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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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morningi'm savannah levins. your time is 4:30...and don't expect to see clear skies as you get ready for work..rain is expected to roll in later this morning..let's check in with metoerologist efren afante with what we can expect...good morning efren. 3 3
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3 3 happening today...the richland county sheriff's department is offering a free women's self defense class. from 9 am until 1pm women can learn how to defend themselves in a dangerous situtation. the class is being held at the north springs park located on clemson road. 3 and gamers listen the 2016 south carolina role players and board gamers convention kicks off. the 4 day convention will feature hundreds of board games, minutatures along with role playing games. it's being held at the medallion center on garners ferry road in columbia through monday. 3 and today ted cruz will be in columbia...he is taking part in the conservative leadership project's is taking place at 3:45pm at
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is holding a rally at 7:45 at north greenville university. 3 3 there were no powerball jackpot winners in south carolina.however 16 tickets worth anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 were sold in the state.thats the most big winners in our state since powerball started here. 3 3 one of the winners is from right here in columbia. sioban dollars in the drawing. 3 powerball mania has finally come to an least for now.wednesday's winning tickets were sold in
4:33 am one has come forward yet...but when they do...they will split the record 1 point 6 billion dollar jackpot.part of the reason we're seeing higher jackpots is because powerball officials added more balls to the number of possible combinations. that increased the odds from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 293 million. 3 3 a new study suggests eating more spinach, kale, and broccoli may lower your risk of glaucoma by as much as 30- percent. doctors in boston report people with chronic optic nerve damage benefit from the nitrates in green leafy vegetables .. which can help blood circulation. 3 people using e-cigarettes to help taper off *real* cigarettes are much *less likely* to quit. that's according to doctors at the university of california san francisco. they found the odds of quitting 28-percent lower
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3 new data from the american heart association links poor sleep in the elderly with a higher risk of stroke and cognitive problems. scientists found seniors with *fragmented sleep* had a 27- percent higher chance of severe hardening of the arteries. 3 there is a dangerous new illness worrying vets and pet owners across the country. thousands of dogs have been infected with *dog flu*. adriana diaz reports from an animal shelter in chicago on this growing problem affecting pets in many cities 3 ashley leise (pronounced as lease) walks dogs in the seattle area. she's paying extra close attention to her four-legged friends...natsot dog bark...after warnings about the new strain of dog flu.(np from kiro ashley leise / dog walker) "they can get sick just like us, and i know how much i hate being sick"king county public health officials say up to 90 dogs staying at this kennel outside of seattle may have been exposed to the virus. two have tested positive for flu, but further tests are needed to confirm it's the new strain. (beth lipton, public health
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of the dogs have immunity to fight it off,// (17:52:13) when dogs are going to day care or dog parks or boarding overnight in kennel facilities it can spread very rapidly....this viral *video* features a chicago pup named herbert who's putting on a brave face while recovering from the flu. (nats of black lab coughing sat0160 @:18) cases first showed up last march in chicago and spread quickly. (grx in) around 2-thousand dogs in 24 states have been infected. (gfx out) natsot "good girl"a vaccine was made available in november. vets say the disease is rarely fatal. but owners should see a vet right away if their dog shows symptoms. (17:40:11 vet rob mcmonigle) so if your dog doesn't eat well, misses a meal, if you see coughing, if you see lethargy, just being tired, moping around, it could be a sign of the fever///if you see that, give your local vet a call and schedule an appointment cause they'll need to get on some special medications for it. oc close (pipe 2 7:56:00): people can't contract the virus but they *can* give it to a healthy pet after spending time with a sic dog. and by the way all these puppies are up for adoption. adriana diaz, cbs news,
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3 3 this april will mark the 10th installment of the indie grits festival in showcases movies and music from around the south... and food from columbia.and this don't have to worry about tickets or passes because the event is free.this is thanks to a grant from the central carolina community foundation. 3 3 this year's theme is water lines. the festival--hosted by the nickolodeon theater--will run from april 14-17th. 3 the count down is on to super bowl 50 that will air
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you excited we are giving you a chance to be a winner. starting next tuesday...we will be placing 19 golden wltx signed footballs at several different public landmarks across 11 counties. then everyday at noon.... we will post those secret locations through pictures posted on wltx's instagram, twitter and facebook accounts. so be sure to follow us! if you find a golden football bring it to the wltx studios to win $50... and then register for our grand price of $519. keep in mind you can only win *once* so please don't try and find all 19 footballs. the grand prize winner will be announced live on friends at five on tuesday, january 26th. 3 coming up....some great events going on in the midlands this weekend... we'll tell you about it and help you find some fun. 3 but first...the skies are clear now but rain could be rolling in soon... meterologist efren afante will ell us exactly what to expect in your full weather forecast, after the break.
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3 in orangeburg county...two men wanted in connection with what deputies are calling....a violent crime spree...have been arrested.they are 18- year-old derrick james and christopher pressley deputies say on january 4th....several men reported being shot on mango street.then they say .....last wednesday......a truck driver reported being love's truck stop.and in calhoun county...investigators believe james robbed a man at gunpoint at the wilco hess station.both have been charged with armed robbery and attempted has alsobeen denied for both suspects. 3 a sumter man has been arrested on child pornography charges.he's 39 year old william hugh phillips. investigators say that phillips was involved in exchanging child porn on his
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face up to 10 years in prison for each of the 15 counts he faces.3 3 3
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3 we are on your side helping you find some fun this weekend. restaurant week continues and this is your chance to get out and try a new place or one you thought you couldn't afford. at gervais and vine get a 3 courses of tapas for 48 dollars a terra its
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course meal...or try zas for a salad and glass of wine for just 16 dollars.for a full list of particpating restuarants head to our website wltx dot com. the event ends on sunday. 3 and so many of us are taking on repairs and rebuilding after the floods.. this weekend there is the home building & remodeling expo 2016.more than 100 companies will be on hand featuring exhibits and demonstrations. experts can answer your questions... on home building, kitchen and bath remodeling and more.the event runs today through sunday at the columbia convention center and it's the best part is it's free. 3 and panthers fans...... this sunday is it! the team takes on seattle at one oclock at bank of america stadium in to the game are hundreds of dollars so if you don't have the cash to go there's a huge watch party right here in columbia.the roaring riot is the largest fan club of the carolina panthers. and they are
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the game with them at carolina ale house on lady street. if the panthers win on sunday they go on to the nfc championship. 3 3 this week's golden spatula award winner has been around for 30 years, but is under new ownership.news19's colby gallagher is in lexington where this restaurant is about to
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3 coming up...a midlands orginization is committed to
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the streets... details after 3 it's another chilly morning in the midlands but we won't be
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