamecock and pulling for clemson. our broken immigration system will never be fixed with bipartisan. i believe in bipartisan when it makes sense. >> on the other side of the aisle o mally maybe -- organizers of the event in order to qualify for the event a candidate must reach an average of 5% of national polls. while o'malley has been polling about 5% in iowa he remains below those margins. you have a lot of decisions to make on this election year. should you also to get to elect
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one state lawmakers thinks so. here is robert kittle. >> reporter: he was sworn in thursday. state lawmakers elected him to the position as they do all judges. but the state representative wants to change that. >> i think it is corrupt. >> reporter: would have the public elect judges. lawmakers are also attorneys and may appear before the judges they elect. >> when they walk into a courtroom, if side a does not have a legislature and side b does have a legislature, side b decides if he has his attorney or not. >> reporter: they are the only states that elect judges. 21 statesncluding north carolina and georgia have elections. most states have the governor appoint judges. house democratics are both attorneys who will fight his bill.
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you will notice a lot of it has to do with judges are out there begging for money to run for office. looking for lawyers and doing them special favors. >> you have to go out and raise money. the only people to raise money from are lawyers which creates lawyer's supporting the judges who then appear -- which is a dangerers place to be. >> reporter: it isn't perfect. robert kittle news 19, wltx. a majority of states have gone on to have governors appoint judges. all right, what everybody is talking about. the $800 million jackpot.
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plus, it's been a c you're watching news 19 at 11:00 with j.r. berry and andrea mock. tomorrow's powerjackpot could go to $800 million.
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>> we've never had a jackpot this high. all of us are feeling our way. sales are very good. we are urging people to play responsibly. this is not the time to spend your whole check on the ticket. your odds are the same if you buy one ticket or whether you buy 50. we are reminding people not to get so caught up in the frenzy that they will do something they regret. >> nearly 75% are quick picks. but if you do pick your own. here are the most drawn numbers 26, 41, 22, 16 and 42. the most selected power ball numbers are 6, 20, and 29. you can catch the winning tomorrow night. it will be airing the football game.
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night and if the game is going when the drawing -- we will put the drawing up there side by side with the game so you don't miss anything. be responsible. >> another reason to watch the game all the way to the end. >> a little bit of rain tomorrow? >> the computer models are suggesting that more of the rain will be tomorrow evening not during the day tomorrow. that's good news. we saw temperatures holding steady a good part of the day. our high temperature 50 degrees in columbia, 54 degrees in orangeburg, charleston 59 degrees. cooler upstate, they were at 48. at the moment still -- 50 in orangeburg, 46 in greenwood and rock hill. we still have a lot of low
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we have had a wedge of cool air that's been parked right here in the carolinas that's one reason why our temperature hadn't gone anywhere. we have clouds that increasing from the southwest right now. here is the next storm system and the area of rain that we are watching that's going to be headed our way. valley. this front separates milder air over the southeast. from much colder air that is coming down into the plain states. that rain will continue moving our way. notice by tomorrow morning, we are still under clouds. there will be a chance for showers but more of the rain will be tomorrow evening. but then a cold front comes through during the early morning hours of sunday. we begin to clear out. it's going to be windy and we will see colder drier air moving in for next week. low temperatures 42 in newberry, 47 in orangeburg.
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temperatures of maybe just 53 in newberry, 55 in winnsboro, 57 in columbia, 58 in sumter and maybe 60 in manning and orangeburg. on sunday 62 degrees, that could be early in the afternoon with the colder air coming in we will see that and feel that on monday. sunny and 48 degrees. it will be breezy on tuesday with another front coming tuesday night. the high on tuesday, 54 degrees. the cold air settles in for wednesday. we will see a high temperature of 47. we will drop down with a high of 52 then the clouds begin to increase with a high of 53. >> enjoy the slightly warmer temperatures. >> it's going to be cooler next week. about as cold as what we saw this week. >> with those cooler temperatures coming back not
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that's why the church decided to hang scarfs and hats. >> this will become part of our ministry. obviously there is a need out there. it seems like we have tapped into that. we are so blessed that we are able to fill the need. it is exciting. >> god continue to bless them so they can spread their blessing. >> if you are interested in donating visit our web site we have the details for you there. prom season, young girls look forward to. thanks to donations they provide everything that a girl might need for prom without the hefty price tag. they are collecting gowns, shoes for people that can't afford them.
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their family background. they are going to have the opportunity to go to the prom because we made that possible. >> well, you can drop off your donations right here at wltx
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> all right. lot of people excited about what is coming up on monday. >> just three days away from what we've all been waiting for. the national championship game. reggie is in arizona. we will send it out to him with more. >> all right. alyssa, thanks.
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it overlooks downtown phoenix. they arrived late this afternoon. clemson was the first to touch down. dab bo -- da bo swinney and his wife arrived. nick saiben and his guys. you got the heisman trophy winner. the two teams are here. they will take part of media day tomorrow. first practice tomorrow afternoon. after that, it will be time to kick it off monday night at the university of phoenix stadium. you may not know this there is a big time blythewood connection. it is the story of justin bethel. he was recruited by current offensive coordinator jeff scott. jeff before he went to p.c.
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the head coach of blythewood. jeff went to presbyterian. now justin's working world has taken him to the arizona cardinals. hes a pro bowler for the cards. he talked about the impact of jeff scott. >> he got that job at presbyterian. i didn't no what that was. i was talking to the guys, the coaches, they really like you. you got a good chance. you can come in and play as a freshman. you can get a full ride and get an education. my biggest thing getting a good education, get a job afterwards, you know, do something. i was like yeah, i'll go ahead and do that. i thank god for everything to get me where i need to be. >> he's not the only formal
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they are hoping to cash in on a national championship dream on monday night by being part of the title team since 1981. that's the story here in the desert. we are on top of south mountain, again, breathtaking to say the least. reggie anderson, wltx. >> thank you. officially introduced the members of his coaching staff. these guys span from all over the southeast and have connections on the high school and college and professional level. a coaching staff, i talked about what makes this particular group of guys unique and how they'll be able to succeed as one. >> some guys in this staff left their alma maters. they all wanted to be in south carolina. i didn't beg any of these guys to be here. they wanted to be here and build something and get on this
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>> we are here to make sure these kids are successful both and on and off the field. if everybody is working together in that aspect, i think that's what ultimately helps. >> you know, i think as an assistant coach or a coach in general what you always want to put yourself in is the situation to win and win at a high level. i think the university of south carolina obviously has shown through coach spurrier is to win through a high level. if you can do that you set yourself goals as a team and individually. >> someone who is also there but not quite so new is shawn elliott. he will stay on staff. that was his original position. the decision of staying or pursuing opportunities wasn't exactly automatic. >> we visited, i believe that sunday night and he expressed interest of keeping me on staff. that was something i wanted.
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university of south carolina. i love this state and this university. that was a great opportunity and there was another option to go out and a couple of head jobs that i wanted to take on. but when we revisited that sunday, we looked at each other and he said i want you to be the o-line coach. i said i want to be here coach. good news for south carolina baseball. former head coach was inducted to the baseball coaches hall of fame tonight. he is one of four honorees. he is first coach in gamecock to be named into the abca hall of fame. ngrats coach. > not only do they continue to
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frank martin was given an award. but with all the success that the team has seen lately does it affect their preparation? he says no. >> i feel no different. we prepared like any other game. we prepared like we did last year. we try to go out and give every team our best shot.>> they aren't the only team hooping this weekend. the women are out. a game little closer than the ladies would have liked. despite taking a pretty big hit early on. dawn staley said maybe her taking that hit was a good thing. >> i knew. once she decided she was going to come back and play, she was
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you don't want to get tiffany mitchell mad at you. she has a response like no other. she is ultra competitive. >> even though it is a different team, seeing the way they did respond from being down last night very reminiscent f fm last year. >> now missouri's team is good. >> they are. it doesn't matter when you get into conference play. the team number two in the country is giving everyone's best shot. it will be a good one.
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the super bowl adding beyonce will be part of the super bowl halftime show. joining the group cold play. beyonce and cold play have been in the new album. shrek the musical is here. tickets are $6.
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3:00 and 7:30. shrek junior the musical. this weekend. >> it will be dry day m mt of the day tomorrow. >> i don't think we will see much in the way of rain. 46 tonight, 57 tomorrow. the rain comes in late in the afternoon. tomorrow evening. windy on sunday but then turning colder next week. >> got your power ball ticket t? >> yes i do. i have 12 numbers that won't be picked. >> do you have your numbers? >> i have to go get them. >> the power ball jackpot is 800 million. it could go higher tomorrow. state lottery leaders letting you know you need to play responsibly. again, have fun, just play responsibly.
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(cheers and applause) >> announcer: welcome to the colbert!
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