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3 in lee county ...the m-l-k committee is hosting a breakfast to celebrate dr. king's legacy.the theme of the event is equality for all..fair play...goodwill and justice. breakfast starts at 8 this's being held at the lee central high school cafeteria. 3 the city of columbia's 28th annual mlk celebration is also today. usc president harris pastides will be the keynote speaker.the celebration will include performances from logan elementary school and keenan high school.the event is being held at martin luther king, jr. park and community center on greene street.the program starts at 4. 3 and all city of columbia parking garages will be open to the public at no charge for the king day holiday. you can see the eight garages here on your screen. in addition....street parking meters will not be enforced today. 3 democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton, martin o'malley and bernie sanders will be at the annual
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today.this year, the event's focus is education equity...specific ally....making sure all schools are equipped to give students a chance to succeed people taking part will march from zion baptist church to the state house.the march line up is at 9:30.the rally is scheduled to start at 10:15. ***toss to efren*** 3
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3 3 people around the nation are celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king junior today and here in the midlands - one group is finding a way to use dr. kings dream as inspiration to help a family overcome a devasting early december, kali kelly lost her mother to cancer.and her children lost their grandmother.after a heartbreaking holiday...they found strength in gerald hare and the elite youth mentoring group of south carolina.and to make their days a little the group will be surprising kelly's two nephews with tickets to see the charlotte hornets. 3
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owner. that should give you some kind of self to say, 'hey if you can do this i can do this too. you're dream was to be an nba player. now you own a team. my dream is to be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse. i'm going to live that dream."> the elite youth group of south carolina has been mentoring kids across the state since 2001. 3 talented musicians are often asked "who inspired you"..and often times they name other talented musicians like beethovan or mozart. but for one 12-year old virginia boy...that's not who's inspiring him. here's his story. 3 *nat*gifts come in all shapes and sizes... some are born with gifts... and well lets just say 12-year-old dante walker opened his early.*nat* "i like playing it makes me happy, i like also playing for other people, i also like making other people happy."so
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time to play at sentera martha jefferson hospital. his only trouble is trying to teach someone like me"for me i guess it just kind of came naturally once i learned the basics i remembered which each note was and it went from there." inspired by his big sister who also plays and skills sharpened by teachers suprisingly, one of his biggest inspirations isn't a musician at all."if dr. king hadn't done what he did i wouldn't be here, because there might still be segregation and i wouln't be able to go to some schools be with my friends or even come here and have a chance to play for all of these people."on monday walker will honor the legacy of dr. king by performing at charlottesvill e's annual m-l-k celebration. still he says there are issues blacks face daily, even referencing the picture he plays next to."i see a whole bunch of people, with different jobs but then i see only one colored personwho does nothing more than clean, while everybody else is helping people save their
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motivation"i think that sitting next to this painting can show that we can achieve more for people who don't think we can do these things, by having them see that we can do it,t,t can change what they believe in."walker says he hopes to be an inspiration for kids like him, but until then.... he plays to touch the
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3 chat3 3 3 richland county deputies are searching for the person who robbed a video store last night at gun happened at the video express on two notch around 11 pm... when an employee could not open the safe... deputies say the suspect shot the victim in the lower body.we are told the employee was able to get a gun...and that's when investigators say the suspect ran away.if you have any information related to this case, call crime stoppers... 1-888-crime sc 3 the search continues for a sumter mother who hasn't been seen since friday night. she's 27-year-old shardae davis.police say they responded to her home at ritz mobile home park after a neighbor called 911 following a disturbance.a 2-year-old and 5-week-old were found by friends say it's highly unlikely for davis to leave her children alone. herbert linwood butler is wanted for questioning in connection with her disappearance.
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also has not been seen since the call.we're told butler also has warrant against him for domestic violence. anyone with information about their whereabouts is asked to call crimestoppers at 1-triple-8- crime-sc. 3 an investigation this morning into a crash that killed a child and injured several others in orangeburg. troopers say it happened around 3-15 sunday morning, right outside the town of springfield. troopers say the driver of a nissan sedan was traveling with two children in the car...when she cross the center line and hit a kia sedan. the driver and the four passengers in the kia were taken to the hospital...along with driver and the second child in the nissan.troopers children in the nissan were in car seats at the time of the crash. 3 also out of orangeburg county... sled is now investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened early saturday morning at coaster club on old number six highway in santee. investigators say someone shot at a deputy who was responding to a disturbance at the
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fired back...was not hurt.they are not sure if the deputy hit the car sped away from the scene.this is the first officer involved shooting this year...last year there were 48 officer involved incidents in the state. 3 3 if you were affected by the october are invited to share your story at a public hearing in richland county.the community input and recovery project is a series of six meetings to gather feedback from neighbors. the first meeting is tomorrow at saint andrews park, that's on beatty road from 5:30 until 7:30pm. public input from the meetings will be used to compile a technical report that is specific to the county and will include strategies for mitigating or lessening the effects of future see the full list of meeting times and locations head out website wtlx dot com. 3 restaurant week wrapped up yesterday, but for one columbia restaurant -- it was a way of showing they're just
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colby gallagher has the story. 3 "i don't have no idea, just panic."when sato sushi owner young kim went to check on her restaurant following the flood, she knew the damage was bad by the time she pulled in to the parking by one, each employee was told they were temporarily out of a job. but kim says rather than sit at home, they showed up for a fferent kind of workrk"around 10 people, they come early morning through night time. they didn't stop the work. every day, every time, working, working."manager amber reyes says the restaurant is like a family and the experience only brought them closer."to sand every piece of wood in here, refinish it, change all the carpets, all the tables, it's a lot of work and the feedback is nothing but positive." despite being back open since the first week of december, kim says not everyone realizes it. that's when katie montgomery with the south carolina restaurant and lodging association suggested using restaurant week to help.
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hoping that sato can get out of this. just really spread the word that, hey, we're here, we're back open, we've recovered and we're back and ready to do business."reyes says with a new year and a new look, they're focusing on the positive outcome of a devastating situation."it's wondndful to be reopened and hear everybody's compliments and how well it looks and how it needed it. things like that, it's kind of like a blessing in disguise."colby gallagher news19 wltx. 3 sato sushi is open seven days a week and is located on north beltline boulevard. 3 3 you can help give back to those in the community by just checking your closet. for the 15th year the s-c bar young lawyers division... and alpha kappa alpha sorority are hosting the cinderella project. thanks to donations from folks across the midlands...they provide anything a girl might need for prom without the hefty price can drop items off right here... at news19 studios on garners ferry roadother drop off
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orangeburg are posted on wltx dot com. 3 the count down is on to super bowl 50 that will air right here on get you excited we are giving you a chance to be a winner. starting tomorrow ...we will be placing 19 golden wltx signed footballs at several different public landmarks across 11 counties. then everyday at noon.... we will post those secret locations through pictures posted on wltx's instagram, twitter and facebook accounts. so be sure to follow us! if you find a golden football bring it to the wltx studios to win $50... and then register for our grand price of $519. keep in mind you can only win *once* so please don't try and find all 19 footballs. the grand prize winner will be announced live on friends at five on
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3 still to come....a photo of a target cashier is going viral....we'll tell you why, coming up in what's brewing. 3 plus, you're waking up to a very cold morning....meter ologist efren afante has your full weather forecast next.but before we head to break here's a fact about martin luther king junior. we'll be bring them to you throughout the
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3 an indianapolis woman's facebook post is getting thousands of shares after she told a touching story wednesday of an experience she had with a cashier at target. this is the photo. in her post she said "i realized that the woman in front of me was taking a quite awhile, and i realized she was paying with change" and she started to get frustrated but what stopped her was the cashier ...19-year old ishmael gilbert was interacting with the woman and
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without judgement. since posting it the photo has gone viral and gilbert has become an instant celebrity hero. but he says while it's exciting...he says he treats all customers 3 the same way. chat3 3 a st. louis father is making national headlines for his formal style of parenting. a 6-year-old boy asked dad for a 20 dollar advance on his
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here's how dad responded. he sent his son a denial letter, with the tagline "because apparently i look like i'm made of money." dad goes on to explain how "insufficient funds and a history of not doing your chores" can come back to bite you. he then signed the letter as dad, ceo of dad savings and loan -- st. louis, missouri. there is hope for the young boy. dad added -- 3 appeals can be made by calling 3 mom.chat3
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panthers yesterday and fans of all ages are excited to see the team move forward...inclu ding this little girl..this is 2-year-old avalyn maier.and at first may not realize it...but she is a huge panthers fan. in fact...she has a special talent that sets her apart from other toddlers...and even most adults.she knows what all the panthers players look like and can identify them on the team's roster. 3 one morning i came down to feed her breakfast and she saw this and started looking at all the players and she said "cam newton" and i was like wow that's pretty impressive 3 her dad says avalyn recognized cam newton from all the games
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it just grew 3 from there.chat3 3 coming up...if you missed the democratic debate last worries, we'll catch you up with the
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3 and thanks for news19 this i'm deon guillory. and i'm levins. your 3 3 3 3 time is ____. morning. and
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3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning. i'm deon guillory. and i'm savannah levins. your time is ____. 3 3 3
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3 3 we now know one of 12 marines missing from a helicopter crash in hawaii is from the palmetto state. he's 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler of woodruff. sempler and the other marines on board were doing night training missions when the two helicopters collided. search efforts are still underway...but rescuers are fighting against rough waters and poor visibility.while the coast guard initially reported that the helicopters collided...marine officials say the incident is still under investigation. 3 the bond hearing for a man accused of helping 24-year-old abigail lee kemp rob jewelry stores across the south is expected to take place this
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lewis jones the third kemp was denied bond in a similar hearing last thursday. prosecutors say the two stole 4.3 million dollars in jewelry from five states.they were both arrested almost two weeks ago. 3 3 democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders went toe to toe on gun control sunday night, while martin o'malley struggled to be heard. after the debate, clinton celebrated with her supporters. weijia jiang has the story from charleston
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3 3 bernie sanders was the top candidate discussed on both twitter and facebook according to reps from both social media companies... south carolina holds the first-in-the-south democratic primary on saturday, feb. 27 3 3 senators are expected to continue talks on the roads bill tomorrow ... after not being able to reach a compromise last week. the group say they've made significant progress from when they first started. president pro tem, senator hugh leatherman... said he hopes to have a plan by the end of the day on tuesday. but others say it could be another week or two ... before they bring their bill to the floor. 3 meanwhile...the governor has released her executive budget plans... opting to fund what she thinks are the top priorities in the state haley is proposing to spend around 345 million dollars on
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potential 10-cent gas tax that could go into effect over the next 3 years... "if" a roads bill is passed by the general assembly. she also included roughly 165 million in flood recovery and 300 million for education reform.haley also wants to cut income taxes from 7-percent to 5-percent over the next ten years for all south carolinians....with an additional tax cut for military retirees. if the general assembly passes the budget, it will head to haleys desk for approval. 3 judges have selected candidates for a vacant seat on the state supreme court. they are 56-year-old ralph king anderson the third of columbia...he's the chief judge of the administrative court.also 52-year-old john few of greenville..who is the head of the court of appeals..... and 59-year-old harris bruce williams of columbia, a judge on the appeals court.the vacancy was created by the retirement of chief justice jean toal last month. she was replaced by justice costa pluh-koh-nus.the
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new associate justice february third. 3 3 with so much hype centered around the lottery last week...we want to warn you about a new lottery "scam" going on in orangeburg county. deputies say someone is calling people saying that you won a large amount of money and to receive that money, you must first pay the "insurance" or the taxes on your winnings before it will be sent.the state lottery does not operate this way....if you recieve a call like this.. you are asked to call law enforcement. 3 3 in italy...century old monks are making heavenly harmonies as they tap into history. it's taken several hundred years, but an american has brought music back to this sacred place in italy and music lovers around the world have responded. allen pizzey reports. 3 nat sot singing (monks singing
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eleventh century.that's when the chants were writtenand when st augustine 3 founded the benedictine order up father cassian)vo: father cassian folsuma graduate of musiccame here in 2000 with the simple aim of rejuvenating the monasteryand bringing its cassian folsum ) "if monks come or if candidates come and they think that they give them voice because it's so can't sing, you're going to be pretty bored here i think." (laughs) (13)(album being cut/monks praying etc)vo: the voice lessons are so good that a music company asked them to cut a ended up at the top of billboard's classical charts.the recording sessions had to be slotted into a daily schedule of work and prayers that start at three forty-five in the morning.(album cover/set-up interview)vo: the monk on the album coverconnec ticut-born father benedict nivakofffigured it would have less than limited appeal.(sot fr benedict )"but music, and beer, can get where words often can't."(audible) "they're both good for the soul."(sot) "both good for the soul. especially the beer." (7) (big grin)(old painting of monks and beer or beer being poured)vo: it turns out that beer is another monastic specialty that has its roots in medieval times.(in brewery or in bar)vo: brother francisthe brew master from dallassays ancient brewing was a kind of public health service because the boiling process sterilized often dirty water.(sot brother francis, master brewer )it's really an act of creation, just like god."(various beer/brother francis in brewery or drinking
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percent alcohol...and a dark version that's a whopping ten percent.(sot brother francis, want it watery. we don't want it light. it's something that, grabs your attention."(pints being pulled)vo: it certainly does that.(o/c: intrepid correspondent reluctantly on cam with monks - 0144 tc 3 11:45:49)"cheers."(pause to sip)"well, if you thought the music was divine, you should try the beer. trust me." (15)nat sot (monks singing)vo: and given the quality of the musicthat's saying something.(monks sipping beer)
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soulnat 3 sot chanting 3 chat 3 coming up...a womens veteran organization has just started up in the midlands...we'll have a guest live in studio to tell us more. 3 plus, the deadline for registering for the affordable care act is coming up...details and how you can get help...after your full weather forecast.but before we head to break here's a fact about martin luther king
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you throughout the morning. 3
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president of columbia chapter 3 - tell me about women veterans interactive wvi- what inspired you to start a chapter in columbia, sc?- what are some of the programs offered by wvi? - tell me about some of the results from the organization. - impromtu questions.- wrap up and meet up location.since the inception in 2011, wvi has supported over 1,000 women recognized by house and first their efforts.five am in the morning, wife, mother, caregiver, ceo, disabled veteran and homeless veteran, had an ha momentand created veterans interactive, because she was not doing less and wanted to do more. now, with four southeast maryland, atlanta, raleigh, and columbia, women veterans will be able to support they need. the women veterans columbia, south carolina meetup will bring together veterans from the columbia, south carolina and areas to introduce them to women veterans (wvi) and to also remind them that they are not alone. women veterans interactive meet-upjanuary 23, 2016the big red barn retreat 8024 winnsboro blythewood, sc 29016 3 3
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound)
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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3 the deadline to register for the afforable care act is quickly approaching. and if you still have questions, richland library navigators will be out in the community all this week to help. starting today they will be at the ladson's chapel family life center. that's located on cabin creek road in hopkins from 10 am until 1pm. the deadline for registration is january 31st.
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inspired millions of tv and online viewers with his restoration of an abandoned 150-year-old church, is now facing his toughest fight.
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3 chat 3 today is martin luther king junior day and there are lots of events happening in the midlands... we'll tell you everything you need to know, after the break....but first, we leave you with another mlk fact. 3 over the course of 10 years...dr. king wrote and published 5 books.they cover topics ranging from race
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good monday morning, thank you for waking up with news 19 this morning. >> later today downtown columbia will be filled with folks celebrating the life and legacy of martin luther king, jr. as news 19's megan rivers explained some will be honored for their service to the community. >> do i think doctor king's dream has been realized? i do not think it has been realized completely, because we must always try to be better. >>reporter:76-year-old robert
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