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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we start off your news with a look at your weather. turning things over to meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a cold start to the day. cedar creek 14 degrees. that was the coldest reading. in columbia we dropped to 20 and it didn't warm up a lot. only into the upper 30s. 38 degrees columbia. 34 winnsboro. 37 camden. temperatures cooling off. we have a breeze out of the north. feels cooler in portions of the midlands. 29 newberry. 31 camden. 30 st. math cause and 31 degrees -- matthews and 31 degrees in sumpter. as far as air temperatures, lows around 22 degrees. a system swings through the area tomorrow. maybe producing a sprinkle or two. otherwise expect increasing clouds with highs around 47 degrees and tomorrow night more clouds with lows around 33 degrees.
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seven-day forecast, we will look at that coming up in a few >> thank you. the minimum wage in the state is $7.25 which many families say is tough to support your family on. today united association of united way held an event highlighting the wages needed for basic essentials. news 19's janae frazier with more on what the study uncovered. $7.25, that is tough. >> reporter: the standard for south carolina was done by professor out of washington. shows 90% of the workers in the state are barely making it. >> reporter: he works to -- she works to support her and her children. >> making $7 at 16.
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>> reporter: her resume shows she is a jack of all trades. she has done everything, working in restaurants, day cares and doctor offices. >> i just landed this. >> reporter: but many jobs just don't cut the bill and she is one of the many being advocated carolina. >> 91% of the workers in south carolina have the deck stacked against them. >> reporter: today several organizations presented the standard for south carolina. which shows the wages needed in our state to provide for basic living needs, the report shows a single working parent with two children in richland county needs to make $41,000 a year to support their family without assistance. >> a quarter of south carolina's work force isn't making it. >> the organizations hope that
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agencies will keep the study in mind when bringing jobs to the area and making financial policies. [ indiscernible ] >> taking college courses that could help me have something. >> reporter: tomorrow the study will be giverren to members of the general -- given to the member of the general asasmbly in hopes it will help them make better decisions. the group says they will use the information to start a conversation with agencies, faith groups and business leaders to advocate for livable wages. as the senate continues to be divided on the compromise for a roads plan one group has been lobbying against increasing the gas tax. joyce koh here with the details. >> reporter: they are making more progress than they did last year but they say it could
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reached on a roads bill and the hold up is on disagrees on three components. a gas tax for roads revenue and roads reform and a gas cut. but a group says they want to focus on reforming the transportation system. they calling on -- they are call on lawmakers to remove the committee, move the department of transportation under the governor and remove the commission and the state infrastructure bank. >> i think we will be@in the same place we are now in five years. the money will be wasted. . the same politicians will be making a lot of money off of this and citizens will be driving on crappy roads. >> i agree it makes it difficult, however if all three are not in there it is impossible. you are not going totoget
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[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: that group americans for prosperity will voice their thoughts on the gas tax as they pay for 45 cents of every gallon who go to the exon on west main street starting tomorrow at 7:00 a.m., joy k, news 19 caul -- joyce koh, news 19 wltx. . and a bill for a journalist registry with criminal penalties. it will establish a responsible journalism registry with requirements that journalists must meet before working for a news outlet in south carolina. the requirements weren't laid out in the summary. the bill says the registry will be operated by the secretary of states office and would have fees. and it would authorize fines and criminal penalties for violating the law.
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coming up tonight at 7:00 p.m. and tomorrow the governor's will give her state of the state address at 7:00 p.m. she will talk about the budget plan, flood problems. you can watch it tomorrow night right here on news 19 and on we know the name of the man who died after he crashed his car while he was running from deputies. he is a 26-year-old, jared green. he crashed into tree yesterday. troopers say he was being chased by deputies at the time of the crash and the passenger a 28-year-old was treated and released from the hospital. he is now in jail. the two men were suspects in two robberies at truck stops yesterday and he is also
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today marks the first day of e tax filing season and scammers are trying to take advantage of taxpayers. officials say the biggest phone fraud is growing. and now the government is launching a public service announcement warning you about the phone scammers. in march of last year 366,000 people were called by scammers. that number is now up to 900,000. >> they are just ruthless criminals and they don't care about people. they don't care about anything other than trying to intimidate you into paying them money. if you don't pay immediately you will go to jail, that is the tip-off. the irs will never make a call like that. >> ififou t a call like that the irs says hang up. authorities say it started in india but it is so profitable
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tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in the primary. it is set for february 20. the deadline to register to vote in the democratic primary is a week from tomorrow on january 27. the democratic primary is february 27. if you have moved make sure you are ready to vote by updating your registration or if you moved you must register in your new county by the deadline to beelinen to vote. -- be eligible to vote. a largrgfurniture donation today. lazy boy delivered a tractor- trailer full of donated furniture, and now the store will be able to sell the items to benefit their charity programs. it is located at 10,012 2 notch road in columbia. a new era is underway for
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today students returned to a new campus. it is operating on a new building on 50 acres of land on alpine road in richland county. the new school features a chapel, tennis courts, football and soccer fields, a wellness center and more classroom space, two gyms and an auditorium. >> we didn't know how it would be at first. because, like, we saw it in construction and everything but now that we are here we are, finally. >> they moved out of their month. our golden football contest is underway. today we placed 19 golden wltx signed footballs at several different land marks across 11 counties. the clues have been posted on our instagram, twitter and
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if you find a football bring it in to the studios get your $50 prize. we had 5 winners come in today. the grand prize will be @ five. how about that? 5 winners. there. >> i think they have been found. >> we know there are no more footballs in orangeburg county. i had somebody just tweet me. when will you put the footballs in orangeburg. still ahead details on chilly temperatures headed our way.
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homes demolished in tonight mega millions is up to 30 million. tickets just a dollar.
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10:00 p.m. you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland. >> sad to see this but a number of homes had to be demolished today. they were damaged by the flood and they were not repairable. we talked to one woman whose home was store down. she had 61 inches of water inside her ho. she had to be rescued by neighbors. now.
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closure because i did have nightmares about the floods so it not being here ends that a little bit and i am not going to go too far away from here because it is a nice neighborhood, nice people and i hope they can figure it out to where the other houses remain safe so it doesn't flood anymore. it flooded december 21. >> i think we forget we got through october, november, the holidays but there are still people out there suffering because of what happened. our thoughts are with them. >> so many roads are closed and so, you know, it may be fine where you are but so many people are still struggling. speaking of struggling, we were strucking with the cold this -- struggling with the cold this morning. [ talking at the same time ] >> cedar creek 14 degrees. that was the coldest spots. i don't think it will be as
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38 degrees in columbia. 35 degrees sumpter. 38 degrees orangeburg. below freezing in rock hill. 30 degrees there. 41 degrees charleston. 36 myrtle beach. a beach out of the north in columbia. 3 miles per hour. 5 sumpter and orangeburg. stronger in myrtle beach, winds are 13 miles per hour. we have the cold air in place. little wind out there. it feels cooler than what the air temperatures are. wind chill, 31 sumpter. 21 rock hill. 27 myrtle beach. 29 florence. tonight it will be cold. little bit of a wind out there, feels like the mid-teens at times. bundle up tonight and tomorrow morning. forecast into motion, clouds increase tonight. we will call it mostly clear over night. tomorrow, a system swings through the area.
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talking about trace amounts in south carolina. for us as the system swings through, we may see a sprinkle or two. we are not expecting rainfall whatsoever. into thursday, more clouds move in. a chance of showers. better chance for rain is on friday. as far as air temperatures are concerned, lows in the low 20s. 20 degrees bishopville, saluda and newberry. tomorrow mid-40s for highs. we may see a sprinkle or two across the midlands tomorrow. but the better chance of rain is thursday, 50 degrees and better chance of rain on friday, 53 degrees. breezy on friday too. we will continue to see an opportunity for precipitation early saturday. 49 degrees the high and sunday it should dry out. 54 degrees and towards next work week, temperatures warm up a littlelebit above normal.
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and tuesday. a nice break there. >> i don't see any snow for the weekends. >> no but we will watch that system on friday. looks like the snow line will be from north and south carolina line north. problems up the east coast. >> all right. thank you. what is going on in sports.
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they have the chance the cbs evening news, more on sara palin's endorsement of donald trump for president and outrage grows over the city of flint's led contamination prices with calls from the -- for the governor's resignation. we will ask about the lifelong impact of led poisoning and how singing in the car has become a
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all big game for the gamecocks. >> it is game day for the usc men. looking to go 17-1 at ole miss tonight but they are not going to make it easy. especially with moody on the floor, averaging 24 points a game. martin watched teams try to shut him down but every night he walks away with 25 points. shutting him down will be a key to leave happy. >> can't guard him small because he will jump over the top and shoot it so you have to put length on him and you have to be discipline to keep him in front of you and make him shoot over defense. him. once he gets by you he is so crafty he knows low to draw --
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you can't put him on the line. [ indiscernible ] >> we have a good team defense. we work hard on defense. i feel like we will corral him. he will score. scores 25 a game. he will get shots in. [ indiscernible ] >> we will slow him down. >> honors rolling in on the women's side for former pittsburgh mayoral candidate a.j. a'ja wilson. she scored 26 points and blocked 8 shots, averaging 10 rebounds on the week spurned espn national player of the week honors as well. coming? the tigers will be under the national spotlight again tonight as they take on the 13th ranked wahoos. what makes this a big game? they won their last three straight over ranked opponents
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history and tonight is the chance to make it four. for the head coach he is happy his guys is seeing their hard work finally pay off. >> just really proud of my guys and happy for those guys. i know how hard they work. i don't like to see my players not have good experience. i don't like to see them struggle. i don't like to see them, you know, fail. and we failed some early on and struggled and -- and, you know, i am proud of them and pleased happy for them. that is what you do in coaching, is try to help young guys make positive memories and we have done that here the last play. >> gamecocks tip at 7:00 p.m., tigers at 8:0000p.m.
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up next a rock band headed tonight, 8:00 p.m.
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tomorrow the cast of survivor will be announced. 32 season.
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playing ] >> survivor premiers with a 90 minute episode on wednesday, february 17 right here on wltx. they will be performing north american concert dates between april and august. they will be here on thursday, april 21, tickets go on sale friday, january 29 at noon. >> trying to think of one pearl jam song. i don't know any. >> i can't think of one either. [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> be careful -- [ laughter ] >> if i were you i would choose two -- [ laughter ] we are out of here.
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the cbs evening news is next. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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