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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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overnight. and we're being could raise again befor tonight's drawing. officials with the multi-state lottery association expect about 65 percent of the possible number combinations to have been bought for tonight's drawing.but if no one matches all the numbers tonight, the next drawing is expected to soar past 1 billion news correspondent wendy gillette reports from new york city. 3 across the country- lottery machines spit out millions of tickets leading up to saturday night drawing chance at the largest jackpot in world history.most waiting in line already know what they would do with the winnings.sot (too short to cg) uy myself some property. ot (too short to cg ) ew car, new home, new environment. he dreamers were not dissuaded by the odds.your chance to win the powerball jackpot that has reached 900 million dollars is about 1 in 292 million!a university of buffalo statistics professor says you e (obama shot) roughly 25 times more likely to become president of the united states
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little risk to win big. tandup: (wendy gillette/new york city) s for how to select a powerball winning ticket- a dallas math professor says you probably have a better chance letting the computer 3 pick your numbers rather than picking them yourself. because most people have favorite include that tend to be lowerand the game numbered balls go up to 69. ome think they have a better chance if they enter community poolsnats throwing in envelopes like this one in derry, new hampshire that has grown to hundreds who live in the area.sot: (no cg available) "it's just exciting to be part of something where everybody wants the same thingthose who live in the district of columbia, the us virgin islands and puerto rico and 44 states can play the powerball.nevada residents cannot-which brought long lines to stores just over the state line in one has won the powerball jackpot since early november, 3 which sent it soaring.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. 3 if you win, you can take annual payments over 29 years or opt for one $558 million
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hit with hefty federal taxes and depending on where you live, state taxes as well. tickets must be purchased by 9:59 for the 10:59 can catch the drawing right here on wltx at during the afc wild card game. 3 well it seems the second most asked question when it comes to powerball is what would you do if you we hit the find out exactly what folks in the midlands would do if they won close to a billion "my immediate after winning the millions in my head is to the store that i bought from is to pay them off, and go around columbia, and the housing areas that are dilapidated, build them up."man 2: "well i'm looking to retire out in colorado springs, colorado, be closer to fort carson and fort peterson, air force base so i
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benefits, and settle down with a few old friends from back in the day."woman: "live better and not broke, well no i plan to give back to my community and you know take care of my local area and just make sure every body is okay as far as family members especially, you know take care of my family."woman 2:"oh i'm going shopping. yeah and figure out what else to do with it, that's what i'm doing for the most part."man 3: "i'm a donate quite a bit of it, i'm a take care of my household, you know we going to invest, and from there we just wait and see." 3 3 it has been a cloudy and cool day across the area. we have some light rain too. currently this is what we are seeing across the the state. here is a look at the satellite radar across the midlands. you can see the light rain moving
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the current temperatures across the midlands. it is still cool outside.for tonight, we are expecting scattered showers and temperatures in the middle to upper 40s.a front will move through tomorrow and clear us out. it will be mostly sunny and windy with highs in the middle upper 50s.sunday night it will be mostly clear and cold with lows in near 30 degrees.we'll take a look at the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. janae. 3 3 the countdown is on...just two days until clemson and alabama lay it all on the field...for the title of college football champions. sports anchor alyssa lang joins us now with the latest.. 3 yeah janae things are really starting to get underway in arizona today as it was media day for the two teams..very reminiscent of a super bowl media day but maybe not quite
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opportunity to talk with all the players and coaches from both teams about the upcoming mathcup.. dabo and deshaun were hit with a lot of questions about their underdog role.. but there were some fun moments as well as guys got to take photos with the national title trophy that they hope to take home come monday night. ofu course dabo winney was one of the headliners if you will.. we talked to him this morning about the game 3 in alabama thye expect the championhsip every year, at clemson its every other year. albama people would be blown away if they knew the fabric of clemson. i have a lot of alabama friends who come to clemson and leave going whoah my goodness, its a special place and the passion 3 is so similar, thats why i
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me3 3 if you're a clemson fan and you want to watch the game with your fellow tigers fans...the columbia clemson club will be hosting a viewing party here in will be at the hickory tavern in the vista...keep in mind kickoff is at 8:30. 3 be sure to watch our clemson championship airs mondat 7:30...right here on wltx. 3 3 police are looking into a fire at the vacant home of former north charleston police officer michael slager accused of shooting and killing walter scott last april.we're told the fire was reported around last night in hanahan. charleston county sheriff officials say a glass cocktail bottle was found at the scene. an arson investigation is underway.slager, was released on bond monday. activists want him back in jail because they say he a danger to the
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3 we now know the name of the woman that died during a house fire last night.richland county coroner gary watts has tentatively identified the victim as 76-year-old johnnie mae newton.according to the coroner...she died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to smoke inhalation.the fire happened around 5 friday on the 1100 block of quiet lane. richland county deputies are calling the fire suspicious. they are investigating the incident along with the richland county fire marshall's office. deputies are asking anyone with information about the fire to call crimestoppers at 1-triple 8-crime-sc. 3 we now know the identify of the man killed in an early morning shooting in downtown columbia.the richland county coroner has identified the person killed as 23-year-old rodney francis.francis died from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. investigators are now looking for this car, believed to be connected to the crime.police say francis was part of a
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street when they got into an argument with another group outside.witnesses told police the shots fired came from this gray and black chevy avalanche pictured.investigators say they do not believe this was a random act of violence. if you have any information that can help police--call crimestoppers one tripple eight crime s-c. 3 3 some of the g-o-p candidates met at the columbia metropolitan convention center to discuss poverty.hundreds attended the kemp forum on expanding opportunity.governor jeb bush...dr. ben carson... and governor chris christie first took the stage. later...governor mike huckabee had an opportunity to share his ideas as well as governor john kasich and senator marco rubio.the event was moderated by speaker of the house paul ryan and senator tim scott. 3 i just wanted to here the different ideas where the different candidates were
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of what poverty is, who's in it and what are the popssible opportunities that people are going to have to get out of it."front runners...donald trump and senator ted cruz did not attend the event.carly fiorina planned on being at the event...but missed it due to a flight delay.. 3 an advocacy group is asking gop presidential candidate donald trump's campaign to apologize...this after a muslim woman standing in silent protest was heckled and the escorted out of the event. the council on american- islamic relations issued the call for an apology late friday... just hours after rose hamid was thrown out of the trump rally at winthrop university in rock hill. hamid said she was standing up in protest to a trump statement when members of the audience pointed her out by chanting "trump". 3 presidential candidate-- sen. bernie sanders' launched knock the vote day in our state
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canvassing to engage undecided voters... hundreds of volunteers attended more than 50 events throughout south carolina...just one week ahead of the fourth democratic presidential debate that will be hosted in charleston. 3 3 what is believed to be the longest armed standoff in american history is finally over.... john joe gray was arrested and charged in texas in 1999 for assaulting a state trooper. gray said it was his god-given right to carry the pistol he had, without a concealed handgun license. when the trooper tried to arrest him, gray fought back. gray refused to return to court and armed himself at home and has never left since. gray's family and friends patrolled their property with pistols and rifles and anti- government signs... his charge was dismissed in 2014. but no one told the henderson county sheriff's office or even the
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3 we are learning more details about the attemoted escape of "affluenza" teen and his mother... ethan couch's "affluenza" defense allowed him to only get probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunken-driving crash. an arrest warrant affadavit reveals that ethan couch's mother... tonya couch... took out 30-thousand dollars before traveling to mexico with her son.... and told ethan's father that he would never see him again .. authorities say she helped her son escape to mexico after he violated his probation.she's charged with hindering apprehension of a fugitive. her bond is set at one- million-dollars.. a bond reduction hearing is set for monday. 3 3 good news for folks hunting for a job. the government released the december jobs report... and the numbers are promising!the economy added 292 thousand jobs--- which is more than expected. the unemployment rate held steady
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3 united airlines has been fined 2 point 75 million dollars. the penalties include not returning wheelchairs to disabled passengers or inadequately helping them move through several of its airports. along with - violating rules regarding tarmac delays and allowing fliers to de-plane after a delay of 3 or more hours 3 still ahead--it's been a dreary day in the midlands...and daniel says we could be in for some rain tonight...he'll be back with your family's full forecast
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totototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototototo3 into the middle 40s and warmed up into the middle 50s in general.our normal high is is 55 and normal low is 33. records for today are 6 set in 1970 and 80 set in 1974.sunset was at 5:33, sunrise will be at are the current temperatures across the state. it is still 3 cool across the are the temperatures across the united states. it is much colder in the great plains. some of this colder air will move towards us, but it will be modified.cold high high pressure building into the are middle of the can see the rain across the southeast and you can see the rain falling here in the state. here is our forecast. we will continue to see scattered showers this evening and tonight. maybe a lingering
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but once the front moves through the rain chances will will be windy at times on sunday with winds of 15 to 25 mph.sunny skies on monday and maybe a few clouds on on tuesday as another front moves through.tonight look for lows in the middle to upper 40s to near 50 degrees. tomorrow we are expecting highs in the middle to upper 50s to maybe 60 degress in some is our seven day forecast. windy tomorrow and turning cooler on monday with lots of sun. breezy on tuesday as another front approaches and brings us a reinforcing shot of cooler air. gradually temperatures will be a little warmer friday and saturday. right now little
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our south.3 3 3 still ahead--the usc's men team has still holding on to an that undefeated title after a win against vandy. sports anchor alyssa lang will bring you all the ming up...after the break. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes.
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i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.e. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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3 we're just two days from gameday.. the day after tomorrow if you can believe it and things really got going for the tigers and the tide out in pheonix toda.. for more on that we'll send it out west to news19's reggie anderson. 3 here at the phoenix convention center this morning it was media day for alabama and clemson. the two teams meet monday night for thee national championship of colelge football and both teams took a lot of questions. one of the big questions concerns the tigers and their underdog status. they took care of business in the orange bowl against oklhahoma but what about alabama? we dont see ourselves as underdogs. we have a great team, lour guys embracing every role weve been put in the lsat seven yeras to be honest. thats why weve been so consistent. the only other teams with the ten win seasons, we're playing them. you knwo weve been playing big
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look at the stats, we dont have to say anything. we're used to it. if the media had a chance to pick the games wed probalby be 6 or 7 on the season. this isnt acc sec, its clemson alabama. there is a palmetto state connection on that albama team, spring valey grad christian miller is an outside linebacker who will be facing a team that recruited crazy i never expected to be playing clemson, in a game like this. its exciting, everyone home will be watching. two former clemson assistants are on the albama staff, burton burns is running backs coach, and billy napier the former 3 quarterback was dabo's
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here 3 from those guys coming up later tonight on news19. here at the pheonx convention center, the site of the national championship of college fotball media, reggie anderson news19 wltx 3 the vanderbilt ladies gave the usc women a hard time this week and it seemed the men would do the same..trying to defend the undefeated streak today.. first half.. usc down by 5 notice will hit for 3.. cut it to two but they would still trail at the break and into the second..down fofo here and its stroman.. hitting for three to bring it within 1..trying to tie it up now for the first time all day is notice.. missing but hakevischus is there for the putback..then dozier.. with the pullup jumper for the lead and its goodfirst south carolina lead of the day coming about midway through tht esecond halfand they
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dozier- scoops up the rebound- coast to coast and sinks it with the left hand..the gamecocks win and move to 15-0...69-65/...and that combined streak.. 29-0 3 when you play a real good basketball team like they are, and i dont ever want to hear anyone say they arent a godo basketball team,3 3 the owmen play tomorrow at noon at colonial life arena in the gamecocksfourth game this season against a nationally ranked opponent.
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four ranked foes over south carolina next five games as the gamecocks look to remain undefeated on the seasonwe caught up with them before headinininto the weekend to talk about what it will take to come away with the iwn 3 coach staley warned us the vandy game was pretty physical. and they take more shots than vandy does.. we have to be ready tobe physical. we ar ea lot more comfortable shooting the ball. it was one of our emphasis. we have to beomcecea better three point team to have as much balance as we need to play in our league and beyond.3 3 3 still ahead--tomorrow's game between the seahawks and vikings is expected to be one the coldest to date.after the break...we'll tell you how the
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3 when the seahawks and vikings play in a wild card game tomorrow... they'l'lbe wearing some special underwear. sunday wild-card game is forecasted to be one of the coldest in nfl history.both teams will be outfitted with cold-weather gear that is specifically designed for football players forced to perform in frigid conditions. it could feel like 20-below zero for sunday game at tcf bank stadium in minneapolis.3 3 here is our seven day
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turning cooler reasons to keep your eye on the ball tonight. the largest lot friday jackpot evev means long lines to the deadline. >> is it worth it, it is worth it because it is life changing. >> lights, cameras, capture,
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cho, el el chapo's plan to star in
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