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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[ music playing ] >> those two teams will face off against each other tonight all in hopes of winning the national title in the chevy jib game temperature game in arizona. good morning, thank you for weighing up with us. >> 6 a.m. right now, the day is finally here. the clemson tigers take on the alabama crimson tide in arizona tonight. the tigers looking for their first national title win since 1981. to do it, they have to get past nick sabin who will be playing for his fifth title. >> sports director reggie anderson has been braving the desert in arizona and has the latest on how the teams are preparing for the big game. >>reporter:we are just outside the university of phoenix stadium the side of tonight's national championship game between the tigers on the crimson tide. this has been a two-week commercial for the clemson tigers evens -- ever since they beat oklahoma in the orange b owl, they are learning what it
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of a stage and get this kind of exposure. it has not happened for clemson since 1981, four alabama they are going for their third national title in five years. sweeney said yesterday that alabama is where he wants his program to be, and this is certainly a good step for sweeney and the tigers. we will give you updates throughout the day on throughout the night. see you tonight on news 19 -- news 19, reggie anderson news 19 wltx >> our clemson championship bowl can -- coverage continues in just a moment. but first, a cloudy and rainy weekend for most of us here in the midlands. that's get a check with our meteorologist, efran afante. it was warm yesterday, all things considered. we got to this morning a whole different situation. our temperatures, we are at or
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saluted. 27 columbia, 29 sumter, that is the air temperature, the wind 220 and saluted her degrees and saluted and aiken, orangeburg it feels like 23, 25 sumter, and columbia feels like 23 degrees. kids, when you're heading out to school this morning you will need your -- need your hat, glove and jackets. we are looking at a lot of sunshine today but it will not warm up as much. 51degrees today, even colder tonight, clear skies down to 27 degrees. tomorrow a high of 55, it will be windy with winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour. a lot of us are getting ready to head to your first day of school on campus, first day of work for the work week. i 26 was done over at mile marker 25, traffic is light right now. no accidents are being reported
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central midlands. both directions 321 from notts avenue all the way down to i 26. if you are heading for from i 26 and harvest and boulevard to downtown a 13 minute commute. south on i 77 from blithe would a 21 minute commute. we will take a a look at the frigid forecast and the seven- day coming up in just a few minutes. in particular... works at the many of the tigers and biggest fans made their way to phoenix, but some will be celebrating right here in columbia. even though the capital city is typically considered part of gamecock country, you can still find many clemson fans probably wearing their orange and purple. one in particular works at the south carolina school of medicine, she graduated from clemson bert -- university back in 1988. and she has been a tiger fence and she can remember. she planned on being at the game, but is unable to -- unable to make it because of a shoulder injury.
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students, and faculty about my allegiance, allegiance, have i change my allegiance and my ever going to become a gamecock? that is definitely never going to happen, i am the only diehard clemson faculty member in my division. it's definitely sometimes a challenge to survive in that environment. >> if the tigers win, all fans will no doubt want to celebrate with a national championship t- shirt. >> this morning we have our first look at what that short will look like. >>reporter:off atlas road here in columbia. they have plenty of clemson t- shirts as you can see, and stock, plenty of nice clemson tiger shirts. what happens if they win that national championship tonight? how can you get a national championship t-shirt? kevin is joining us now, thank you for your time this morning. you have a shirt designed, if they win the championship
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>> we are ready to go. >>reporter:let's talk about the shirt for just a moment. hold it up, but everyone at home see it. that is the front of the shirt, flip it over and show everybody the back of the shirt. simply perfect, it perfect, it says, best season in college football history, and it says 15-zero. only problem is, kevin, they are 14-zero, is it a jinx to print these t-shirts early? >> some people are nervous about that, every t-shirt printer had to print some t- shirts early, it is jinxing both sides. >>reporter:you are going to print shirts tonight, you have people coming in tonight if the tigers actually win this game against alabama this evening. tell us about that. >> tonight, the third quarter, we will have everybody coming into print shirts, getting r eady, prepping everything. and as soon as we know it is a sure thing, we are running.
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hours straight, and at noon we will have plenty of shirts in the store for people to buy. >>reporter:that is noon tomorrow if they win tonight. let's see that shirt one more time. this is the back of the shirt. the clemson tigers have to be alabama tonight for the shirt to become a reality and for you to be able to buy. talk about where people can get the shirts if in fact they win tonight. >> there are a dozen retailers retailers in the area plus all over the state. joey warehouse, places like that all have this work -- this short. they will have it by 10 a.m. in their stores. we will not have it available until noon. go to the retailers for these type of products at 10 a.m., they will be waiting for you. >>reporter:that is the teacher. t eacher. tonight is the big game, alabama and the clemson tigers. clemson wins, the shirts will be available for you to pick up beginning tomorrow. that tomorrow. that is the
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>> thanks, jr berry. if you are a clemson fan, but could not make it out to arizona, don't worry you can watch the game right here in columbia. the columbia clemson club will be hosting a viewing party right here in town at the hickory tavern over in the vista. be sure to watch our clemson championship special, news 19 sports director reggie anderson will bring you the latest live from arizona right before the big game. that airs tonight at 7:30 right here on news 19 the nation is still buzzing with excitement over the latest powerball jack pot. it is the largest powerball jackpot in history standing at $1.3 billion. lottery officials say it could grow even higher. nobody matched all six powerball numbers on saturdays drying, 75% of all of the number, date -- combinations were used. state lottery executive paula, says she was shocked to learn that no one had a winning ticket.
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there would be a winner. nope, there is not. this is lot -- this is now the world record for any lottery jackpot. we are realizing that we are all experiencing something we have never experienced before. wednesday are to be an interesting night >> it really should. 25 people dead when one well dollars and five people $12 million. the next drawing is on wednesday. wednesday. you can see it right here on news 19 before our 11 o'clock newscast. lottery officials just want us to remind you to play responsibility -- play responsible. caring. linda michelle jones is our mother of the day, she is a mother of three and was nominated by her sister, sharon noble, sharon tells us her sister raised three children and is now raising three of her grandchildren. she is hard-working, caring, loving, she would give the shirt off of her back to help others. she says i i love my sister
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congratulations to linda. if you want to nominate a mom in your life for mom of the day had to our website we have a banner there that you can click on to send in your nominations. today's word of the day is mudwamp, it is a noun that means politically neutral. >> there are words that are pretty and roll off the tongue. this is not one of them. i don't know if i'm going to slip that into my everyday vocabulary. coming up, up, if you are having trouble getting a good night sleep. we have a sleep expert live in studio with us for some important information and tips for you this morning right after this short break. with the temperatures right
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bread -- bed, 29 columbia,3 dayrit of dr. francis . welcome back, we have back, we have been talking about trying to get some sleep, and how we can sleep all morning long. although, we don't sleep very much. doctor francis joins us now, we were just talking about the study that savannah and i savanna and i talked about earlier about women not getting any sleep. why do you think that is that we as americans, in general, are losing sleep? >> i think that's one of the
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is becoming a lack of sleep is becoming a national epidemic. a lot of people -- people tend to think that sleep is an option. you see it in the office all of the time. if you don't schedule enough time for yourself to sleep, the only person who can tell you that you are getting enough sleep is really your cell. everybody is different. different. some people need four hours, some people need 12, most people will fall between six- eight. >> if we are one of those people who feel like we are not getting enough sleep. if we are tired all of the time. your body let you know. are there know. are there things that we can do to help us sleep better? short of taking a sleeping pill? >> you have to schedule for your sleep. number one, it's like scheduling.
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is good. the first thing that we tell most people in our clinic is day. if you can. that will self regulate yourself, and then basically, at night, when you feel sleepy, get ready for sleep early. the moment you feel sleepy, you should be heading to bed. trying to take that shower, brush her teeth, and the next thing you know i've done all of these things, now i'm not sleepy anymore. >>reporter: >> you are saying to do that routine, but routine, but not wait until you are tired to do that routine. as parents, we know parents, we know our teenagers are not sleeping at all. are there things we can do to help our kids sleep better? >> yes, turn off the e lectronics. i keep asking myself, myself, i wonder if we could get the telephone companies information, if they were just to add the age of the person using those cell phones, and
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those text. my wife is a pediatrician. basically, that is what they notice, the kids are waking up at three-four in the morning, texting their friends. >> answering those texts. >> at that age, they will stay in the conversation. that's the first thing that parents should do. the parents themselves should turn it off. [ laughter] >> sleep by example. >> exactly. >> if we feel like we have sleep apnea, or something like that if it something physical that prevents us from sleeping what should we do? >> in that case, it's an -- it is a different situation. now you are talking about pathology. first of all, you have to admit that -- am i giving myself enough time to sleep? if i am, and i'm still waking up tired, then there's something wrong.
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>> trying to convince a buddy to go to the doctor is not easy. >> doctor, thank you so much. we appreciate all of this. hopefully we can all get more sleep, but for right now we will toss it over to efran afante for checking our forecast i'm pretty sure a lot of us are waking up right now and wishing we could crawl back into bed and stay there. temperatures in the midlands are downright cold. 30degrees winnsboro, 28 camden, st. matthew's 27 degrees, orangeburg 31. here in columbia 29 degrees, but the wind chill is even worse. it feels like 220 22 degrees and saluted and aiken, feels like 23 and orangeburg and 23, , as well, is what it feels like here in columbia. average temperatures for this time of year are supposed to be 33, 29 columbia, we have clear skies, what we are supposed to be doing is having average lows of 33, advertiser 56. we will have a nice sunrise this morning at 7:30 and sunset this afternoon at 5:34.
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through on saturday. behind it, area of high pressure and low pressure just to the north, dragging and a lot of that cold, dry air. it's falling over the palmetto state and will state and will stick around for the wild. -- for a wile. when the kids get out of school today, 50 degrees, highs today are forecasted to be 48 saluted, 45 aiken, 50 st. matthew's, 474 winnsboro to campton to bishopville. we will have a lot of sunshine winds right now will be out of the northwest and change to the southwest of 5 miles per hour, colder tonight with clear skies a low of 270, we are, we are expecting a low of 24 in newberry, 25 bishopville, and 29 down in orangeburg. we will be dealing with a lot of sunshine, sunshine, no rain throughout your work and school week. 55degrees for tomorrow, but it will be quite windy. winds out of the west-southwest
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per hour. into the middle 50s by thursday and friday and then a cold front will come through with a chance of rain. saturday and sunday, as highs will get pretty much in the middle to upper 50s. you are definitely going to need your winter jacket for the next several mornings. as we beat the traffic, and get ready for your monday morning commute. take a look at i 20, this will be westbound by exit 72. traffic has slowly but surely been picking up. no accidents are being reported on the interstate. coming out of lexington, regular lexington, regular slow and go on augustine road between mainstreet and sunset boulevard. heading east on sunset boulevard past mineral springs i 20 traffic is moving but has been picking up. coming in from shaw air force base you are looking at a 38 minute commute.
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right now and 11 minute sad news out welcome back, sad news out of the music world this morning, innovative and iconic singer david bowie has died after a battle with cancer. the singer's singer's representative said he died peacefully and was surrounded by family. he had just released his new apple -- album, black star, on friday, the same day that the sun -- singer turned 69. the biggest stars of film and television came together in beverly hills last night for the 73rd annual golden globe awards. the globes are usually seen as an early indicator for who
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month. chris martinez has more on the nice big winners. >> and the golden globe goes to the revenant. >>reporter:the revenant won top honors at the golden globe awards taking home statues for best picture, drama, best director and best actor. leonardo dicaprio. >>reporter:i want to share the award with all the people represented in this film. jennifer lawrence one best actress in a comedy for her performance and joy. the martian won top honors for best picture comedy and best actor in a comedy, not damon. [cheers and applause] it was sylvester stallone that earned among the knights most thunderous applause winning best supporting actor for his reprisal of boxer rocky balboa in the movie crete. >> i want to thank my imaginary
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the best friend i've ever had. >>reporter:this year, for the first time, streaming services like netflix garnered more nominations than cable and broadcast networks. amazons mozart in the jungle took home to globes for best tv series, musical comedy and best supporting actor. >> relax, i'm going to try to be nice. >>reporter: ricky gervais return this year to host the broadcast and actor denzel washington was honored with a sasso lifetime achievement award. chris martinez, cbs news, beverly hills. >> of course, as we said this is a precursor to the academy awards. the nominees for the 88th annual academy awards will be announced this thursday. >> did you watch it last night? i know we wake up so early it's hard to watch it. that is something that everyone wants to see. >> i'm one of those people who i have watch parties, i stay up . last night, i just cannot do it. it.
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today, we will have our own little viewing party. coming up on news 19 this
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trouble sleeping we have good monday morning, thank you for choosing news 19 this morning. >> your time now is 6:30 a.m., and you are waking up to a chilly morning again this morning per we will toss it over to efran afante for a look at your forecast. until is how high the temperatures will get today. not very. [
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not barry, the word we do not like to hear unfortunately it is here right now. we have clear skies all throughout the palmetto state. in columbia those clear skies, temperatures will be dropping 290 winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. per hour. the wind chill feels more like 23 degrees. when the kids head out to the bus stop they will need to look like the michelin man and covered in a lot of layers. 28degrees at the bus stop this morning. we will have a lot of sunshine, but only 37 degrees by 10 o'clock. by lunch time, 45 degrees as the winds are shifting out of the southwest we will reach 51 degrees by this afternoon. we are looking at possibly 43 degrees by 6 o'clock later on this evening. as you get yourself ready to head out the door, and as we beat the traffic. you may give yourself a minute or two to warm up your car.
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marker 104 piney grove road, traffic has been picking up quite a bit but no accidents being reported on the interstate. no issues as you are coming off interstate -- coming into columbia to garners ferry all the way down to millwood avenue, traffic is moving pretty good into that area. i 26 and lake mary -- murray, 21 minute commute. from the airport to downtown a 16 minute commute. sunglasses are optional, winter jackets for this morning require. we require. we will take a look at your seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> if you want you could go back to bed, go back to sleep. >> do not encourage that. speaking of sleep, sleep deprivation has become huge business. americans spent more than $40 billion last year searching for that elusive good night sleep. >> the marketplace has exploded with plenty of options to try to help you get your sleep in. they are really great gadgets, or are they just sleep gimmicks? c onsumer reports takes a look
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>>reporter:this infomercial can be tempting if you are desperate for some shut eye. >> you get the best leap of your night every single night, and i guarantee it >>reporter:the 60-dollar my pillow promises deeper, longer sleep. but there are no clinical studies to support this. how about the $150 sleep shepherd. they sickly a beanie with built- in speakers which claims to monitor brain waves and drown out distractions. the research that it accurately monitors brain activity is pretty thin. but, hearing the arithmetic sounds can be soothing. and fact, white noise machines like this usd50 dome ds 50- dollar dome ds have helped most people who have tried them, sleep better. according to consumer reports survey. apps like white noise, and my noise let you get soothing sounds on your smart phone for free. >> you should think about why you cannot sleep. devices like smart phones, and
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slows the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. it keeps you awake. >>reporter:these pricey glasses promised to block blue light and they do block some but when consumer reports tested glasses in the special light measuring, they found the glasses that actually block out the most bluelight are these skype or safety glasses with orange lenses which cost just eight dollars. what's the best way to beat insomnia? quit smoking, cut back on caliph caffeine and alcohol and turn off screens long before you head to bed. >> those electronics are such a big thing that will keep you awake staring at the bright screen. >> even if it is on your nightstand, or whatever, or near you i turn all of mine over so that bluelight does not bother me. i do use my ipad relaxing music to help me relax. >> you like music. >> i do. >> the white noise -- i can't -- some people that's
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>> all right. a story fit for a hollywood movie, the notorious drug lord known as joaquin "el chappo" guzman is behind bars, and could bars, and could be headed to the us in just a few weeks. mexican authorities have notified joaquin "el chappo" guzman that he is wanted in the us which is one of the first steps in the extradition process. on the run, he had a secret meeting secret meeting with doctor, sean penn, which police say played a role in his capture. jury selection begins today and the trial of caesar goodson the police officer who drove the van that carried freddy gray right before his death. gray arrived at the police station critically injured after he was driven for 45 minutes handcuffed, shackled and unrestrained in the back of the van. goodson is facing second-degree murder charges. the suspect in several jewelry store robberies across five states including right here in the palmetto state is expected in court later today. she is 24-year-old abigail lee kemp, she was arrested last
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incident. they say another person with kemp at the time, was also detained. they have not released that person's identity, or how the arrested place. the jeweler security alliance reported that total losses from the robberies were more than $4 million in original value. the world's largest lottery prize in history is up for grabs wednesday night. the powerball jackpot up to an estimated $1.3 billion. that is so high that most powerball sites cannot even display signs cannot display that huge payoff they are made to register into the millions. united airlines have -- has been buying 2.7 million dollars of the penalties include not returning wheelchairs to disabled passengers, or adequately helping them move through several airports. along with violating rules
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delays. my favorite time of year, girl scout cookies now on sale. your choices include favorites like thin mints, peanut butter patties, and for the first time in a decade the cost of each boxes going up, this time by 50 cents. total now will cost you four dollars a box in the gluten- free shortbread cookies are now priced at five dollars a box. sales will last until march. some bad news for those of you that think you will be able to get a burrito from chipotle for a dollar this week. that is not true. a rumor started online at the restaurant was selling burritos for just one dollar to regain public trust. but chipotle has confirmed those reports are not true. they have been in hot water, recently, after dozens of e. coli cases have been linked to the restaurant. target might be the new go to spot for your comfy close,
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soul cycle on a limited edition collection including sweatshirts, sweatpants and tank tops. in some cases the prices will be about half what they cost at a soul cycle location. today and end to all and to all of those exercise excuses. >> we know we need those, especially at the start of a new year. money man, matt granite gives you, and your wallet back in shape take a look. >>reporter:awesome! absolutely amazing. great to be with you. i know. could i look like more of an idiot than usual? the answer is, yes. i am back from the world of electronics expo in las vegas. one of the hottest items at the conference, this year, virtual reality systems. why would you want one? they are no longer just for gamers. take a look before i get to the incredible savings. yes, you see beautiful images like this. if you want to experience or interact with another
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travel without actually going anywhere, virtual anywhere, virtual reality headsets are such a cool way to go. the best deal i found is on a top rated headset, i tested it, simply blade -- place your smart phone inside the headset, and today for under $37 with free shipping, you can experience images that you might not have ever thought possible. the link and a for full demo on our website until we meet again, happy savings. back to you. >> first of all, a great deal and a great idea. but i cannot work out with anything on my head. >> you wear it on a treadmill, i guess? >> that would throw me off. i would be going backwards. >> can you imagine the first person you see in the gym, wearing that, would get so many books. not that you would know, because of the giant thing on your head. >> maybe it's the future of running. >> i would rather see a real a real seem, maybe. >> for the deal go check it out
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one man's dream is coming true at the clemson game. he's not even stepping foot on the field. field. we will introduce you to him and tell you that story later in the show. for those of us who are here in columbia, instead of in
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minus nine in
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welcome back to news 19 this morning, we are starting off with very frigid temperatures in the midlands. 27 newberry and salida, 28 winnsboro and camden, 27 saint matthews, columbia 290 but the wind chill is even worse, feels like 25 degrees in sumter, 23 orangeburg, 23 winnsboro, columbia it feels like 23 degrees. on saturday, we had a cold front front that came through, light mist and rain, yesterday morning another cold front came through, behind it and area of high pressure to the north and an area of low pressure in new england, not only is it reinforcing over us but it will be sticking around for a while. when the kids get out of school today, it will be mild and sunny. 50degrees compared to what the freezing temperatures are right now. as highs throughout the midlands we are looking at 48 48 and
6:34 am
at 50, sumter of 52, columbia 510, 51 degrees, with clear skies temperatures are going to be even colder. 26 campton, 25 bishopville, we will have a lot of sunshine over the next several days. but the temperatures are going to be rather cold at night. for tomorrow, a high of 55 degrees, the winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour and then we will be dealing with a 26 for a low thursday morning for the next chance of rain comes and for the weekend as highs get into the middle to upper 50s. there is no rain right now falling in the palmetto state, traffic has been moving quite a bit. on i 26 westbound at mile marker 104 as you are heading towards saint andrews road. traffic has been considerably picking up, no accidents reported. on 321 both directions traffic is flowing with the exception of a little delay on the merge
6:35 am
from i 20 and 277 and 11 minute the day is finally here, later tonight here, later tonight the clemson tigers will suit up and take the field for what is the biggest game of their career. the tigers will face off against the alabama crimson tide in arizona. arizona. >> the clemson tigers looking for their first national title since 1981. to do it, they will have to get past the alabama machine, nick sabin who will be going for his fifth title. kickoff for the game is set for 8:30. not many people grow up say they are living out their dream. one lexington man is putting on
6:36 am
of people at the national championship game. but, he will not step 1 foot on the field. news 19's colby gallagher has a story. >> he wanted to fly so badly that one day he said dad, can we make some wings. i said i guess, we went into the garage and made some wings with cardboard and rope, he would run across the yard flapping his wings. he would say dad, i dad, i can't get off the ground. and i said, son, maybe this will not work. maybe you can't get off the ground with these wings, but we will find a way to get you off the ground >>reporter: since childhood, matthew maher has wanted to fly, as an adult his father ralph maher says he has found a way to to get -- to get wings as an air force pilot. >> and then later he got his second set of wings as an eagle pilot >>reporter:major maher is currently stationed at luke air force base in arizona leading other pilots as they train for
6:37 am
it is the same judge that will be featured during the national championship preshow at as the clemson tigers prepared to take on alabama. who better to lead the show than a south carolina native. >> our family are huge clemson supporters we will be pulling for the tigers. >> we are excited, it's a south carolina team, he graduated lexington high school, and now he is leading the big college game of the year. >> i had an uncle asked me if he could paint an orange ball on the bottom of the job. >>reporter:for major maher it's another flight in the judge he has been coming accustomed t o, before father, it's watching us on the about a dream. >> he is flying high now. what more can a dad asked? i just love the thought of my kid doing what he wanted to do. >>reporter: trying to >> ralph says he just visit -- finished up a visit to watches
6:38 am
tv. many of the tigers biggest fans made their way to phoenix, but some will be celebrating right here in columbia. even though the capital city is typically considered part of gamecock country you can find many clemson fans probably wearing their orange and purple. one in particular works at the university of south carolina school of medicine. mary graduated from clemson university in 1988 and has been a tiger fence and she can remember. she planned on going to the national championship game, but is an able to make it because of a shoulder injury. >> i have been questioned by students, faculty about my allegiance,, am i ever going to become a gamecock? that's definitely never going to h appen. but i am really the only diehard clemson faculty member in my division. it's definitely sometimes a challenge to survive in that environment.
6:39 am
championship special, news 19 sports director, reggie anderson, will bring you the latest live from arizona right before the big game. that airs at 7:30 p.m. tonight right here on news 19. but cannot make it out to arizona, you can watch the game with your fellow tiger fans, the clemson club will be hosting a party here at hickory tavern located in the vista tonight. still to come, a fire at the former home of michael slater who is the officer of murder charges of walter scott. why officials think the fire is suspicious. after the break. major garrett visits the ted cruz bus, he talks with the
6:40 am
questions over his eli good morning, thank you for waking up with news 19 this morning, it is monday, january 11, 2016. >> the time 16. >> the time right now is 6:56, today's top stories in your midlands rundown. police continue to investigate a fire at the vacant home a former north charleston police officer michael slater over the weekend. sliger is accused of shooting, and killing walter scott last april. investigators say a glass cocktail bottle was found at the scene. the search for a missing teen is over, 14-year-old james has been located and returned to her family. she was reported as a runaway after not being seen since last sunday. no further details about her condition, or where she was has been released. richland county this morning, police are looking for
6:41 am
club shooting over the weekend. witnesses tell police the shots chevy avalanche. if you have any information that can help police you are urged to call crime stoppers at 888-crime-sc let's toss it over to efran afante for a look at the traffic as you head out the door this morning. i 26, it's going to be in between saint andrews and piney grove road, headlights heading down to saint andrews, traffic has been picking up, up, but fortunately no accidents are being reported on the interstate. some of the thoroughfares still have traffic and started to build up on sunset boulevard between i 26 in west columbia. as you are heading south on 321 from airport road and traffic has started to build up the up i 77 and garners ferry heading to rosewood. just give yourself a little bit of extra time, because it is freezing out there. right now, temperatures 27 newberry and saluda, columbia 28, it feels 28, it feels like
6:42 am
like 25 in sumter as well is down in orangeburg. again, when the kids headed out to the bus stop they will need to dress very warmly it is going to be frigid at the bus stop. as one cold front came through and brought more cold air, an additional reinforcement of cold air is coming in from the great lakes and all of that is going to sit itself right on top of the palmetto state for the next several days. we are looking at 50 degrees when the kids get out of school today, we are looking at a high temperature of about 51 degrees, lots of sunshine but overnight tonight is going to be even colder. 270, as you let up in a couple of days it is going to be freezing temperatures for morning lows. as highs get into the upper 40s, and lower 50s with the next chance of rain by saturday and sunday. grab the firewood, firewood, the heavy blankets and jackets we are going to need it for the next unfortunately, several days >> i asked you earlier, when is it going to warm up? savanna warm-up, it will be a
6:43 am
for the rest of us a week or so. in the meantime we will have to bundle up, stay inside and watch clemson tonight, watch our preshow tonight right here at 7:30. as sweeney takes the stage with the tigers tonight. be sure to catch the game, and of course catch our preshow. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." rock legend david bowie loses his secret life with cancer. we remember the trail blazing artist who captured music and
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>> the capture of el guzman led
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