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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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martin luther king, jr. >> we don't look at him as somebody from the past. >> reporter: his speech stuck with americans there generations to follow. >> what is important is that we remember his vision. the world that he wanted to see. >> the question of how far we have come and how far we still need to go was on the minds of the democratic presidential candidates. >> when black people are killed worshiping at emanuel ame church this sivil rightsish -- is a civil rights issue. >> poison waterish michigan, under funded schools. >> the causes they stand behind
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>> in order to have a good education we have to have economic empowerment. >> i think he would agree with many of us and say that every public college and university in america should be tuition free. >> dr. martin luther king, jr. died with his work unfinished. and it is up to us to see it through. >> reporter: this is all ahead of the primary election in the state, the first in the south, in south carolina at the end of next month. joyce koh, news 19 wltx. >> thank you. hundreds of people were excited to celebrate the peace and love king displayed during his life. he remained non-violent. several flocked to the state house with signs. many people say this day was extra special since the confederate flag was no longer a back drop to the celebration.
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it feels awesome. i was part of the march in 2000 to get it done. to be out here today. to be out here with this flag down, makes south carolina feels like we are coming -- we are embracing real change. >> also this morning folks across the midlands honored king's memory with breakfast. the business leaders came together to talk about king's legacy. >> some people don't see the relevancy, the connectivity of dr. king relative to them. we think it is important to understand that dr. king legacy is part of their legacy. without dr. king we would not have the economic growth that we have over the past decade. >> other than breakfast others
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the day of service kicked off at high school, volunteering throughout the midlands and they heard from leaders about the importance of honoring king's memory. >> we want to keep his legacy alive. we want to encourage the youth to continue to serve their communities and make a positive impact, for the betterment of our community, to strengthen one another, build, bond, and bridges that will create a legacy for the next generation. >> the urban league used grant money from target to fund their service. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> we hit 48 degrees earlier this afternoon but now that the sun is down temperatures cooled off. 40 degrees in the city and over in sumpter. 43 degrees orangeburg. cold air is in place and it is breezy out there.
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wind chill values at 32 in columbia. 32 newberry as well. this will be a trend over night. cold temperatures temperatures and breezy conditions. 21 degrees. mix in the wind, it will feel 15 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, 42 degrees. even with a lot of sunshine it will be chilly out there. we will look at the forecast for the next 7 days coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. patient is recovering before being stuck in a trench for two hours. where the new costco is being built. the fire department said the man was in stable condition. there is no word on what caused that trench to collapse. the missing mother is believed to be okay after a phone call with police but they are still looking for her.
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friday night. neighbors called 911 saying there was a dispute. police found broken glass, and two small children inside but no side of the parents. her boyfriend of two years is wanted for question in her disappearance. shardae davis as a warrant for shoplifting and that is why police say she is reluct tonight come forward. neighbors want to make sure the children will be okay. >> it is pitiful. it is sad. if i had any way of getting -- you know, the help, i would. >> police officials say dss will be involved because it is a dover investigation. the children were -- domestic violence investigation. the children were left alone. for now the kids are with family members. if you have information about this case call crime stoppers. we will have more coming up
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the search continues for 12 marines missing after two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. one of the marines is from the upstate. he has been with the marines for forayers. today crews found life rafts but no signs of the crew members. . a 9-year-old is dead following a head on collision in orangeburg county. two vehicles collided on highway 3 early sunday morning. after one of the cars crossed the center line. six people were taken to the hospital. however the 9-year-old died at the scene. troopers say one person died in a car crash while drying to get away from deputies around 5:00 a.m. this morning. troopers say the driver ran off the road and hit a tree. the driver was not wearing a seatbelt and died on the scene. the passenger was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. deputies haven't slain why they
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they were chasing the -- explained why they were chasing the vehicle. ben carson held a question and answer session. he spoke about the state of the country and where he wants to see it going. he was asked what he would do to reduce the national debt, he wants to reduce the income tax to a 14% flat rate to encourage growth regardless of income. >> i think everybody should have skin in the game. started at 150% poverty level. even the people below that have to pay because it doesn't make sense for a large number of people not to pay taxes but have a say in how much the other people pay. >> she in -- he is in west columbia. the state attorney general is there for a forum.
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haven't seen for some time. gas for under $1 a gallon. over the weekend in michigan they got into a price war. one station dropped to 78 cents a gallon. another went to 47 cents a gallon. however the low prices didn't last long. they are back to $1.46 a gallon in the michigan area tonight. in the midlands the gas prices fell 4 cents since last week. the average price of glas in columbia -- gas in columbia is $1.67. cheapest prices are in the greenville area, some stations are charging as little as $1.39 a gallon. >> if some stations want to get into a price war -- >> we are not going to argue with it. >> we like that.
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>> bring the war on. still ahead now, it will
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we are you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland. >> good times as the hunt is underway in florida, 600 people are looking for pythons. what? why would they do that? this is the state's second public hunt. they want the snakes dead or alive because it is a population problem. teams and individuals are encouraged to enter the contest with $5,000 going to whoever gets the most snakes. it goes till february 14. one of the rarest worlds in the world was -- whales in the world was spotted off the coast
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the first sighting in three years. north atlantic whales weigh more than 100,000 pounds. the rare right whale. i am -- [ indiscernible ] >> it is tough. >> when will we look for the pythons? >> the python doesn't bother me, it is the mosquitoes and the alligators that we will have to deal with. >> we could split the 5 grand. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> let's go. you and me. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> wow! wow! >> i don't think so. it will be cold. we don't have to worry about pythons in south carolina not with temperatures like this.
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it is cold outside. temperatures dropped to 40 degrees columbia and sumpter. 43 degrees in orangeburg. 32 degrees rock hill. freezing point in rock hill. we have winds out of the west at 14 miles per hour in columbia. 7 sumpter and 12 in orangeburg. mix in the cool temperatures, it feels colder. it feels like 32 degrees in columbia. 35 sumpter. 37 orangeburg. wind chill values of 29 in greenville and greenwood. 23 right now in anderson. night. we will see the breezes. it will be cold. and this is how the wind chill forecast is shaping up. wind chill values of 21 and 23 degrees by midnight and then tomorrow morning we are talking mid-teens. bundle up tomorrow morning and the kids it will be cold tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we are
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mix in the winds it will feel cold with wind chills in the middle 20s. cold over the next 24 to 48 hours. a lot of sunshine. cold tomorrow. even tuesday. a lot of sunshine. it will be cold. now as we go into wednesday a system tries to swing through the area. this tries to bring in a couple of showers. right now a dry forecast but we will increase the cloud cover ahead of the next weather maker. lows in the upper teens and low 20s. protect your people, pets, pipes and plants because it will be cold tonight. highs tomorrow in the low 40s. it won't warm up a lot tomorrow afternoon. this is what we are expecting for the next 7 days. 23 degrees wednesday morning. cold wednesday morning. 48 degrees wednesday afternoon. cloudy skies on thursday. a chance for a isolated shower. better chance of rain friday. 58 degrees. dry over the weekend.
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54 degrees on sunday and maybe by next monday we are above normal with high temperatures around 60 degrees. so cold night on tap with wind chill values potentially in the middle 20s. dress in layers. >> that will be tough for the kids tomorrow morning. >> it is. take those precautions. wear the gloves. and everything. >> thank you. bring in alyssa lang, what is going on in sports? >> usc hoops.
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do something pretty coming up, five american prisoners are freed from iran.
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new polls came out. >> a lot of people thought they wouldn't be able to but they rebounded on saturday. tomorrow the gamecocks have an opportunity to match last year's win total with 13 games still left in the regular season. they finished 17-16 last year and tomorrow they look to go 17- 1 over ole miss and they gave them trouble last year. ranking of 24 and a dozen games left to go, many would think about the naacp tournament and post season play but frank martin said he is sticking to the philosophy of one game at a time because it seems to be working. >> i am not in to looking at the schedule and saying we have 16 wins. you know, if we can coming out a -- if we can figure out a way
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in the post season. that is not fair to our players. why should i be worried about winning 6 or 7 more games if we still have -- 15? is that correct? it is not fair to them. it is not fair for me to do that. that is cheating them. we will worry about the finish line and reflecting back on the season when it is over. >> in football news, richland northeast student decided to play at south carolina. he tweeted this morning after originally being committed to louisville but backing off on that. it is coming with a successful pitch from the coaching staff. on the day head coach was introduced he immediately went to visit.
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paid off as he will stay at home. a lot of happy panthers fans. hostinghosting for the first time in franchise history. next sunday they will take on the cardinals who won green bay saturday for the right to head to the super bowl. expected to be a hot game and a hot ticket as tickets sold out in 3 minutes yesterday. and someone in attendance for yesterday's big win was clemson quarterback. a photo of him and cam newton was taken. i asked cam yesterday about the relationship and what it has meant. >> i have known him since at that age now that -- to see what he is getting, all the accolades, all the hype, he
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he is intuitive of who he is and what we can possibly represent and what he does represent now and we talk -- you know, talk for a life time. i pick his brain on some things. he picks my brain and he is a smart young man that deserves everything and more that he
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super goal, scorpion, ncis los the super bowl will be here before we know it and we have a lot of fun contests. the on tuesday, we're having the first-ever wltx news19's find the golden football treasure hunt! here's how it will work: on january 19, we're going to put 19 footballs with a gold wltx logo and signatures of our anchors at landmarks around the 11 counties in our viewing area. at noon on that day, we will post those secret locations on wltx's facebook, twitter , and instagram pages. if you are the first to find a
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the wltx studios to win a $50 first prize and register for the grand prize of $519, and keep the football as a
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5: >> pelley: family reunions for american prisoners released by iran. also tonight, michigan's answer to the flint lead crisis. is it too little? the clinton-sanders race is tightning. >> her campaign says they always knew it would be close. >> yeah, right. >> eagles guitarist glen frey has died. take it easy >> pelley: and one man's journey to keep the dream alive. >> i want people to be involved
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