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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we have the tips to make from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19. not noon. friends @ five. friday, close enough. i am andrea mock. and my friend jr berry. what does the government want to spend $1.03 of added money on? she released her proposal and joining us now in studio with the details are joyce koh. >> reporter: good afternoon. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: roads and education. >> we have apologize. audio difficulties there. >> just to fill you in on what joyce is talking about governor
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million on the roads, that is including the 10-cent a gallon tax that could go into effect if a roads bill is passed. she included $165 million in dam inspectors. and $300 million for education reform, including raising base student cost by 165 million, funding more school buses, drivers and technology and she wants to cut income tax from 7 pheers 5% over the next 10 years for all south carolinians across the board and for military retirees and she had progress in cutting state debt. she was proud to share it. >> gets us in a good start to say okay we are taking care of the flood issues, putting that behind us, learning on what we
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getting tax cuts to so many, improving education. not number one in criminal domestic violence. we are saying, you know, we are taking care of everything we have in terms of how to keep us celebrate. >> now keep in mind these are just governor nikki haley's recommendations for lawmakers budget. coming up in the second half hour of friends @ five hear what governor nikki haley had to say about speculation of her running for vice president. judges selected candidates for a seat on the supreme court. she the chief judge of the administrative court, the head of the court of aheels and --
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appeal's court. she was replaced. the general assembly will elect a new associate justest february 3. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a cloudy and wet day but the rain is beginning to end. radar confirms that. showers coming to an end. all the activity is moving to the northeast. moving out quickly. showers should be out of the midlands by the next three hours or show. and the rest of the weekend looking good. as far as temperatures are concerned, 60 degrees in columbia. 57 sumpter. 61 orangeburg. cooler in the upstate, mid-40s there. 45 greenwood. 47 greenville and rock hill. the rain will be coming to an end. clearing out tonight, lows around 43 degrees. tomorrow expecting a lot of sunshine. a mild day. breezy, though, with high temperatures around 64 degrees.
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clouds in the morning. a small chance for isolated showers. 56 degrees. colder monday, 48 degrees and potentially tuesday. maybe our coldest day of the season. low temperatures around 24 degrees with highs only in the low to middle 40 on tuesday. much cooler weather on the way for next work week. that is your five-day forecast. as far as traffic is concerned we have a couple problems out there as you imagine as the rain continues to fall. an accident south of i-77. this is on i-26. an accident there causing slow downs and an accident on two notch road, two notch at rose barry. may run into problems there. downtown to blythewood 24 minutes. downtown to the village 28 minutes. the roads are wet. we are seeing rain across the midlands but the showers should end through the rest of the evening.
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the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. off the coast of hawaii crews are searching for 12 marines after their two helicopters collided today. rescue crews have spotted burning debris in the water along with an empty life raft but poor weather conditions effected the search making it difficult later in the day. no word on possible survivors or what caused the collision. the republican resident candidates are back on the campaign trail today after square off in the -- squaring off in the 6th debate. donald trump and ted cruz confederate flagged over the birth issue -- clash over the birth issue and marco rubio and governor chris christie went back and forth on gun control and planned parenthood. they took shots at president obama's state of the union
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trump's plan to ban all muslims. well, shortly after the debate the former governor of florida has gained a key endorsement. south carolina senator lindsey graham says he wants jeb bush to win the republican nomination. he says jeb bush would make the best commander in chief against terrorism. ted cruz is talking about legal issues through the state. he sat down with state free agent a conversation on the constitution and vacancies on the u.s. supreme court. it was at the usc anum nigh center in -- alumni center. he will head to the upstate for a rally there. and tomorrow mike huckaby will campaign in chester county
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in the afternoon. former secretary of state hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will speak that dome event. similar to 2008 when hillary clinton and john edwards and barack obama spoke. it is organized by the south carolina naacp. it began in 2000 and has been held each year on the martin luther king, jr. holiday. the theme is statewide education equality. dan haggerty has died. he was best known for the tv series grizzly adams. dan haggerty starred as a mountain man who abandonona grisly bear cub. he had been diagnosed with cancer last august.
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die from cancer this week. david bowie and alan rickman. ane surprising move the tennessee powerball winner has come forward. john robinson. he and his wife arrived with their dog to deliver the ticket to officials in nashville today. the couple live near the store where the winning ticket was bought. he bought the ticket and three others on wednesday while on his way home from work. the ticket is one of the three winning tickets that got the record jackpot of 1.6 billion j dollars. >and a -- billion dollars. and rates are going up, private delivery services are
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fedex and ups increased about 4.9%. the postal service rates go up 9.8% starting sunday. the usps rise will effect small businesses and consumers who use the post office for shipping services. and if you have been waiting to take advantage of online deals this could be your weekend. amazon prime is going to drop the -- starting friday, january 15 at 9:00 p.m. through sunday, january 17 at 11:59 p.m. new amazon prime subscribers can sign up for just $73.00, a discount of $26.00 from the regular price of $99.00 per year. to celebrate amazon winning two golden globe awards. the company will also stream that series for free this weekend. after months of health relalad issues chipotle plans to have a company wide meeting about food safety and in order for that to happen all stores will open late on february 8. this comes after a string of year. since then the company hired a food safety expert.
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produce and changed ththfood handling practices. they are not going to actually close. they are going to open at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. across the country. >> i think it is a good thing. you know, chipotle is so popular. if you go to the chipotle on forest drive around noon, i know this because i have done it, you could wait in line for 40 minutes but people have been scared away. >> they will have a powwow about it all. >> exactly. figure things out. coming up next, the reason to load up your plate with spinach and broccoli and kale.
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benefit, we i watched this game last night and it was a great one. the women's basketball team remains undefeated after beating kentucky last night. wilson had an amazing night at 26 points.
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first half and outscored kentucky 45-30 in the final two carters. they are 16-0 and 4-0 in the sec. they continue play on sunday when they host texas a&m, tip- off is set for 1:30 p.m. and we have got some awesome congratulations goes out on twitter, share it on twitter. it is a very big weekend for the panthers. on sunday they take on seattle at 1:00 p.m. at the bank of america stadium in charlotte. tickets are hundreds of dollars. if you don't have the cash to go there is a huge watch party in columbia. the roaring riset the largest fan club -- riots is the largest fan club on ladies street. if they win on sunday they go
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it is one of the biggest upsets in sports so far this year with only seconds left in the 4th quarter, minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh mished a field goal. sunday. it could have advanced the team to the playoffches playoff -- playoffs but now she finding sport in toddlers from a local elementary school. after the miss kids outside of minneapolis decided to write him letters of encouragement. the support meant so much to blair walsh he wanted to go and thank the kids in person. >> say thank you very much for all the letters you wrote and the cards. very, very touching to me. says a lot about you guys that you are willing to do that. >> that is so sweet. before leaving he signed autographs and he ans plto keep all cards and letters the
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and as we get ready for the big super bowl that you can only see right here on wltx we decided to get you in on the action with fun. we have a new contest going on and it is called news news 19's find the golden football treasure hunt. tuesday the 19th, golden footballs will be placed at land marks in all 11 counties. at noon we will post a secret location so you have to follow wltx on instagram, twitter and facebook. if you find a golden football you can bring it back to wltx and win a $50 first prize and it will enter you to win the $519 grand prize. you can only win once. so don't drive around thinking you will go to all the places and get all the footballs. that is a perfect shot.
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signing all of the footballs ourselves and -- do they get to keep them? >> i am not sure. >> do they get to keep them? >> yes. >> and the 50 bucks. you get this football with our logo on it and our signatures. >> excellent penmanship. >> i try. you are going to sign it? >> yep. how many am i signing? 19. i am signing 19. i have my pen ready. i am going to do it. in the mean time, daniel bonds it was a nasty, nasty day outside. it was. it is improving. the rain is moving out and tomorrow will be great for outdoor plans. first half of the weekend no complaints. starting to cool off in the midlands. 43 degrees newberry. 54 winnsboro. 60 degrees in columbia. st. matthews 57. manning the warm spot,
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you can see the rain coming to an end, pooling to the north and east and it will continue to end over the next couple hours. if you have plans tonight it looks like the rain shouldn't get in your way. looking good. what we are seeing is an increase in winds. winds of 22 miles per hour in columbia. orangeburg. sumpter winds picking up, you per hour. early this evening. over the next hour or so. last hour a gust of f miles per hour in columbia. 32 orangeburg. may see gusty winds that see low-pressure system continues to push in and it will bring an end to the rain. forecast model shows what we will expect. 5:30 the rain comes to an end and clearing before we get to midnight. expect clearing conditions over night. tomorrow to start off the weekend, a lot of sunshine. temperatures will be mild. pleasant for this time of the year.
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system that will go towards our south. maybe isolated showers sunday morning. along with clouds. by the time we get to sunday afternoon cold front swings through and that will clear us out by the afternoon. that cold front will be us the coldest air we have seen in some time. for tonight looking at lows into the low 40s or show. 42 degrees winnsboro. 43 columbia. 42 degrees newberry. 43 orangeburg. 41 bishalville. tomorrow a lot of sunshine. highs in the low 60. 64 degrees manning. 63 degrees st. matthews. 62 degrees bishopville, newberry. for the next 7 days. 56 degrees on sunday before the front comes through. a small chance for an isolated shower and clouds on thth morning on sunday and colder tuesday. morning low on tuesday 24 degrees.
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we have had to a day this season. 43 degrees during the afternoon and things warm back up into the low 50s thursday and into friday. and right now sunny thursday and friday. highs in the mid-50s. but tomorrow looks absolutely great. 64 degrees with a lot of sunshine and rain moving out tonight over the next couple hours. going out to dinner, take your umbrella. later tonight you will not need it. >> did you see your yard? mine is covered in sticks now. >> yeah. i picked up a lot of sticks but i cut my grass too. >> i got a jump on it. >> it is a mess. get the boys out this weekend. a family stick pick up time. nasty after today. thank you. well, a new study suggests eating more spinach, kale and
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doctors report that people with optic nerve damage benefit from nitrates in green leafy vegetables. and new data links poor sleep in the elderly with a higher risk of stroke. scientists found seniors with fragmented sleep had a 27% hire chance of having severe hardening of arteries. people using ecigarettes to taper off cigarettes are less likely to quick according to doctors at the university of california, san francisco. they found the odds of quitting are 28% lower for smokers who vape. so a lot of people on these things trying to kick the habit but the study says 28% less likely to do so. >> interesting. have you been following this story? >> i have not. >> so bazaar. >> little bit. coming up next, this story
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sean penn is speaking out about
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to meet with the wanted drug here is a look at what is coming up tonight on tv on wltx. undercover boss at 8. hawaii five-0, blue bloods and then news 19 at 11:00 p.m. sean penn sits down to talk about the rolling stone interview with el chapo, a meeting that help lead to his capture. he spoke on 60 minutes sunday. kenneth c has a pru-- craig has a preview. . >> thehe is a myth of the visit. >> reporter: sean penn tells 60 minutes that he does not
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with joaqumn "el chapo" guzman lead to the world's most notorious drug kingpin's capture last week. >> you had nothing to do and your visit had nothing to do with his recapture? >> the mexican government were very humiliated him before they did. nobody found him before they did. we are not martyr than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an interview. >> reporter: el last july by crawling through a holeane shower and then a mile long tunnel 30 feet underground. el chapo is responsible for 34,000 deaths. officials say his car stelthe number -- cartel is the number one supplier to the u.s. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in
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risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> reporter: sean penn says the focus on his meeting with joaqumn guzman and his recapture means his article that was supposed to bring attention to the war on drug failed. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. >> you can watch the interview with sean penn sunday on 60 minutes on wltx. and if you are going to the movies this weekend be sure to check out news 19's review for ride-along. kevin hart takes his talents to south beach and reteams with ice cube. he is trying to earn the respect of his brother in law so he volunteers to go undercover to take down a drug
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it is rated pg13. if you want to see the review go to our website. >> i want to see that ben agauzy movie -- benghazi movie. coming up, wigs and
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who need them but you are watching friends @ five with andrea mock and darci strickland. >> welcome back. 5:30 p.m. on friday, i am jr in for darci strickland. >> i am andrea mock. a heated trial over the closure of a road. they plan to put a quarry in the area, but in order for the operation to work it has to include closing the road. residents don't want it closed
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cut they used for years and a trial that went over 7 hours, three residents represented themselves. resident presented safety road reasons not to. court adjourned and the judge ordered both parties to present memeoes for -- memos for further considerations. the governor talked about speculation she could be a gop vice president presidential pick for one of the candidates. the governor gained national attention in the after math of the charlesten shooting massacre. on tuesday night her gop response to the state of the union address drew so much talk she was brought up in the debate last night. she said she stands by her remarks and the importance of inclusion. >> i know all the speculation
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my life is full. i am content. it is not something i want, itrieve for or need. i have a daughter going to college, a son in middle school, i have a state i could not be more proud of. i have things i want to finish. if we cause conversation i am happy for that, that is all it is. >> the governor says she would have preferred not to have been a part of the debate last night and has no desire to run for president. residents effected by the floods are invited to input meetings that will help plan for future natural disasters. the project is a series of six meetings. they are subjected for january 19 through the 23 throughout richland county they will include mapping stations, questionnaires and opportunities for residents to submit their comments. residents are encouraged to bring photographs and other
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as well as recurrent flooding in the communities. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist meteorologist daniel bonds -- with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> it has been mild, hasn't been too bad. 60 degrees in columbia. 64 charleston. 67 savannah. winds pick up over the last hour or so. we may see gusts up to 40 miles per hour over the next hour. keep that in mind if you are going to be outdoors. but why the winds are picking up, we have a low-pressure system spinning, it will move towards the north and east. the low is getting stronger. we may see stronger winds that see low continues to push towards the north and east. good news is, as the low moves out rain chancedize crease. ending over the next two hours. 43 degrees tonight as the clouds decrease. tomorrow sunshine. 64 degrees. a few more clouds tomorrow
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we will see clouds early sunday morning. a chance for an isolated shower early sunday. otherwise clouds move out. 56 degrees sunday afternoon. but then the cold air moves in to the area. 48 degrees for martin luther king day. and 43 degrees tuesday. wednesday things moderate a little bit with high temperatures around 50 degrees. that is your five-day forecast, traffic so far this afternoon as you would probably imagine busy. rain and people are trying to get off from work. a number of accidents. if you are traveling around columbia check your route. accidents along 378. number major but a few fender benders may slow you down. and i-20 and 26. one accident towards two notch road. collision here with injuries reported on that one and the road is blocked.
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fort jackson to sumpter 41 minutes to make that commute. still the roads are wet. slow down. check your route with all the this hour. another look that weekend 6:00 p.m. >> thank you so much. walmart announced it is closing 250 stores. three of the stores are in our state and one is right here in the midlands. colby gallagher live from winnsboro. one guy from winnsboro tweeted out this is bad with the walmart shutting down. >> reporter: that is what the majority of people are saying. i spoke with the chamber of commerce. i spoke with residents who say this will be huge issue for the elderly residents, many of those live in fairfield county, this is their only walmart.
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and residents don't know how their seniors will do their shopping. the close one is now in richland county. many residents are hoping something could be done. there are only 13 days left till this one in winnsboro closes. but residents still are trying to hope for a positive outlook saying maybe corporate will change their mind after hearing what they have to say. >> now we are going to have to take a long drive to columbia and buy our items. the only grocery store store we have left is buy low and the only pharmacy is cvs. >> it will be a pretty good trip. especially for the seen germs. i could go to richland -- seniors. i could go to richland. .
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how many jobs this means, just this store right here, 120 people are no longer have going to have a job january 28. that is multiplied by the hundreds of stores in the united states that are closing. but they are trying hard to combat that, they are getting a team together next week. what the team will start doing, they will organize job fairs, career fairs to get these people in jobs as quickly as possible. the effect this will have on the community is recommend but they are try -- is tremendous but they are trying to combat it. colby gallagher, news 19. >> thank you. today is martin luther king, jr.'s 87 birthday.
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today, he met with doctors and social workers and to discuss a medicaid expansion in south carolina. the governor of louisiana just allowed medicaid expansion in his state. >> we spend too much money on killing abroad rather than healing at home. [ indiscernible ] >> we must address the issue of the poor in south carolina. a million poor people who are medicaid eligible, have no health insurance. the money has been set aside and this state refused to sign for that resource. >> the there was -- there was also a discussion of legal action against governor nikki haley to allow medicaid funds
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and ahead of the holiday on monday a usc students will participate in two days of service. tomorrow they will do service projects, cleaning houses, and making repairs. the 5k is tomorrow on green street. a big weekend for gaming in the midlands. the south carolina role players and board gamers convention started today. it is featuring hundreds of board games, war games and role playing. there will even be a costume contest and dealers selling games. board games are growing in popularity. >> board gaming is great. people are into the electronic gaming but board games started it all. without board games there would be no electronic games, board games started it all.
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role playing games, things like that. >> that convention is at the center off of garners ferry road, it runs through monday. get rid of your old electronics if you live in lexington county. they are holding an event tomorrow from 9 to mean 1:00 p.m. accepting computers, tvs, coppiers, dvds, fax machines and any small household electronic items. this is only for lexington county residents. it is the last weekend for restaurant week. your chance to try oo new place -- to try a new place. more than 220 restaurants are participating across the statat 55 are in columbia.
5:36 pm
of who is participating, that means they will offer very special deals. just gogoto and look for this link. and many of us are taking on repairs after the terrible flood in october but this weekend there is a home building and remodeling expo. 100 companies will be on hand with exhibits and demonstrations, experts to answer your questions. anything you need. it is running through sunday that columbia convention center. you get in for free. >> who doesn't like remodeling? >> i don't think the people -- yeah. people have to do it after the floods hate it right now. still ahead a celebration
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and all right. we are so excited to have our
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kim is talking about not only all l the help you offer to cancer patients but the gala is coming. >> so excited. >> the cancer society is sponsoring the fundraiser, our signature event. we have it every other year because it takes so long to get organized. >> so excited to have yoyo aboard. we are running around town. we have live music coming. from the high school. the jazz band is coming so we are excited. >> i think we have video from last year's event. one reason why this event is so important to you guys, because you will have cancer patients who don't have the money. raising the money is important. >> any kind of cancer. south carolina only. you have to be a south carolina resident. any kind of cancer. we have some folks they need money, we have a donor closet.
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female, male -- anything you are. right? yes. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> we are very excited to support them. we are running out of money so we are trying to raise money again. >> you offer so many different services. tell me about the specialty things you do to make sure cancer patients look good and feel better and healthier and feel like somebody cares. >> the first off, the wigs. they are a medical great. they are more comfortable. we have a donor closet of those. [ talking at the same time ] >> and we have trained fitters. professionally trained fitters. cosmetologist on staff. and then we have bras, certified fitters. we are excited to support that. >> we were showing video of your wigs. you have so many.
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talk about the things that happens to the scalps. >> when your hair comes out, you get hair follicles. they are pricklies on your head. if you have stubbles, imagine a head full of those, they hurt. and then going through chemo, our job is to make sure you have something comfortable on your head. >> and you have all sorts of bras and prosthetics. we have so many young survivors, and they want cute bras. they want to feel pretty and you have all sorts. what are you showing me? >> this is a strapless bra. it has pockets in it. if you had breast cancer you could stick your breasts in there and still go strapless
5:41 pm
this is an arm sleeve, this is the -- arm sleeve -- >> so cute -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you start to swell, this will hold it down and be cute. i want to give the information one more time. come see me and kim and sherry and all the girls, tuesday, february 9, the gala. it is at 6:00 p.m., tickets are $25. that will get you food and drinks and fun, we will take pictures. come and have a great theme. they have all the information
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post it on my facebook if your new year's resolution is to save money, if
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month per phone life it may be time to get a -- line if may be time to get a new line. >> reporter: her bill runs $250 a month. >> it is ridiculous. >> reporter: she took a good first step by ditching her two year contract. all the big phone carriers now offer no contract plans and consumer reports says that is the way to go. >> no contract plans, the access fee for each phone is lower and you have the freedom to change carriers whenever you want. >> reporter: check other plans to see if you can save. almost half of those who switched phone service providers in the past year savored $20 or more a month. >> pay attention to your data. that is hands down the most expensive part of any bill. >> reporter: if you stream a lot of video considering t-
5:44 pm
stream without using data. >> if you change carriers you may have to buy a new phone and at full price. no leasing and financing options are available to ease the pain. >> reporter: lease is the cheapest option for people who like to have the newest phone but if you plan on buying the phone most will let you pay for it monthly, once you paid it off you will enjoy a lower bill. news 19 wltx. >> if you use a moderate amount of data, and use wifi when possible a smaller carrier may
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>> i need to look in t ice skating this weekend with the family? you better do it now because this is the last weekend for main street ice. the outdoor skating rink has been open since thank day. $10 for adults and $8 for kids 12 and under. open tonight till 10:00 p.m. tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and sunday open from 1:00 p.m.
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that is our time for tonight on news 19 at 6:00 p.m., walmart is closing hundreds of stores. we will take you there live. do you know who these men are? deputies say they are wanted for trying to cash a stolen
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laying out her proposal for the year, we will break it down for you. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> it has been a rainy friday across the midlands. we are hoping the rain is out of here just in time for your weekend. good evening. thank you for being with us. jim has the night off but meteorologist daniel bonds is joining us with good news about tomorrow? >> tomorrow is looking good. today has been wet across the area. we picked up 3 quarters of an inch of rain at the airport. half inch in downtown. showers are moving to the north and east. a few isolated showers in northeastern portion of the midlands and fairfield, maybe in lee county. all this is coming to an end this evening. a small chance for an isolated shower in the northeastern
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otherwise decreasing clouds
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