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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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otherwise decreasing clouds with lows around 43 degrees. tomorrow sunshine, highs 64 degrees. clouds increase tomorrow night. lows around 40 degrees and then we will see small chance for an isolated shower sunday morning. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up in a >> thank you. staying with weather. if you were effected by the october floods you are invited to share your input at a public county. the project is a series of six meetings to gather feed back from residents. they are scheduled next week throughout richland county. you are looking at a list of the locations. public input will be used to compile a report that is specific to the county and will include strategies for mitigating or lessening the effects of future flooding. we have a list of the meetings and times and locations posted on our website, that is
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the governor released her executive budget plans opting to fund the top priorities in the state. the governor is proposing to spend $345 million on roads, that is including the potential 10-cent gas tax that could go into effect over the next three years if a roads bill is passed and she included 165 million in flood recovery and more dhec dam inspectors, 300 million for education reform and raising base student costs by 165 million and investing in school buses and technology and wants to cut income taxes from 7% to 5% over the next 10 years for all south carolinians across the board and an additional tax cut for military retirees. >> being able to cut our debt in half, double our reserves, that means something, it means south carolina. going through a thousand year
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lot of states, it didn't wipe us out. i want everybody to take credit for it, they helped us to get to that place. >> keep in mind these are just the governor's recommendations for lawmakers as they work on the budget. once they pass the budget it will head to the governor's desk. three judges are in the running for a vacant seat on the supreme court. the candidates are anderson, the chief judge of the administrative court. the head of the cocot of appeals. and the judge on the appeals court. the vacancy was created by a retirement. they will elect a new justice february 3. tonight deputies need your
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the man on your screen stole a credit card and then used it to purchase gift cards on january notch road. they totaled $1,400. if you know who the man is call crime stoppers. deputies need your help identifying two men wanted for fraud. the two men dried to cash a check december 8 at the first citizens bank in west columbia. the two suspects left the bank with the check after a teller advised them she couldn't compmpte the transaction. the check was stolen from a business. if you know who these men are call crime stoppers. tonight the department of social services uncovered 100 cases of food stamp fraud across the country over the past year. the state attorney general
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saying they got guilty please in 99 of them. the state is expected to recover $337,000 in restitution from these cases. more than $19,000 has been paid back so far. ted cruz was in columbia today taking part in a leadership project forum. it was at usc. after the event he is headed to the upstate for a campaign rally there. also ben carson held a meet and greet in charleston today. he addressed the crowd of 100 with his standard stump and fielded a few questions on racial attentions, politics and uniting the country and he criticized hillary clinton. >> there was a time when it was outrageous in america to engage
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seen from our leaders and now it is just everybody does that. it is okay. and it is not okay. >> u.s. senator lindsey graham is endorsing jeb bush. lindsey graham launched his campaign last year but he dropped out a few weeks ago after gaining little traction. he said jeb bush is the only candidate who can bring change. >> people are struggling and their conversations are about rewriting history. we need a leader that will focus on the problems and not say the dog ate my homework. that is what we need. if we do that this will be an extraordinary time to be alive. we can fix these problems. but we have to start working together do it.
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he will lead worship and preach during a church's 9:30 a.m. service. all three democratic presidential hopefuls will be in charleston for a debate. they will head to columbia to attend the king day rally monday. a rainy and gloomy day.
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about more sad news out of hollywood as cancer claims together life.
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the man who starred as grizzly adams died. dan haggerty. he was a rugged bearded guy. his manager said he was battling cancer of the spine
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dan you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland. >> the count down is on to super bowl 50. it will air right here on wltx. to get you excited we are giving you a canc to be a winner tuesday -- chance to be a winner. we will place 19 golden footballs at different land marks across 11 counties and every day at noon we will post the secret locations with pictures posted on instagram, twitter and facebook accounts.
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if you find a golden football bring it to our studios to win $50 and register for our grand prize for $519. you can only win once. please don't find all 19 footballs. the grand prize winner will be announced on friends @ five tuesday january 26. the footballs are normal big size footballs. it says wltx on them. half the football is pig skin color, the other half is gold. we will give you more pictures and clues. >> if they would have been outside today they would be >> all wet. >> a wet day. the rain is moving out and the weather will be improving into the gink of the weekend. still chilly in parts. 43 degrees newberry. 48 degrees winnsboro.
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55 degrees st. matthews and orangeburg. 50 degrees lexington and columbia. rain moving out of the area. rain in fairfield county. all that activity is moving to the northeast. as a strong low-pressure system continues to swing through the area. this low-pressure system got stronger, increased the winds. winds 31 miles per hour in columbia. last hour the airport reported a wind gust of 41 miles per hour. so over the next hour or so we may see strong winds as the low continues to get stronger as it continues to move towards the north and east. now the good news is with all this the rain comes to an end as well. forecast model showing it well. 6:30 p.m. showers moving out. clearing 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. tonight. tomorrow expecting a lot of sunshine. a great start to the weekend. a sunny day on saturday with
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60s. cloud cover during the early morning hours of sunday and we can't rule out an isolated shower, most of the moisture will be to the south as the system swings past us to the south and behind the next cold front we will see clearing by sunday afternoon. behind the cold front it will be colder. we are expecting colder temperatures into the beginning of the work week. tonight temperatures drop into the low 40s. 43 columbia. 41 degrees bishopville. highs tomorrow not bad. high temperatures in the low 60s. 64 degrees lexington and columbia. 62 degrees bishopville and new bear a. this is what we are -- newberry. this is what we are expecting. 56 degrees sunday. martin luther king, jr. holiday 48 degrees. tuesday will be the coldest day. 43 degrees tuesday afternoon. after a morning low of 24 degrees.
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morning so far this season. cold start to the day on tuesday. temperatures improve, 50 degrees wednesday afternoon. and then look aahead towards thursday and friday, high temperatures in the middle 50s and low temperatures 32 degrees by thursday morning. >> a little warmer for monday than we expected last night. >> still chilly. >> thank you so much. our sports director now, reggie anderson.
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usc, clemson, big tonight. a bad day for the market ends in the worse start to a year that wall street has ever seen. plus sean penn talks about his controversial el chapo interview. we will tell you who he believes is putting him in danger.
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love in the line of wondering when this would happen, tomorrow is the answer. >> yeah. the basketball games, say hello to the fans and take a few questions with the media. that is the introduction. a big weekend of college hoops. usc hosting missouri tomorrow. coming off their first loss of the season wednesday night. last year remember about the slide to start the sec schedule but that experience should help the veterans get the message to the new comers that you can't take a night off. >> we have to have this one. yesterday, you know, then, later on a night after study hall, guys came in, shot the ball.
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>> you have to match the energy for the upcoming team. everyone can beat everyone. they are a young team. a talented team. we have to bring more energy than they bring. >> a huge game for the tigers in the upstate tomorrow afternoon. they host yes, -- host miami. if they could knock them off it will be the first time since 1976 they put up back to back wins over top 10 opponents. they knocked off duke the other night and now they are 4-1 in the acc. >> more guys have had, you know, consistently good nights and so guys, you know, throw the ball inside when a guy is open, guys trust avery to shoot the ball and defensively we have been better too. the defense has ilproved. we have done -- improved. we have bun a better job of understanding we have to do
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had to make adjustments that way and i think that is probably helped us a little bit and the guys have responded to that. >> the guys are playing well. last night the usc women knocked off kentucky foy-62 -- 73-62. wilson had a career night. she had 8 blocks. never done that in a game before and she shoots for her goal of being named the sec cnbc player of the year -- defensive player of the year. >> it was excited. just take what the defense gives you and they kept giving it in the paint and we have to protect the paint. that is what happens. >> a new head football coach, darrel is leaving after 4 years. he came from wilson high school where he won a championship. he says it is time.
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getting better but his mother lives in florence and he didn't want to move her so he has been commuting for the last 4 years, 150 miles a day. he said he could coach next year and might take the year off but he will have options. great resume. good coach but will step away from the program. there you go.
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good for walmart is shutting down 269 stores across the world. three of those stores are in south carolina. one in the midlands. kobe g is live tonight -- kobe g is live -- colby gallagher is live at the walmart. >> the manager of the winnsboro walmart just had a meeting with the chamber of commerce. he said it was a profitable year so it came as a shock when
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stores to close down. . >> closing the walmart is going to be a terrible, terrible effect on the people. h it will be -- >> it will be tremendous. we have a lot of seniors. they can't drive long distances. they will need help. >> reporter: residents are in shock that the walmart is one of the 154 closing down. customers will have to travel out of the county to do their shopping. >> we will have to drive to columbia or buy low. there will be lack of competition. >> reporter: she is just as surprised as having a meeting with the manager last week. many of the employees will be jobless come january 28. >> i have been on the phone with south carolina works, they are putting together a rapid
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working with the employees. as soon as next week. >> reporter: she is trying trying to stay optimistic by hoping mom and pop shops get a boost in sales. they wish it wasn't an option. >> too early to tell. we hate to gain business that cost someone else their jobs. i think it is just too early to [bleep]. >> reporter: one person -- to tell. >> reporter: one person, the mayor, sees it as an opportunity to fight. >> i am hoping there is some way they could pull a negotiation with walmart corporate offices to keep it here. >> reporter: she has been on and off the phone all day with the corporate offices of walmart. the only thing they are able to say is this was a decision due
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is the only thing they could tell her. colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. >> thank you so much. tennessee couple that won a share of the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot will take the lump sum because they are quoting now not guaranteed tomorrow. john and lisa robinson and their dog came forward today to claim their winnings. they did so this afternoon. the lump sum pay out is about 327 million after all is said and done. they spoke about why they decided to buy a ticket. >> the very first -- when we bought the tickets, our first property was to -- priority was to pay student loans off. we wanted a little piece of the pie. i am grateful we got the big piece of the pie.
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never hoped for the winning numbers never. always hoped for 5. you get a million. that would cover her student loans and bills. >> they say they plan to continue to work. that is probably not going to last. the other winning tickets were sold in california and florida. they have yet to come forward. good luck to those folks with all that money.
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the cbs evening news is next. >> pelley: oil drops below $30 a barrel, sending wall street into a nosedive. also tonight, after he met with el chapo, shawp pen met with
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>> you have no regrets?
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