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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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state house and others did community service. good evening and thank you so much for joining us for friends @ five. i am darci strickland. >> i am andrea s. -- an dre-- andrea s. >> the candidates took the stage to campaign on this holiday. news 19's joy k joins us with. >> reporter: recognizing both the civil rights work that needs be done and the work that has been done. the first year this celebration took place without the confederate flag over head. they praised praised praised the removal of the confederate flag. they are stoked about the cost of higher education across the country and the condition of
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of course on a day that celebrates a leader in -- >> we are all diminished by racism and bigotry and injustice no matter who we are, whether we know it or not. >> what is important is that we remember his vision. the world that he wanted to see the america that he wanted to see. >> dr. king said change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but through strugself ours. -- struggle is ours. . >> we have too have economic empowerment within the community. it addressed wealth -- >> reporter: it addressed president obama's legacy. the elections are at the end of
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>> thank you so much. >> this morning some folks remembered the leader over breakfast. the 18th annual keep the legacy alive now breakfast. they talked about this year's message of education equality. >> dr. king said it is not all about intelligence but it is also about character and that is what we are working on now here in south carolina. not about just what do you know but do you have the characteristics and the stills. >> we will hear from some of the people who attended the king day at the dome coming up in the second half hour of friends @ five. . also making headlines today a trench accident at a construction site leads to a man being flown to the hospital. the person was trapped in a 14 feet deep trench at where the
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hours on the scene before they get him out. no word on what happened. in ricklandquent, a dependence -- richland county a suspect shot a store clerk. about 11:00 p.m. last night the suspect entered the video express on 2 notch road and pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. the employee gave the suspect cash from the register and then shot the clerk after the clerk couldn't get access to the safe. the employee was able to grab a gun and fire back before the suspect took off. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. if you saw anything that could help call crime stoppers 1-888- crime-sc. troopers say one person is dead after a crash while running from deputies.
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this morning on harvey berry road. the driver hit a tree. the driver died on the scene. the passengers was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the two men in the car were suspected in two robberies at truck stops this morning off i- 20. troopers are investigating a two car accident that killed a child and injured 7 others about 3:15 a.m. yesterday morning. a woman with two cars in the car hit another vehicle. the driver and the four passengers in the other car were taken to the hospital along with the driver and a second child. troopers are not sure if the kids were in car seats. the accident is under investigation. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a very chilly holiday across the midlands.
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45 degrees columbia. 44 sumpter. 44 newberry, bishopville. we have a breeze out of the northwest. temperatures feel cooler than that. feels like 38 degrees that is the wind chills. 37 winnsboro. this is going to be the trend over night. cold, breezy, wind chill values will be cold over night. air temperatures, lows to 21 degrees in columbia. upper teens in the midlands. a covery cold night -- a very cold night. we may see wind chills in the middle teens. get ready for that. 42 degrees tomorrow. we will see a lot of 9. next 5 days, 48 degrees wednesday. partly cloudy skies. isolated showers on thursday. 54 degrees. better chance of rain on friday. 58 degrees. breezy on friday and saturday
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that is your forecast. we will look at traffic real quick. columbia. things are looking good. no major problems. i-20 in the green. i-26 as well. all in the green right now. no major problems. a lot of people have the day off. a little added traffic coming into town but no major problems. downtown 23 minutes to the village. we will look at the very chilly forecast coming upane few minutes -- up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. three days since 12 service men went missing after two marine helicopter crashed off -- helicopters crashed off of the coast of oahu. this afternoon a prayer vigil took place for him at city
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no may day call was received. they just got word that something went wrong. the coast guard confirmed finding pieces of debris that will hopefully help them determine what caused the accident. the family says they lost hope. a singer, song writer was arrested and charged with domestic violence this morning. police in maine said he was arrested without incident, taken to jail about 3:00 a.m. in the morning. he did post bail. no other details have been released. he is due in court february 22. candidates in columbia. the same time ] >> presidential forum. the event is open to the public
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lawmakers debated about whether to ban republican presidential candidate donald trump from the uk. 500,000 people signed a petition calling for donald trump to be blocked after he called for a ban on muslims entering the united states in the wake of attacks. british prime minister david cameron caused the proposal stupid and wrong but said he should be allowed into the uk. we are on your side tonight with a recall. check your pantry. we shop at trader joe's but cashews are being recalled. they are recalling the raw cashew pieces because they may contain salmonella. they have a best date of july 17, 2016. if you have the nuts don't eat them. take them back to free agency and get a refund. to trader joe's and get a refund. gas prices are continuing
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national average $1.89. the cheapest price in the state right now greenville, there is a place selling gas for $1.39. the price plunge should continue. the totals are now in for the hot new year's celebration. 40,000 people came out to the free event on main street. that is 40% bigger than last year. this year's headliner was lauren hill. controversial children's book has been pulled after it may give a false impression of the lives of the first president's slaves. the book "a birthday cake for george washington"." the depiction of the slavers led to a petition to stop the books distribution.
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saying we don't believe this meets the standards of information to younger children. >> what do you think? >> i think they got it right. >> yeah. [ talking at the same time ] >> pull that one. >> happy slaves baking a cake. >> awkward. the same time ] >> i don't know about the publishing -- >> i think it is more than two people -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it got passed -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we grew up reading the books and bringing home the forms -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they get it right a lot. but that -- [ talking at the same time ] >> that one -- >> that was a swing and a miss. coming up next, something that never is a miss, meatless monday.
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smoothie if you want energy or
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we we are a little more than 2 weeks away from groundhog day we are 2 weeks away from ground-hog day and a small town in wisconsin will be without their groundhog after the animal used last year bit the former mayor. you recall this video of the ear. never fund. authorities told the owners they needed a licensed owner groundhog. that prompted them to release him into the wild and find a replacement. if they don't find one the event will go on. if it is found in time it could be kept in a cage to avoid another nibble. >> got him up early, he didn't feel like it.
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>> sat there like he was thinking -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> what do you think the mayor was saying? >> mike tyson event there. >> yeah. >> mean groundhogs. winter is here for us. >> it is chilly. >> it will be chilly and colder tomorrow. get yourself prepared tomorrow morning. one of the coldest mornings we ever had so far this season. 44 sumpter. 46 orangeburg. cooler in the up state. mid-30s there. a breeze across the midlands in south carolina. winds about 15 miles per hour in columbia. 20 orangeburg. 9 sumpter. we have a breeze. getting cool temperatures in place. feels cooler. these are wind chill values across the state. 38 columbia and orangeburg. 39 sumpter. 29 rock hill. 27 anderson. this will be a trend we will see over night.
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also see some wind. it will feel colder than the air temperatures. wind chill forecast model shows how cold it may feel tomorrow morning. tonight 11:00 p.m. talking about wind chills in the low 20s. these are wind chill values. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., by the time we are waking up, it may feel like the mid-teens. bundle upper to morning and your kids. -- bundle up tomorrow morning and your kids. it will get cold over night. 24 is the wind chill values by tomorrow afternoon. during the day light hours talking about cold weather. we will put the forecast in motion for you. a lot of sunshine for tomorrow as we work our way into tuesday. we expect a lot of sunshine. wednesday may see a few more clouds. this model tries to bring in precipitation. right now we are not banking on rain on wednesday. this is the only model that is bringing in precipitation but that is something we will be
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right now a dry forecast for wednesday. tonight looking looking for lows into the upper 20s. wind chill values in the mid-20 teens. tomorrow -- midteens. tomorrow, low 20s. 48 degrees, isolated showers on thursday. 54 degrees. best chance for rain comes in on friday. 58 degrees as a low-pressure system crosses the area. behind the system, 50 degrees on saturday and the temperatures moderate. 54 degrees on sunday. right now shooting for a high of 60 degrees by monday afternoon. bundle up tonight and get ready for one of the coldest mornings we ever seen so far this season. >> all right. thank you so much. we are here with brian. talking about smoothie. there is a smoothie craze. what are the important things we should put in the smoothies? >> a protein powder.
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i use sun warrior. put one scoop. perfect. 20 grams of protein. i will make you a smoothie that i make every morning. givers me boost of -- gives me a good boost. i start off with two frozen bananas. >> you can do -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and you can buy the ripe ones 30 cents a pound. >> good idea. >> add this. non-dairy almond milk. i get the unsweetened. i am adding it to sweet bananas. i fill this up till it hits the two cup mark. >> i don't like ice in the smoothies. >> yeah. what is the point? i use macha powder.
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>> tell me about it. >> it is a root grown in south america. been grown for centuries. the warriors would drink it before going to battle. givers them a -- gives them a good stamina to keep fighting. fight through your monday with macha powder. tastes like caramel. not over powering. you won't taste it tremendously. >> okay. what else? >> green tea powder. this is mucha powder. has caffeine. and it will regulate your caffeine. when you drink a lot of coffee you get a buzz, it will level that out and give you energy and there is not much of a crash -- [ talking at the same time ] >> green tea is good for us.
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>> this is a super food smoothie. >> absolutely. goes in vita mix. lights might dim. start off slow. >> that is not loud. >> we can get it louder. once it is like a tornado in there. good to go. this is breakfast. takes 3 minutes to make -- [ talking at the same time ] >> we didn't put -- [ talking at the same time ] >> flaxseed. we ever these individual packs. i add these, i blend it and add a lilt at the end. if you blend them it might thicken your smoothie. >> okay. >> flax is good. fiber source. and omega-3s for brain health. >> i don't believe you this is going to taste good. [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't believe you. it is very green. >> that is the green tea. >> very good.
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>> i look forward to this every morning. >> i would have gottened the sugared -- gotten the sugared -- >> what smoothie will we make when we come back? >> green smoothie with kale and other stuff. >> lunch smoothie to pick up your energy so you are not falling asleep after you eat. love that. 20% off on thursday. i am going to finish my smoothie. coming up next on friends, a
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cure for 3 in your healthwatch...a new study finds tonsillectomies in your health watch, tonsil escomies could improve the quality of life for adults
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researchers found they have fure sore throats. . teens who have difficulty sleeping may be more vulnerable to stress than those who sleep well. researches messed cortisol as they performed public speaking tasks. stress levels were higher during and after the task among tweens reported more sleep problems and longer sleep durations. . study shows american women are waiting longer to have a baby. the average age at which women conceive their first baby raised from 29 years in 2000 to 26 years in 2014. increased awareness among teens and more job education opportunities for women are the factors that brought about change. the study added the united
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child bearing age compared to european countries. this is an interesting story if you have little ones in the room, turn it down, we will talk about sperm boss. >> what is a sperm boss? well, researchers believer this could revolutioninize anybody who is having trouble conceiving. motors could make sperm better swimmers to get them up to the egg. a tiny micromotor supplies to get the sperm where it is supposed to go. as it makes contact, the motor slips off. the project was conceived two years ago with a team conducting experiments in the lab. so far there have been no human trials with the technology because they are not positive yet it is feasible. i think, you know what, there
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boat and it makes the boat go, put motor on the sperm and get it to the egg. yes? >> i am trying to conceptualize the motor. >> tiny.
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you know you are watching news 19 friends @ five with andrea mock and darci strickland. >> west coast to friends @ five. the missing mother from sumpter is believed to be okay. >> however police officials say they have talked to her on the phone but they are still considering her a missing person because they have not met with davis in person. news 19's sonia gutierrez spent the day in sumpter. what shall did you find out --
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about this very interesting case. >> reporter: i spoke to the mother today who said she wants her daughter to come back home because she is afraid her company is not good for her and she is too old to take care of her children. this is what her mome looks like -- home looks like now. there was screaming coming from the home friday night. someone called 911, reporting a disturbance at the home. according to the police report when officers arrived they found broken glass from the door unsecured and two children, a two year and a five- week-old. since then police have talked to davis on the phone but they say she is reluck tonight come forward because of an outstanding warrant for shoplifting. people in the community hope the children are okay. >> pitiful. it is sad.
5:26 pm
you know, the help, i would. >> reporter: police officials tell me dss will be involved because it is a domestic violence investigation and the children were left alone but right now it is unclear whether or not davis will face any charges. her boyfriend of two years is wanted for questions in her disappearance. he also had a warrant for domestic violence, police want both to know they don't take domestic violence lightly. if you have information about the case call crime stoppers. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. hope they are taken care of. two men are charged with a drive by shooting in kershaw county. alan leon holloway and levi marshall gibbs were arrested after deputies say they wrecked their car while trying to get away from officers saturday. deputies shot two people at a home. now investigators say they found a shotgun in the car
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alan leon holloway and levi marshall gibbs were taken to the hospital for treatment and booked into jail. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a chilly start to the week and looks like temperatures will be colder by tomorrow. right now 45 degrees in the city. warmer to the south. 50 degrees in savannah, georgia. asheville 23 degrees. knoxville 24 degrees. mix in the wind, feels like 14 in knoxville and asheville. 38 in greenville. this is the trend. cold temperatures. a breeze. it will feel pretty chilly by the time you get going tomorrow morning. air temperatures we are expecting lows into the upper teens to near low 20s. 21 degrees. 42 degrees tonight. or tomorrow i should say and 23
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it will be cold over the next 36, 24 hours. 48 degrees wednesday. thursday we warm aup, 54 -- up, 54 degrees. a chance of a isolated shower. and a better chance friday. 58 degrees. and it will be dry on saturday with highs around 50 degrees. that is a look at your five-day forecast, as far as traffic is concerned, no major problems right now reported by the highway patrol. that is good news if you are traveling. shouldn't be a lot of traffic. a lot of people have the day off. not a lot of traffic. accident at 2 notch. accident with injuries reported on that one. that may slow you down on 2 notch road. i-20, 12 minutes. from fort jack son to the air force base about 39 minutes. we will take another look that cold forecast tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you.
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braved the cold temperatures to remember dr. martin luther king, jr. they marched to the state house and was honored this morning. more security this year than other years because the four democratic presidential candidates attended. the theme, education. a special year because it was the first dr. martin luther king, jr. day celebration kraut the confederate flag. news 19's janae frazier was without the crowds and continues our team coverage. what was different this year? >> reporter: a lot of people i spoke with say that today they had two reasons to celebrate. now hundreds of people were exciteteto celebrate the peace and love dr. martin luther king, jr. displayed during his life. he remained non-violent to
5:30 pm
he was a marter for his cause so martyr for his cause and many celebrated the fact they were able to celebrate in the absence of the confederate flag. >> this is the best one. feels great. it is not on top of the state house or & not in our face. >> the flag is down. it is what we needed. but it came on a sad occasion but now it is all history. >> there is an extra celebration going on here. it never prevented people from coming out today but there sapep in their step today. -- is a pep in their step today. >> several of the democratic presidential candidates oakoed -- echoed what they spoke about. >> i am sure people were excited to get to hear in person from the candidates. was it quiet?
5:31 pm
applause, cheering. it was electric. >> thank you. over in lee county people honored dr. martin luther king, jr. a special breakfast took place that high school. equality for all, fair play, good will and justice. they listened to speakers speakers and sang songs during the event. and mebs of the urban -- members of the urban league volunteered in the community today. the day of service kicked off at johnson high school this morning. students heard from leaders and then they spent the day midlands. >> the fact that they came out, the fact that they love serving, the fact that they are young and with all of the negative press sometimes our young people get, is good to highlight the good that they
5:32 pm
so that was inspiring. >> the urban league used grant money from target to fund the project. and the president and first lady participated in a day of service. they went to an elementary school in washington, d.c. to plant a bed of vegetable seeds and packed bags of books for those in need. a website features audio from dr. martin luther king, jr.'s speech, the e first dream website includes audio from november 27, 1962 in north carolina. north carolina state university professor discovered the audio. thth is interesting. a rare right while has been
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the whale and cavs were spotted off of folly beach. it is the first time in three years a right while has been spotted. experts say they estimate there is only 450 of these whales in the north atlantic. and are you ready for hunting? how about python hunting? if you head to florida you can do that. the python challenge, debuted in 2013. hunters with permits are encouraged to capture the snakes alive. people without permits must kill the snake and bag the remains. it is a five week hunt with a chance to win thousands of prizes. the problem is, they are not supposed be in florida and they are destroying the everglades. they are hoping to gather and kill as many as they can. the previous challenge only
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-- resulted in the capture of 68 snakes. let's talk about something nice now. here is something that is cool. during butler's game this weekend with st. john. you just saw, he nailed it. that is a happy guy. you wonder what we won? free subs for a year. >> nice. [ laughter ] >> free subs for a year. what every college student wants -- [ talking at the same time ] >> one more time. one more time. >> bam. >> that will be your reaction when you catch your first python. >> i would try to hunt the python but the alligators will get in the way. [ talking at the same time ] >> you can promise me i will not run into alligators and/or mosquitoes -- >> there is one or two mosquitoes.
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is stopping me. honestly. get me contract. no alligators, no mosquitoes -- [ talking at the same time ] coming up next, how many times do you eat lunch artwork and then find yourself dragging -- lunch at work and then find yourself dragging? we will (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. meatless monday with brian. good to see you. we are talking about not doing so much chewing but doing a lot of drinking. >> exactly. [ talking at the same time ] >> i am good with that. i am. i really am. i am good with that. all this stuff looks like it offers an incredible amount of nutritious value like this. >> the healthiest thing you can put in your body.
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the idea is to eat it instead of lunch. it will give you a boost of energy so you are not crashing at your desk -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and then you will be ready for dinner. we will start with spinach. i removed the stem. >> why? >> has a bad flavor. you can eat it but it is strong. >> okay. >> add this. baby spinach. get your iron. >> that is kale. >> the first was kale -- [ talking at the same time ] >> and i have ginger to add zing. it is good if you have a cold. cough. >> yeah. all right. perfect. >> a little bit of sprouts -- [ talking at the same time ] >> hard to find. you have them -- >> we have one kind. sometimes 2 or 3. >> perfect. >> flax.
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>> little hemp hearts. add protein. a little bit of frozen mango. a sweet flavor. a zing. >> okay. >> now we will juice it together with a half can. we can adjust it. half can of coconut water. >> the benefits? >> it hydrates you. it has a -- in the desert what do they say -- [ talking at the same time ] >> on a deserted island, look for a coconut -- [ laughter ] >> i don't know what they say. [ laughter ] >> and now the blending starts. >> 93 we will blend it. >> i feel like when i blend or make smoothies i might england too long. does -- blend too long. does the consistency matters? >> if you add a lot of flax
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you want it drinkable. >> okay. >> you have the ginger. you want it ground up really well. seeing less -- >> yeah. >> i can adjust the speed. >> okay. >> all right. [ talking at the same time ] >> say i ran out of the house and i didn't have time do you make this -- >> we don't have it on the menu but if you have an idea we can make it. we have all the ingredients there. >> where is brian? [ talking at the same time ] >> thursday you get 20% off. >> if you want to try these, thursday is the day to come because you can get 20% off. perfect day to get higher price items that you want to experiment with. >> let's try the smoothie. >> all right. i am a fan of brian and rose wood i will try this.
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>> hold on. here we go. >> not bad. not bad. >> good? >> i will go with not bad. [ laughter ] >> this is medicine -- [ talking at the same time ]
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>> stay today a high school football star announced he will be a gamecocks. he committed to louisville but backed off a few days before christmas. she a line -- he is a linebacker. the usc men heads to ole miss for another road sec match-up against e rebels tomorrow. but this game is more significant than winning
5:43 pm
will have as many wins as the team totaled last year with 17. it is just part of the reason why the attitude towards the team changed in a good way. >> success, you know -- success brings attention and with attention comes a dynamic we have to understand how to manage and handle. you know? myself included. i -- i -- for the last three years no one had an interest in talking to us so we have all had to manage different dynamics success brings. i rather manage that than the one we managed three years ago which is 3,000 people in an arena, your own campus didn't care about your team, the media didn't care about the team, the players didn't care about your team.
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a huge scandal now in the world of tennis. they allege some of the top stars in the game have been involved in match mixing and officials are turning a blind eye to it. the report said the governing body of tennis was warned about 16 players who were involved in match mixing. he was offered $200,000 to throw a match and lose. roger federer was also approached to flow a match as well. >> i feel like we know for sure the william sisters are not fixing any matches. >> yeah. >> they go hard. >> how crazy is that. some somebody paid you $300,000 to lose?
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>> i could lose for free at any sport. i might take it. >> we want to know what you
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is tennis fixed the count down is on for super bowl 50 that will air right here on wltx. we are giving you a chance to be a winner. here's how it will work: on january 19, we're going to put 19 footballs with a gold wltx logo and signatures of our anchors at landmarks around the 11 counties in our viewing area. at noon on that day, we will post those secret locations on wltx's facebook, twitter , and instagram pages. follow us. if you find a golden football bring it to the wltx studios to
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for our grand prize of $519. you can only win once.
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the winners will be announced rights now on news 19 -- right now on news 19 at 6:00 p.m. honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. >> police talked to a missing mom on the phone but they still need to see her face to face. the latest on the investigation and a trench rescue today. crews rushed to pull a person out of a hole at a construction site. news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> from the station that is on your side, you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. >> thousands gathered at the state house to celebrate the life and legacy of famed civil
5:49 pm
king, jr. good evening now and thank you for being with us on this monday, king day, i am jr berry. >> and i am darci strickland. >> the democratic presidential candidates remembered dr. martin luther king, jr. as they campaigned for the white house. news 19's joyce koh was there and joins us with the details. >> reporter: recognizing both the civil rights work that needs to be done and the work that has been done. it is the first year the celebration look place without the confederate flag over head. >> how wonderful it is to be here together without the confederate flag over head. >> day that has been celebrated. >> that flag was one piece of something biggerer >> reporter: to remember the fight for leadership under --
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