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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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churches ranging from open doors to shattered windows. since the beginning of the day. they have opened two morere burglary investigations, bringing the number of churches targeted up to eight.>> people are targeting churches. ey are targeting churches. texas the sunday services. a churches have a broken into around orange county. gregory says emanuel ame just replaced a wonder that was broken into in december. members came back to find the same line shattered and wires to the alarm system ripped out. >>they have to know that whatever was in there before, if they came back, they came back for a reason. >> they can't figure out what that reason was since nothing was taken. other spots weren't so
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>>two guitars are missing and an amplifier.>>a church alarm was going off. >> when one officer left we were here and other calls are coming in, at least two other churches while he was here has been broken into. >> was 20 doors to choose from the burglar show's the one closest to the-i for chose the one closest to the equipment. he believes whoever is responsible knows the churches inside and out. paul their praying for the burglars, there will be consequences. >> i hope they can get some help. >>that has to go right back to the law. so the orange county sheriff's office collected fingerprints and a shoe prints and they are continuing to investigate.
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getting video cameras installed. the former berkeley county sheriff pled guilty to dui of failure to comply with police in connection with a 2014 drunken-driving arrest. waynyndewitt was sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to serve 60 hours of community service. he was arrested in december 2014 , on account of leaving accident scene, failure to truck-stuff for life and dui. he resigned two months later, as he faced indictment. today he took full responsibility for his reactions and has been sober for nine months. tonight the death of an inmate is being dis--i been investigated at the york county jail. john david dillinger's body was found unresponsive on sunday. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was arrested last week on
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dropping. saw this morning. our temperature right now 52 and wins at 11 mph. they are starting to diminish and that evening. clear tonight with a low of 29 and we will see plenty of sunshine but cooler with the highest 500. we will be drive-through thursday but we expect to see showers on friday. tonight obama delivers his final state of the union address. he plans to be upbeat, calling attention to successes. according to a news. paul americans are divided on
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disapprove. 52% think his performance has built they expected, alan third essay it has been worse. tim scott will attend the speech. he will be sitting with sen. pat roberts, and cory gardner to show a strong, unified opposition to the president's plan to relocate prisoners held at guantanamo bay and really, so to the states they represented. all three have led opposition to the president's plan to move detainees to the mainland. gov. haley has sued the administration if detainees are moved here. in the meantime gov. haley will give a gop response to the speaker. she was selected by house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. she says there are great challenges and great opportunities. she intends to talk about both. you can watch the address and response.
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good screen them live at human trafficking awareness month in the status trying to bring it into it. task force members are using human trafficking records to better understand the issue. the human trafficking and real report highlights progress, goals, and with the task force is working on. >> people have to understand the growing crisis. can be theirs to human trafficking. the task force assembled several shelters throughout the state that give plenty of awareness, ongoing vision assistance and more.e. so after a busy off-season below flood damage and
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topic, however, will close as you pay state roads and infrastructure. there one member short as they mourn the loss of their colleagues billy o'dell. they spend the house reading and sending prefiled bills to various communities. a republican candidate will not show up for debate south ranches-charleston. rand paul said organizers determine his support warranted the undercard debatete others have been named participants in the earlier debate slated for 6 pm. candidates that will take part in the nine pin debater, donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz jeb bush and chris christie. these the most recent polls only determined that they left the lineup. meanwhile the field be
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on thursday he will address the --at 8:30 am. also gop hopeful john kasich holding anything. and it is hosted by state representative. also, terry crews taking part in the debate on thursday and friday he will be at the usc alumni ctr., andrea said columbia. and on thursday, rick santorum will be taking part in a foreign the his will take place at 2 pm. downtown columbia might look different in the next few years. business owners and residents got a peek at the 2020 vision plan. mary sturgill has more.
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strawberries for the festival the city center partnership the five points association. the president george crouch like the look into the future provided by 2020 vision. several things, a new bill at least projected and all we can't afford to do and things coming down. >> the new partnership will be glad to have it in centennial plaza. there is a beautiful place. my age come together to hang out.
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is an old businesses. mary atkinson helps shed in the light will help the problem.>>a lot of folks said this would never be done. stacy's connectivity will be helpful connecting ourselves to the web through mainstream. we need to connect ourselves to main street from assembly and lay the street. thus the conversation we have to continue to have that the city. start dozens of new jobs having to falluja county. cypress creek renewables looks to invest $12 million, creating 40 to 60 new jobs per the facilities are expected to be fully operational by the end of this year. some of the rerell of children's cough and cold
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the dosage has incorrect markings. not over-the-counter, including cvs refilling-i for projects, you should have a an expiration date of march 2017. there are no reports on deaths or injuries. reports you need are on our website at the powerball drawing stands at 1.5 stands at $1.5 billion and the record-breaking jackpot could grow more before the drawing tomorrow night for the odds of a single ticket are one and 292 million. their own. so until 10 pm tomorrow night to make sure you watch the drawing tomorrow night.
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>> you are saying there is a chance. so just play responsibly. >> it just takes two dollars.
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jim said we are in talking about powerball don't forget about mega millions. there jackpot is an estimated
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tickets are one dollar and it's chilly outside. >> you warned us. you told us it would be like this.>>it's cool out there. clear skies clouds to the north . moving to north carolina. the cold front approaching southern appalachians. should be coming through our area around midnight. it will push through for the most part it will be a dry passage. a few scattered snow showers. high pressure behind this a surge of cold air-i been just a surge of cold air, it will reinforce the cold air we have already.
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180 so it's pretty cold all the way through the ohio river valley. it's been moderate to the utheast ahead of the cold front. currently temperatures are in the 50s. 510 and sumter and 52 for columbia and cooler up and rock hill, 480. our computer model is showing tonight we will be seeing clear skies and tomorrow. lots of sunshine in the same thing tomorrow night and thursday but late thursday we begin to see an increase in clouds thursday night and then they move in and we will be seeing some rain coming in on friday but a few models are indicating that it will be late afternoon or evening before receive much rain. tonight we will see cold dry air. we're expecting a low of 26 in
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31 and orangeburg and high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. 51 and columbia 51 and orangeburg and we will warm up on thursday with a high temperature of 600. dry over the weekend and 59 on saturday it will be breezy at high of 500. and some of the coldest air we have seen this winter. 45 for a higher monday 26 tuesday morning with a high of 46. >> thanks for the nice reminder is still winter. heartbreak for clemson last night.
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tigers had now that about the outcome. some people wanted. >> it was amazing game. i was glued to the tv as where people on my twitter account to that you want to miss. it was everything you wanted in that it over. you have to wait eight months for college football to return. but for clemson fans. it's a heartbreaker. with 15 seconds left on the
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that the program should take a backseat to anyone and they can stack up with any team in the country. if you are incredibly proud of our team, obviously we want to win the game and came up short but i think at least the nation saw tonight while we have been so successful. they saw the heart t of our team. this is a team that has incredible will to win in the heart and i think they gave us everything they had. championship football is a game of few players and that's what this one came down to you. just a few plays. all eyes were on the big names heisman trophy winners and accolade collectors and the
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attention. walk on redshirt hunter renfro holding clemson's first two touchdowns of the night her they werereperfect frfr watson into double coverage and that's a good sign for what's to come with a skill level and an attitude standpoint. >> sean's bid to incredible on the money. i was just trying to do my part. anytime you lose it is fuel and you play to win but we are pretty excited about the work out this summer already and we will see i guess. >> the next big football game of the carolinas will be the sunday at the bank of america stadium as the panthers host the seahawks. they had gotten the better since last season. both matchups last year including
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but as far as preparation they did not put much stock into the game earlier. >> the truth of the matter is you play them. and a lot of people say this is why you play 60 minutes pay u don't know what's going to happen. as far as i'm concerned. we're going to show up on sunday and play until the end and see what happens. >> the panthers are getting ready to take on the seahawks. ththhonorary coaches helping out kids with cancer. a six-year-old boy fighting cancer went shopping yesterday with the panthers for other kids undergoing treatment. mike tolbert was there and said braille and is a wonderful inspiration. >> he gives us a reason to
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we can go out and fight on the football field. so if that's one of the reason why players don't mind taking orders when it comes to their dance moves and often if you're watching the panthers you will see them giving instruction on how to throw its best and how to hit it just a little bit better. also kid. >> really awesome. it's amazing that they do so much on the field and off the
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