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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 good morning and thanks for waking up with us here on news19 this morning. i'm savannah levins. and i'm deon guillory. if may have taken more than a month ... good morning, thank you for waking up with us here on news 19 this morning. >> it may have taken more than one month. but it's definitely starting to feel like winter around the midlands. that is an understatement. right now we are feeling some of the coldest overtures of the season let's bring in meteorologist, efran afante into the conversation. in some parts, it's starting to feel like 12 degrees outside? >> the word you just head that people just heard, 12! it is horribly cold outside. right now our temperatures outside the midlands are in the teens and 20s, 16 campton, 19 newberry to winnsboro and bishopville. lexington 16. it feels like it is 12 degrees and bishopville, feels like 16
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wind chill feels like 12 degrees in downtown. only 20 degrees at the bus stop, we will have a lot of sunshine but it will not help much. 40degrees, will feel more like the -- 35. we started to warm up tomorrow. increasing cloud coverage in the afternoon as winds come out of the southwest with a high of 48 degrees. if you are just about to head out you are definitely going to need to warm up your vehicle before heading out. the good thing is no accidents or issues on the roadways. 321 heading on i 26 both directions moving pretty good. sunset boulevard to west columbia, traffic is light right now. i 20s -- i 262 harbison, 13 minute commute. we will warm up, it is going to take a while.
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forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> at least the sun will be out. you tell me it is warming up, i am holding you to that even though you have no control. >> remember you can follow the news 19 weather team on social media for all of your weather updates. you can follow them on twitter. twitter right now is in and outs, if you are lucky. we are struggling with it. yoyocan also download the news 19 weather app onto your iphone or android -- android device. go to our website to sign up. >> lots of way to keep in contact with us. chilling temperatures last night were an issue for some people in the midlands, especially those without a warm >> in the spirit of serving others, one columbia church need. news 19's jeff ringwald without story
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protector plants, pipes, people of course. >> i was seeing on the news that they were advising us to bring their pets and, i was thinking of animals have to be brought in certainly a human. >>reporter: -- >> i got up and it was cold outside, i met a few guys in this community about a hundred yards from here that are sleeping in the woods. we got up and i we wanted to do something. >>reporter:along with the help of candace carter and the other members of the church, jones gathered supplies, open the doors of their ministry, and began welcoming others with a warm plate and a place to sleep. >> we are doing what god wants us to do. being of service and loving people for who they are, no matter what circumstances, or situation they find themselves in. they are welcome here. we are here for them.
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community, we can identify with. what makes us a unique ministry is that a lot of us c ce from broken homes, we come from this part of town, and we come from out of a situation of struggles that they are currently in. >>reporter:though they recognize they do not have a lot to give -- >> we are going to take what we got and we are going to offer it. a part of that. i want to help. i want to be there for someone. because of my family, or i was somebody to help me. >>reporter:in columbia, chuck ringwald, trying to >> set free ministries as they will continue to keep their the weather warms up or they are located at 6212 shakespeare road in columbia. happening today, i reminder this morning that the deadline to register for -- register for the affordable care act is coming up soon. if you still have questions, richland night -- library navigators will be out in the community all this week to help. you can go to bluff road park today from 5 p.m.
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on thursday at hopkins park same time. the deadline to register is january 31. if you were affected by the october flood you are invited to share your story at a public hearing in richland county. the community input and recovery project is a series of six meetings to gather feedback from neighbors for the first meeting is tonight at saint andrews park on beatty road from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. public input from the meetings will be used to compile a technical report that is specific to the county and will include strategies for mitigating or lessening the effects of future flooding. to see the full list of meeting times and locations go to our website military job seekers and family members are invited to come out to a military career and resource fair at the orangeburg armory. in addition to possible job opportunities you also find resources for va benefits, information on behavioral homeless veterans, financial
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veterans, active-duty, and retired service members from all branches and military family members are all invited. it's goi on from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on stonewall jackson boulevard over in orangeburg. let's take it to the hoops right now, later tonight martin and the gamecock men's basketball team has the chance to match last year's win total when they go for number 17. they are on the rolled again -- wrote again against old ms.. tipoff is set for 7 o'clock. an update on a story we have been following -- >> a missing mother from sumter is believed to be okay after a phone call with police but they continue to look for her. davis went missing friday night, neighbors called 911 saying there was a dispute. when police arrived they found broken glass, and unsecured front door and two small children, but no signs of the parents. herbert butler who is believed to be the woman's boyfriend, of
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for questioning in her disappearance. davis, herself, has a warrant for her arrest for shoplifting in myrtle beach. that is why police say she is reluctant to come forward. and clairton county, deputy city man wanted for murder in washington, dc has been found now in manning. 20-year-old william lee lewis, deputy say they found him hiding in a closet in the forestville apartments. investigators say he was wanted for killing that was captured on video. an extradition hearing will be held for lewis later this week. five days and counting the -- since 12 servicemen went missing. a prayer vigil took place at woodruff city hall. the servicemen went missing after their two marine helicopters crashed during a training late, late thursday night off hawaii sure. the coast guard says no made a call was received, just were that something had gone wrong.
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finding pieces of debris that will hopefully help in determining the cause of that accident. they also recovered three inflated life rafts but they were empty. if you want to do some good, listen up, you can help give back to those in our community by just cleaning out your closet appeared for the 15th year, the sc bar young lawyers division and offer cap alpha kappa alpha sorority are hosting the cinderella project. thanks to donations from people across the midlands they provide anything a girl might need for prompt without the hefty price tag. you can drop off your donations right here at news 19 studios at garners ferry road. we have other job -- drop-off locations dropopoff locations those are posted on our website we want to take a quick minute to look back at the biggest party of 2015. the famously hot new year celebration continues to grow, and the most recent one no exception. officials say 40,000 people
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columbia's main street. that is almost 40% more than the year before. of course, the crowd might have shown up to see the headliners from the party which was grammy winner, lauren hill, my favorite. the weather probably played a role in that, too. thank you to everyone who showed up, it is never too early to start planning where you will be for this year's celebration speaking of parties and fun, if you want to win some cash today. one of the biggest parties, super bowl 50, is going to air right here on wltx in just a few weeks. we are giving you a chance to be a winner. starting today we will be placing 19 golden wltx football signed by our anchors here at several different public landmarks across 11 counties. every day, at noon, starting today we will post little hints on secret locations through pictures and posted posted on our social media, our instagram, twitter and facebook and make sure thatfollow us on all of those. if you find one of these, bring
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immediately give you $50. and then, we will register you for our grand prize of $519. keep in mind, you can only win once, do not try to go out alal across the midland and try to find almighty. the grand prize winner will be alive -- announced live on friends of five on tuesday, january 26. it will be fun. the mom of the day is danielle hall, danielle is the mother of six and was dominated by her daughter, she tells us her mother works so hard to take care of all of her children but she never gives up, even when times are tough. we are very lucky to have a mother, like her, we love her dear -- we love her dearly. if you would like to nominate a mom for mom of the day, go to our website, and click on the banner to send in your nomination. time for our word of the day. today's word is expatriate, which means to move about freely, or at will.
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you sounded -- you had a good application for this word. >> if you are flying, and the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign, you can -- you are free to expatriate throughout the cabin. we are not free to xp shieh expatriate because we are stuck to the desk. >> tried to use that in your everyday life. >> if you figure out how to do it, tweet us, if your twitter is working. >> we have one example, see if you can use another one. 'tis the season for coal, and the flu. as it gets colder outside, the new recommendations i keep -- can keep your doctor from prescribing certain medications. we will tell you about that coming up. when is it going to get w arm?
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walmart vs. bi-lo was $27.31 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. very cold -- start to your morning heard one of the coldest we have seen so far. we have been talking about it all morning, no up is the mantra of the morning. >> i will say it right now, just like the michelin man.
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it is flat out cold. the coldest of the year so far this season. temperatures are in the teens and 20s, it is 19 newberry, 16 camden a tad warmer in lexington at 22. the wind chill, bishopville it feels like 12 degrees, saint matthews of phil's the like 17, feels like 17 in aiken, here in columbia it feels like 12. clear skies, makes our temperatures just hang. caution, let your faucets drip, a little bit at night so the pipes do not freeze, keep your thermostat at at least 60 degrees, absolutely no doubt, the pets do not belong outside in the subfreezing temperatures. check on the elderly, they do not have the warmth like a lot of us do, make sure they have everything they need to keep themselves warm. this area of high pressure in
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another one in the southern part of canada is bringing in and reinforcing more cold, dry air and that is settling in and it will stick around. it is going to be a beautiful day today, lots of sunshine when the kids get out of school, but still chilly. 38degrees, not high -- looking at temperatures in upper 30s in the northern midlands, central midlands into the 40s. here in columbia, 40 degrees for a high, it will feel like the upper 30s, tonight 22 degrees. potential windchill of 18 as all of our lows in the midlanan will be in the teens to the northern midlands into the central southern midlands into the 20s. we will slowly warm-up for tomorrow, 48, 55 on thursday with a chance of afternoon showers. by friday, chance of showers and windy, 56 degrees, but then we slowly warm-up through the weekend with highs in the middle 50s to the upper 50s. as far as the roads right now, no accidents are being reported. a little bit of a delay in
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augusta road between main street and sunset boulevard. sunset boulevard heading all the way across i 20 looking pretty good. from i 26 and 77 to fort jackson you are looking at about an 11 minute commute. you will still need totoarm up the vehicles before heading out. it is going to be a cold one, but at least we will be watching for the warm-up to finally come around. we know, with this weather that has been around, the cold it is the season for colds, coughs, and sore throats, unfortunately. >> new recommendations are reminding doctors to prescribe antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. can craig has the details from new york. >>reporter:mackenzie meyer has a sore throat, and a cough. >> it persisted for five days i decided to stop in and make sure that it was not strep >>reporter: city md doctor
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throat, a bacterial infection -- but more likely a virus, which is not treated with antibiotics. >> a lot of people really think antibiotics are the answer for everything. >> it is important to remember that most coughs, colds, runny noses, sore throats are caused by viruses. >>reporter:the american college of physicians together with the cdc want to cut down on prescribing antibiotics for common respiratory infections. they say about 50% of antibiotic prescriptions may be u nnecessary. >> the goal of this is to prevent antibiotic overuse, which would cause antibiotic resistance which is literally killing people in this country. >>reporter:the recommendations include prescribing antibiotics only one strap is confirmed, for sinus infections that last more than 10 days, or severe symptoms more than three days. meyer was told to rest and take over-the-counter medicines. >> i want to make sure when i am really sick, my body will be able to fight it off, and the
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back if her symptoms got worse. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> experts also found that people with sinus infections experience more side effects and benefits from antibiotics. we are feeling the coldest temps of the times of the season, and one charges following a golden rule to help
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that story at 6:30.3 an area high school wants to get you to move your feet all for a good cause.payton lang thank you for staying with us, and area high school wants you to get -- wants to get you to move your feet for a good cause.
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here to tell us a little bit about this charity school dance. good morning. >> we are having a casual school dance to support children's miracle network. >> tell me about how this idea started? >> it started, usc has a very well known program called dance marathon, we tried to do it laster but it was hard in our school setting. we wanted to get kids involved in a casual dance we never had before. so, we started planning at and saw how black lights and g lowing, and how kids are interested in that and we . we built off that, we got a dj sponsor, and the lights were sponsored and it came together very quickly. >> you have the music and everything you need for something like this. >>reporter:the money, tell me about the money you are wanting to raise, and the amount? >> the goal for our school, all together, we want to raise $10,000.
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with ticket sales and we have a gofundme on our facebook page where you can donate to our school. lots of people are getting involved that way in the community. i think it's great for lexington and columbia. >> that is where i was going with my next question. how important is this, especially this time of year, where the holidays have just passed, but we can still find a way to give a? >> it is definitely important to be a servant all 355 days of the year. getting involved, and children's miracle network it affects kids all across the midlands. it is really important, sending your money, telling your kids to get involved and we want to inspire other
6:22 am
even if they cannot do big events, they can do something to give back. >> alex, tell us about your experience? >> i was hit in the head with a golf ball in seventh grade, it was a traumatic brain injury. the only place i could take care of me, was told at hospital here in columbia, their staff was absolutely incredible. without children's miracle network which raises a lot of funds for the research, and a lot of children's health issues across the world, i would not be here today. that is pretty much all we are trying to do is help hospitals, like children's hospital, to be able to take care of kids, like me. >> we have the proof right here. tell us about the details when the dances, and how people can get tickets? >> the dances this saturday, february 23, tickets are closed off to high school students, but if you know someone that goes to river bluffs tell them you're interested, they can get
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you are welcome to come 3 3 good morning and thanks for can use a freezing? >> freezing. [laughter] >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this morning. >time right now 6:31. that is right, freezing is the word of the day. you see the blue, and the purple behind you, that means it is literally freezing cold. it is very cold outside right now, yesterday at this time we were in the 30s, some of us in the 20s, now we are in the teens and 20s. it is only 19 degrees in newbwbry, camden 16, bishopville 90, orangeburg 26 degrees, lexington 22. columbia 20, the wind chill what it feels like, it feels like it is 12 degrees in
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bishop will it feels like 19 in newberry. when i -- when the kids had out, 18 degrees, it will be frigid coldld it will be very beautiful with sunshine, high of 40 degrees. it will feel like you're in the mid- 30s. overnight tonight, very cold, 22 degrees a wind chill of 18. it will start to warm up tomorrow, 48 for a high, increasing cloud coverage in the afternoon as winds shipped out of the southweststt five-10 miles per hour. is you are heading out this morning, no delays at all as you are coming off of trust and highway both directions on 321 passing through pineridge all the way up to i 26. if you are coming down from the villages of sand hill to downtown 29 minutes. highway 277 and i 20 about 13 minutes. it is freezing, this is day two, when will it warm-up? it can start warming up tomorrow, i will show you the
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few minutes. chillingtemperatures last night were an issue for many in the midlands without a warm place to sleep. in the spirit of serving others, set free ministries opened its doors to those in need. pastor calvin jones felt the shock of the cold weather early yesterday morning, causing him to think twice about how he could serve his community. along with help of candace carter and the other members of the church, they gathered suppppes, open the doors of their ministry and began welcoming others with a warm plate and a place to sleep. >> we are doing what god wants us to do. being of service and loving people for who they are, no matter what situation they find themselves in. they are welcome here. we are here for them. >> set free ministries is a will continue to open its doors every y ght until the weather warms u p. they are located at 6212 shakespeare road in columbia.
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campaign, in myrtle beach, ben carson held a question and answer session with the audience on the final day of the tea partrt convention. he spoke about the current state of our country and where he wants to see it go. carson was asked what he would do to reduce the national debt, and he says he wants to reduce the nation's income tax to a 14% flat tax to encourage growth regardless of income. >> everybody should have skin in the game starting at 150% poverty level. even the people below that still have to pay something because it does not make any sense for a large number of people not to pay any taxes, but have a say in how much the other people pay. >> he also made stops in west columbia last night at the brooklyn baptist banquet on the conference center with a the state attorney general, alan wilson with the conservative leader -- leadership project presidential form. thousands of other rather state house to celebrate the
6:27 am
doctor martin luther king, jr. most of the candidates woven the words of doctor martin luther king in their speeches recognizing both the civil rights work that still needs to be done, news 19's joyce koh was there and has more for us. >> how wonderful it is to be here together, without the confederate flag overhead. >>reporter:it has been celebrated -- >> that flag was just one piece of something bigger. >>reporter:to remember the rights of the leadership under doctor martin luther king, jr. >> it is a terribly important, it seems to me, that we just do not look at him as a figure as somebody from the past >>reporter:who's famous, i have a dream speech has duck with americans for generations to follow. >> what is a report -- what is important as we remember his vision. the world that he wanted to see >>reporter:the question of how far we have come -- how far we
6:28 am
minds of the democratic presidential candidates who spoke to the crowd. >> when black people are killed worshiping at mother emmanuel, with a gun, walk through a legal loophole, this is not just a public safety issue, it is a double rights issue. >>reporter:inequalities that they say still disproportionately affect the lives of americans daily. >>reporter:-- >> a growing econonic injustice, health disparities, poison waters in flint michigan, underfunded schools in the poor children's neighborhoods >>reporter: they stand behind hazing >> we know, in order to have a good education, we have to have economic empowerment within our community. >> i think he would agree with many of us, and say that every public college and university in america should be tuition free. >> doctor king died with his
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us to see it through. >> that was joyce koh reporting. this is ahead of the primary elections in the state, the first in the south which will be held in south carolina at the end of next month. lets you take a look at your health headlights, new canadian study suggests the higher a person lives in a high- rise building, the lower their chances of surviving cardiac arrest were that to happen. building access and elevator delays were among what was blamed. those living below the third floor they say have the best chance of survival. researchers at the university of chicago say catching up on sleep may help lower the risk of diabetes. they found diabetes risk jumped 16% for healthy young men who were sleep deprived. with two nights of extra sleep, insulin levels return to normal. in your usa today headlights, authorities have released the names of the 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii.
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from right here in south carolina. he is 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sampler of woodruff. he and the men were on board during night training missions when the two helicopters collided. >> we have been searching 20 for hours a day, since we were notified and got on scene. >>reporter:of the missing, is major shawn campbell from college station, texas, his mother tells us she is staying hopeful she will see her son again. >> he's an amazing father, and an amazing husband, and he loved his family. [ crying ] and he took great pride in his marine corps, and in the privilege of serving. he loves to fly. >>reporter:us coast guard confirmed finding pieces of
6:31 am
in determining the cause of the accident. since the tragedy thursday, ocean safety lifeguards on rescue watercraft have covered more than 150 miles from -- and the waters. >> we are dedicated to try to locate and bring back the servicemembers >>reporter:saturday night, a green laser struck a coast guard helicopter crew involved in the search, forcing them to alter their search pattern. coast guard captain, jim jenkins, emphasizes the seriousness of this crime. >> if we determine who did it, we will prosecute to the fullest effect of the law, and it will hinder our search efforts >> the public is reminded to use caution along the shores as the search continues. any debris should be treated as hazardous material. >> very difficult time for all of us involved, this is a nightmare for all first responders. nothing you ever want to have to do. we want the families out there totoote that we are doing everything we can. >> a prayer vigil took place
6:32 am
woodruff city hall. michigan governor, rick snyder to never -- delivers his estate of the state speech t oday, this comes a mid- amid growing angel -- anger over flynn's water contamination crisis. hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the governor's mansion on monday calling for his arrest and resignation. attorneys representing flint residence and to announce to new class action lawsuits today targeting governor snyder. if you try to tweet with us this this morning, you might have noticed a problem. we have been struggling with all morning. although, it seems to be working now, that was not the case earlier. the company confirmed early this morning that some users, all across the world, were experiencing problems this morning accessing the platform both on mobile and desktop. it seems like we have it working now. >> i think we are back. >> we tweeted out a picture of
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>> we were so delighted. you would have thought it was christmas morning the way we reacted to twitter being back. >> when the anchors get their social media back, it is a party in the newsroom. you can tweet us, finally. >> @dion wltx >> tweet at us now that we have a backup. how low can we go? gas prices on the downswing. how low experts say drivers can expect to pay. but first, no snow here, at least, folks in minnesota are making the best of the cold. details on that, next. as we head towards the
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temperatures back into th you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. 3 check out how they're dealing
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three brothers created a giant check out how they are dealing with the cold in minnesota. three brothers created a giant octopus out of snow in front of the home. it took about 500 hours >> is not a typo? 500 hours? >> they say they heat up the snow in their garage so it makes it easier to mold it. it's an annual tradition they have been doing since the 2012, and they actually use the event to raise money for charity. in the past, they have made a giant turtle, and even a shark. >> i feel like they are playing a practical joke on us, 500 hours, and they heat up the snow in the garage. what is that even mean? doesn't that make water? >> we southerners do not know much about that. not snowing here, >> i do not want to use that snow word anywhere here. it's cold enough though. it is really cold out there, temperatures right now are in
6:36 am
19degrees from newberry to winnsboro, 16 camden, 19 bishopville, down to 17 in saint matthews. at the wind chill, it feels like it is 20 in columbia -- 12 columbia and bishopville. another area of high pressure in canada bringing in one wave after another of cold dry air. it is going to be a pretty day today, maybe a cloud or two but when the kids get out of school, downright chilly. only 38 degrees, our highs today are not that far off from there. highs in the upper 30s when we get into the northern midlands and the central southern midlands into the lower, perhaps even middle 40s overnight tonight, very cold once again. temperatures in the teens and 20s, we could feel the wind chills again in the mid to upper teens overnight tonight. we will have sunshine for tomorrow, we will start warming up a high of 48 degrees, 55 thursday, with some rain expected in the late afternoon,
6:37 am
it will be windy. the rain will end by saturday morning and continue to be w indy, as we go through the weekend into monday. temperatures start climbing from the lower to middle 50s up to 60 degrees by monday. if you are heading out the door, other than warming up your vehicle, no accidents are being reported on the interstate which is a great thing from all the way down i 26, both directions are moving pretty good. if you're coming down from i 26 and harvest into downtown, a 14
6:38 am
downtown 3 there is some good news for drivers as gas prices continue to drop.the national average
6:39 am
gallon...while the statewide average is $1.6 some good news for drivers, gas prices continue to drop. the national average is $1.89 a gallon right now. while our statewide average is $1.67 a gallon. according to gas buddy, buddy, the cheapest price in our state right now is selling in greenville for $1.39 a gallon. the price should continue to plunge for the foreseeable future. we are just three weeks until the super bowl, a top living room upgrade is half- price. >> money man, matt granite. showcases another steel >>reporter:happy tech tuesday, way for those super bowl tv deals, about a week away. sound bars at astounding grab today. going to give you a full demo in a moment. take a look at what has me fired up. this is a 60-inch sound bar. for the first time, if you got a big screen tv, you can actually get the most clear rich sound on an item that is selling for $500 on amazon that
6:40 am
200 and $30 with free delivery. -- $230 >> i really like this, it has a greater volume control. i like the bluetooth function. if i am not watching television, i can come down put this thing in, and it really works. it has a great sound, too. it's hard to impress me, this one works out real well. >>reporter:that was one of several sound bars they tested and hands-down my number one pick, especially with the price drop on our website, back to you. >> that was really nice. >> that still a lot of money. it was originally $500, that is a good sale. head to had to our website if you want more information on that or our tech deals from our moneyman. before you head out, one item you may need to include when you are getting dressed. efran afante has a full forecast
6:41 am
those in the military and their
6:42 am
morning continues.3 if you were affected by the october are invited to share your story at a public hearing in richland county.the community input and recovery happening today, if you are affected by the october flood you are invited to share your story at a public hearing in richland county. the committee and put input to recovery project is a series of six meetings to gather feedback from neighbors for the first meeting is tonight at saint andrews park on beatty road from 5:30 p.m.
6:43 am
to compile a technical report that is specific to the county and will include strategies for mitigating or lessening the effects of future flooding or to see the full list of meeting times and locations go to our website wltx also today, military jobseekers and family members are invited tocome out to a military career and resource fair at the orangeburg armory. in addition to possible job opportunities you will find resources for va benefits, information on behavioral health, homeless veterans, financial counseling and much more. veterans, active-duty and retired service members from alalbranches and their family members are invited to attend. that is going on from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. today at the armory in orangeburg over on stonewall jackson boulevard. super bowl 50 is coming up soon, it's going to air right here on wltx just a few weeks. you get too excited, we are kicking off a great little game today. a competition, if you will. we will be placing 19 golden wltx assigned a footballs at
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landmarks across the midlands. every single day at noon, starting today, we are going to post little hints with pictures posted on our social media, instagram, twitter and facebook ensure you are following us on social media. the best part, if you find one of these footballs ring it into our studios here on garners ferry we will hundred $50. how easy is that? we will register you for our grand prize of $519. keep in mind, you can only win one time. do not try to go out and find all 19 of them. this wi really fun. the grand prize winner will be alive -- announced live on tuesday, january 26. let's check in with efran afante for a look at the roads >> i 26 eastbound as you are approaching saint andrews road, traffic has been picking up as everybody is back to school and work. it is freezing outside, right now the temperature is 20
6:45 am
kids get out of school today, it may be sunny but it is still going to be very chilly mac,-- clear skies tonight, very cold, 22 degrees with a wind chill of 18. we will start to warm up by tumor, high of 48 degrees by thursday, 55 with a chance for a late afternoon shower. a better chance for showers on friday. it will be windy, the high of 56 degrees in clearing out into the weekend by monday we are going to get back up around 60 degrees. the big freeze to the big thaw out. as far as the next 36 hours that is still going to be horribly cold. >> at least the sun will be out. >> the sun is deceiving though. [laughter] >> hey, go out in shorts and t- shirts, five seconds out turnaround come back. >> make sure you have the kids bundled up as you head out the door this morning. thank you for joining us, follow us on all our social media. we are kicking off the gold and purple competition today.
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stay warm. thank you for joining us on news 19 this morning. >> cbs this morning >> good morning. it is tuesday, january 19th. welcome to "cbs this morning." protesters demand michigan's governor resign over a toxic war crisis. he admits it is his hurricane katrina. fireworks on the campaign trail. donald trump promises a surprise today. ted cruz says his counter is a counterfeit conservative.
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oil price, china and a few jobs initiative.
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