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tv   News 19 5am  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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savannah levins. while most are excited to find out if they are a winner...florida lottery officals are busy gearing up for the big night. tegna's steven dial got a behind the scenes look at how it all happens. 3 3 steven 1.5 billion dollars, that is lottery united states are about to behind the scenes look at that goes into drawings. pkg where lottery dreams are most.. it also broken.hereflorida the powerball serious, top secret. you to a place very few have how the drawing is run security protect it. "we are going down to the vault level where our studio is held and where all of the machines are including the powerball."we e headed underground. if you think that sounds secure enough, get this... the florida lottery has florida law enforcement cave is the are charged with ensuring of the game in the florida and will also complaints." the machine the big drawing are held inside ball set is weighed and goes through defects before making it of the big show. by law, the doors cannot be opened until hours before the drawing. locks but not one person can unlock all of these? have an access and our auditors have an access to doors were to anytime, cave delacenserie is of the florida florida, powerball averaging second here in lot of money. looklive tag billion dollars takes $2 to be a responsibly share it
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if you do win the jackpot tonight... you may need a little guidance when it comes what to do with all that money. many of you may have things that you want to buy in mind... but financial analysts for abacus planning group.... say you should pace yourself... and not spend your money before coming up with a solid financial plan. 3 in any big life transition, you need to have a decision free zone, where six to twelve months you don't really make too many decisions. take time off. the last thing you want to do is commit yourself to a irrevocable decision."3 flowers says you should talk
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make a plan before you even claim your winnings. in south carolina... you have 180 days to claim the jackpot.and don't forget you can watch the drawing right here on wltx... right before our 11oclock newscast. 3 3
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3 3 a string of church break-ins around orangeburg county have congregations least eight churches have filed reports in the last two days.the damage varies from broken windows and pried open doors, but not all churches reported items emanuel a-m-e church in cope, the burglars threw a brick through a window to get into the office where many items were, but nothing was st. george baptist church in orangeburg, two guitars and an amplifier were stolen.the
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certain person to target churches and they hope whoever is responsible is 3 gregory can always person within the area to be set help and not get in trouble and try to be a good person." 3 deputies were able to collect finger prints and other pieces churches. 3 columbia police have arrested three people they say were invovled with a shooting... and they are searching for a fourth. they've arrested... 20 year old... ladarren brown.... 24 year old... dominick lewis... and 19 year old... terrone anderson. the shooting happened just before 9 pm saturday night... in the 3000 block of truman street. police say the driver wouldn't stop for police... lost control of the car... and hit a brick wall.anyone with information on the fourth suspect is asked to call crimestoppers at
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3 efforts to combat human trafficking are underway.we now know about 155 people were victims of human trafficking in our state alone just last year. for human trafficking awareness month, many organizations are making the call to move from awareness to action. in 2012 south carolina passed some of the toughest human trafficking legislation ...but what's next? a westwood high school teacher and student are making the call for the superintendent to require a human trafficking prevention education. a sex trafficking victim said there's a couple red flags people can look out for. 3 some red flags are people that don have documentation, they cant leave where they e staying or sometimes they can leave but they have a chaperon with them a lot of the times they have the freedom of working. you you e working just going into a massage parlor and you think the
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fact they e not3 yesterday the richland county sheriffs department announced they've retured a 16-year old to a family after being trafficked for about a week. the sheriff's office said runaways often end up as victims.for the full story visit our website wltx-dot-com 3 3 the 2016 legislative session is officially underway. lawmakers returned to the state house yesterday ... facing several big issues ... the top one they say.... is fixing our roads.the house passed a plan last year ... that's now in the senate. lawmakers are talking about raising the gas tax ... as a stable source of money for roads. 3 "a wet season, we've had has in the roads. and so, really, the longer we delay, the worse it gets, the less safe our roads are." 3 the plan also includes an
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changes at the d-o-t. 3 and as lawmakers return...they face a june deadline for developing a plan to improve south carolina's public that more students have a chance for success.leaders pledge to respond to the state supreme court's 2014 ruling that poor, rural students lack educational opportunities. their response will likely include more money for technology in the classroom...and summer reading programs.a numbers of lawmakers also want to restructure the state salary schedule to pay teachers more....but that appears unlikely to happen this year. 3 richland county council met yesterday for a special meeting.the agenda included a motion on reforming the county's penny tax program.the recent state audit of the county's penny tax program found possible corruption and fraud... on how the money was spent.councilman seth rose proposed motions to be taken up and discussed.council
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committee will first look at the motions before council discusses them... during public session.the motion included the renaming of the transportaition advisory committee... the ability to re- order the prioritization of the projects list... and quarterly reports and presentations given to council... among other changes. 3 there's been issues raised in department of and i wantedto correct them the public's...the public at ease. and wwe need to make sure...there's a lot of years left in this program and we need to make sure that every cent tht is collected is done properly, used properly and it goes toward penny projects. 3 during the meeting... councilman torrey rush... was re-elected to as chairman... and councilman greg pearce was re-elected as vice chairman. 3 3 happening today...the public is invited to the state house today to give thier comments and recommendations on the department of transportation. it will take place around 12:30pm in room 110 of the blatt building. if you would like to comment you are aksed to arrive a few
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3 a disaster recovery center in richland county will close today... but services will still be available through the fema helpline.disaster recovery center at the richland main library on assembly street... will close at 6pm today. survivors of the flood can get help by calling the fema helpline from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. 3 3 the undefeated mens basketball team plays today. they travel to alabama to face the crimson tide. the men moved up in the polls after a win against vanderbilt over the weekend.the team is now ranked as 15 in the usa todays coaches poll and 19 in the a-p poll.they are 15 and oh on the season and two and oh in the s-e-c.tip off for tonight's game is at 9pm. 3 meanwhile the women's team are also on the road this week. they take on kentucky both the men and women are a combined 30-0 this season.tip off for their game is at 7pm.
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kinds of items come their way. but for one store in houston, texas... workers were stunned by what they found. it's a highly sought after peice of clothing worn only by those who can 'master' the game of golf.
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3 chat3 3 still to come... can you guess the top favorite food in south carolina? how about all the
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the full list... see if your guess is right... coming up in what's brewing. 3 but first... efren afante will tell us how long this winter chill will stick around....
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33 tonight singer adele will be on the late late show with james corden.the two will be doing a arpool karaoke together.which is one of corden's most popular segments. you may recall he has done one with justin bieber... carrie
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name a can watch the show tonight at 12:35 right here on 3 if you have trouble waking up in the morning... maybe you need "the ruggie!"... an alarm clock built into a memory foam mat with only shuts off if you stand on it for three seconds. you can upload songs... sounds... and even your favorite
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ruggie will cost you 79 3 bucks on 3 sticking with trying to wake up in the morning...maybe you just need a jellybean.. the creator of "jelly belly" is working on a new project - caffeinated jelly beans. he and some business partners launched a kickstarter campaign. the jelly beans are said to come in flavors like chai tea and caffe macchiato. the candies would give you that kick of caffeine you need without having to drink a real cup of
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3 3 a new poll shows all 50 states... top foods to eat. south carolina's favorite food... shrimp and grits.a writer for foodie website 'spoon university' talked to hundreds of people... to find out the favorite foods in all 50 states.maine's was
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... 3 nevada's was hotel 3 coming up... you might have been wondering what you would do if you win the big powerball jackpot tonight... but before you dream... you should know what all those
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more than 3 million people
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3 one point 5 billion dollars. that's the estimated jackpot of tonight's biggest powerball drawing in history. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm savannah levins. and i'm mary sturgill. we can all agree... we all want to win the powerball jackpot. so-- if you were to win-- the next big question is: should you take the lump sum... or choose the yearly payout? here's the break down of the numbers for you.
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3 3 chat3 3 3
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3 a north carolina man has been arrested after sled says... he cashed in stolen south carolina lottery tickets.he's 41 year old... galen shanks. agents say he stole the tickets during a burglary in november at a convenience store in marlboro county.he was booked yesterday... on 8 counts at the richland county jail.if convicted he could face up to 5 years in prison for each charge.... and a fine of up to 50-thousand dollars. 3 this morning...sled is investigating the death of an inmate at the york county jail. we're told 29 year old john david dellinger was found unresponsive in his cell sunday morning.he was rushed to the hopsital...where he was pronounced dead.the cause of death was not given.dellinger was arrested last week on grand larceny charges. 3 the former berkeley county sheriff has pleaded guilty to dui and failure to comply with police in connection with a
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wayne dewitt was sentenced to three years of probation... and ordered to serve 60 hours of community service. he was arrested in december of 2014... on counts of leaving an accident scene... failure to stop for blue lights... and dui. troopers say he rear-ended a car and took off. he resigned his post two months later... as he faced his hearing... he took full responsiblity for his actions... and said he has been sober for nine months. 3 3 there's one less candidate in the north charleston g-o-p debate tomorrow. kentucky senator rand paul says he belongs on the main stage...but organizers determined he didn't have enough support ... as a result he was going to be on the under card debate.paul declined that invitation...saying he will focus his efforts in iowa and new hampshire. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum have also been named participants in the earlier debate....slated for 6:00.
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debate at 9:00 will be donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie. 3 meanwhile there will be several republican contenders campaigning in the palmetto state... leading up to that debate.mike huckabee will be in the lowcountry today... speaking at the first baptist church of charleston at 3pm. tomorrow ... he will address the palmetto senior show at the state fairgrounds.that begins at 10:30 in the morning. 3 also today... gop hopeful john kasich will hold a meet and greet in charleston. that is at 5... and is hosted by state representative... chip limehouse. 3 ted cruz is holding a rally in dorchester county at 6pm today. and on friday he will be in columbia taking part in the conservative leadership project's presidential forum. it is taking place at 3:45 at the u-s-c alumni center on greene street here in columbia. 3 and tomorrow... g-o-p presidential candidate rick santorum will host his own's set for 2pm at the citadel.
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3 just in... iranian state media reports all 10 detained u-s navy sailors once in custody in the persian gulf are now free.u-s officials say the american ship the sailors were abroad had mechanical problems causing it to drift into iranian waters. the crew will now be able to continue their journey. 3 3 3
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3 governor haley delivered the g- o-p response last night touching on several subjects ... including immigrant reform
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then we need to fix it. 3 if social media is any indication... haley is getting high praise for her address. she will be back in the spotlight next week... as she delivers the state of the state address... a week from today. 3 3 every year, first lady michelle obama invites special guests to sit with her while the president delivers the state of the union address. joining her this year is a young boy from bear, delaware... who is making a big difference in his
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3 chat 3 coming up... football season may be behind us... but now all eyes on on u-s-c basketball... alyssa lang has that... plus a big move in the the break. 3 then, did state officials in michigan know citizens were drinking contaminated water? that investigative report, continues.
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3 3 3 3 it wednesday and it now pet of the week and if you when you school, then will surely this is minie no doubt has a beautiful smile. she is playful, energetic, likes to prance around and would want to be with you. she going to your family children. she of her and colorlifeline #s
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3 3 3
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3 researchers at johns hopkins university have created an online test that can help people with chronic kidney disease figure out their risk of kidney failure. they say the test can help people mentally prepare for dialysis or transplant.. and give other patients not at risk peace of mind. 3 after two years of living with tainted tap water, citizens in flint, michigan, are getting clean water delivered to their homes. but questions are rising about what state officials knew...
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diaz reports3
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3 coming up on news 19 this morning... a string of robberies in some orangeburg
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people think their church is
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