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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> reporter: and what about the bruising on anita's face and her chipped tooth? recoil, dr. bulic suspects. >> if the gun was held near... near the face, it's possible. >> reporter: but then, shirley rice, a specially trained nurse who's been involved in more than 300 rape cases, takes the stand. she says after examining anita, it's her opinion anita was assaulted. >> at the time i did the exam, i thought of her as a victim of a >> and has anything changed your mind since that time? >> in my evidence, no. >> reporter: but when prosecutors questioned nurse rice... >> you're unable, from a professional standpoint, to ever say for sure whether or not the injury that you see during a sexual battery examination is either consensual or non- consensual, right? >> i cannot tell you whether it's consensual or non- consensual because i wasn't there. >> robert cline did not rape anita smithey. >> reporter: and to prove that
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woman, anita's former friend, torina stewart, to the stand. >> did the defendant ever confide in you with regard to any sex practices that she and robert cline engaged in that stick out in your mind? >> yes. >> can you tell us what that was? >> playing date rape, role playing. >> did she tell you that they had engaged in that date rape or role play scenario on the night that robert cline was killed? >> yes. >> torina turned out to be a snake. >> reporter: did torina betray anita? >> she did in a way that she should've never betrayed her. >> reporter: prosecutors called the case detectives to testify anita told different versions of what happened the night she shot her husband. >> and she started to tell a second story, and i noticed the inconsistencies between that first story and that second story. i knew... >> reporter: detective mattingly tells the jury anita first said robert waved a knife at her, but
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even mention a knife. and there were other inconsistencies. but mattingly admits at the time he never took notes. both he and detective depanicis are grilled about their lack of experience. >> isn't it a fact this is the first homicide case you ever investigated? >> yes, sir, that's true. >> did you ask her how long it had been before she'd slept? >> no. >> did you ask her how long it had been before she'd eaten? >> no. time she had anything to drink? >> no. >> reporter: jancha argues anita was so traumatized by the events of the evening, she should never have been subjected to a grueling police interview so quickly. >> i speculate, ladies and gentlemen, that there is one piece of evidence. >> reporter: as the trial was wrapping up, many courtroom observers believed the defense had won its case. but jancha wanted to seal the deal, to show just how
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last piece of evidence. >> and that's the 911 call of miss smithey. >> reporter: prosecutors don't object. >> reporter: for the first time, jurors hear the dramatic 911 call. but amid anita's cries, they also hear anita say robert stabbed her in the stomach with a knife. >> reporter: kelly jo hines and stacey salmons could not believe their good fortune. >> as we objectively listened to that 911 call that was just played to you, and before i start my closing argument to you, i'll address a few things just about that phone call alone. >> reporter: stacey, i'm sitting just behind you there in the
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set the snare." >> reporter: by playing that moment where anita says robert stabbed her in the stomach, it opens the door for prosecutors to contradict her. the jury could now hear that previously forbidden part of the interrogation video where anita admits stabbing herself. >> i just know that i freaked out, and i picked it up and i stabbed myself. >> reporter: this is a big deal that you are now going to be allowed to present to this jury, correct? >> yes.
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>> she shot him. >> she inflicted those injuries
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>> reporter: prosecutors close their case against anita smithey with the best argument they've got, that interrogation tape. >> i don't remember where i stabbed myself. i knowowhat i freaked out and i did it. >> reporter: it's proof, they self-defense when she killed her husband. >> i think that is what doomed us. >> miss smithey, please rise. >> reporter: within hours... >> we, the jury, find the defendant guilty of second- degree murder. >> completely outrageous, ridiculous, insane, ludicrous. she was being attacked, she was being raped, and she was terrified. 100% certain, she thought if she tried to flee, if she tried to do anything, he was going to kill her. >> reporter: drew watches, unable to do anything as his mother falls apart. >> i know exactly why she was so hysterical and why she collapsed. >> anything further from the state? >> it's because she didn't do it.
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supporters say they know exactly who to blame... >> there is one piece of evidence. >> reporter: ...anita's own attorney, rick jancha, for foolishly playing that 911 tape... >> he tried to stab me. >> reporter: ...opening the door for prosecutors to use anita's admissioshe stabbed herself. >> i stabbed it, but he was there, too. >> it's not a mistake but a fatal error. >> not only did those statements get played, they got played right at the very end of the trial, the very last thing. >> reporter: anita's camp says the only reason why they lost that case is because of the playing of this 911 tape. what do you say? >> i say that that playing of the 911 tape was only one small piece of a much larger puzzle within a two-week trial. >> reporter: a trial that took
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come to a dramatic conclusion. >> i finally couldn't wait to look at his parents and hug them. the same with his children. >> reporter: when you guys left the courtroom, you were still pretty stoic, wouldn't talk to reporters. but when you went into the elevator and the elevator doors closed, we could hear you. >> ( squealing ) >> and i'll go on record and say i'm the one who squealed in the elevator. and part of that is just the relief that comes with it, of knowing that you work so hard for an ultimate goal and that you succeeded. >> reporter: but their feelings of relief didn't last long. just before sentencing, anita's attorney suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. attorney whitney boan steps in to represent anita. this verdict, justice or injustice? >> injustice. she was brutally beaten, and she was forcibly raped.
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planning anita's appeal, focusing on that interrogation. >> i don't have any reason to lie to you. >> i'm very optimistic that anita smithey did not receive a fair trial in compliance with the law and that she will have another day in court. >> reporter: but first, anita will be sentenced for robert cline's murder. she's facing life in prison. her 13-year-old d ughter is too upset to speak, but anita's son, drew, begs the judge to show mercy. >> my mom is just... she's... she's my everything, and i just want you to know how much i love her and that she's... she's not the person that people are making her out to be. >> reporter: drew tells the court he will continue in school with the hopes of becoming a
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then, it was time for the man who o ve up everything for his daughter to make one last effort to save her. >> i've always known anita as a very caring person, a person of integrity, and she just added a lot to all of our lives. i... i just appeal to you today. >> reporter: jessica flores tells the judge that essentially anita is a victim of domestic violence, and locking her away is not the answer. >> she wants to help other victims out there. please help her to help other people. >> reporter: to robert cline's family, the repeated characterization of him as an abuser is repugnant. the reality is just the opposite, they say. >> anita wasashe abuser, mentally and physically.
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she killed my dad. she deserves to get life in prison. a life for a life. >> with respect to the sentencing, 40 years total. >> reporter: 40 years. anita will likely be in prison until she's at least 80 years old. >> justice has absolutely been served in this case. >> i agree. robert cline can never come back. he can never hold his children. >> reporter: how important was this moment t you and for the memory of your father? >> it was the most important one yet, to know that my dad's name will not be dragged through the
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story show. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> i usually have very strange dreams. i woke up, and it just startled me. i think kelly's hurt. >> i don't think she's clairvoyant. i think she's a killer. >> i was 19 years old. a guy came up. bam, he slammed a gun to my head, and he said, "i'm going to ( bleep ) kill you." i fought with everything i have in my soul to not have a toe tag at the end. >> we got him. >> it's you. you're going to go down.3 today honoring doctor martin luther king junior's legacy giving back to the community.
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you join us for news 19 at 11. 3 news 19 at 11...sled is investigating their first
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the state this year.we'll have the details... 3 plus--folks spent their dada off serving the community...all in honor of doctor martin luther king junior..we'll have their story. 3 and--presidential hopefuls...from both side of the aisles....were in south carolina today.we'll tell you what they did during their time in the palmetto state as news 19 at 11 starts now. 3 3 good evening and thanks for joining us...i'm loren thomas 3 3 the south carolina law enforcement division is now investigating an officer involved shooting in orangeburg happened early this morning at coaster club on old number six highway in santee.sled investigators say someone shot at a deputy who was responding to a disturbance at the nightclub. the deputy...who fired back...was not hurt.they are not sure if the deputy hit the car sped away from the scene.this is the first officer involved
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there were 48 officer involved incidents in the state. 3 columbia police are investigating after a pedestrian was killed last night. it happened around 5-45 p-m on garners ferry road near 1-77 north.police say the individual was hit by two cars when they stepped into the road. they died at the scene. richland county coroner gary watts is waiting to notify next of kin, before releasing a name. 3 the search continues for a sumter mother who hasn't been seen since a disturbance call was made yesterday night. she's 27-year-old shardae davis.officers responded to her home at ritz mobile home park after a neighbor called 911 following a disturbance.a 2-year-old and 5-week-old were found by officers alone and unharmed.friends say it's highly unlikely for davis to leave her children alone. herbert linwood butler is wanted for questioning in connection with her disappearance.investigators say davis has a history with
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been seen since the call.we're told butler also has warrant against him for domestic violence. anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crimimsc. 3 3 it had been a beautiful day througout the midlands today as we had unseasonably warm temperatures in the middle 60s. although we had for the most part of cloud free skies, into the evening and up to now, cloud coverage has been increasing. here are the current temperatures in our midlands' communities.and here are the current weather conditions in the capital city. the cloud coverage will continue to increase into the morning as winds will shift from the west to north around 10 miles per hour. we'll have a low of 43 degrees. tomorrow with a slight chance for rain in the morning, by the afternoon we may see some sunshine and will reach a high of 53 degrees. sunday night, with decreasing cloud coverage, its going to very cold. 29 degrees with a wind chill temperature of 22.i'll have your 7 day forecast coming up in a few minutes. loren.
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3 the gop presidential race is more contentious than everwith the two frontrunners exchanging fire on the campaign weijia jiang reports from charleston south carolina, the democratic candidates are getting ready for a fight too, on the debate stage. 3"who put donald trump in charge of the elevators!"(tra ck 1)ted cruz cracked a joke about his closest rival after getting stuck in an elevator on saturday...but the battle between cruz and donald trump is serious.(sot--donald trump @11:56:01 am) "but then today another story where he forgot another bank - citibank he forgot!"(track 2)at an event in portsmouth, new hampshire...trump accused cruz of hiding a loan from citibank for his texas senate campaign...after cruz admitted he took out a million dollar loan from goldman sachs. (gfx in--tweets)trump also unleashed half a dozen tweets attacking cruz for his canadian birth place...and for slamming quote "new york values".(gfx out)(sot--ted cruz @ 10:10:35)"well u know it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy - (sot-stand up-weijia jiang//cbs news//charleston sc)the democratic race is
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to face off here in charleston south carolina on sunday the final debate before the iowa caucuses on february first.(nat sot--bill clinton)"i met hillary 45 years ago this march."(track 3)track 3all three contenders...frontrunner hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley attended "the first in the south" dinner a on saturday night... a nod to the south carolina being the first state to vote after iowa and new hampshire... where sanders is giving clinton an unexpected challenge.weija jiang, cbs news charleston, sc. 3 the democratic debate begins tomorrow night at 9pm eastern. 3 maryland governor martin o'malley was also in the midlands today...holding a town hall at benedict college. he focused the discussion on equal opportunity and well as other important issues to south carolina democrats.o'malley is currently behind bernie sanders and hillary clinton in the polls. 3 tomorrow mike huckabee will be in cayce.he will help lead the worship service and preach during the 9:30 service at trinity baptist church.the
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charleston highway in cayce. 3 3 iran will release five americans from imprisonment...a ccording to us of the detainees is washington post reporter jason *rezaian and pastor saeed *abedini.the release is a part of a prisoner exchange for seven iranians who have been convicted or are pending trial in the united states. meanwhile.....e u.s. has lifted economic sanctions against iran...after the united nations confirmed that iran fulfilled its obligations to scale back its nuclear program. 3 president obama had declared a federal emergency in flint, michigan after governor rick snyder asked for financial aid for their drinking water crisis.flint's drinking water became contaminated with lead after the city temporarily switched its supply from lake huron, to the polluted flint a cost cutting move. governor snyder is asking for 55 million to repair the
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to pay for several months of water distribution for residents.however, typically federal aid for an emergency is capped at 5 million dollars. 3 just two days after losing her husband and manager to throat cancer, celine dion's brother daniel has also died from cancer.the 59 year old was in the hospital with cancer in the throat, tongue and brain. he was the eighth of 14 children in the french- canadian dion family...and died surrounded by famiily at a hospice in quebec.a memorial service will be held next saturday. 3 3 millions of people will be celebrating the life of doctor martin luther king jr. on monday...but some are already honoring his name by volunteering this weekend. news19s chuck ringwalt has the story. 3 "i believe in the dream." doctor martin luther king jr. for is what i have the reality to do. "and inspired generations to serve his community as he once did. "the dream that he had. i feel like i'm living it."students
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carolina volunteered their time cleaning up trash surrounding gills creek along fort jackson boulevard."it unites columbia (in reference to the creek). from the university campus to the columbia area and all the way to fort jackson. we're all united. and we're all here to help the community." "these students probably didn't even know each other when they first started, but they're going to know each other by the time they leave and hopefully continue to build these relationships that they are building." "i was a little nervous about this at first, but it's actually a really nice day and i'm really excited to get to meet all of these people. i've never met anyonein my group before." tamaragail tarrant...has volunteered before.she says there's a moment when those volunteering for the first time realize the impact that they are having. "you get to see that light in their eyes when they finally understand and they are so thankful for the help that you gave them. that's the feeling that i get every time i do service. " "this is our way of making sure peopleleunderstand that we still need poeple to be out in our communities providing service of flood relief, helping keep the place beautiful because their is still all of that litter and
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columbia chuck ringwalt news19 wltx 3 the king holiday bill was signed into federal law on november 2 2001 all states began observing the day as a paid holiday - south carolina being the last. 3 preperations for the annual king day at the dome rally are well underway.this year the focus of the event is education equity...specific ally....makiki sure all schools are equipped to give students a chance to succeed presidential hopefuls hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders will be at the rally.participants will be marching from zion baptist church to the state house.the march line up is at 9:30.the rally is scheduled to start at 10:15. 3 the city of columbia's 28th annual mlk celebration will also be held on monday. usc president harris pastides will be the keynote speaker.the celebration will also include performances from logan elementary school and keenan high school.the event will be
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jr. park and community center on greene street at 4. 3 and all city of columbia parking garages will be open to the public at no charge for the king day holiday. you can see the eight garages here on your screen. in addition....street parking meters will not be enforced monday. 3 still ahead--it looks like we're going to wake up to a few clouds tomorrow morning and maybe even some rain. coming up after the break...meteorologist efren afante will have your family's full forecast. 3 coming up monday on news 19 this morning if catching more z's is a problem for you don't worry we have an answer. the three things you can do to finally get a good night's rest. also we're turning up the music while dialing down the savings, our deal will show you how to unleash music right from your desk. news 19 this morning is monday from
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3 weekend to skate at main street ice.columbia's outdoor ice-skating rink has been open since thanksgiving day.its ten dollars for adults and eight dollars for kids ages 12 and under.the rink will be open tomorrow for its final day from one to 9 p.m. 3 3 3 the cloud coverage has been increasing since right after sundowthis evening and throughout the region, a lot of cloud coverage as been increasing from the deep south
11:29 pm again are the current temperatures throughout our midlands' is the current weather condition in columbia.for the record, we started with this mororng's low temperature at 48 degrees and warmed up with a lot of sunshine to a high of 65 degrees. the average low for this time of the year is 34 and the average high is 56. tomorrow we will see sunrise at 7 - 29 a-m.although we may not be able to see a lot of sunshine by day break because the current weather set up we have now will bring some of us overcast skies with the potential for early morning showers. this area of low pressure currently along the northern gulf shore line will make it's way quickly through south carolina and give us the chance for rain tomorrow are the forecasted low temperatures in the morning throughout the is the forecast in columbia. increasing cloud coverage will continue as we'll reach a low of 43 degrees with winds from the west shifting from the north at 5 - 10 miles per hour. chance f f rain mostly in the morning with a chance we'll see some sunshine late in the afternoon. a high temperature of 53 degrees as winds will be from the north then northwest
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sunday is our computer model showing us when the clouds will move through, when the rain will move through and when the skies will begin to clear out by sunday is the surface analysis and showing the clear, cold and dry air in the central plains and tennesee valley, well that is heading out way and next week, we will see the coldest temperatures of the winter season thus is the forcast for monday, doctor martin luther kind junior day. and here is your midlands 7 - day forecast.3
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3 we're on your 3 side with information about a boil water advisory.water customers of summerhill drive in richland county need to boil their water for at least one minute before drinking or cooking.if you live in that area and have lost water will need to boil your water as well. the city of columbia says they've experienced an 8 inch water main break...which could lead to bacterial contamination of water in that area. 3 meanwhile....a boil water advisory has been lifted for water customers of glengarry drive...lake carolina drive between mariners cove drive and peninsula way...and peninsula way subdivisioiothe city says the e distributions system have been flushed and new samples show that the water is safe for drinking and cooking. 3 south carolina's new football
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men's basketball game tonight. sports anchor alyss lang will
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3 3 hes been hard at work on the road recruiting players and staff members.. but for a few minutes today will muschamp took some time to address gamecock fans at halftime of the mens basketball game.he was introduced by athletics director ray tanner, and was met with loud cheers and a resounding "boom", not "boo" in case you were wondering.. boom is muschamp's nickname-- he spoke briefly with fans before introducing his staff, to quote"make sure you understand who's bringing a championship to columbia."he also spoke with media afterwards and fielded questions about the satisfaction with his staff, early enrollees, and the status of some of his players. 3 its been really amazing, really has been so potistive,
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