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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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production! state lawmakers meeting to talk about the bipartisan initiative that will affect all employees. a man arrested on child porn charges, the details coming up. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us on this thursday, news 19 at noon. i am darci strickland. three people sharing the big powerball, one sold in california, florida, and the
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no jackpot winners of south carolina, but 16 tickets of $50,000 and $100,000 prizes, and one of the $50,000 winners is an employee here at wltx, and we will talk and him -- with him about his win later on today. i am not the one that won the powerball, but i am happy to say it has warmed up. taking a look at the temperatures, 55 and newberry, taken at 55, 50 fight and sumpter, and it is 60 degrees in the capital city, winds out of the west at 14 and lots of sunshine. we will not deal with the wind chill, and we will get warmer, on track for a high of 63 today, wins at 10 to 15, chilly tonight but not freezing, 38 degrees with increasing cloud
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a high of 55 tomorrow. taking a look at your 7-day forecast, , coming up. the state lawmakers are meeting to talk about a bipartisan initiative to get the state workers better pay. the state senators held a press conference today calling for a 5% salary increase for state employees. this would cost the state $75 million, and the state workers have only received to pay raises -- two pay raises in the past seven years, doing more with a lot less. 23 old michael robinson, a shooting happened in the 1000 block of lay street just before 3:30 am saturday morning, and the victim, rodney francis was shot leaving route 77, and francis and robinson had been fighting before the shooting
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with murder. pleading guilty to conspiracy to traffic childrdr for prostitution. the fifth person to plead guilty in connection with the sex ring, and the u. s. attorney says that they recruited children and young women, and instructed them on how to solicit and charge for sex sex, -- sex acts, and they were beaten or threatened. the 39-year-old william phillips charged with 15 counts of actual exploitation of minors, and phillips was involved in exchanging files exchanging child pornography. bernie sanders making a campaign stop in orangeburg, at the south carolina state university for his first stop
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tours. the activist and arthur cornell west will be speaking at the event. presidential hopeful mike huckabee and rick santorum in the bid lanes this morning, and they spoke at the senior show being held at the state fairground. the democrats for the president will be in north charleston tonight, and the candidates that will take part in the 9:00 debate are donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson, marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich, and of course chris christie. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack in indonesia's capitol today, and they used guns and bombs to target foreigners at a starbucks and in the shopping area in jakarta. seven people are dead, including the five attackers,
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motorbikes in waste gun battle with the police for three hours before the fighting ended. the italian police have arrested a man in connection with the killing of the florida native ashley olsen, found dead in her apartment in florence, and the murderer is an illegal immigrant from senate -- and they had consensual sex before the murder and olson had to fractures -- two fractures on her school. near harrisburg, the constable was met at the door by the 12-year-old that was killed's father, and the father pointed a rifle at the constable, and the constable fired at the father, and the bullet passed through the
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charged with assault after a woman got into a fight with her father at a utah home. and the man told the police that the daughter pushed him down two flights of stairs and last month. she said that her father pulled her hair, and she is hoping that this private family manner can be resolved amicably. and brickman, the actor, has died at the age of 69 and he was an actor in harry potter and many movies. leonardo dicaprio and sylvester's -- sylvester stallone, best supporting actor
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report from la.>> reporter: the resonant leads the oscar with -- the revenant leads they oscar nominees, and the action epic mad max fury road earned 10 nominations, and the martian got the best actor nod for matt damon. rounding out the best picture category art the big short, bridge of spies, spotlight, and michael fassbender. the critically acclaimemecarol
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picture, but rudy meara -- rooney mara earned some nominees.>> i don't even know what i'm doing here.>> reporter: sylvester stallone is in the best supporting actor category, and this two nominations for playing the iconic rocky balboa comes 40 years apart. all of the acacng nominations went to white performers, sparking a backlash. and la clothing store is cashing in on the drug lord el chapo guzman fashion. in a photo taken during the visit, the visitor was wearing a distinct shirt just like this one. it is being advertised as the
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it costs $128, and at this point it is on backorder. coming up next on news 19 at
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look welcome back. it looks like we will see some changes over the next couple of days, and the bottom line is it started off cold this morning. >> we been dealing with these cold temperatures for the last several mornings. this morning was wintertime, but that is what it is supposed to be. 25 degrees at st. matthews, 20 in columbia, 34 in newberry which is usually colder. all of us are approaching 60 degrees, 59 in lexington, 56 in st. matthews, 55 in sumpter, and 60 degrees here in
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wins at 14. we do not have a wind chill right now, and it is absolutely beautiful outside. we have this area of high pressure that has slowly moved to the east, and ringing in lots of tropical moisture and more mayor, and the winds have been blowing. were looking at 59 in winnsboro, 63 in lexington, and columbia 63 for the high. winds out of the west southwest at 10 to 15. tonight is cold but not chilly, and 30 degrees with increasing clouds coverage. all of us in the mid to upper 30s, and down south in the 40s. down in the gulf there is an area of low pressure, and it is static, slowly tracking its way into the western part of the gulf, and this area of low pressure, both making their way to the midstate, and a lot of creasing -- increasing cloud
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to work. by midmorning, light to moderate rainfall, but into the afternoon and heavy rainfall is expected. but the key thing is that it will be out by early evening, and just cloudy skies by midnight. the amount of rainfall we are expecting is one to one and a half inches, and it will all come in within the span of nine hours. just a short time throughout the afternoon and evening. a high of 55, and saturday the degrees. that area of low pressure in the northern plains giving us a chance for showers on sunday. windy, and monday and the duration next week looking at temperatures very cold, 23 degrees for the morning low on tuesday, and the highs warming
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and it looks like we will be in for cold weather by next week. speaking of next week, monday, doctor martin luther king day in celebration of the holiday, and everything that makes up the civil rights in south carolina. good to see you, my friend. this will be the 15th year for king day. >> a little bit more than that when you consider the fact that the elder willie nelson, and amd -- ame elder started this long before the other events to part of this. i like to give credit to those that meant so much to south carolina, and the elder willie nelson, and hopkins reminded me the other day that that is who really started this.
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in the amd -- ame church knows exactly who you are talking about.>> what can people expect? >> expect a great program beginning on sunday with the columbia branch of the naacp, zion baptist church, and the divinity choir will perform. what can you say about the divinity college, the some people come out and perform for us on sunday. on monday morning, at 8:30 am, again at the zion baptist church, the bishop will give us a short message. we believe the church, and the procession starts at 10 am.
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baptist church to the % statehouse grounds. of course, this year, and each year since we started this, we have been discussing and covering that the coverage is good. we thank you for the coverage, and for the advertising and promotion of the march as you do. with a great support from the community throughout this effort. south carolina has a a rich history, and a lot of it is not good rich history. we have to remind the folks here, the naacp, we have to remind the folks that there is much work to do. we wish that we could get everybody to help us do what is right for all people. but since we can't, we are going to do it anyway. >> doctor mac randolph, this is the first time that the confederate flag will not be on
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the state grounds. >> we all know the history of the confederacy, and it is connected to the could close clan and the confederate armory, -- ku klux klan, and the confederate armory, and we all know the history. we can start a new history of the clean statehouse grounds that looks respectful to all people. having said that, the symbol is gone, but the policies that the state is that over its history, throughout the history, that is so negative and nasty toward people that look like i do, that matter is still in the forefront. symbolism is gone, but the realism in south carolina still exist. the disparage and attack on public education going on in south carolina right now. we will continue to fight. the best thing to do is to do
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president abraham lincoln, "do what's right.">> everybody that wants to participate is
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that will do it for news 19 at noon, but we look forward to
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