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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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your h a string of church break-ins around orangeburg county have congregations confused and least eight churches have good tuesday evening. thanks for joining us for friends outside. >> a string of church break-ins have congregations confused and concerned. a churches have found reports of the last two days damage varies from broken windows and pried open doors, but not all churches reported island-items stolen.
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window at immanuel ame church, but nothing was taken. at st. george baptist church some guitar center amplifier were stolen. they think the same people perform the crimes and are familiar with the buildings. >> they must have known what was in here. to be able to comment that door and grab something and get out of here in a short time. nothing else was broken into. no windows or doors. it's just the same window in the same location. deputies were able to collect fingerprints and other pieces of evidence. the sheriff's office said they are continuing to investigate. for the first time we have some sort of idea how many human trafficking victims are in our state. 155 last year alone and those
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month. organizations are making a call to move from awareness to action. in 2012. south carolina past some of the toughest human trafficking legislation. what is next? during a press conference this morning at westfield high school and students made the call for the superintendent make a call for trafficking legislation. there are some red flags. you can look for. said people don't have documentation. they can't leave where they are staying where they can leave but they have a chaperone with them. in some cases they don't. they have the freedom of movement. you live where you are working at another red flag and going into a massage parlor they are willing to be doing what you
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also they have returned a 16- year-old to a family after being trafficked for about a week for the sheriff's office said runaways often end up as victims. estimate columbia police have arrested three police accused in a shooting. 20-year-old lebaron brown, 20- year-old dominique lewis and 20- year-old tyrone anderson are charged with attempted murder. they are responsible for a shooting shortly before 9 pm saturday night in the 3000 block of truman street. the driver would not stop for police lost control of the car and hit a brick wall. three out of for suspects are called the police are searching for another person. if you have information that can help your asked to call crimestoppers. sterman former burglar county sheriff pleaded guilty to dui of failure to comply with police in connection with a 2014 drunk driving request. he was sentenced yesterday to three years of probation and ordered to serve 60 hours of
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jail sentence was suspended on each charge. he was arrested in 2014. his truck hit the back of another vehicle, causing 700 -$7000 in damage before speeding off. he resigned two months later and wanted to accept responsibility. he attended and alcohol rehabilitation program and has been sober for nine months. the alabama crimson tide at the alabama national champions. they defeated the clemson tigers last night. thanks to a late goal line. touchdown run by heisman trophy winner derek henry. it was the fourth championship in seven years. the tigers are expected to return to clemson at 8 pm tonight. it started out chilly this morning but with plenty of sunshine today we have warmed up. we have a few clouds coming
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that's occurring ahead of a cold front coming through our area this evening but in the meantime, it's dry and we expected to stay that way. you can see in nashville at 430 and 50 and charlotte 55 and augustine. we are sunny right now, our air masses dry relative humidity just 30%. our temperature is 55 lens are from the west at about 15 mph but we have seen wind gusts up to 31 miles an hour this afternoon. tonight those wins will diminish quickly is going to be clear with a low of 29 and tomorrow it will be sunny but on the chilly side. the high temperature. we will struggle to get up to 500 and tomorrow night skies will remain clear with a low temperature of 28. let's take a look at the traffic around that area for this afternoon. the northwest side of town. here is the lexington highway
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but it is a bit slow. between 26 and 20. we are starting to see a little bit of a slow down here between malfunction junction and lexington highway and a little bit of a backup in both directions on interstate 26. on the southeast side of town. we have some accidents to report. one is on shop road before you get to the belt line and the other one is right here on garners ferry road you get to finding about slowing things down so that will take you a little bit of time to get through there. but on the northeast side of town. everything is looking fine. it should only take you 23 minutes from downtown to the village at sandhill it will take you 29 minutes. more on the forecast coming up. the pentagon briefly lost contact with two small craft of the persian gulf but theyeyhave received word that the vessels
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probably. pres. obama delivers his seventh and final state of the union address tonight and what the white house says will be a nontraditional speech the president expected to speak bluntly about challenges and opportunities and push for reform to the countries crowded crisp-prison systems. an appeal for the americans to keep the democratic party in the white house for the third straight term. he won't endorse a specific candidate in the race. gov. nicki haley will be speaking from the gov.'s mansion. you can see her speak immediately following the state of the union on-air and online at wltx 52% of americans think obama's performance and audience has been what they expected on
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it has been worse. on a positive note, 62% of americans favor his recent american action concerning guns, but 49% think it was within his authority to take this executive action. > over- the-counter drug resellers flavors of children's liquid cold medicine because of a potential overdose risk. the manufacturer, bear ago is being-i said they are being full because the dosage seven correct markings and could lead to overdosing. products with an expipition date of march 17 are impacted. there are no reports of injuries to find it. if you have the recalled medicine go to our website sharing is caring, at least when it comes to netflix for the ceo says you don't have to feel guilty about using a friend or family members
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hastings said it is a good thing because people who share someone else's account usually become paying customers down the line. if you have trouble waking up in the morning so many of us do, you might need this. it's an alarm clock built into memory foam a memory foam match with speakers and that and this is only going to shut off. if you get up and stand on it for three seconds. you can upload your favorite songs, sounds". it will cost you $79 on kick started. creating a buzz. a lot of people are talking about a note in the restroom at your peak on central avenue. the note explains why say we have a unisex bathroom because sometimes gender specific pilots
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situations. the owners want to provide a place for friends who are single dads with daughters, single moms with sons, parents with disabled children, those in the lg bt q community, adults with aging parents, and maybe mentally and physically disabled. the note is posted online and is gotten a ton of feedback. the comments have been positive about the attempt to accommodate everyone.. a lot of amusement parks have them as well. but for those who are single parents. sending him in. i don't know if he has ever seen a urinal to be honest with you.>>for those of us, i am with my son, 365 days a year.
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365 days of those and it's wonderful to have a place to go in lipophilic it's inconveniencing someone else that i'm in there with a little boy. to make my situation with three dollars per there are times. my husband is with the three girls. logan is old enough, but years ago, it would be like i have to wait until i see a lady who looks nice enough but i have to say, do you mind going in the restrooms with my daughters because he can take them into the men's room or everybody go to the bathroom before we leave the house payment try that with a three-year-old corey for-year- old.>>another advantage of having boys. it's more complicated. good job. spirit. nothing like that daughter that is tall enough that she can hover. you don't have to live. chemically are getting so personal out there.
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little boy into the restroom and you have the same problem you have to lift him up. potty talk. that's what they say in kindergarten. parents out there, >> still ahead. you can talk to us on twitter at wltx or this powerball thing is getting out of control. it's amazing.
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people coming from other jackpot hit the 1.5 billion mark just this morning g d excitement for tomorrow night the powerball jackpot $51.5 billion mark this morning and excitement for the drawing is growing, not just in the us but in other countries as people are crossing the border to buy
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demarco morgan has the latest. >>reporter: millions of americans think they are lucky enough to beat the odds. so do canadians. >> i'm going to take chances like everyone else. >>reporter: sherry and drove two hours from her home to become the next millionaire. >> we shop in the us a lot so we give to you. and you can give back. >>reporter: our neighbors travel across the border from vancouver, toronto and montrial. they are legally allowed to do that. to make you don't have to be a us citizen to buy a powerball ticket as long as you are buying it from unauthorized location that's fine with us. >> winners can expect more taxes. the government can withhold 30% of winnings paid to a foreigner.
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no matter which side. there is no escaping the one in 300 million chance of winning. >> the odds are totally against winning, somebody has to win. you can dream. >> of course you can see the drawing tomorrow night on wltx right before the 11 pm newscast. >> she makes a good point. somebody has to win. you have to be in it to win it. it takes two dollars. >> of all the tickets that were sold last time, nobody one.>> the last two times. so if that's okay because one of us is going to win it this time.>> , why not us? $1 billion. >> by the time we get to the drawing tomorrow night. the payout, just the cash payout will be 1 billion.
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are not 1 billion. it was called this morning down to 260 in columbia in augustine 23 rock hill, 25 in columbia in augustine 23 rock hill, 2528 and sumter 29 and orangeburg, but we saw some breezy conditions and it warmed up nicely, mid-50s for the most part 55 in augustine 50 for and sumter cooler to the north and rock hill at 500 and 56 in charleston, but those plans have been rather brisk this afternoon, generally about the 15 to 20 mile an hour range we have seen winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour. we have clear skies right now. clouds to the north across north carolina, in advance of a cold front pushing through the ohio river valley. this will come to our area late tonight. late this evening, around
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pressure will be building in and we will be drive for the next few days. tonight will be a cool night. maybe not as cold as we saw this morning. 26 in newberry 28 in camden 29 for columbia and sumter and tomorrow we will be seeing high temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. 47 in newberry 49 in aiken 50 in columbia. here's our seven day forecast sunny on thursday but then we start to warm up after a morning low temperature of 28. we get up to 600. the clouds will increase there will be showers coming on friday afternoon and friday evening and high temperatures of 560. it should be dry over the weekend. partly cloudy on saturday, turning colder on sunday it will be breezy 500 on monday. it will be sunny but we are only going to be seeing a
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tuesday getting down to 26 with a high temperature of 460. let's go to darcy. we have been talking about restaurant week and we are so excited that one of our favorite restaurants that brings the best in oriental good to see you. you have brought mario with you and garrett with you. it's good to see both of you guys. i know your restaurants are incredibly popular. why was it important for you to be a part of restaurant week? spirit we want our guest to come and try new dishes and experience the restaurant. >> what are we getting at the grill? spirit one appetizer into entries and one bottle of canyon road wine which is the house wine. since did you bring something? are both of these dishes it on
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restaurants that are associated with the m pay we think about the great buddha comes from there. >> we have a letter m vista and a letter in the grill, but they are more innovative. we tried to introduce healthy dishes to our customers and the letter m--m kitchen we brought the kale salad and peking duck. >> are kale salad is delicious. we are glad to everyone that comes in. pine nuts, purple cabbage, mango and white balsamic vinaigrette dressing is delicious and healthy and we have peking duck that we offer. it's a shareable dishes great for couples going out on dates and things like that. it's wonderful. >> certain restaurants do in certain ways.
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is the interchangeable? when can we take part in all of this? >> i think a customer coming at lunchtime can use the restaurant week promotion as well. they can enjoy a bottle of wine at lunchtime. to make a bottle of wine at lunchtime. it's your day off. i love that. mario talk to us about how it is important that everything that comes out of the m kitchens is fresh and some people have made resolutions to get healthy. tell me about how you do that every day. >> everything is locally sourced. we prep everything before each shift and everything you're going to get from and grill and m kitchen you know it is delivered to the restaurant that day. nothing is process. the meat is fresh and the seafood and the cocktails that we use.
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sour mix and fruit puriesesfor the cocktails and organic wines and the course two. >> we can start getting this wonderful food as early as tomorrow and it runs through sunday. >> we hope that the customer that watches tv and doesn't have dinner plans can come to our restaurant tonight. >> they will come in and see you and say we saw you on friends at five.>> thanks so much we appreciated. >> coming up next, millions of americans take heartburn drugs
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damaging your a new study finds that a type of heartburn medication may be linked to long-term kidney damage.ilosec, nexium and prevacid a type of heartburn
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long-term kidney damage. they belong to a class of drugs that treat heartburn and acid reflux by reducing acid produced by your stomachs three people that use these drugs have a 20% to 50% higher risk. if you are concerned, should talk to your doctor. researchers in australia say exercise may reduce lower back pain by 35%. doctors looked at 30,000 people might not be thought patients exercise prevention education had better results. to make it has been two weeks into the new year. people are failing to keep up with their diet, but don't feel guilty if you fail. researchers essay. january is not the best time to start eating a healthy diet. humans have an evolutionary urge to maintain body fat in
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are scarce and because food is full of sugar, temptation to eat is stronger than the new year's resolution so we just gave you an excuse to keep yoyo feeling good about yourself. it's not my fault. i ate the cheese and crackers at midnight.
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hibernate and stay alive. thank you for sticking with us. lawmakers are back at work at the statehouse for the first day of the session. >> . it's a big year for unique challenges for those reasons. joyce explains. >> for starters of the second half of a two-year legislative session that means lawmakers have to get a lot done otherwise those bills die by
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one of the biggest issues of the conditions of the road and the infrastructure and recovery efforts. this is starting off with one new member taking the seatatof the late sen. clemente and a less member as they remember the life of billy o'dell, who passed away last week. on the house side prefiled bills were sent to various committees for review. also representative russell fry and a lot to look forward to this session. to see if anything gets done this year. thanks so much. several jobs are coming. cypress creek renewables is establishing solar power operations into saluda county facilities. the county has $12 million and solar projects they
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by the end of the year. 40 to 60 jobs will be created during construction. big changes could be coming through the charlotte city council has supported toll lanes on interstate 77 n. of the city. the project will likely move forward. the council voted to 17 for. the charlotte regional transportation organization is expected to vote on toll lanes and january 20 construction has started on alliance a state officials have said canceling the e oject will cost millions of dollars. today. it has been sunny. we have seen windy conditions at times. right now. skies are clear and air masses dry and windsor from the lasted 15 miles an hour. those were sustained winds and we're getting gusts up to 25
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winds will diminish quickly. we are expecting clear skies with low 29. tomorrow there will be sunshine but it will be cooler with a high temperature of 50. then we bounce back on thursday , up to 600. thursday night. on friday, mostly cloudy with scattered showers 560 we dry out for the weekend. 59 on saturday and sunday it will be mostly sunny, but a breezy and turning colder with a high temperature of 50. let's check again and see how the traffic is moving across the area. in columbia, we will start with an overview because we have a bit of a slow down from 277. all the way over to highway 1. if we go to the northeast side of town. you can see, things are not too bad on the interstate but we have two accidents. one is at the intersection of
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intersection of clemson road, that's going to slow things down. it's not too bad out at swansea highway. on the west side of town, a little bit of a slowdown west columbia, 378 up to interstate 20. the picks up and slows down into lexington and we are seeing slowdowns from malfunction junction. it will take you about 15 minutes. ladies? back to you. timothy university of south carolina kicked off martin luther king events today with a breakfast. the featured speaker charleston attorney spoke at the annual stadium. he is a graduate of morehouse law. an advocate for scholarships for african-american students
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lawyers association and the state democratic partners. >> dr. king would have us be active in our respective communities. a lot of people have expressed dismay at the beliefs and events of last year. we cannot spend too much time focusing on what happened last year. we have to have a progressive agenda for this year. >> usc will have more events this week leading up to martin luther king day on monday. still ahead, activist and author cornell west will be at sc state this week. he is taking part of an event hosted by bernie sanders campaign. it's the first stop and feel the burn black university tour. the event is this thursday at 6:30 pm. inside the fine arts center. walter edgar is hosting a series of presentations this month.
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role in the revolutionary war and it runs through february 9 at capstone health. there will be a series of guest eakers talking about different aspects of the revolutionary war. each presentation starts at 5:30 pm and lasts an hour. an effort to bring more healthy food options to orangeburg county is underway. the small business development center sponsoring a competition between businesses will bring healthier options to the area. pretend businesses will be chosen to be part of a development course. one winner will be chosen and will receive $12,500. snake you have people with disabilities, people that like transportation to get to grocery stores and make choices. they are not offered to them. really, the initiative is a way to bring healthy food to them and give them access and
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spirit businesses such- interested noncompetition happened to january 28. estimate chick-fil-a is opening for 05. killian road. the owner will everyryy free one year supply of chick-fil-a emails to the first 100 adults in line. and chick-fil-a has the things going on that they have added healthy options to their menu. they are calling it the superfood side. the fast food chain described it as a hand full of chopped kale and broccoli and vinaigrette dressing topped with dried a sour cherries and serve with a pack of roasted nuts for customers can order the salad next monday. it only has 140 cal and 170 in the larger portion. they dropped some off for us today to try and i love kale and broccoli. so both of those things make me
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>> did you ask me what occoli me was? here is some broccoli needed many, skinny broccoli. >> it is skinny. it tastes better than regular broccoli. i guess i don't have a good answer. >> is the dressing on it already? it is? i'm trying to get a little bit of everything. the broccolini in the kale. certificates like a summer salad that my mom makes. the salad that you make with raisins. taste like that. second, it's refreshing. smith this only word i can think of. it gives your math. >> chick-fil-a doing big things. >> would you turn your back on waffle fries for this? >> essay would as long as i can get an original chicken sandwich with extra pickles and polynesian sauce. >> it's good. if you like your green stuff,
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you keep enjoying that. our teacher of the week is a young educator with passion for creativity and he has teachers
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we will explaiainext. some people teaches a career and there were those that were born to be teachers. mr. mackey thinks outside the box in the parent who nominated him for teacher of the week tells us he makes learning interactive and fun for the
5:36 pm
as he teaches his students. this year's teacher of the week. >> everybody should know this, but wrote his last a corporation and he calls it the high achieving go-getters. >>everybody has a role and everybody has a mission and is to try to get somewhere and life and we are going over that same philosophy every single day. there is no way we can go back and move back to what we do now. smith that belief is why gordon and her daughter sydney nominated mr. mackey's teacher of the week. >> he has 27 students and he
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>> how does electricity flow through batteries? to make as part of the e corporation each student like a sydney has a job to learn and do their best. >> get good grades on social studies, science, math and la. >>thank you for watching us. it's not only what takes place in the classroom that makes mr. mackey our teacher of the week. he does what he expects students to view, taken above and beyond. during the flood. he called to check on each student and give them homework. >> he said tell my baby. i love her and she will be just fine. that assures a single parents like me that somebody else cares about your child beside you.
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they know they can get out there and get what they want in life. i have done my job. >> mary sturgill ms. 19 wltx. >> if you know educator who deserves to be recognized for their hard work like mr. mackey send us an email to teacher of the week at i know mr. mackey from summer camp last summer. the girls were at his camp and he was amazing. >> is a special teacher. i would say his passion is contagious. i would have listen to whatever he had to teach. >> i love the high-fives. >> she has bronchitis. >> ain't nobody had seen something that came from
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best way to reduce stress in
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we wi welcome back of a new year's resolution is to get organized, we want to help you. as two of the least organized people. so getting rid of the junk that is cluttering your life. put together a list of things you need to get rid of. plus, exactly where you can donate them. first of kitchen equipment. all the stuff we registered for, and we didn't use it or somebody gave you an ice cream maker because they thought he would be making ice cream and
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than cleaning your kitchen. let's get rid of the kitchen equipment that you don't use. also get into the habit of giving it to some sort of store, habitat for humanity. restore, charities that have their own store. snake get rid of your backup backup set of sheets. every bed. you need to set the sheets. one of the bed and one of the letter closet. anything else is taking up space. allow for an additional set of flannel or fleece sheets for the winter, but they will go in long-term storage for the month, you are not using them. give extra sheets to goodwill or salvation army. the same goes for your backup backup backup backup set of tiles.>> i have to get rid of those. something else. furniture you don't need. the hand-me-down lamp your mom gave you that doesn't work
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coffee table that you are holding onto it just in case. does your attic look like this in your garage? donate it to habitat for humanity or a local thrift shop the benefits a local charity. >> to close the no longer fit. if you just can't bear to toss them, label each hanger with today's date january 12, 2016. if you haven't open them by january 12 if you haven't open them by january 12, 2017, you have to get rid of it. give it to purple heart. take a big-pick up the trends and they will pick up your close and don't forget about the cinderella project bridesmaid or prom dresses to girls who are in need.>> old makeup collection and now polish. same goes for now polish they have a shelf life especially
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you should go through all of that and get rid of it. empty bottles of motion and hairspray the are holding onto just in case. bring the unopened projects to a women's shelter. -a homeless shelter. spirit how about six cans of minestrone soup, you're not going to eat or a cookbook inspires you to buy something by the pound but you haven't open the bag. toss it or donated everyone will have a full tummy tonight.>>cups. glasses. how many times they go somewhere we get a cup. i finally got rid of all that
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my favorite cups. >> it feels better to open the cabinet it. i had to do this. two weeks ago. we had a cabinet percentage you
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you get hit in the face. on tv tonight, nci s and the state of the union followed by the gov. haley republican response. mike and molly at 10:30 pm undefeated men's basketball team plays tomorrow they travel to face alabama.
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the men are 15th and the women are traveling to kentucky in a play on thursday. kickoff is set for 7 pm and men and women have an amazing season of 30 and zero. tom brady getting ready for a big playoff game. that patriots quarterback revealed he has never had a sip of coffee. this following his personal-say he had a strict diet, including fresh veggies, chicken salmon and duck for protein. hihichef talked about what he would eat and it is incredible. it made me feel good. every male 70% of the plate is vegetables. he doesn't even try to eat fruit because of the sugars and he doesn't eat eggplants
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va somebody is breaking into orangeburg county churches. we will talk about church leaders--will talk to church leaders about the crime. we will tell you what's on the agenda for the legislative session for the new year. so my plans released on how w the capital city should be looking. we have a sneak peek for you as news 19 at 6 pm starts now. a string of break-ins at orangeburg county churches have members worried they are being targeted. so thanks for being with us.>> more churches returned to their buildings following sunday services. >> we spoke to churches today that were hit. what's going on? >> this morning there were six
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