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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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conflicted interest there but i stay true. my younger brother is a freshman at alabama. so we have been going back and forth today. i am excited for it. i believe in my tigers. i think we will pull it out. >> reporter: tell me about how it has been in alabama being a clemson tiger? >> it is different. my friends have been giving me, you know, trash talk throughout the year in fact. and so we have been talking about this day coming up before the season started. if our two teams could collide. i am excited for it. i am glad to be back here in clemson. i wanted to come home and get out of enemy territory for the game. i am excited. thrilled to be here. >> reporter: all right. it is getting packed tonight. since we have been here since 5:00 p.m. more people have been coming in and trying to get their spot so
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to see the tigers. we are -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: people have been here since 1:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: prime spot in front of the tv that so club. back to you. >> thank you so much. back here in the midlands fans are gathering for a watch party. news 19's danielle bonds is live. -- the fans are slowly streaming in here. a lot in orange shirts. jim remembers the last championship. you were at the last one. right? >> i was there. i drove down from columbia and it was a great time. awesome game. >> reporter: what does it mean to you 34 years later to see clemson in the national championship game again? >> i believe it is just as big as 1981. been a long time. people now don't remember or wasn't there.
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bigger since it is the second one. and we are underdogs. >> reporter: i won't ask you to predict the score, but what does this mean for the clemson program making it this far? >> making it is awesome. even if we lose the game. i mean, it was a great season. i mean, done feeted season. -- undefeated season. no question about it. >> reporter: thank you so much. and mr. jim is a 1968 graduate of clemson as well. so a big crowd expected here. the clemson club will be here. a big crowd coming out here. come on out too. we will be enjoying football all night long. >> good tigers. >> reporter: back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you so much. you can catch the news 19 clemson national championship game special.
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director reggie anderson will have the live from arizona. starts right here on wltx tonight at 7:30 p.m. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> a chilly day tonight. we have clear skies. light winds. temperature is 46 degrees. winds are from the south at 3 miles per hour. it will be cold tonight. it will be colder than this morning. we will get down to 26 degrees with a few high thin clouds. tomorrow will be sunny and windy with a high temperature of 55 degrees. then it will be turning colder again. and it looks like it will be dry through thursday. we will look that forecast in a moment. >> thank you. we know the cause of a fatal house fire in columbia. the fire sparked friday night on quiet lane. investigators determine the
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in a room as a result of a electrical malfunction. improper use of a extension cord was also a contributing factor. a man died from carbon monoxide poisoning. flags flying at half-staff to honor a let senator. he died at the age of 77. he served since 1988. his funeral was this afternoon. chief chief in northeast columbia is set to open up later this week. -- chick-fil-a in northwest columbia is set to open up later this week. developers say they have a master plan to make the area similar to the village at sand hills and they see it bridging major growth to the economy. [ indiscernible ]
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excuse me, the potential for the land, residential growth and driving distance. >> those are the main reasons to develop the area. prices at the pump are still low. the average is $1.96 a gallon. in our state the average is $1.72 a gallon. the cheapest gas in the state is $1 forty seven a gallon -- $1.47 a gallon and the price will continue to drop. there is speculation it could drop to one dollar a gallon. traffic had to be rerouted in sumpter this afternoon after a truck carrying logs spilled its load near the corner of north main and south pike road. very busy intersection. no word on what caused the
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crew the road was reopened for rush hour traffic. mike huckaby will be in charleston wednesday speaking to the first baptist church at 3:00 p.m. on thursday he will degrees address the senior show at 10:30 a.m. also on wednesday john kasich will hold a meet and greet at 5:00 p.m. also on wednesday ted cruz is holding a rally. on friday he will be in columbia at 3:45 p.m. at the usc alumni center in columbia. on thursday rick santorum will take part in the forum. his will take place that citadel at 2:00 p.m.
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meeting in columbia at noon this saturday. charleston sworn in its new mayor. the first time they had a new mayor in 40 years. john tecklenburg took the oath of office around noon. he succeeds sheriff joe suck -- succeeds joe riley. still ahead, we will head out to greenville for another clemson watch party and jim is
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cold night david bowie died after a battle with cancer. his career spanned five decades.
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same day he lots of clemson fans in the upstate. half hour away, everybody will turn out for the big game. everybody ready to go for kickoff tonight? >> reporter: we have been looking outside and there are some people starting to line up. doors open at 7:00 p.m. at the wellness arena in downtown greenville. they are expecting a couple thousand people to come out and see the cremson tigers to play the alabama tide here and we have lisa here with us.
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this is an experience? >> that's right. we are planning to have a big huge party atmosphere is what we are looking for. we want the game day experience for everybody who couldn't make it to phoenix. >> the kids can come and play basketball on the court. how long will that last? >> for the first hour the kids can get on the court. we will have face painters and balloon animals. >> reporter: very cool. we also talked about the sound system here. you said it is close to being inside the game? >> that's right. we have a full system. concert quality. it will be loud in here, that is for sure. >> reporter: very cool. appreciate you taking the time the talk to us. we will be here all night watching the game with you guys. seeing the tigers cheer on their team as they play the tide. we will be here all night in downtown greenville.
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>> it will be noisy there very, very soon. speaking of noise, sorry about all the noise i was making. i don't know what it it. i feel fine, i know, no one wants to sit next to me now. i feel fine and started coughing over the weekend. i feel fine. the cough won't go away. but like you said, that seems to be going around. >> going around. >> you know what else is going around? temperatures. >> it was cold this morning in the area. down to the 20s this morning. right now clear skies and we will see another cold night. i think tonight will be colder than this morning. we have a few high thin clouds that might pass over the area. the next weather system will be moving towards the south east. it will bring a front late tomorrow but it will be a dry
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temperatures up in canada below zero throughout the day and into southern caldu. the -- canada. the cold air in minneapolis, 6 degrees. warmer than yesterday. 18 degrees in chicago. not too bad across a good part of the southeast. but it is chilly. right now 39 degrees up in rock hill. 41 augusta as well as sumpter. 43 orangeburg. 46 in columbia. computer model high thin clouds coming through. clear skies. tomorrow 9. the front comes through. i don't think there will be much in the way of clouds with that. we will continue with clear skies tomorrow night and more 9 on wednesday. wednesday it will be turning colder once again. tonight expecting lows of 24. 25 camden. 26 columbia.
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highs tomorrow low to mid-50s. 55 in columbia. also going it be windy. winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25 and gusty during the afternoon. >> here is our forecast for the next 7 days. sunshine on wednesday. notice it will be colder. 49 degrees, dropping to 26 on thursday morning. then temperatures begin to moderate. night. friday. high temperature of 57. adjust slight chance of rain on saturday. still mostly cloudy and 58 degrees. and then it will be windy on sunday and turning colder, 48 degrees by next monday, low of 27 with a high of 42. colder than what we saw today. >> thank you for the warning, jim. appreciate it.
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>> all right. this was earlier today as we continue to count down to kickoff in phoenix. the clemson pep band with cheerleaders. there we go. there is the band. put on a performance out there this afternoon. for all the fan. there is a lot of clemson fans who made the trip to ariziza for the big football game tonight. a lot. i was hearing on national radio today, they see more orange than alabama colors. >> i have seen videos and pictures from orange and some people saying on twitter there
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arizona than alabama fans. tigers are rolling in. we are counting down to the big game. only 2 hours way from kicking off the biggest college football game of the year. in the much anticipated match- up. all eyes on clemson tonight as they compete for their second national title. last one 34 years ago. you know the coaches are under the scope as well. dabo sweeney has been the guy with a reputation as a players coach. he know shows a the perfect guy lead them to a national title. >> being able to watch him being in the same conference, i think he has done a great job of moving forward with the program, becoming a great ceo of the football organization and that is something that the great coaches do.
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allowed them to do their job. he focuses on the organization, the recruiting and having the right relationships with university personnel, athletic personnel and the media. i think he does a great job with the media. >> that game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. >> the usc men's basketball team 15-0 with a win over vanderbilt. with a lot of national attention on the men and women, fans are concerned it could get into player's head. not only is it about preparation but trusting in your program. >> players need to know that coaches are in it with them. but they are not concerned with the score of the game. they are concerned with helping them find success. our staff works real hard at being consistent with who we are and not treating players
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we are consistent with our expectations. with the lessons. with the message. and they realize that if they invest trust in what we are doing we will trust them and then it becomes a lot of fun because you will have days where things don't work out but you know you have a bunch of guys that are in it with you. and i think we got to that place as a program. >> panthers will host the seahawks at bank of america stadium and hold field advantage is important because that seahawks team is rolling, special after yesterday's win over the packers. last time they faced off the panthers won it in the 4th quarter. if the cats beat the seahawks they will pound towards the super bowl and they will have home field advantage again which we know is a huge advantage in the post season play.
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game tonight we have a ton of content at 7:30 p.m. from arizona, tune in to our special. we have a special guest coming in as well who goes the program. >> like the perfect appetizer to the meal -- [ talking at the same time ] >> our pre-game show is appetizer. >> and it will end before your game coverage. you can keep it on wltx and
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stay with us the the powerball continues to grow. it is now up to $1.4 billion, last with a "b," that -- that is with a "b." that number is expected to go higher. tickets on sale till wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. you can see the drawing before news 19 at 11:00 p.m. a lucky ticket holder in new york state won the mega million drawing. the next drawing is tomorrow night. >> clemson in the national
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news 19's daniel bonds, you have managed to find clemson tigers. >> reporter: yeah. a sea of orange developing here. a lot of fans really excited about the game kicking off in 2 hours and 3 minutes and change or so. huge game and a lot of clemson fans coming in and a lot of fans are expected. they are having the columbia clemson club going to be here tonight. they are expecting a big crowd. kicks off in two hours or show. the place will be packed. come on down. enjoy the game with us. we will be down here enjoying the football game as well. for now, back to you in the studios. >> all right. thank you. our special is coming up in an hour at 7:30 p.m. we will have reggie anderson in arizona. he is there with our photographer and we have
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all leading up to the big game tonight. 7:30 p.m. right here on news 19. >> that is going to do it for
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there's a man waiting in the reinvention. there is a worldwide outpowering of affection for music legend david bowie. also tonight, the raid that recaptured a drug kingpin, and the sean penn connection. the actor says, "i've got nothing to hide." when should women be screened for breast cancer? new recommendations tonight. and the first billion dollar lottery jackpot.
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