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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sturgill. and i'm savannah levins. the day is finally here. the clemson tigers take on the alabama crimson tide in arizona. 3 the clemson tigers looking for their first national title since 1981... and to do it they'll have to get past the alabama machine.. nick saban... who'll be going for his *fifth title. news19's sports director reggie anderson has been braving the desert in arizona and has the latest on how the teams are preparing for the big game...reggie...
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3 our clemson championship bowl coverage continues in just a moment..but was a cloudy and rainy weekend for most in the midlands. let's get a check of your forecast for today with meterologist efren afante. good morning efren.
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3 not many people grow up saying they're living out their dream. one lexington man is putting on his uniform and preparing to do just that in front of thousands at the national championship game -- but he won't step foot on the field. news19's colby gallagher has his story. 3 ralph mayer: "he wanted to fly so badly that one day he said 'dad, can we make some wings?' and i said, heck yeah! so we went in the garage and we got some cardboard and some rope and we made some wings and he would run across the backyard and flap those wings as hard as he could trying to take off. he said 'dad, i can't get off the ground! i can't get off the ground!" i said well, son, , ybe this won't work, maybe you can't
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found a way to but two sets of wings as an ralph mayer: "he got his wings as a weapons then later he got his second pilot."major mayer is air force base in arizona, leading other pilots as they lightning. popit's the same during the national championship pre-show as the clemson tigers prepare take on alabama. and who else to lead the show than a south carolina native. major mayer: "half of our family is either grads or we'll definitely be pulling "we're excited because it's a south carolina team, he graduated lexington high school, citadel and d w he's leading over game of the year!" actually had an uncle ask if he could paint an orange paw on the bottom of my jet!"for major mayer, it's another flight in the aircraft he's become accustomed to -- but for his father, it's watching a son live out a dream. ralph mayer: "we found a way so now you can see, he's flying high now! what more could a dad ask, you know? parents just love the thought that their kids are doing what they want
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ralph says he just finished up a visit to see his son and will watch the show on t-v, but the entire family will be looking up at matthew from the field on the big day today. 3 many of the tigers biggest fans made their way to phoenix... but some will be celebrating right here in columbia.even though the capitol city is typicallyly considered a part of gamecock country... you can still find many clemson fans proudly wearing their orange and in particular... works at the university of south carolina's school of medicine.mary beth poston
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university in 1988... and has been a tiger fan since she can member.she planned o obeing at the national championship... but is unable to make it because of a shoulder injury. 3 i've been questioned by students and faculty about my allegiance. have i changed my allegiance? am i ever going to become a gamecock?thats definitely never going to happen. but i am die hard clemson faculty member in my division, so sometimes it's definitely a challenge to survive sometimes in that environment. 3 and if the tigers win it will no doubt want to celebrate ....with a national championship t-shirt. and this morning ...we have our first view at what that shirt will look like.jr berry is at eat more tees with
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3 and if you're a clemson fan but couldn't make it out to can watch the game with your fellow tigers fans.the columbia clemson club will be hosting a viewing party here in will be at the hickory tavern in the vista. 3 of course be sure to watch our clemson championship special.news19's sport director reggie anderson will bring you the latest live from arizona right before the big game. it airs tonight 7:30...right here on wltx. game. 3 3 the nation is still buzzing with excitment over the latest powerball jackpot. it's now considered the largest jackpot in history...standing at 1 point 3 billion dollars.
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could grow even higher. no one matched all six powerball numbers after saturdays drawing... even though lottery officials say about 75 percent of all possible numbers combinations were used. state lottery executive director paula harper bethea... says she was shocked to learn that no one had the winning ticket. 3 we thought for sure thth there would be a winner, but no it's not. this is now the world record for any lottery jackpot. we are realizing that we all are experiencing something that experience before. 3 25 people did win 1 million... and five won 2 million for matching 5 of the 6 numbers. the next drawing is this coming wednesday and of course you can see that drawing right here on news19 bofore our 11oclock newscast. state lottery officials just ask that you remember to play responsibly. 3 3 police continue to investigate
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former north charleston police officer michael slager over the wekeend. slager is accused of shooting and killing walter scott last april. police say the fire started friday nigh in hanahan. investigators say a glass cocktail bottle was found at the scene. slager, was released on bond last monday. activists want him back in jail because they say he a danger to the community. 3 the search for a missing cayce teen is now over. police says 14-year-old elka james has been located and returned to her family.she was reported as a runaway after not being seen since last further details about her condition or where she was has been released. 3 in richland county..police are looking for the suspect invovled in a fatal club shooting over the weekend. police say they found the victim, 23-year old rodney francis, dead on the 1000 block of lady street just before 3 am on saturday. investigators say francis was
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rue 77 on assembly street when the shooting occured. witnesses tell police the shots came from this gray and black chevy avalanche. if you have any information that can help police--you are urged to call crimestoppers at one triple eight crime s-c. 3 coming up on news 19... problems with the powerball. what issues the 1.3 billion dollar jackpot is causing... coming up. 3 plus... mans best friend becomes guardian this pup... saved his family....coming up in what's
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3 like we said one hit the powerball jackpot over the weekend. that brings the current total for wednesday's drawing to one-point-3 billion dollars!places that sell the powerball tickets aren't seeing a problem with sales... but rather with their billboards. because the number is so high... signs can only
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jackpot is the largest in 3 history of any lottery game played. 3 chat 3 this heartwarming video.... shows the "moment" a man literally "gives the shirt" off his "own back".... to a "homeless man."this happened.... on the "a" train in manhattan, new york. the "good samaritan" noticed the man sitting in the train car.... with no shirt he walked over.... and gave him his.he even helped him.... put it on.that's not all.the man also gave him... his hat. shortly before the "video
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"homeless 3 man".... wiping away a "tear"... from the "kind act". chat 3 they say dogs are a man's best friend...well this 8 year old pup is being call a hero. the dog named sandy is credited for saving her owners life from an electrical fire last saturday in louisianna. her owner says that she was sleeping when around 2 am her dog got in the bed with her, clawing at her neck. she says that when she realized the smoke alarm was going off and that there was a fire. fortunately--christine and sandy both made it out. she
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best friend, but sandy is her 3 guardian angel. chat 3 a researcher and a brewer now knows what a 126-year-old beer tastes like..the beer bottle was found at the bottom of the atlantic ocean off canada's east coast in november.a scuba diver recovered it.. and took it to a nearby university for study.after the taste test, the two said it was okay.. with notes of everything from cherry to sulfur.the markings on the bottle of "alexander keith's".. a nova scotia brewery.. suggest it was
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3 as in years past, new york city was again a big part of the annual no pants subway rides. the event happens in dozens of cities around the world on january 10th. it began in 2000 as a prank. commuters show up on subway platforms. they board the trains and begin removing their pants. next stop, more people get on and take ofof their pants wasn't so
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because the temperatures 3 rose to an 3 unseasonable 60 degrees. chat 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... a long time clemson fan... living in gamecock territory... what he says about that experience... in the next half hour.
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3 good morning... and thanks for waking up with news 19 this morning....i'm mary sturgill and im savannah levins. 3 3 the day is finally here... later tonight the clemson tigers...will suit up and take the field for what is for some....the biggest game of their career so far.the tigers will face off against the alabama crimson tide in arizona. the clemson tigers looking for their first national title since 1981... and to do it... they'll have to get past the alabama machine..nick saban... who'll be going for his fifth title. kick off for the game is set
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3 of course be sure to watch our clemson championship special.news19's sport director reggie anderson will bring you the latest live from arizona right before the big game. it airs tonight 7:30...right here on wltx. game. 3 and if you're a clemson fan but couldn't make it out to arizona... you can watch the game with your fellow tigers fans.the columbia clemson club will be hosting a viewing party here in will be at the hickory tavern in the vista. 3 speaking of fans...those that will be cheering on the tigets from columbia share what's like to be a tiger fan in gamecock country.news19s chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 senior and "go tigers go, senior was the college. means...he says means so much everybody like convertible to did."cheers he particular...aga "i met my wife clemson game. i clemson and he winthrop. and i go with me and date with children and four year "so we all tiger nation now virginia nation columbia - gamecock along a can tease them come down know."fairly clemson is byog. bring your own guts. that's what matters when "keep on to say is may 19 3 and if the 3 19 ringwalt...newsk
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3 and if the tigers win it all.... fans will no doubt want to celebrate ... with a national championship t-shirt. and this morning ...we have our first view of what that shirt will look like.this is the design that's being printed by eat more tees... in you can see... the shirt says... simply perfect.... best season in college football history.. it's a jinx to print shirts early... *before the game is even played.but kevin shumacker with eat more
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3 3 if clemson wins... the shirts will be printed as soon as the game is over... and will be available at retailers across the area tomorrow will also be able to buy the shirt at eat more tees... located on atlas road. 3 3 3
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3 in rock hill... the mother of a 3 year old who shot and killed himself in november... has been arrested. 29-year-old... patricia carter... has been charged with the unlawful neglect of a child.investigators say carter left a loaded 9mm pistol on a bed... where the boy was lying. she is now out of jail on a 15- thousand dollar bond. 3 the suspect in several jewelry store robberies across five states including here in the palmetto state is expected in court later today. she's 24-year old abigail lee kemp. fbi officials say kemp was arrested last friday in georgia without incident. they say another person with kemp at the time of her arrest was also in custody,authorities have not released the other person's identity or how the arrests took place.the jewelerssecurity alliance reported the total losses from the robberies are more than $4 million at retail.
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3 the saga of mexican drug lord... joaquin l chapo guzman... took a bizarre turn late saturday. when rolling stone magazine published a lengthy interview with guzman conducted by actor sean penn. don champion has the latest on that... and the efforts to bring guzman to the u.s... to face justice.
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3 guzman's defense now has three days to present arguments against extradition... and 20 days to present supporting evidence... beyond the plethora of other
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3 jury selection begins today in the trial of caesar goodson, the police officer who drove the van that carried freddie gray before his death. gray arrived at the police station critically injured after he was driven for 45 minutes, handcuffed, shackled and unrestrained in the back of the van. goodson is facing second degree murder charges. 3 3 the world largest lottery prize is up for grabs wednesday night. the powerball jackpot is now an estimated $1.3 billion dollars. so high.. most powerball signs can display the huge payout... because they e aren made to register into the billions. 3 pennsylvania has paid out 16 powerball jackpots.... more than any other state.and with no winner for saturday's 9- hundred-50-million dollar drawing... residents are flocking to one gas station known to produce winners.
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3 still to come... its not *all about football today... alyssa will have some basketball highlights as the gamecocks continue their winning streak. 3 plus... sleep we all could probably use a little more... what happens... when you don't get enough... that's a little
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3 michigan researchers are advising parents to pay close attention to how their children sleep, even if they are high achievers.researchers say pediatricians usually only ask about sleep when a child is struggling in school.but they found even children with higher iq behave better when their sleep apnea is fixed. 3 one thing most people can use is a good night's sleep. the problem is, many adults don't get close to what we need.
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3 3 coming up..we'll have a sleep expert in the studio to talk about how you can get a better night's rest... that's coming up in the next half hourchat 3 coming up on news 19 this morning... tonight is the big game... clemson vs. alabama for bragging rights as the best college football team in the nation... everything you need to know about tonights
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