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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  January 20, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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production! that deadline is a week from tomorrow, january 27. the democratic primary is february 27. if you have moved, make sure you update your registration. if you moved from one county to another, you must register in your new county by the deadline to be eligible to vote. significant weather right now. winter weather hitting northern
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there are winter warnings and advisories posted for these areas. closer to our neck of the nothing is falling down. on the radar, the entire midlands are clear of any precipitation coming down. it is still very cold. thirty-six in winnsboro. here in columbia, 38 degrees. saint matthews, 34. very cold temperatures. we are on our way -- to a high of 45 degrees. overnight tonight, clouds with a low of 32. then with all of the cloud coverage in place, we will have rain chances tomorrow. degrees. we will look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. the coast guard suspended its search for 12 marines who have been missing since two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. one of those missing marines is from south carolina. jeffrey simpler is near -- from near greenville. wreckage on the ocean floor but no sign of any of the marines. searchers discovered all for
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anyone had been on them. -- discover all four wife rafts. and a multimillion dollar proposal to display the confederate flag. a group will appear in front of a house budget writing committee. last month the museum's governing board approved a $30.6 million plan to display the flag and make renovations. that is down from an initial $5.3 million price tag. governor nikki haley says the price tag still needs to go down. a group against the gas tax to pay the ocean pay the six carolina roads to the mission to people. the group, americans for prosperity, says it wants lawmakers to focus on reforming the transportation system in the state. they are calling on lawmakers to move the department of transportation under the governor. the group was at a gas station in lexington off air -- offering to pay the $0.45 of every gallon as they talk to
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improving state roads. >> the biggest point for us right now is to bring the issue to their minds. a lot of some people are not aware of it. they turn around and all of a sudden gas prices are up. your gas tax can be raised at any time. we want to let them know that the issue is circulating. and to tell the senators to tell -- do not have a gas increase. the governor of michigan vows to do whatever it takes to end isis's water emergency. rick snyder apologized tuesday -- doing whatever it takes to end plant's water emergency. >> protesters outside the michigan statehouse into or they called for the governor's resignation tuesday night. >> i'm sorry and i will fix
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>> inside michigan governor rick snyder began his address with a renewed apology to the people of flint. >> the governor -- government failed you. federal, state and local leaders -- by breaking the trust you placed in us. >> he also had a message for the agencies that he said contributed to the city's water disaster. >> let me be perfectly clear. in situations like this, they must come to my desk no excuses. michigan department of environmental quality and the federal epa did not properly address the problem of lead contaminated water when they learned about it last year. job. he has been lying all along. statehouse, this couple showed corroded pipes. work. >> governor snyder is the lawsuits.
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to stop flint from all water shut off from people who have not paid the bill. >> the governor is at asking for legislators -- the governor is asking legislators for aid money. cbs news, flint, michigan. >> lead poisoning in children can cause development to issues, learning disabilities and hearing loss. former vice presidential nominee sarah palin campaigned with donald trump in iowa and oklahoma today. one day after officially house. prisons a setback for texas senator ted cruz who was in a race with trump in iowa. recent eating 2-1, in new hampshire. and ben carson suspends campaign today following a tragedy involving one of his 25-year-old braden joplin died
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a car crash in iowa. the former neurosurgeon posted a picture of himself and a joplin condolences. right now, lexington county dss is sponsoring a job businesses are looking to hire five new employees. right now until 2:00. room in the lexington county dss office on south lake drive in lexington. wall street -- -- worst ever start to the year -- not getting any better. today, the dow plunged about 400 points. as a oil prices continue to drop. crude oil is now down to below $28 a barrel. for the first time since 2003. johnson and johnson is downsizing. cut about 3000 jobs over the next restructuring. those cuts come after a tough year in sales for the company. record profits for the
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carriers are benefiting from low oil prices, packed airplanes and growing fees. in the first three quarters of last year, airlines reported nearly $17.9 billion in net income. that is after taxes. 2015 is expected to be the best year for the industry in decades. chipotle will soon offer paid sick leave for employees. the idea is that if employees don't have to come to work ill, it will reduce the chances of this move comes after norovirus coli -- were caught at the chain last year. if you
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record $11.1 billion. a little sports now. men's best about him that win number 17 in march. last night, frank martin tied they head coach. the gamecocks are now 17-1 for the season. but the win last night was not easy. it ended in overtime after the gamecocks came back from an 11 point, second-half deficit. south carolina would end up winning 77-74. the gamecocks will take on tennessee this saturday in knoxville. and the undefeated women's best but he will take on another sec opponent tomorrow. -- the tipoff is at 7:00. university of south carolina athletes. members of the baseball team spend time with veterans are learning about their past and
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the activities -- the athletes with the people who shaped the country they live in today. >> it was special for each and every one of the players. for me, it is very exciting to meet people that serve our country. >> coming up after the break, we're seeing below freezing
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but sunshine and heat and welcome back. it has been a cold one. >> this is three mornings in a cold temperatures. and fortunately -- we will only have to deal with it today -- as far as the temperatures 20s. a lot of precipitation out there. of us. a little bit of precipitation atlanta. northern georgia and into parts of tennessee. winter warnings and advisories out there. there is a lot of precipitation coming through.
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nothing at all. we are clear as far as any precipitation is concerned. coverage. been coming through over the last several hours. we started out this morning, with all of us in the lower to middle 20s. even 21 in manning. we have warmed up. thirty-six in lexington. orangeburg, 41. in columbia, we have a little bit of sunshine. it is cold. 38 degrees. the wind is calm. windchill. and the area of high pressure -- has been allowing cool dry air to stick around. it is now moving off. right over the midlands. a lot of the precipitation from the tail end of the stationary front is continuing to move along i-40 in tennessee. the model predicts -- as we go throughout the day, a lot of heavy snow will be moving through parts of knoxville. as it starts coming over the mountain, a lot of that is going to lose its punch.
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upstate into parts of northwest and northern midlands -- it will sit -- it will fizzle out. we may see a single or two. by this afternoon and evening, just a lot of cloud cover. highs today will be in the lower to middle 40s. we could see 39 in newberry. mostly cloudy skies. a high of 45 degrees. tonight, it will be cold. overcast skies. all of the lows tonight will generally be in the upper 20s into the lower-30s. we are watching -- where all of this precipitation is coming from. this area of low pressure. depending on which way it goes -- whether it is to the north of the midlands or to the south of the midlands, will determine how much precipitation will get here by the weekend. a high of 50. a better chance of rain friday. it will be windy. continuing into saturday. morning. very warm tuesday.
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rumble of thunder. we will be getting the 20- degree temperatures for lows. >> but after this we are dead. >> yes. we want to go into the mr. food test kitchen to see what howard is working on. >> today we are teaming apple
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just wait until you see (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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coca-cola is rolling out a new campaign that -- for the first time, showcases regular coca-cola alongside the lower calorie version. the company says the campaign will emphasize the experience of drinking a coca-cola. and other soft drink companies have been under pressure as
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a new study finds a 92% of meals served at u.s. restaurants contain too many calories. one university tested foods from 120 fast food -- and regular sitdown restaurants in california, massachusetts and arkansas. they found american, chinese and italian restaurant had the highest calorie counts with average meals around 1500 calories. north korean scientists claim to have made a liquor that won't cause hangovers. the ginseng-based liquor which is between 30% and 40% proof used burnt boiled rice in the process of brewing. they claim that it is of ice and ginseng combination that make it hang over prove. it is so popular in north korea that it has been registered as a night national scientific and technological hit. if you love cheese, howard has a recipe for you today. he is putting a cheesy twist on
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check it out in the mr. food test kitchen. >> it is time to name a cheese of the month. this month, we want to salute one of our most popular cheeses in america. chatter. it used to be the most popular cheese. cheddar cheese. it used to take a backseat to mozzarella. whether it is mild or sharp, we love everything we can do with it. after all, is just as good in a grilled cheese sandwich as an macaroni and cheese. we have been trying to find new ways to use cheddar cheese. and one that really stood out was this all-american twist on apple pie. we start by getting a pie crust. we fill that with sliced apples that we toss with sugar, flour and a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg. rather than topping this with a traditional crust, we finished it with rolled oats, brown
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cheddar cheese before baking it. what we end up with is everything we love about homemade apple pie with a welcome addition of cheddar cheese. which makes this truly to die for. i do hope you will go online and get the recipe for our cheddar cheese crumb topped apple pie. so you can surprise your gang with our cheese of the month in a way they will never expect the -- but will certainly love. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen where today we found a unique way for you to say "ooh, it is so good". it is also national cheese lovers day. coming up, we talk live with a chef on friends at five, who shows us several types of cheeses and how we can enjoy them all.
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noon, a unique alarm clock a dad in the uk is offering the services of his toddler who has one useful skill. acting as a human alarm clock. the ad on facebook reads "no need to set your alarm for work at 6:00 a.m. you will already be up at 5:30 a.m. with this little "breakfast, no problem, he will have you making toast at 5:35 a.m. to start your day on a qx0 nice full belly. >> you can get 1-year-old archie for a bargain. he is free. parents can relate. >> i could relate to that. see if i can get my 6-year-old to try that. >> anytime with this weather, sounds good. it is only 38. 45. as we go into overnight tonight -- it will be chilly.
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forecast thursday, friday. and a little more sunshine saturday afternoon and into sunday. >> bundle up for now. >> definitely. >> that is it for us at noon.
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