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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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thousands at the national championship game -- but he won't step foot on the field. news19's colby gallagher has his story. 3 ralph mayer: "he wanted to fly so badly that one day he said 'dad, can we make some wings?' and i said, heck yeah! so we went in the garage and we got some cardboard and some rope and we made some wings and he would run across the backyard and flap those wings as hard as he could trying to take off. he said 'dad, i can't get off the ground! i can't get off the ground!" i said well, son, maybe this won't work, maybe you can't get off the ground with these wings, but we'll find a way." since childhood, lexington native matthew mayer has wanted to fly. as an adt, his father, ralph mayer, says he found a way to get not one, but two sets of wings as an air force pilot. ralph mayer: "he got his first set of wings as a weapons systems officer in the f-15 strike eagle, and then later he got his second set of wings as an eagle pilot."major mayer is currently stationed at luke
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leading other pilots as they train and maneuver the f-35 lightning. popit's the same jet that will be featured during the national championship pre-show as the clemson tigers prepare take on alabama. and who else to lead the show than a south carolina native. major mayer: "half of our family is either grads or huge clemson supporters so we'll definitely be pulling for the tigers." ralph mayer: "we're excited because it's a south carolina team, he graduated lexington high school, citadel and now he's leading over the big college game of the year!" mayor mayer: "i actually had an uncle ask if he could paint an orange paw on the bottom of my jet!"for major mayer, it's another flight in the aircraft he's become accustomed to -- but for his father, it's watching a son live out a dream. ralph mayer: "we found a way so now you can see, he's flying high now! what more could a dad ask, you know? parents just love the thought that their kids are doing what they want to do."colby gallagher news19 wltx. 3 ralph says he just finished up a visit to see his son and will watch the show on t-v, but the entire family will be looking up at matthew from the field on the big day tomorrow. 3 tomorrow...the clemson tigers will take the field for what
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game of their career so far. and after two weeks of previews and hype...the national championship game is less than 24 hours away. this swinney and coach saban sat make final comments before tomorrow's game. sports director reggie anderson was there for it all...he joins us now with the latest. 3 it is national championship eve here at the university of pheoniz stadium. tomorrow night. clemson versus alabama. orange versus crimson for college football's ultimate prize. let's check on what dabo swinney's day was like. this morning bright and early he was taking part in a joint news conference with alabama's nick saban and after that was over they did the traditional photo opt with the national championship trophy. dabo was headed to his car but he took a few minutes to pose with some fans. a little selfie action in the parking lot. of course you know he's got the biggest game of his coaching career c cing up, but dabo taking time out with the fans. went straight to the car. time to go back and break down some film. the guy is probably breaking down some film right
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honest. his coaches say this a guy who leave no stone unturned no matter how small, he's going to go over it and over it and over it. and again that's why he's won 4 national titles and he'll go for a fifth tomorrow night against clemson. dabo swinney and his guys. he gots some guys on his staff that have won national titles. dan brooks, he's been in the business more than 40 years has jsut one national title emphasizing just how hard it is to climb that mountain. nick saban has done it four times. it's going to be a great match up tomorrow night, looking forward to it. hey follow me on twitter @reggiewltx. i'll have a lot more coming up in sports. here at the university of pheoniz stadium. reggie anderson news 19 wltx. 3 eat more tees is getting ready for a possible tiger victory tomorrow. the columbia company has already designed this national championship t-shirt. if clemson wins...they will be printing shirts right after the game...into early tuesday morning. the shirts be ready for sale tuesday.they are going to cost about 20 bucks. 3 many of clemson's biggest fans made their way to phoenix for
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ut some will be cheering on their team - right here in columbia.they shared what it's like to be a tiger fan in gamecock country.news19s chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 oscar fred lovelace senior and junior love their clemson tigers. "go tigers go, go tigers go."lovelace senior was the first in his family to attend college.raised in the upstate and of modest means...he says there's a reason why being a tiger means so much to him. "they treated everybody like they were somebody. whether you had a cadillac convertible to drive around campus or had to walk like i did."while reciting clemson cheers he shared which tradition is the most special. it's one game in particular...against a familiar opponent. "i met my wife on a blind date to the carolina clemson game. i had a friend who was at clemson and he had a girlfriend at winthrop. and i said i'm gong to have to get somebody to go
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date with virginia. and 3 later on i married her." together virginia and oscar raised 3 children and gave them the opportunity that he had...a four year clemson education. "so we all share that tiger nation 3 love."now virginia has passed, but oscar still has his own tiger nation supporting him. they live in and around columbia - typically considered gamecock country - but he says it's not as difficult as you might think. "they'll tease you along a little bit sometimes, but i can tease them too when we come down here and stop them you know."as for the big game they're fairly confident. "i believe clemson is going to win. we're going to byog. bring your own guts. that's what matters when the going gets tough." "keep on keeping on like they're going and i'll i have to say is may the best team win."in columbia...chuck ringwalt...news19 3 if you're a clemson fan and can't make it out to can watch the game with your fellow tigers fans.the columbia clemson club will be hosting a viewing
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at the hickory tavern in the vista.kickoff is at 8:30. 3 be sure to watch our clemson championship airs monday 7:30...right here on wltx. 3 3 it has been a breezy and mostly dry day across the midlands. wewedid make it into the upper 50s this afternoon, but it has been chilly. here are the current temperatures across the has been windy too, we've had wind gusts up to 30 mph in columbia. here are the current wind speeds across the state.mix the wind and the cool temperatures and it feels even colder. here are the current wind chill temperatures across the state.for tonight the winds will become a little lighter, look for lows in the upper 20s to lower 30s under mostly clear skies.tomorrow it will be cool and sunny with highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s for highs.tomorrow night we're expecting lows in the middle 20s under clear skies.we'll take a closer look at your seven day forecast coming up in just a few
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3 3 there's still plenty of excitement surrounding the largest powerball jackpot in history....of 1.3 billion dollars.this drawing coming up on wednesday will be the 20th roll since the powerball was hit back on november one matched all six powerball numbers after saturdays drawing even though lottery ficials say about 75 percent of all possible numbers combinations were used. now today i spoke with state lottery executive director paula harper bethea...who says she was shocked to learn that no one had the winning ticket. 3 we thought for sure that there would be a winner, but no it's not. this is now the world record for any lottery jackpot. we are realizing that we all are experiencing something that we never
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25 3 people won 1 million and five won 2 million for matching 5 of the 6 numbers.the next drawing is this coming wednesday at 11.state lottery officials just ask that you remember to play responsibly. you can catch the powerball drawing right her r n wltx. 3 yesterday we went out and asasd people what thehewould *buy if they hit the jackpot. with the jackpot at over a billion dollars....there's not too much out of the next question everybody's been asking...what would you do if you found out you won the largest powerball jackpot in
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3 3 the search for a missing cayce teen is now over.police says 14-year-old elka james has been located and returned to her family.she was reported as a runaway after not being seen since last sunday. 3 a 23-year-old anderson county woman is facing a murder charge in the death of her newborn baby, whose body was found in a field yesterday. the anderson county sheriff's
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holcombe is charged with murder and unauthorized removal of a dead body. she's currently being held at the anderson county detention center.the warrants say holcombe said she gave birth and placed the child in a plastic bag, causing her to suffocate.she's expected to have a bond hearing on tuesday. 3 a suspect has been caught connected to several jewelry store robberies across five or more states... fbi officials say abigail lee kemp was arrested friday in georgia.the agents were assisting a florida division with the investigation.officials believe she is connected to jewelry store robberies in florida, georgia, tennessee, north carolina...and right here in south carolina. the case will be handled by the united states attorney office. 3 3 we're on you side with information about a job fair happening next week.panera bread will be hosting job fairs next week at the locations you see on your screen.they are looking to hire folks for a number of positions ranging from cashier to production support. the job
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morning to 4 in the afternoon each day. make sure you bring your resume. 3 good news for folks at the pump...gas prices could reach a dollar a gallon in some places.that's according to gas buddy dot com and triple a. experts say as oil prices fall, and refinery capacity stays strong, the price of gas could reach a dollar a gallon in some areas...a level that hasn't been reached since 1999. right now...south carolina...along with alabama, arkansas, missouri and oklahoma have prices that average at or below $1.75. 3 still ahead--make sure you grab your jackets...we're in for another cold day.after the break...meteorologist daniel bonds will break down everything you need to know
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3 3 it has been a cool and breezy day across the midlands. here are the current temperatures across the area at 11 is still breezy so it does feel cooler than the actual air temperature. here is the current wind chill temperatures.for us we had a front cross the area and put an end to the rain. the clouds will continue to decrease overnight too.for tonight look for mostly clear skies, it will still be breezy at times. tomorrow we're expecting lots of sunshine and cool conditions. highs will be in the lower 50s and upper 40s. a few more clouds may move in as another front crosses the area. that will cool us off a little more on wednesday. tonight look for lows in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees under clear skies.tomorrow we're expecting highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s with lots of is a look at the seven day forecast. mostly sunny and breezy on tuesday with highs in the middle 50s. cooler on wednesday with highs in the upper 40s. temperatures may moderate a little as we head toward the weekend.thursday highs are expected in the
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friday but there may be a small chance of rain on friday and maybe a slightly better chance of rain on saturday.
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uncertainty with the track 3 of this next weather system.3 tomorrow is the biggest day of the year if youre a college football fan.. certainly for the tigers and the tide ...dabo swinney and nick saban addressed media for the last time before the game today.. for more on that we'll send it out west to reggie anderson. 3 tomororw night the clemson tigers looking for their firs tnational title since 1981, and to do it theyl lhave to get past the alabama machine..saban going for his fifth title.. so we'll see how things play out.. earlier today a joint newsconference wth the trophy on display..the two coaches posing next ot that, of course home.. but the question is who will take it home.. crimson.. of course dabo looking at that program and wants his in the upstate to be. its incredible what coach saban has done. hes one of the greatest in the regardless of what happens monday night. he's alread titles, this is the first ive sniffed as a coach.. hes fifth, its incredible. people say anyone can alabama, thats coach a great great player.. i think we're our players to do to play well focused on aroundnd this game, no doubt. sides, but you the next play to help your successful. news19 at 7:30 our speical.. dabo swinney well so make news19..
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3 3 the usc women in action taking on mizzou at home this afternoon.. they knew this was going to be physcia,l and it lived up.. gamecocks responded though scoring 11 points before letting mizzou touch the basket.aja wilson for two.. and one.. she shined on defense today though with 6 blocksthen its mitchel.. with the soft hands finishing ..she led on the day with 19 points then off the turnover.. khadijah sessions coast to coast.. seeing more key shots from that senior latelybig day for alaina coates as well who posted her third straight double double.. and scored her one thousandth career point in the gamecocks 83-58 domination of missoiuri. 3 i think vandy was a prelude to this game, it was great we
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vandy and mizzou, it 3 jolted us into being prepared for this contest, last years game was physical.. when you , when someone cant hit you with a body bow that you are expecting.. it softens the hit. 3 with the women and men both winning this weekend.. the unbeaten south carolina basketball streak sits at 30-0... and the men remain just one of two unbeaten teams in the country right now, the ohter being 15th ranked smu they had a nice home crowd yesterday that helped pull through in a comeback win over the commodores...and this week they travel to tuscaloosa to takeon the tide on wednesday to continue sec play. 3 just stick to one game at a time, we talk about it but we dont focus on it. just one game, a win.. it all can go
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winning and approaching twith the mindset of one game at a time. 3 -open tigers trying to go 1-1 against the pitino family this season----lost to son richard minnesota squad earlier-lvl lead early 8-0 but donte grantham hits the three to give tigers lead at 16-14 3 they led from there/grantham 12 pts-late first half..avry holmes on the break away (he scores 16-----------tigers up 31-25 at half-------2nd half..jaron blossomgame on the drive..leads all scoreres with 17lemson by 12 -moments laterjordan roper the steal and slam 10 ptscu 66-62*three straight wins after three straight losses clemson: 10-6, 3-1
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will host in a week for the nfc divisional playoff.the seahawks will come to charltote for a 1:05 kickoff after beating the vikings today 10-9 the last matchup wasnt a clear blowout though.. the cats topped seattle 27-23 back on oct. 183 3 still ahead--there's a rumor that chipotle will be selling one of their most popular menu items for a deep dollar.but is this just a rumor...or is there some truth to this?we'll
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us after the break. 3 the bearer of bad news...but you will not be getting a one- dollar burrito from chipotle next week.someone started a rumor online that the restuarant was selling burritos for just a dollar
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trust.ut chipotle has confirmed that those reports are not true... chipotle has been in hot water recently after dozens of e. coli cases have been linked to the restaurant. despite the 3 still have to pay full price. 3 here is a look at the seven day forecast. mostly sunny and breezy on tuesday with highs in the middle 50s. cooler on wednesday with highs in the upper 40s. temperatures may moderate a little as we head toward the weekend.thursday highs are expected in the lower 50s. lower 50s for friday but there may be a small chance of rain on friday and maybe a slightly better chance of rain on saturday. but there is a good bit of uncertainty with the track of
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3 that's our articles watch me. previously on "scandal"...
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put your wife on a leash. i'm worried for james. yeah, i know what you mean. tell me what you need, and i will do it. abby and david can't be together. i can't tell you why, but they can't. her ex-husband used to beat her. you might want to use that. consider it handled. hospital photos of teresa dunn's injuries. i didn't touch her. you look like a good guy, but you're not! (projector and camera shutter clicking) there was shayna. she was an artist. we dated for five months, but she didn't like to read. that was an actual thing she said-- "i don't like to read," as if that is okay. so after her, i dated maggie. she loved to read. she did not, however, love to be monogamous. then there was paulette. edison, you've made your point. have i? because i still haven't heard a single detail about the men that you've dated since we broke up. there's nothing to tell. because you're so ugly no one wants to be with you. because there's nothing to tell. you won't be seen in public with me. what am i supposed to think? that every reporter knows my face, and it would become a story that you're dating a professional fixer. you're a united states senator. the focus should be on you.
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edison. normal people talk. they share. that is how a relationship works. okay. you want me to tell you something? fine. but it's between us, and if i tell you, you can't ask ananquestions. are you in? i'm in. when something big happens in the senate today, you should be one of the first senators to make a statement of support. what? when something big happens in the senate today, you should be one of the firir senators to make a statement of support. this is you sharing? whoever he was, he really hurt you, didn't he? (cell phone rings) (ring) (ring) harrison. you're gonna have to handle it. you can handle incoming. i have that other meeting, and i'm late. wait. statement of support. we haven't finished talking about this. you're probably not even listening to my messages anymore, abby, but i miss you a lot. and i know i keep saying this, but that whole teresa dunn thing is a complete lie,
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uh, i gotta go. it's a lie, abby. david rosen? thanks for meeting me. sure. all right. shall we, uh... what are you doing? don't read it here. i like to see what i'm getting. hollis doyle wants to build a pipeline through the middle of this country, but it's a tough sell with n.i.m.b.y.s and environmentalists. how's he do it? he rigs the voting. every single ballot measure in favor of the pipeline won in the last election. you're saying he rigged the voting machines in all these states? it sounded crazy to me, too, until i got a look at all this stuff. no. i don't think so. what? you barely looked at it. you know how many conspiracy theorists bombard me with nonsense every week? i should've known when you asked to meet me at a national monument. don't treat me like i'm crazy. i don't have an axe to grind. i don't believe 9/11 was an inside job or the phone company killed j.f.k. i'm just a damn good lawyer who stumbled onto something i can no longer pursue without losing the job i love. so please, just take a look at it.
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but did not make a decision regarding, using cash... that's my father, harold pierce, sr. he doesn't look crazy to me. that was a year ago. (motorcycle engine revving) ooh! ee! (laughs) h.p., baby, you want this one shaken or stirred? (ice cubes rattle) (projector and camera shutter clicking) that is the day before yesterday. one of our servants sent it to us. and thth was before he told them all to, and i quote, "get out and go to hell." as you can see, my husband is clearly suffering from some kind of psychotic break. mom. my ex-husband. (clicking) harold pierce dropped out of tenth grade to help his family after his father died, sold radios door-to-door throughout the lower midwest. is that how he made his fortune? the lowest figures in the sales force. couldn't bear to take the money from the down-and-outs, so he spent most of his house calls fixing people's radios. toying around, figured out a better device to find radio signals further away-- a chip that became the basis for what's in every cell phone today.
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just last month, out of the blue.
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