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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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not expecting issues from this and not expecting accumulation. there is all the storm reports or sleet reports. lexington, winnsboro, saluta, richland, and orangeburg. upstate winter storm wamps. that is for the -- watches. that is is for the storm friday and saturday. rain, and sleet, 34 degrees the low. cloudy skies. rain tomorrow. 47 degrees. rain chances increase by tomorrow night. looking for lows around 37 degrees. there is a chance for maybe freezing rain and wintery weather as well. we will look that seven-day forecast and break it down for you coming upane few minutes. -- up in a few minutes. >> thank you. the governor will give her 6 6th state of the state address. news 19's joyce koh is live with a preview of what she expected to talk about. good evening, joyce? >> reporter: good evening. as you know it has been a big year in 2015.
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like the charleston massacre and october with the historic flooding. governor nikki haley is expected to address that and talk about the senator how he was as a politician in terms of bringing together the general assembly before he was killed in the massacre. here to join us is a senator from orangeburg county. >> how are you? >> reporter: good. do you think the tone of governor nikki haley's state of the state speech will be different this year after so many tragedies -- tragedies? >> i think it will. you mentioned the fact the senator's widow will be here and invited here. something he fought for during his career was to make sure we expanded insurance coverage for people who are working and can't afford insurance and governor nikki haley should address that. i hope she will. we had a hospital closed, and
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the fact we don't have many of our working folks who are eligible for insurance coverage covered because she doesn't agree with that and you mentioned the floods, she will give us her plan for fixing the pot holes. we don't want to hear about loop homes. we want to hear about fixing the roads and education. she indicated last week she had a plan for education. that is an interest to us in south carolina. and finally, you know, the farmers impacted by the flood and we have had federal assistance out there. we want to hear what her plan is to make sure the money gets to the farmers. >> reporter: thank you so much. after governor nikki haley's state of the state speech a senator will give the democratic response to her that should be after. right now reporting live joyce koh, news 19 wltx. >> thank you. a reminder, you can see the
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at 7:00 p.m. lawmakers say the museum that will house the confederate flag taken off the state house grounds needs to relocate out of town. members said most people don't know the confederate relic room and military museum is hidden in the back of the state museum. a representative suggest that sending it to north charlestonane museum there -- charleston in a museum there however a law maker prefers the military museum stay in the capital city but it should move to where it could get the greatest exposure. last year lawmakers were told the landfill should last a dozen years but it should be continuously checked. today leaders spoke to senators saying there needs to be a plan in place when the dozen years are over. here is colby gallagher. >> we need to attack the problem and not wait for
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>> reporter: he was one of many who outlined the conversation needs. as the director of the counsel of governments he said the landfill liner that catches contaminated water needs to be reinforced to prevent leaks. >> the impacts could be dramatphic there were to be a leak or a spill so it is important that the state looks at improving infrastructure facility. >> reporter: dhec hired a third party to evacuate the site. in 2015 they predicted the landfill would last 100 years. he says we are on year 38 and that should concern many. county. the flow goes down into the river, into the atlantic ocean. everything south could be effected if there is a spill. >> reporter: south carolina has
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environmental protection over the last decade and hopes others will see this as a priority. >> the technology is to help prevent any spillage in the future. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: both senators say there have been issues over the years the site but their focus is on moving forward. >> the decisions that were made in 1978, there is little we can do about it now but in the future we need to make sure the improvements are better. >> reporter: colby gallagher, news 19 wltx. an effort to make the state house a healthier place to governor. they come up with an initiative designed to get lawmakers to eat better and get moving. example. >> if we could transform the culture of the state house it
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most times people just don't have environments and cultures that are encouraging of healthy behaviors. once you change that environment and that culture healthy choices become easy and that is what we are seeking to do here that stase house. -- state house. >> 100 lawmakers signed up to take part. the state grand jury issued indictments in the first human trafficking since a new law was put into place. the indictments allege the conspiracy to traffic minors occurred. the case began with an investigation by deputies into allegations women were being trafficked for money. the state grand jury which now has the ability to investigate allegations of crime throughout the state issued the indictments. >> this case is a significant case because i hope it sends a
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community and throughout the state that we are not going to tolerate this. seriously. we will investigate it. we will use all the tools that are available to us that includes the state grand jury and this case is one of those that sets the tone to what we will do. >> if you have information on human trafficking that is taking place call crime stoppers, 1-888-crime-sc. the police chief has been suspended without pay. the director of communication says the suspension is for three days due to violation of specific performance standards stating his job districttion but didn't give more details because it is a personnel matter. the chief stepped down in november but said he would stay on till his replacement was found. that hasn't happened yet. they are searching for a new chief. south carolina state
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meeting today to put the finishing touches on a state mandated report. it is a report they have to do every year but amid the financial problems there is more pressure. here is janae frazier. >> reporter: during today's south carolina state university board of trustees meeting board members asked administration personnel to finish up last minute details needed for a report. due this afternoon. the report with financial and legal information has to be done so the school can request state money for the fiscal year. no specific numbers were discussed or disclosed. the chairman says that is because it will change. >> a moving target. we will have to know by tuesday at 1:30 p.m. >> the president says he just received the information for
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report yesterday so today was a race. >> we apologize for technical difficulties there with that report. orangeburg district 5 has a new superintendent today. he is 42-year-old jesse washington. the board agreed to a three year contract last night with a salary of $165,000. he has been with the district since 2011 serving as a chief human resources officer. coming up, daniel has details on the possibility of flurries this coming weekend. >> i am jim gandy in colorado. it is not about snow here. right now it is about weather and climate change.
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br the dog park in columbia shut down for repairs. city leaders telling us the fencing is being repaired after
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you noticed our chief meteorologist hasn't been with us the last few days because he is at a weather conference in colorado where the snow is coming down. >> reporter: i am jim gandy at the climate summit where we are meeting with scientists from around the country and studying
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today i got a chance to have an interview with dr. phil. you may not recognize the name but you probably recognize the name of dr. bill gray who gives the hurricane season forecast from colorado state university. dr. gray started those in 1984. but he has now taken over and for 11 years he has been providing the hurricane season forecast. we had a good discussion about that and we may be going into a new trend as far as hurricanes are concerned which might impact south carolina. that is something i will share with you later. in the meantime we are enjoying the snow that is coming down and it is giving us -- the ability to enjoy great vistas. you can't see it right now because of the cloud cover but the mountains are spectacular and yesterday the snow skiing was beautiful.
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>> all right. snow is coming down pretty good. sleet is coming down here. and i know a lot of people are wanting snow but it may not be all that much. >> if we see anything. not expecting this to be a big deal. not expecting it to be a big deal. we are watching sleet. sleet, well, in the upper atmosphere it could be colder. even at 46 degrees. you can see v sleet fall -- you can have sleet fall through the rain. 45 degrees sumpter. 48 degrees in orangeburg. 36 degrees rock hill and greenwood. 32 degrees in greenville. we have reports of sleet moving through the midlands. satellite and radar shows light rain. and sleet has been reported in some of the light showers and you may hear sleet pellets against your window. this is the forecast for the next few hours.
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7:30 p.m. that moves out. and then we expect more showers tomorrow as showers continue to develop. ahead of the next weather maker. rain continues. a better chance of rain tomorrow night and then friday we will watch our weather closely. this forecast model i think is doing g good job of seeing freezing rain early friday. there is a winter storm watch for lancaster and chester county for the potential of freezing rain. during the afternoon we warm up and then it becomes all rain, late friday. as the low pressure wraps around moisture and then late friday, early saturday morning a wintery mix. not expecting this to be a big deal but something we will be watching. what does this mean for us? we will be watching in the midlands the opportunity for freezing rain. that is something we will be watching and as far as the snow
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amounts if we were to see emaciated morning. we are not expect -- see any saturday morning. we are not expecting a big deal. low tonight mid-30s. sleet pellet as the rain continues and highs tomorrow in the mid-40s. this is what we are expecting for the next 7 days. breezy and rainy friday. 44 degrees. midlands some of the rain may start off as freezing rain and late friday and early saturday the rain tapers off. trace amounts. 54 degrees sunday. 60 degrees monday and 62 degrees by tuesday. it looks like it will be a major storm north of us. talking washington, d.c., philadelphia and places like that. something we will monitor. >> exactly. never say never but the way the looks now as you say we might if you are up late friday, early saturday see a flurry.
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our sports director reggie anderson now. >> all right. coming up next, we will honor
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here is the cbs evening news tonight. crisis in the great lakes state. detroit's schools closed today after a massive teacher walk out. as contaminated water and criticism flow out of flint. we will talk to michigan's governor about the growing problems and another rocky day on wall street but could the benefits of cheap oil outweigh the problems? and we will hear from the hollywood star who rushed into
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all right. it is a big day here. right? >> it is wednesday. >> exactly. >> we will honor another outstanding athlete. wednesday, gets it done in the community, today was back to fairfield central high school to recognize this week's news 19 player of the week. >> reporter: no question who the mvp is for the fairfield central high school girls basketball team. davis leads in scoring and in the locker room. >> i got to control the floor. make sure everybody is playing their role. make sure the team is playing like a team. >> we need her out there. she is our leader. she is our go to. i tell her all the time when she goes the team goes. she always leads by example on and off the court. >> reporter: she is an example of what a true student athlete should be.
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>> since i have been little i always had my priorities in order so school first and then basketball. if i am doing good in the classroom i will do good on the court. >> reporter: tablings care of business -- takes care of business in all areas, news 19 player of the week. >> carry myself with respect for myself and others. you have to be on your ps and qs. >> she needs her teammates and they need her. as far as help she always willing to give advice. gives great advise. always positive and that will help her in the future. >> all right. one of our players of the week during football season made his college choice, he helped the vikings make the playoffs. he is headed to clinton.
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and kicker and has a chance for playing time. two weeks before national signing day, mike houston left for james madison and they promoted the offensive coordinator as the new head football coach. he was introduced this morning at 9:00 a.m., that is when they held it. he is officially on boaoa as the head coach. 9:00 a.m., who has a press conference at 9:00 a.m. who know who does? the citadel.
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announced today. tonight is your next shot at winning powerball.
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you can see the drawing survivor returns for season 32 next month right here on wltx. a new batch of contestants are ready to compete for the grand prize. this season it is another "brains vs. brawn vs. beauty" episode of the 18 new castaways. there sabounty hunter from michigan. an emergency room doctor. a nba player. and a femama body builder from georgia. the unnest is 19-year-olds --
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college student and the oldest is 72-year-old and a form fbi agent. two can combine to form one super idol that could be played after the votes are read. survivor kicking off with the 90 minute premier on wednesday, february 17 at 8:00 p.m. right here on wltx. that is our time for now. a reminder the state of the state address with governor nikki haley coming up at the top of the hour. we will be here and bring it to you as it happens. again that is at 7:00 p.m. right here. we will see you then.
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