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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bragging rights they have to get by the best team in college football over the last half deck aid. a -- decade a live look at the field right now. the night is finally here. good evening and thank you so much for keeping it here for friends @ five today. the tigers last championship was 34 years ago. they are hoping to win again tonight. the game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. news 19's reggie anderson is live from glendale, arizona with a preview of what we could expect to see tonight. reggie? >> reporter: all right. thank you. here inside this gorgeous stadium. first time you walk in it is a wow factor. arizona cardinals have nice digs here. the story is college football. clemson trying to win its first national title since 1981. they have to beat alabama for
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last time they played tommy was the head coach. clemson ranked 9th 9th. nick sabin had all season to prepare and it was a beat down. [ audio difficulties ] that got the ball rolling -- [ audio difficulties ] now -- [ audio difficulties ] coach of the year. the two teams meeting tonight they kick it off at 8:30 p.m. that many warm up a at 7:30 p.m -- up at 7:30 p.m. they get an hour on the field. they are going for -- [ audio difficulties ] 16th national title and nick sabin going for number 5 -- [ audio difficulties ] playing on this kind of stage, atmosphere. it will be interesting to see how the tigers react tonight. national championship everywhere.
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audio difficulties ] you have a couple local guys on the alabama squad, spring valley christian miller, and the former quarterback is the bama wide receiver's coach. much more coming up later on friends @ five. they will talk about how proud they are of their son. live inside the university of phoenix stadium, reggie anderson, news 19 wltx. . >> thank you so much. folks who did not make the trip they are already getting set up to watch the game. news 19's lauren talarico from a watch -- lauren lauren thomas is live from a watch place. >> reporter: this is the place to be. i am here with a few clemson tigers who have been taking out their spot since 11:00 a.m. why did you come out so early? >> like you said, this is the
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hoping for a huge win today. we got here whether the doors opened and we will be here when the doors close celebrating with high hopes. >> reporter: okay. all right. tell me, you guys were alumnis as well? >> absolutely. we were roommates at lemon is and we -- clemson and we came back to celebrate the win. we came up from atlanta and new jersey. we are ready for a win. we were here 30 years ago. good to be back home. >> reporter: you actually were able to see the national championship 30 years ago. tell me about that. >> it was 1981, i was a freshman. and being young i didn't realize how special that moment was in time and locking back it feels like it would be a once in a life time thing and here we are with this opportunity again and i am hoping for twice
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so it is very exciting. it is even more special this tile because i doing for -- time because i do appreciate it even more. >> reporter: this is the quiet, the calm before the storm. exactly. a lot of people will come out here tonight and enjoy the game. this is the place to be when it comes to watching any lemon is game. -- clemson game. a lot of history here. family, tiger pride. we will be looking forward to see who else comes out here tonight to enjoy the game. back to you. >> thank you so much. one man is putting on his uniform and preparing to live out his dream in front of thousands at the national championship game. he is an air force pilot at luke air force base in arizona. that is the jet that will be featured during the national championship preshow as the tigers take on alabama.
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a south carolina native. >> we are excited because south carolina team. he graduated lexington high school, citadel and now leading over the big college game of the year. >> actually had a uncle asked me to paint a orange paw on the jet. >> his dad will watch the show on tv but the family will be looking for matthew from the field tonight. after a tough year for our state clemson in the spotlight has everybody talking. we spoke with people about their thoughts going into the big game. >> i would like to see clemson be 15-0. but that comes with a heck of a price. >> reporter: what is that price? >> arrogance. >> it will be a good thing. it will bring -- [ indiscernible ] make everything bedder for south carolina.
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>> nice to see south carolina. it would be awesome to see south carolina back on the map. >> you like tigers or came gawks? >> -- gamecocks? >> gamecocks. >> not pulling for the tigers. gamecocks are my team. >> no matter how you feel you can catch the special before the big game tonight. reggie anderson will bring you the latest live from arizona before clemson takes the field. that is tonight at 7:30 p.m. right here on wltx. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> a good evening to be indoors watching the game because it is cold outside. tonight a few clouds, we have clear skies right now and the temperatures are starting to go down. it is 49 degrees in augusta. macon 51 degrees. 36 degrees in asheville. charlotte 44.
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49 degrees. air mass is dry. winds from the southwest at 6 miles per hour. for tonight we are expecting light winds. a few high thin clouds passing through. a low of 26 degrees. tomorrow it will be sunny but windy ahead of a cold front coming through late in the day. 55 degrees. and then the winds back off tomorrow night. a low temperature of 29. now let's take a look at the traffic outside see what is going on this afternoon. currently on the northwest side of town we have a slow down right here on i-20 westbound lanes. from malfunction junction to highway 6. lexington highway not too bad. things are beginning to slow down through malfunction junction. southeast side of the town an accident slowing down the traffic. once you get past pine view it picks up.
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are in good shape. no numbers. downtown to blythewood 24 minutes. downtown to the village 30 minutes. i will have more in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. tomorrow president obama will deliver his final state of a the union address. governor nikki haley will deliver the response. you can hear her following the state of the union address. >> and the state of the city address january 26, at city hall at 6:00 p.m. flags are at half-staff to honor the late state senator. the funeral was this afternoon in greenwood. governor nikki haley requested the flags be flown at half- staff till sun down in his memory. he died thursday at his home at
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the death was related to a heart condition. he first won his seat in 1988. no powerball winner yet which means the jackpot keeps going up. now it is getting crazy. today the prize gone up to $1.4 billion. that is the world's largest lottery prize in history and on wednesday americans will get yet another chance at winning the big prize. see the drawing live on news 19 after before our 11:00 p.m. newscast. keeping coins in your pockets. gas prices are $1.71. $1.97 nationwide. prices fell 3 cents. prices will go lower. global over supply of oil is sending prices down but prices
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two days after releasing an album david bowie died following a battle with cancer. he died yesterday. he battled cancer for the past 18 months. he was married to a super muddle all of model and had two children. -- model and had two children. awkward. steve harvey and miss columbia are going to come face to face again. he hasn't been in contact with her since he made the famous flub at the miss universe event however she has decided to pop in on the steve harvey show. she expected to appear on the steve harvey show january 18, one week from today. so how do you think it will go and what is it that steve harvey should be saying to her who thought she was miss
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>> i think it was longer than that. almost like 6 minutes. >> you know, everybody makes mistakes. >> absolutely. >> the only thing that steve harvey has is most of us don't make mistakes in front of thousands of people in a live audience. >> yeah. yeah. my heart breaks for both of them. we do live tv everybody, we know what it is -- every day. we know what it is like to make a mistake. [ talking at the same time ] >> doesn't work like that. the fact that she is going on his show makes me think that maybe she going on to accept his apology -- [ talking at the same time ] >> make good on it. maybe we wouldn't have known as much about her if it were not for this mistake. that is the bright side of it. >> next year don't put first runner up, second runner up on the envelope. just put the name.
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this is this -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he has to give the other names. >> no, he doesn't -- >> yes, he does. you can't be like you won -- [ talking at the same time ] >> all right. coming up next on friends @ five it is meatless monday. most of us had a veggie burger but they are all made of different things, they have different amounts of protein,
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this is good news for gamecocks fans, the men's basketball team is undefeated. they are 15th in u.s.a. today coach's poll. the men travel to face alabama on wednesday. tip-off is set for 9:00.
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they beat missouri yesterday. 83-58. the ladies travel to kentucky for a game on thursday. tip-off is 7:00 p.m. the men and women combined are 30-0. it was a basketball weekend. we went to the men's game and then to the women's game and both games were exciting. >> and what a great turn out. both games. >> yeah. >> this is really exciting. they are both undefeated. both tops in their conference. they are both headed for post season. >> get closer and closer to a sell out every game. it was a nice weekend. >> it was. this is the time of the year to be indoors. it is cold outside. satellite. we have clear skies over south carolina. adjust few high thin clouds to the west. they will be passing through over night. we have a fast moving weather system right now in the dakotas moving to the southeast and it
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to the area tomorrow. now, what it will be, it will be a dry frontal passage, there is no moisture to produce rain and no clouds but we will see an increase in winds. right now temperatures are already cooling off. 44 rock hill. 46 greenwood. 79 degrees columbia. 48 sumpter and orangeburg. tonight a few high thin clouds, that is it. tomorrow we will see front coming through late in the day. there might be a brief period of time where there could be a few clouds. for the most part it will be sane through the -- sunny through the middle of the week. 28 orange burg. highs tomorrow in to the low 50s. 52 newberry and winnsboro. 55 for columbia and orangeburg. 54 sumpter. 56 manning. our seven-day forecast, more
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it will be sunny. high 49 degrees. dropping to 26 thursday morning. with a high of 56. we will see temperatures moderating into the weekend. there will be moisture out of the gulf of mexico on friday. we are expecting scattered showers but the rain should be over with on saturday just slight chance of any rain. mostly cloudy. 58 degrees. and then cold air starting to come back in over the weekend. 48 degrees for a high on sunday. it will be windy. monday it will be sunny with a low of 27 and a high of 42. >> now over to andrea. thank you so much. we are celebrating another met metaless monday. the brian -- meatless monday. brian is here with us. there are so many different varieties and each have
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we wanted to know what was the best. you picked these four. >> these are our four popular ones. >> tell me about it. >> this is amy's black bean burger. grains, soybeans and black beans. 6-grams of protein per serving. vegan. no dairy. it contains gluten. it has mushrooms and tomatoes, corn, peppers. >> it has a mushroom flavor. i like thereat. >> good. >> how many come in a box? >> it has spice. >> 4 in a box. 5 or 6 bucks. 140 calories. >> i like that. very savory. a garden burger. >> the garden burger is based
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there is 5 grams per patty of protein. it contains dairy. and it has 110 calories per patty. >> the fact it has brown rice in it, is this less of an attractive option -- >> brown rice is great for you. destroying to decide brown or white rice go for brown rice. >> this tastes nothing like that one. >> amy's tastes like mushroom. this tastes like a grape leaf. that was good too. we heard about this one. >> it is soy based. 15-grams of protein of patty. contains dairy. 90 calories per patty. >> of all of these this has the fewest calories. if you are trying to be low
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>> not a lot of veggies. mostly soy. like tofu based. >> not my favorite. >> i am not getting the veggie taste. i want to taste my veggies -- >> we don't like tofu anyways. >> this has the most uteak story -- unique story. >> this tastes and feels just like meat. this is supposed it to be just like beef. 260 calories. it is based off of pea protein. 23-grams of protein. zero sugar and zero cholesterol. if you want to eat that beef, looking after your cholesterol, this is the best one. >> very good.
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i am going to pick amy's for a little kick. all right. okay. brian says you don't have to cook with meat. you can cook with any one of these.
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>> a simple there has been a lot of debate about breast cancer screening for women. now a national task force is releasing their final recommendation. they are continuing to recommend mammograms every other year for women 50 to 74. the group says screening can be effective for women in their 40s but over diagnosis is a concern. >> benefits are smaller. the harms need to be carefully viewed and the task force
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choices. >> they come after the american cancer society said women should start annual mammograms at age 44 and calling for more research on newer technologies to diagnosis breast cancer including 3d mammograms. go to our website for those details. if you want a pet or thinking about getting one now is the time because the columbia animal services are holding a new year new beginning pet adoption special for the month of january. whether you are adopting a new pep or reclaiming a lost pet the fee is only $40. all fees include spay and neutering, a microchip, a heart worm test, vaccines and deworming. that is a great deal. head over to columbia animal
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ballpark road. pantastic deal. 40 bucks -- fantastic deal. 40 bucks. >> good deal. good deal. good time to add somebody to the family. coming up next going back
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tigers you are watching friends @ five -- clemson goes for its second college football championship within the next three hours. an exciting night for fans across the state. they will have to get by the best team in college football. last championship was 34 years ago. they are hoping to do it again tonight. a late game, 8:30 p.m. news 19's sports director reggie anderson is in arizona
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preview. reggie? >> reporter: we have been out here since late tuesday morning is when we arrived. clemson arrived friday. we talked to former clemson players working for the cardinals. you can check the interuse out on -- interviews out on he is a junior leader, he played up to a huge level, a high level. he is up in the upstate. we talked to his parents and asked, are you excited to see your son playing. it is about the way their son carries himself on and off the field. >> for sure. unbelievable. for parent to watch their son
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for me and his mom we just sit back and enjoy it. win or lose, yeah, he is definitely done everything he is supposed to have done. if he plays hard and all the other guys play hard, and they leave here healthy, it is a great night. >> for me sitting there as a mom, it is not about winning football games. it is about what happened in his life, being a part of the program, being influenced by the men who coach the team, more about all that. the game is just icing. it is almost like the icing on the cake. last three years is the cake. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. the cake tonight could be a national championship victory by the tigers, but to do that
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they are going for their 16th title as a program. hoping to lead alabama to seiben's -- nick samen's fifth -- nick sabin's fifth national title. or lose, you make it to the national championship game, playing alabama this is what you want. if you win the national championship game who better to beat than one of the most storied programs in the country. more tonight on news 19 at 6:00 p.m. live inside the university of phoenix stadium. in three hours we will get it going. clemson and alabama. live in the desert -- [ audio difficulties ] >> all right. thank you so much. the folks who didn't get to make the trip, they are out and ready to watch the game tonight.
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joins us from a watch party. . >> reporter: that's right. i am at the place to be. if you are trying to watch the game, this is where you need to be when it comes to watching the game of the season. tell me about why it is such an important place to be when it comes to watching any clemson football game. >> we ever been here since 1933. it is one of those things where you are a student or resident or just anywhere that knows here. the atmosphere and it attracts come in. >> reporter: it is picking up. people coming in. people were saving their spots early today. >> since 11:30 a.m. this morning. couple tables were ready to go. >> reporter: is this the norm game?
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>> absolutely. a lot of our residents are in arizona. but we get packed. you can barely move. that is the way we like it. >> reporter: what is one thing, i know we will hear this chant all night, can you start us off with it and hopefully we get people to join in. [ cheering ] [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: they have it. there you go. that is all you need to know. this is the place to be to watch the claim. guys, i could see a lot of people coming out here having fun.
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>> thank you. [ talking at the same time ] all right. lots of fans in the upstate. clemson about a half hour away from greenville. tons of fans in greenville. news 19's chuck ringwalt joins us now with more on that. chuck, talking football but you are on a basketball court, my friend. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. fans tonight will be in for a different experience tonight. we are here at the wellness arena in downtown greenville. fans come here to see a different team. the men's basketball team plays here and you can see that by the basketball court. but it is a cool experience for fans. they will be cheering on the football team as they take on the tide. thousands of fans will come here tonight. the doors open up at 7:00 p.m. and the coolest thing is before the game if you have kids or are in the area, come down, from 7:00 p.m.
5:31 pm
kids will be able to hop on the court and shoot hoops for an hour, till 8:00 p.m. when crews will tell the crowd to take your seats and get ready for the 8:30 p.m. game, the national championship game. the doors open at 7:00 p.m., admission is free and they areoping for -- hoping -- are hoping for a big crowd. the stereo system is rocking when they turn it up. there will be a dj here. it will be a school experience to -- cool experience to experience the team in the national championship game. chuck ringwalt, news 19 wltx. >> thank you so much. and you can follow along twitter tonight as we lead up to the game and also during the game follow reggie and van at the game in glendale, arizona. alyssa lang as well. you can find all of those on twitter. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief
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>> the sun is going down. temperatures are starting starting to drop. 49 degrees. dry outside and winds at 6 miles per hour. tonight we might see a few high thin clouds pass over head but it will be cold. expecting a low of 26. tomorrow it will be sunny and also windy. winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour and gusty with a high temperature of 55 degrees. then more cold air comes in on wednesday with a high of 49, down to 26 thursday morning and then temperatures moderate, the clouds increase thursday night. on friday we expect a few scattered showers with highs highs of 57. cloudy on saturday. high temperature of 58. let's get a look at the traffic around the area this afternoon. we will start on the northeast -- no, first of all, i want to show you an over view. westbound lanes of i-20 there
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highway 1. it is slow there. on the northeast side of town, not too bad. a slow down here from 277. the rest of the areas in good shape. southwest side of town, interstates in good shape. things moving smoothly. on the northwest side of town, the lexington highway is slow from i-26 into lexington and a slow down through the malfunction junction area. downtown it will take you 15 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. disaster recovery center will close wednesday but services will still be available through the fema hot line. it will close wednesday at 6:00 p.m. survivors of the flood can get help by calling the fema hot line every day of the week. well, residents effected by
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input meeting that will help plan for future nalnatural disaster. the -- natural disasters. the meetings are january 19 to the 23. they will include interactive mapping stations. questionnaires and opportunities for residents to submit comments and share
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[no audio] >> i think it made the company stronger. it showed the unity of the dancers. they all came. save everything that was possible to be saved. >> they hope to rebuild and make the studio as water proof as soon as possible. still ahead on friends @ five meatless monday. you can make your own meatless
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we welcome back. brian is with us. talking about meatless monday.
5:37 pm
on this spaghetti, let's go over the reasons why it is so important for us to observe meatless monday. >> three reasons why it is important to not eat meat one day a week. health. meat is high in cholesterol. it could contribute to heart disease. also good for the environment. did you know 50 gallons of water go into growing one pound of beef? >> that is crazy. >> insane. 20% of man made green house gas emissions that contributes to climate change. 260 acres have been cleared to go grain to feed live stock. >> we could eat the grain. [ talking at the same time ] >> cut out the middle man. tell me what we are doing with the spugetee.
5:38 pm
>> i took that burger, chopped it up. looks like ground beef. get the pan hot. nice and hot. add the -- >> for folks just joining us, what makes up this meat. >> a lot of things. the protein source comes from peas. this is why i like it, it doesn't have any cholesterol but more protein than beef. >> peas are a good source of protein. it doesn't always have to come from chicken or fish or beef. >> there are lots of options. >> we will brown that and warm it up. what else are we adding? >> sauteed onions. sauteed them ahead of time. >> exactly. >> mushrooms as well. i cooked ahead of time. >> better with mushrooms. >> oh, my gosh.
5:39 pm
i know how much you want to support local growers and local producers and this spaghetti sauce is not ragu. >> no. locally grown tomatoes to produce it in charlotte, north carolina. >> it is coming from an hour and a half up the road. [ talking at the same time ] >> no sugar. >> is it only available in your store? >> only available in our store in columbia. >> columbia -- [ talking at the same time ] >> come by. >> warmed all this up. you just dump this all in. >> the great thing is you know that that is fresh. canned. jarred recently. doesn't have all the preservatives. >> exactly. exactly. >> the junk you don't want. >> heat this up. >> okay.
5:40 pm
>> ready for a taste? >> ready for a taste. [ talking at the same time ] >> let's give it a taste. i love it. that is delicious. >> meatless monday.
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all yale university accepted 8 freshman from south carolina. news 19's sonia gutierrez visited johnson to meet this remarkable young man who said ivy league schools want more students like him. low income and high achieving. >> reporter: for 20 years he has been snipping peach trees. snipping against all odds.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: this south carolina farm worker with a middle school education said the biggest lesson to his kids was to be responsible and respect every person you meet. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: but the sacrifice he took to come here -- >> he was a farm worker in mexico, my mother a lawyer. came here. >> reporter: got his youngest son through his first semester of yale university. >> i think it is motivation to know that where we are not doing this for our selves. this is to say we did it. our family did it. . >> reporter: he is there on a full ride scholarship. >> my parents don't speak the best english. so you are always put in scenarios where you are
5:43 pm
learn quickly and learn how to hold yourself to a higher standard. >> standard his parents taught him. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: his message is to work hard so you don't have to suffer through the cold like he does. sonia gutierrez, news 19 wltx. >> he goes back for his second semester this week. his goal is to make it to law school and pass legislation to protect farm workers. >> such a school story. [ talking at the same time ] >> so cool. >> do us proud in south carolina. >> the extent parents will go -- [ talking at the same time ] >> good parents. [ talking at the same time ] coming up next, a unique opportunity for you to see the
5:44 pm
ringly the circus is coming to town and this will be your last chance to see the elephants perform in the show. ringling bros. circus announced today this is the end of the elephant's performance. they will be moving to the ringling bros. circus center in florida beginning may 2016. the heard of 42 elephants will live out their days at this retirement center. the company promised to move them by 2018 but the building completed sooner than expected. they will continue to be the greatest show on earth. >> still going to be different without the elephants. >> it is. they are amazing. >> what they can train them to do. >> they are going to retire.
5:45 pm
>> a they will wear slippers every day and golf. >> golf. >> shuffle board. [ talking at the same time ] >> these are the things we want to do when we retire.
5:46 pm
that will tonight on news 19 at 6:00 p.m. we are hours way from the national championship game in arizona. we are live with the team and at watch parties in the midlands and upstate. >> we know the cause of a fatal house fire in columbia last week. we will have the details and an update on the new development project in richland county. we will tell you what is coming and when. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> it is a big night for
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2-1/2 hours away from the national championship game between clemson and alabama. thank you for being with us on this monday. excitement is high as the teams get ready for the match-up. we will check in with news 19's sports director reggie anderson live in phoenix. in a few minutes. news 19's loren thomas is in death valley where the fans are very excited. at the so club. good evening. >> reporter: this is the place to be. fans crazy excited for this game. i am here with mark who has a different story. you went to clemson. but you also have another side. >> i am a second generation tiger. my father went here and he graduated in 1980 and did grad school here. he was here for the national championship game in 1981. i am in law school now at
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