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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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up and from the station that is on your side, you are watching friends @ five. [ music ] good evening. thank you for joining us for friends @ five. i am darci strickland. >> i am andrea mock. it is powerball mania. you have 5 hours to get out there and take your shot that nation's largest jackpot ever. today's prize is already at $1.5 billion.
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>> reporter: i am joined by the state lottery director. wow! this is a huge sum of money. >> almost too much to imagine. really is. we watched it grow from 40 million. this will be the 20th drara that is 930 0 million in cash. it is just unbelievable. >> reporter: ticket sales are through the roof. across the country and in here in south carolina right now. >> they are. we have never seen ticket sales like this in the powerball game. we say we are all in uncharted waters. never been here before. we ask people to play responsibly. not take your whole pay check. you only need one ticket to win. we urge that. but it is fun. hard not to get caught up in the excitement of it all. >> reporter: did you ever
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when we would see a powerball jackpot this big? >> i did not. i did not. and i actually thought when the changes were made that it could be a while before we would see a billion dollars. and i think this is just -- just surprised everybody. it could roll again tonight. i mean, the coverage is around 81, 82%. which means that there are still numbers out there that have not been chosen so it could roll again. i don't think it will. i think with coverage like this we will see a winner or multiple winners. multiple winners. or won by pool of office workers. 15 or then it could be won by the wltx team. [ laughter ] ] >> reporter: hope you are lining. it could be won by you guys at the tv station.
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>> immediately sign the back of the ticket. that makes the ticket theirs. if it is lost, stolen, there is no questioning the ticket belongs to the person who signed the back of it. so sign the back of the ticket and then if we are fortunate enough to have a winner in south carolina tonight, wouldn't it be wonderful? we encourage them -- we almost beg them to seek counsel, legal counsel, tax advice, cpa. somebody that they trust, somebody who is accustomed to dealing with large sums of money. there are people who rucustommed to doing -- are . director. you heard her right here. it could roll tonight. if it doesesit might be 2 billion.
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>> reporter: with 81% coverage, hopefully we will get a winner tonight and this will finally be settled. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> all very good advice. one more bit of advice. don't draw or doodle on the ticket. keep it away from the kids. powerball tickets cost $2 a piece and you can only buy them till 10:00 p.m. tonight and then you can watch the drawing right here on wltx before news 19 at 11:00 p.m. the state inspector general said operational and performance auditing is atrocious. although he reported this in a committee meeting. he says he isn't asking for money to fix the issues because the solution isn't to throw more money at it. he says the reports that are
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or accurate with many agents performance measurement. he says this should be a concern to taxpayers. amount. dollar amount ends up being a dollar amount. they are inefficient. employee or agency, costs the taxpayers money. >> they reported losing good auditors and they will be looking into making changes \>p>uimto that program. in richland county deputies are looking for two suspects wanted for kidnapped and armed robbery on december 20. the victim was talking down the road when he was approached by the two suspects. the suspects forced him into a vehicle at gun point. the suspect then drove the
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they stole his book bag. the victim was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. if you saw something that could help in the case call crime stoppers, 1-888-crime-sc. dillon patterson pled guilty in a case, an indictment says they recrueltied victims to work -- recruited streams work for them -- victims to work for them. and acuse offend beating -- and accused of beating the victims. in greenville, a man sucuse trying to hire -- is accused of hiring somebody to kill his ex- girlfriend. he offered somebody $1,200 to kill his ex. records show he was charged
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solicitation to commit attempted murder. it began asasan investigation after a friend told a deputy he reported him saying he was looking for somebody to kill his ex-girlfriend. he turned down the offer. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> today we see see nothing but sunshine. high deludes the south. temperatures -- high clouds to the south. temperatures on the cool side. cooler to the north. charlotte is at 44 degrees. 52 augusta. in atlanta it is 49 degrees. here in columbia sunshine. it is 51 degrees. winds at 7 miles per hour but it has been a very dry day. our humidity right now just 23%. the dew point at 14 degrees. how dry it is outside. tonight with clear skies and light winds we drop to 28. tomorrow will be warmer. it will be sunny.
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temperature of 63 degrees. we will start out clear morrow night but increasing clouds over night with a low temperature of 37 degrees. and there are changes ahead. we will take a look at that coming up in a few minutes. [ music ] democratic president candidate, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be speaking maind in clum -- monday in columbia. similar to 2008 when the candidates spoke at the event. king day is organized by the south carolina naacp. it began in 2000 and had help each year on martin luther king, jr. holiday. continuing with candidates, mif mifler was in -- michael magnify -- mike huckaby was in the low couldn't today.
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brought his campaign to south carolina a day ahead of the next republican debaba. he had a meet and greet in charleston today. ted cruz is holding a rally tonight at 6:00 p.m. he will take part in the debate tomorrow and on friday he will be in columbia participating in the presidential forum at 3:45 p.m. on greeeestreet in columbia. and tomorrow rick santorum will take part in a forum as well at the citadel at 2:00 p.m. and bernie sanders is hosting an event tomorrow night at south carolina state. it is the first stop in the field. saturday, 6:30 p.m. that fine arts center and cornell west will also be there. familiar face is returning
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he will be sharing his commentary throughout campaign 2016. he retired last year. cbs news president announced today he will share his political insights through the 2017 inauguration. if you are looking for a job a career fair is saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon and they are looking to hire production operators and engineering technicians. virginia farm is looking for volunteers to come and snuggle with baby goats. really. snuggle with the goats. no jokes. they are expecting the birth of 90 baby goats in the next few weeks. that is too menfry the farm -- many for the farm workers to
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they want you to hug and bottle feed the baby. they will work 4 hour shifts and no experience is required. they will probably be over run with applicants. snuggle up with a goat -- >> you don't get paid. volunteer snuggling. >> we have done that story because our producer is obsessed with goats and now will take a leave of absence -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we will not be seeing her -- >> february through march because she will be cuing and bod -- cuddling and boddal feeding goats -- boddal feeding -- bottle feeding goats. . [ talking at the same time ] >> do i have a thing -- >> mac shadow -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i have an anti-thing, monkeys.
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[ talking at the same time ] >> mac eye shadow -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i would not deny i like eye shadow. what is your thing? >> popcorn. >> cheese. >> cheese. >> you have three things -- [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. coffee. >> yeah. >> what is your thing? what your thing? go online, tweet at us. [ talking at the same time ] >> what do you think jim gandy's thing is -- >> gardening. >> gardening. >> what is your thing? >> cake. >> cake. [ talking at the same time ] >> what is your thing? what makes you happy? >> reporter: coming up next, so
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an event that promises would you asplit a -- split a hotel room with a stranger? a new app will screen all users users and match people. it is available in a few cities. >> how are you guaranteed who ever you split a room isn't expecting funny business -- [ talking at the same time ] >> questionable to me. [ talking at the same time ] >> i know when i am asleep i am not going to sleep. my mama taught me better. who is comfortable like i am
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this winster who i never -- winston who i never met before. [ talking at the same time ] >> he has to make it happen. >> i have $40 on a $90 room. >> share a ride yes. share a bed, no. >> think about it, with uber -- >> i am awake. >> true. >> i could fight you. i will fight you off. like that. [ laughter ] >> won't see me coming. [ talking at the same time ] jim gandy, what have we decide your thing was? weather and gardening. >> he is a great master too ---- [ talking at t t same time ] >> smoking, grilling. cooking. >> you know, you should have seen -- i don't know if you saw my tweet, i took something from the garden. >> did you? >> i took -- i had broccoli.
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so i did a broccoli and beef recipe. >> sounds slightful. >> -- delightful -- >> it is on twitter -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it was chilly this morning. 29 degrees. 27 greenwood. 26 degrees in rock hill. it did warm up today. right now 51 columbia. 50 orangeburg. 49 degrees in rock hill. not too bad today. clear skies. weak high pressure is in control. high clouds across florida and georgia into the gulf of mexico. we are watching this weak system in -- in oklahoma. it is moving to the e east and as it gets better organized we will see moisture coming back our way. friday we are expecting rain. but till then it will be dry. tonight we will see clear skies. tomorrow lots of sunshine in place. here come the clouds. tomorrow night they move in. an increase in clouds. i don't think we will see any
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it will be friday afternoon that we will see the rain. it will continue into the evening hours. for tonight another cold one, 26 in newberry. 28 columbia. 26 bishopville and sumpten. 29 orangeburg. tomorrow southwest winds, sunshine, 60 winnsboro. 61 degrees aiken and camden. 63 columbia. and in orangeburg. here is what we are expecting, rain coming in friday. 54 degrees. saturday. it will be partly cloudy skies, 60 degrees. once we get into sunday, well, sunday will be windy and we will see a high temperature of 50 degrees. monday it will be clear but some of the coldest air of the season will settle in. 43 degrees monday. 24 tuesday morning.
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and by wednesday partly cloudy skies and 50 degrees. now let's go to andrea. all right. saturday and sunday looking clear and that is good news because news 19 is on your side helping you find some fun. now really the biggest event this weekend is restaurant week. it is continuing. this is your chance to get out and try a new place that you thought you couldn't afford. you will get three courses for $48 a couple. what a deal. across the bridge you will get $30 a person and that will get you a three course male. there you will get a salad, a pizza and a glass of wine for $16. those are just a couple of the restaurants that really -- there are restaurants participating all over the state. check out the website to find out where you would like to go
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panthers fans sunday is it. the team takes on seattle at 1:00 p.m. at bank of america stadium. tickets hundreds of dollars. if you don't have the cash, there is a huge watch party in columbia. the roaring riot is the largest fan club of panthers in the country and they are inviting everybody out to watch the game. if they win on sunday they goen to the nfc championship. -- goen to the nfc championship and -- goen to the nfc championship. >> this week there sahome is a home rebodding -- is a home remodeling expo. expo. they can answer all your questions about the floods. this event runs friday, saturday, and sunday.
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center and the best part is it is free to go in and hear from the experts but coming up next on friends @ five today if you think you are being good by grabbing that diet pepsi or
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not believe what this so if you are drinking diet soda thinking it is your dee weight -- key to weight loss a new study found that people who drank diet soda gained triple the adominal fat. -- abdominal fat. they were asked how many cans of soda they drink a day. people who didn't drink diet
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people who drank diet soda daily gained more than 3 inches. >> three inches -- [ talking at the same time ] >> around your waist. the worse place to have nat. the worse on -- fat. the worse on your heart. life span. >> yeah. >> just go for your real soda and have one a day -- >> and leave it at that. [ talking at the same time ] speaking of people who understand the importance of eating healthy, we are talking about our producer, he told you yesterday -- [ talking at the same time ] >> he likes healthy food. good food. a new chick-fil-a is opening tomorrow and the first 100 people get free chick-fil-a for a year. our 11:00 p.m. producer is in line, number 57. >> he has been tweeting videos doing in line. they have been having a great time. playing games.
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tense game -- here they are doing electric slide and playing musical chairs. he was worried about sleeping in the cold and then he figured out he had a friend out there. he would camp out in the 20 and you can follow him on twitter. and he will be treating out what he and all the other winners are going to be doing as they wait for the store to open and tomorrow they all get free chick-fil-a for a year. i actually, i adore him, i said do you need me to bring you food and he said no, the chick- fil-a people have been giving them food. >> oh, wow! yeah, yeah, yeah. >> passing out snacks to make sure everybody is okay. >> the wave. >> was that the wave or red rover red rover?
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stay [no audio] meanwhile president obama travels to omaha and baton rouge. the president said don't believe those who tried to sell a picture of doom and gloom. he also celebrated gas prices. same-sex marriage and said america was the country to find a cure for cancer. governor nikki haley won praise for the rebuttal in which he challenged the rhetoric of republican presidential candidate donald trump. governor nikki haley delivered gop response -- [ talking at the same time ] >> president obama's election of president broke historic barriers and inspired millions -- [ talking at the same time ]
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there is more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that truth and recognize our contributions to the erosion of the public trust in america's leadership and accept we played a role in how and why our government is broken and then we need to fix it. >> well, we spoke about the governor's response. he said he thought the governor was selected to be in the national spotlight to show case the rising stars of the political party. >> i thought she did well. she was very measured. it was well crafted. she didn't attack anyone directly. but you can read between the lines. she was critical of the
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elements of the republican party that may be detrimental to the party and the nation's process. >> she said republicans need acknowledge what they did wrong and learn how to fix it as well. a lot of people speculating that nef could be -- governor nikki haley could be tapped to be a vp candidate. that is something that will be decided as the election moves forward. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> we have seen a lot of sun today. right now 51 degrees. winds from the west at 7 miles per hour. the air mass is dry and tonight with light winds we will see clear skies. 28 for a low. tomorrow 9. a high of 63 degrees. then the clouds come in tomorrow night. rain on friday and 54 degrees. up to 60 on saturday. turning windy and colder on
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by monday we are expecting a low of 29 and a high of just 43 degrees. now let's take a look at the traffic around the area this afternoon. an over view of what is going on right now. i-20 it is slow in places. and so first of all we will go to the northeast side of town. north bound lane of i-77, slow from 277. most of the other areas are in good shape. a slow time today on the sumpter highway. picks up past pine view. doesn't get back to normal till you get past richland boulevard. on the northwest side it has been clowe sloe and continues to be -- slow and continues to be.
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20 and slowing down through the malfunction junction, yikes 15 minutes. now back to you -- takes you 15 minutes. now back to you. bill wouou allow terminally ill patients to get medicine. the bill would allow patients to make medication that only passed the first of three fda approval faces. >> i think it is an important bill. a patient's bill of rights. passed phase one testing by the fda. they should be able to access the drug if it is their last hope. >> the bill has to pass the senate and house before it goes to the governor's desk. a similar law has been passed in 24 states. columbia kicked off its bank on columbia program today.
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have access to no and no cost checking and savings accounts and an affordable housing loan program and financial work shops to promote financncl security within the community. >> most times -- [ indiscernible ] >> the affordable housing loan program only $500 down. which makes the very affordable to any individual that falls within the income guidelines to take advantage. >> to see if you are eligible contact the city at 545-3373 or www.columbiascentrepreneur. awomanreceiveedafree-- a woman received a degree freeh
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-- free car today. she says the car is a blessing. >> even though i am homeless and i have -- i have a daughter, i still held a job and this is a real big difference. i will be able to help other people at the shelter with transportation. i am not the only one who doesn't have transportation. >> they are always looking for more cars for the program. officials say they are currently -- there are currently 30 people on the waiting list for a new vehicle. prom season is a time all young girls look forward to but it is a financial burden that some parents can't bear. south carolina lung lawyers --
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cinderella project are hosting the project. you can drop off your gently used dresses, purses, jewelry, shoes, all that right here at news 19. we have other drop off locations around columbia, just go to still ahead today on friends @ five how would you like to never, ever, ever, have to go grocery shopping again?
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find out how a new app will okay. grocery shopping is one of my most dread errands. >> i agree. >> i just wish -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i go four times a week -- >> so do i. walmart can't open if i am not there. but if you wish someone could do your shopping for you, you are not alone. now a new service is available
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surrounding areas and customers are piling up. news 19's colby gallagher shows us how it works. >> hi. i am jane. i am your shipper. >> all right. >> allows me to have efficient use of my time. >> reporter: shipped has arrived in columbia. using an app residents can fill a cart at publix stores from home. with two children she says the service invaluable. >> the only time i can go is before nap, after nap and that time is very valuable time where we could be playing or doing something more enjoyable. >> reporter: she can pick a one hour time window and wait for a shopper to show. they run background checks before interviewing them. >> took me 20 minutes to do the interview but after that it was easy.
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know, complete each task in the order they were listed. >> reporter: he says it is simple and efficient for the customer and the shopper. >> if you see something you like you tap a plus, adds one. >> no dedevery fee if your order is over $35. they can expect some prices to be different than in stores. >> reporter: a one year membership is $99. but the time savericide worth every -- saved is worth every penny. colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. . >> they are only at publix in our area right now. they are looking at adding other retailers as they grow. i had a friend who did it today and she is sold on it.
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them up is such a headache you forget half of the things on your list. for the busy mom this auvjis a blessing. >> if i take the girls i buy more stuff. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> i promise i am going to eat these this time -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i love this. i promise i am going to eat it. >> yeah. i know. >> 14 boxes of cereal i need more -- [ talking at the same time ] >> orange box. this is yellow. we love it when you live chat with us. to everybody that live chatted with us, thank you so much. we like to hear from you. and we want to read a couple of you guys, talking about what is your thing. my friend sent us a picture of his daughter and says this is my thing.
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i am a huge 93rd -- huge nerd -- [ audio difficulties ] >> my thing is talking. i like to talk. >> that is a good thing. >> my thing is chocolate. all kinds. >> she says that her thing is a lot like our thing. eye shadow and popcorn and would like to add jellybeans. >> my thing is social media. >> my thing would be my fur babies. i have four and life without them would not be the same. dogs rock. >> and she said come on, you know that food and brady is your thing. >> you are right. [ laughter ] >> busted. [ talkininat the same time ] ] >> all right. we want to know what your thing is. tweet at us.
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me because i want to take lessons. i want my thing to be tennis. >> you don't need another thing -- [ talking at the same time ] >> 36 things now. you have to let 30 of them go if you are going to pick up one more. >> i am going to become a tennis pro. >> our news director her thing is cheese and fur -- >> her thing is online shopping. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] all right. coming up next, the biggest jackpot in history.
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bill . powerball fever as we are calling it reached new heights over the largest jackpot in the history of the world. we are talking. a record breaking jackpot has
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the crazy thing is that is not as high as it will go. many folks across the country are coming over -- or across the world are coming to buy their tickets whether from mexico or canada. officials say $3.75 million in powerball tickets are being sold an hour. chris martinez has the very latest. >> the line of hopeful billionaires stretches for blocks over the california boarder. many unnerve where powerball -- in nevada i powerball is not sold are crossing the line. he drove 60 miles from las vegas to buy powerball tickets in california. >> if i win, so many beautiful things i would like to do. first give to several churches. >> the jackpot is as target
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300 million to one. they sold a million dollars ticket just last week. and the hope of hilting the world -- hitting the world's largest jackpot has people heading to lucky stores. in los angeles they are buying at this liquor store. while dozens of canadiens packed into this toronto bakery. but he is putting his money where his mouth is. on a burpinger. -- on a burger. >> i could have bought a sandwich -- >> reportererofficials expect 25% of the possible number combinations will have been sold. he is hoping he will walk away with the powerball winner. chris martinez, cbs news, california. >> if no one has the winning number after tonight's drawing the estimated jackpot will increase to $2 billion for
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the jackpot for the powerball game started at 40 million in november. >> here are tip physical you win -- tips if you win, don't tell anybody. stay anonymous. south carolina allows lottery winners s to stay anonymous. friends and family will come from far and wide to ask for your winnings. hire financial professionals. find one immediately and work togethererto help navigate your wealth. pay off all your debts that have interest that will continue to grow. create a list of gift recipients. charitable donations. it will help you. and then think about the
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it to you and much you want to we have been asking what is your thing, how do you find your passion and what is it? >> we love feeding the hungry and clothing those without. #passion. feed your neighbor. >> their favorite things fresh food and funky cocktails. i like both of those. >> mine is baby sitting, dogs and cats. >> my wife and i like alligators. okay. alligators. all right. >> whatever your thing is keep doing it. >> just do it.
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>> that powerball fever, live with how it is impacting local retailers. >> tonight this woman stole from her church and her job. details on what was taken. and what it was used for and lawmakers begin the tata of coming up with a plan to fix the crumbling roadways. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> we are fiver hours -- 5 hours away from the largest powerball jackpot in history. $1.5billion. good evening. thank you for being with us. >> sales have been brisk as people buy their tickets. while the revenue helps the education fund officials don't want you to spend your entire
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they want you to play responsibly.
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