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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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around the world, good night. from the station that is on your side you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. >> good evening. thank you for being with us on a cold tuesday. chilly day out there in the midlands. the wind chill temperatures dipping into the teens part of the day and tonight it will be :>gt: cold again. temperatures dropping below freezing. now to meteorologist daniel bonds who has all the details on what to expect tonight and the rest of the work week. >> things will warm up eventually, we will show you that in the seven-day forecast. this morning was cold, cedar creek 14 disease. 17 saluda. and winnsboro 18 degrees. 30 degrees manning.
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37 in the capital city. another cold night. maybe warmer than this morning. a low in columbia 22 degrees. 47 degrees tomorrow. a sprinkle. an isolated shower. not much rainfall and then clouds increase tomorrow. lows around 33 degrees. but we have warmer weather on the way. we will look that seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. richland county city counsel took up a penny tax issue again, it considered a couple motions aimed to restore properly being spent. news 19's sonia gutierrez was there during the exchange. >> i would like to see the program get on track and for there to be changes to restore public trust. >> reporter: he is the new estedition to the transportation commission that over sees projects for the penny tax. one replaced. .
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thorn committee and washington who was investigate on charges out. but a lot of motions were met with tough questions. [ indiscernible ] it. [ indiscernible ] i don't think that is right. >> i don't wish to reinvent the wheel. >> reporter: rose. >> the motion has to do with making the chairperson person an exofficial member. >> reporter: getting reports and a yearly audit, that was referred back to committee. they will discuss it at a later meeting. another motion deals with the firm that is getting paid $600,000. >> i made a motion that the transportation director meet with the policeman develoloent team manager to discuss whether
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the penny program or scaled back or restructured. i have concerns about it. >> reporter: sonia gutierrez, news 19 wltx. >> he proposed for the staff to be eliminated as the midddd man when selected a top scorer. that was denied. finally to have the small local business enterprises funded from the general fund and not the penny tax that was sent to budget. lawmakers in the senate talk about the roads plan, one group is lobbying against passing a gas tax. senators are trying to reach a compromise with 3 highlights. a gas tax for roads revenue, department of transportation reform and an income tax cut but americans for prosperity is against the tax. they are call on the lawmakers to move the department of transportation under the governor's control.
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includes more gas tax hikes. sending more money to the same dysfunctional corrupt system that has let our roads crumble to where they are now. >> not because legislators don't care, it is that it is hard. because there are real divides on this. we have to bridge those gaps. >> tomorrow morning americans for prosperity will be at the exon gas station off west main street offering to pay 45 cents for every gallon as they talk to drivers about their opinions. a republican lawmaker wants south carolina to implement certain restrictions on journalists. he introduced a journalist registry bill. the measure would establish state approved requirements before someone could work in south carolina.
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a media organization to comply with before hiring such journalists. if they don't comply there could be criminal penalties. we talked to a lawyer about this all tonight. >> i have had two reactions. first is i am so glad we worked out education funneling, worked out how to -- funding, worked out how to fix our roads and now we are turn to important matters. the only rational response to laugh out loud. this is along the same lines to have south carolina coin its own money. absurd. i think it is funny. it is comic relief. i notice that this has the secretary of state collecting fees. i think there is an enforcement mechanism. that committee has plenty of time on its hands. never found an ethics violation in the house.
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same lawmaker who put up 60 amendments to take down the confederate flag. governor nikki haley will give her state of the state address, she will talk about the budget and flood recovery. you can watch it live on news 19 tomorrow night starting at 7:00 p.m. and dates where when bridges will open. they awarded contracts to replace three bridges damaged from the flood. pine grover road over 25-mile creek will be completed by august 1. congress road over jumping run creek in richland county will be completed by may 15 and rock bridge road over spring lake in richland county will be completed by june 1. if you were effected by the floods you are invited to share your story at meetings this week in richland county. community input is a series of six meetings.
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you and your neighbors. the first meeting is tonight, the next is tomorrow from noon till 2:00 p.m. . public inpupuwill compile a report that will be specific on how the county will deal with possible future flooding. to see the full list of meeting times and locations head to west columbia a water line break tonight on sunset boulevard. crews are working to find where the leak is and get it fixed. customoms in the area are encouraged to boil their water for at least a minute before using it at all. we have another traffic advisory to tell you about. the state transportation department closing the eastbound interstate 26 exit 115 off ramp. that is tomorrow night and thursday night to replace an over head sign.
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to 5:00 a.m. two right lanes will be closed. detour signs will be in place for drivers who use exit 115 eastbound off ramp. today the united way held an event highlighting the wages needed for basic essentials. they presented a standard report for our state. shows a single working parent with two kids in richland county would need to make $41,000 a year to support the family without government assistance. organizers say this amount is not made by working adults and many people are struggling to get what they need but they say this provides an opportunity. >> we believe south carolina has a great opportunity to create our own innovative solutions to help our families striving for economic independence. >> the study will be given to lawmakers in hopes of using the
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decision on matters that effect those living in poverty. get your taxes filed for free through the assistance program. free tax help to families with an income of $54,000 a year or less. this year is taking place saturday till 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at three locations. you can find the locations on a ground breaking ceremony in spartanburg county today for a new japanese company. it will be built on the highway. they will hire 500 employees over the next 10 years. now it is time for us to go to rk. we have to prove that they made
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we have to prove it through our work force. >> no word on when it will open. folks in the military and their families attended a career fair today in orangeburg. in addition to employers and representatives those who went were able to get accessss-- or resources, information for benefits, behavioral health, homeless veterans help, educationallisisfinancial counseling and health and wellness information. >> we want to educate the veterans on all the resources that are available to them locally. so we have partnered with several other agencies, resources in the area that provides services and support to veterans and we asked them to provide resources and services. >> today's event was hosted by the south carolina national guard.
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carolina, who was named sec tomorrow news 19 this morning colder temperatures continue, just how many layers we need to wear and home heating savings just in time for the cold snap. stop cranking up the thermostat, the plan to save $100 a month on heating costs
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tomorrow for nene you are watching news 19 at 7:00 p.m. with jr berry. sporting news, south carolina gamecocks forward a'ja wilson named secplayer of the week. she scored 26 points and blocked 8 shots in each of the two games last week against top 15 opponents. she is fifth in the sec with 17 points a game. the ladies travel to auburn thursday and then to mississippi state for a sunday night game. the men's basketball team back
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they are in mississippi taking on the rebels with 13 minutes left in the first half. the gamecocks were down 7-2. they took an 8-7 lead. ranked 24 in the ap poll, 18 in the coach's pole. our golden football contest is underway. we placed 18 signed footballs at several land marks across 11 counties. the clues have been posted on wltx's instagram, twitter and facebook contacts. if you accounts. if you find one bring it to the studios. we have 5 or 6 winners already. some of the footballs are still out there. the grand prize will be announced on friends @ five january 26. it is cold outside. >> it is cold.
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. well, meteorologist effren
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about what might want to wake up early in the morning to see something hat is rare -- that is rare.
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you can see mercury, venice, saturn, mars, and jupiter all lined up from left to right. they will keep the formation through february 20. the best time to see it before dawn. it is the first time the five planets will appear in the sky together. you can see them all together, haven't seen them since january of 2005. there is a 6th planet you should be able to see, that would be earth. [ laughter ] >> throw that in. just throw it in the equation. >> might as well. [ laughter ] > is cold outside. if you stepped out there. >> i was thinking i probably will just stay indoors because it will be cold again tomorrow. today it was chilly. 20 degrees that airport. warmed up to 41 degrees. downtown 22 degrees. made it up to 42 degrees. temperatures still well below what we would expect for this time of the year. normal low is 34 degrees.
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records 10 degrees, set in 1976. 39 years ago. or 40 years ago. that will be safe. 76 degrees set in 2001. that will be safe as well. already 28 degrees in rock hill. 29 grows greenwood. and -- degrees in greenwood. and mix in the wind feels colder. 29 sumpter. 28 rock hill. 25 degrees right now in florence. 27 degrees in myrtle beach. over night as lows drop we may see a breeze out there. wind chill values in the mid- teens at times by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. 8:00 p.m. this evening. clear skies. but the clouds build in. we will call it clear skies over night. a system will approach the area. there may be snow in the upstate of south carolina. for us in the midlands we are
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they see a isolated shower or a sprinkle. no significant rain is expected afternoon. clouds continue to increase as we work our way into thursday. a better chance for rain on thursday. but right now over the next several days friday is the best chance for rain. showers are likely. on the boarder of north wintery mix. that is something we will be watching and the showers continue through most of the day on friday. friday looks wet. rainfall amounts from an inch to an inch and a quarter friday. lows tonight dropping down into the low 20s as we mentioned wind chill values in the mid- teens. highs tomorrow better than today. high temperatures in the mid and upper 40s. this is what we are expecting over the next 7 days. 50 degrees on thursday. chance of showers. more showers on friday. 53 degrees. more precipitation on saturday. 49 degrees.
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60 degrees on monday and 61 degrees on tuesday with a chance for showers. get ready for another cold night. tomorrow mornrng. forecast.
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[ music ] all right. a quick update. gamecocks on the road, 24-18, ole miss with the lead. half way through the first half. we will have highlights for
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stay trump palin shocker. to boycott or not to boycott. >> i'm chris rock and i'm hosting the oscars. >> plus, jamie foxx to the rescue. >> >> why the country singer is so furious. >> less than pleased when madonna took the stage 2 1/2 hours late. >> singing through the pain
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from her hospital bed after being beaten.
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