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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they want you to play responsibly. here is state lottery director. >> i think this is just -- just surprised everybody. it could roll again tonight. i mean, the coverage is going to be around 81, 82% which means there are still numbers out there that have not been chosen. so it could roll again. i don't think it will. i think with coverage like this we will probably see a winner or multiple winners. >> 21 million. that is the number of tickets sold last week ahead of saturday's powerball drawing. majority of the ticket sales were at local convenience stores. news 19's sonia gutierrez joins us now from jimmy's mart. i imagine it is very busy there tonight. >> reporter: you wouldn't
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that covers around and just keeps on growing. a positive economic impact for anyone but for that retailer who gets the winning powerball ticket they get $50,000. >> reporter: the bell all convenience stores lover to hear has been ringing or often for jimmy's mart because of the powerball frenzy. >> been unbelievable. we -- we -- we -- we sold more lutry tickets than anybody in the -- lottery lottery tickets than anybody in the state. >> reporter: last week the average total in sales was $21 million. >> you are happy out it. almost like a -- almost like a holiday atmosphere type thing. >> i came in here and got a powerball. >> reporter: he came in for the hot dogs but left with a powerball ticket. >> i may get lucky.
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>> reporter: this customer came in for the powerball and left with a hot dog. >> business. i am going to try it out. [ indiscernible ] >> it gets people through the door. >> reporter: owners like jimmy gets 1% of any winning ticket if it is less than $10,000. >> our volume of winsers -- winners is good. i am pleased with that. [ indiscernible ] >> that is what -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: coming from the hot dog those powerball but -- dogs or the powerball but ringing the bell nonetheless. . >> the education system is rinning, jimmy's mart is winning. >> reporter: now, jimmy's mart is winning but the south carolina association of
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because of the frenzy, sometimes customers come in, get the ticket and walk out without getting anything. there are positives for some and not for others. the powerball is 1.5 billion. they all benefit from the foot traffic. back to you. >> amazing that line behind you. those people standing in line. there you go. a long line of people. >> watch the drawing live on wltx just before news 19 at 11:00 p.m. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist jim gandy. >> it laz been dry -- it has been dry today. clear skies. temperatures going down. 47 degrees. winds at 3 miles per hour. tonight we expect a low temperature of 28 degrees. tomorrow sunny and warmer with a high temperature of 63 and then rain on friday.
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saturday that rain moved down and should be dry this weekend. we will look that forecast in a moment. >> thank you so much. the gunman responsible for a deadly rampage inside a louisiana movie theater last summer left a journal thanking dillon roof. police released a copy of his journal in which he described roof as green but good. in his journal he blasted the state of the country calling it a filth farm and rants against the news media. political figures. women. gays and black people. tonight a woman is facing charges after south carolina law enforcement says she embezzled money.
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between january of 2003 and august of last year she embezzled $10,000 while serving as a town clerk and she also stole $10,000 from the ward baptist church while as the treasurer there. she used the money to pay for personal expenses. if convicted she could get 10 years in prison and face a fine. we could be seeing major steps taken on fixing the state's roads. a compromise could be reached soon. news 19's joyce koh joins us now with the very latest. >> reporter: the senator said he thinin compromise could come by the end of the day tomorrow which is a big deal. even if the compromise reached it would have to be discussed and then brought for votes but just the progress with the
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for the senate that hasn't been able to agree on any plan related to roads. the plan would encompass three elements, d.o.t. reform, tax relief and a a way to fund roads that could be in the form of a gas tax. >> i think there is no question that roads are a critical issue. i think the flood made it more so. and i think there is a feeling both from bipartisan, we need to do something. so how much willing all both sides willing to compromise? that is hard to answer. >> reporter: he said he would be ending session early tomorrow so e group could get to talking out the compromise as soon as possible. i will keep you updated. reporting live in the studio, joyce koh, news 19 wltx. >> thank you. folks from all over the state talked about their concerns regarding the
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they spoke in front of a committee. some of the issues were contracting payments and the need for more funding for the department. she was thankful the opportunity -- thankful for the opportunity to listen. . >> the process which is important is not required to be followed by statute. the state chamber said this is something that needs to be quired. >> we are a very large agency. there is opportunity for improvement as always in a large agency like ours and i look forward to working with the committee and policy makers as we move forward. >> committee members believe they will have a better way of helping to improve the agency thank has to public's input. we talked to the dean of usc school of journalism about the governor's response to the state of the union.
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selected to show case the rising stars of the republican party. he thought she was critical of the president but was also critical of the republican party. he commented on what her success last might -- night could mean for her political career. >> people are speculating that governor nikki haley is a tential vice president running mate. it is not the first time we heard that but there is no question her stature risen. she needs a next thing to do when her term expires. she wiwi stay for the full term, not jump to get on a ticket. but that is in the future. decide. >> the governor will give her state of the city address a week from tonight.
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and reaction as it happens next wednesday. tonight you need to check your pantry for mandarin oranges that are under recall. the e ounce bottles were sold at walgreen's stores under the nice brand. they could contain glass pieces inside. don't eat them and return them or throw them away. we have more details on also tonight walmart is recalling more than 300,000 popular electric griddles. the heating element can crack and lead to electrical shocks. it was sold between july and december of last year. if you have one you can return it for a refund. tomorrow bernie sanders will make a stop in orangeburg at 6:30 p.m.
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cornell west will be there. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton and martin o'malley will be in columbia monday. they will attend the king day at the dome rally. the theme is a call for education. tomorrow mike huckaby will be here addressing the senior show at 10:30 a.m. at the state fairgrounds. he will also be in north charleston tomorrow for the gop debate. she and carly fiorina -- he and carly fiorina are in the undercard debate. rand paul declined to be there. he said he would skip the debate. the other candidates taking part are republican presidential candidate donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich and goveveor chris christie. still ahead on news 19 at 6:00 p.m. details on a warmer day on top
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expect it to here is what is coming on tv tonight. two broke girls, mike and
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cold black and news 19 at 11:00 you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland.
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no complates at all from me -- complaints at all from me. >> the day after that -- >> hello rain. >> okay. >> hello rain. not a big dede. but we are going to see rain. let me show you, we have clear skies outside. winds are light and tonight temperature will be dropping. notice we have clouds. these are high clouds that are to ththsouth, cutting across georgia into the atlantic. nothing we will be seeing. that is moving to the east. in the meantime weak high pressure build in. this weather system moving through oklahoma will get better scored then things -- organized and then things will change. yesterday we showed you the cold air that moved down into the mid-west, today it shifted to the east and not as cold. temperatures in the 20s. 24 degrees in cincinnati. you can see how temperatures moderated here in the central
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what we will ceceing -- we will ceceing tomorrow. -- we will be seeing tomorrow. 45 greenwood. 47 columbia. 46 sumpter and oring of burr and 49 in charleston. our -- and orangeburg and 49 in charleston. tomorrow sunshine. winds but by tomorrow this time notice the clouds moving through georgia and alabama. it will come in over night and we will see rain coming in, primarily friday afternoon into friday night. it will be a short period. this will be a fast moving weather system. saturday partly cloudy skies. for tonight it will be chilly. 26 degrees in newberry. sumpter. bishopville. 29 orangeburg. highs tomorrow in the low 60s. 60 degrees in winnsboro. 61 camden. 63 columbia and orangeburg.
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friday with a high temperature of 47 degrees. partly cloudy skies on saturday. 60 degrees. there is a front moving through the area on sunday. it will be windy and turning colder. right now it will be dry with a high of 50 degrees. the coldest air this winter will come in next week. 43 degrees for a high monday. down to 24 tuesday morning. and then temperatures begin to moderate into wednesday with a high of 50 degrees. >> something for everybody there. twenties, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. there you go. >> that is why you are the south carolina weather man. [ talking at the same time ] >> throws not lottery numbers. >> but they could be. thank you. look who is back from arizona. [ talking at the same time ] >> those numbers were my grades in elementary school. 20s, 30s, 40s. somehow my parents motivated me to do better. >> glad to be back.
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th the player of the week powerball fever grips the nation with its billion dollars jackpot.
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of the lotto operation -- the scenes of the lotto operation and teachers are calling in sick. >> these are our children. they deserve better. >> and airline profits are
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a break now news 19 sports director reggie anderson. >> our player of the week program, airport high school, the eagle basketball team has
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this week's news 19 player of the week. >> the airport eagles have been flying high with big wins and a close loss to the state's number one ranked teams. one reason they have been doing so well is the senior who has been getting basketball interest. >> he leads by example. this is his third year as a varsity player. his game stepped up from 10th grade to 11th grade and 12th grade. >> a lot more aggressive. attacking the basket. one of our better rebounders. sometimes he was more of a shooter, now his all around game has come full circle. >> three guard could crash the board, shoot from the perimeter, play good defense, everything, work hard.
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i could be a good leader. >> reporter: the plan for him is to finish strong this semester and that take moment toom college. >> -- momentum to college. h my actions will -- >> my actions will speak for themselves. >> reporter: someone who tries to be a role model in school and in the community, a news 19 player of the week. >> yeah. it is an honor. i wouldn't even expecting it. got a text saying come to the school, you got player of the week. i was just excited, excited, like, words can't explain. >> all right. big news out of clemson. a number players leaving for the nfl. cornerback mackensie alexander entering the nfl draft. also defensive end kevin dodd declared declared for the nfl
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and defensive lineman shaq lawson leaving. and safety t.j. green and safety jayron kearse are leaving for the nfl. offensively the big tight end announced he is returning and today the running back says he is returning to school. he is a red shirt sophmore. that will give watson major weapons in 2016 to go with that talented receiving core. and speaking of watson, the acc player of the year named the winner of the archie griffin award. unlike the heisman trophy this takes bowl games into account. that locked him in for the award.
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dabo sweeney named the coach of the year.
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of the award and could reach . the only place to watch powerball as it happens tonight
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and you can woman received a free car today. jessica live in a homeless shelter and applied for a car through the program so that she could drive herself to work. they are always looking looking for more cars for the program. there are 30 people who are on the waiting list for a new vehicle. >> not bad. congratulations. all right. please, please, please play responsibly tonight with this powerball jackpot.
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