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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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next. it is another cold night here in the mid land and we saw some sleet today and rain is a possibility. thanks for being with us. >> don't everybody panic because we could have some flurries. >> this is something we will continue to watch the but it does not seem like a big deal. right now across the mid-lens -- midlands we have cloudy
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cooling-off. for tonight there might be a sprinkle or two out there with mostly cloudy skies. 47 degrees ll be our highs tomorrow. the better chance of rain moves in tomorrow night. there is a small chance for wintry weather on friday. we will break that forecast down later. tonight the governor delivered the state of the union address and it talked about the tredy south carolina in toward. . from the flight to the shooting death in charleston the governor said are state is not broken. she spoke about ways to improve education across the state. we need to him -- recruit teachers.
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for its large number of domestic violence cases. morning to be done for the survivors. the governor went off script and gave a challenge to senators who she says has dr. calls for ethics reform in the state house. >> i'm going to ask for every senator that is for income disclosure to please stand. >> it is unclear how many stood up. most accounts it was less than 10. there was strong reaction from both sides. >> repororr: i think it was childish and antagonistic. >> i wanted to stand up and cheer. >> reporter: although she ended
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events [ null ] her words on the states big issues in between as well caught reaction. >> if you support true independents investigation please stand. >> it was a surprising moment for the night. >> i think she used it to her advantage. >> i was a bit disappointed she talked about bringing us together while at the same time pulling a childish trick. >> reporter: larry margin priester speech saying it brought to light key issues in the state like domestic violence and education. >> we haven't had a commitment to this issue like ours -- hers. >> reporter: while he commands or what he calls a good speech call and left out one key issue. >> healthcare is an issue that is divider fall. we have a number of problems
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took on the issue of roads -- >> reporter: on the issue of roads we need reform. >> it makes more sense to pour more water in a bucket. >> we need to fix the problems. it's a joke. the governor mentioned the florence and the democrats mentioned her wanting to say more. there's a bill in the house for farmers regarding agriculture. the dean of the college of mass communication joined us
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here were his thoughts. >> there were poignant moments when she was recalling the three survivors and all of the other tragedies that struck south carolina this year. particularly the flood. then there were political moments when she said the towing taxes -- the towing -- she would veto taxes. she asked them to stand up they would support disclosure of funding for political purposes
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independent investigations. >> no clear answer as to how many senators asked so we stood -- actually stood. she honored those who were lost. cement -- senator who died in a shooting last summer. >> please join me and all of south carolina in paying our deep respects. >> their father's honor was on -- legacy was honored tonight. >> senator clemente serve the people of south carolina in this building for 18 years. he should be sitting with us tonight. sadly he is not.
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people shot and killed on june 17 at the church. >> there's avoid their and we will carry on without him and we look forward to unveiling his portrait. we are proud that we can keep his legacy alive. >> i look forward to seeing the state of south carolina embraces ideas. -- his ideas. the eyes of the nation are watching. >> we would be remiss if we didn't mention others.
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charleston massacre. while the state went through difficult times call --, she is positive about the future. the state democratic party released an official response to the state of the state. it was delivered by representative morel of lancaster. the governor has not made education funding a priority. the governor is willing to give millions of dollars to out-of- state corporations but refused to ask for extra money for the farmers. to see her full remarks go to our website one of the things the
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the removal of the confederate flag. there's talk of moving the flag out of columbia to a museum. lawmakers have suggested putting it in the same museum as the confederate in columbia. he would prefer to say here but it should move to wherever it can get the greatest exposure. after months of debate west columbia brooklyn development is finally ago. the past two city council tonight. residents are not happy. >> we are going to get a mixed use development with retail and residential component. >> up to 235 units can't --,
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-- 135 parking spaces. this is the first step toward revitalization. they were concerned about the number of units. >> the numbers don't add up. there's 500 standing room that doesn't equate to 125 parking places. >> he wants to makekesure ththe will be enough. >> 76 feet divided by five stories. >> another amendment was on high. buildings one and two can't be taller than 60 feet. building number three can't be higher than 60 feet from state street.
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-- for -- number four can have no tower. there will be some proposed traffic improvements. >> the developers tell us the buildings are going to be brick with metal accents. they will have to find spaces for residential parking. residents who live in the lakeview circle area are under a boil water advisory tonight. state of columbia says the water main break is the cause. customers are asked to boil their water. the columbia man is thankful for his wife deciding not to do laundry. inside his pants pocket was a powerball ticket worth
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the ticket was sold at the murphy usa gas station. they didn't say what they will do with the money. how many times do you throw your close in the washer and not check the pockets? >> if i'm wearing jeans and -- i do. >> i'm happy they didn't wash
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our golden football 3 football contest continues... .we placed 19 golden wltx signed football some of them are still out
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--, our contest is continuing. if you find one of those footballs, bring it here and
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so far 13 winners have wasn't just the earth's last year was a -- the hottest year on record. scientists a the 2015 temperature was 26 degrees 260f. scientist claim a combination of el nio and increasing man- made global warming. we are always talking about climate change. it looked gorgeous where he was. it was snowing and he told us he tried skiing and he felt
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>> we had a few sleet pellets here. i know people are getting excited about the winter storm we are going to see. we will break it down for you in a minute. right now 43 degrees. 33 degrees in greenville. temperatures are cooling-off and as we mentioned we saw little bit of sleep mixed in with rain -- sleet mixed in with rain. there could be a couple of speckles out there but the radars not picking up much activity right now. tonight clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two. tomorrow a small chance for an isolated shower otherwise it will be mostly cloudy. tomorrow night we increase the chances for rain into thursday and friday.
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freezing rain. closely. there a winter storm watches for chester lancaster and union. no warnings for us right now. it does warm up a little bit friday afternoon and then they'll -- all rain across the mid-led. -- mid-land. it's wings -- it swings back around and brings us some sleet and snow flakes. it does not like like -- look like a big deal. right now something we will have to pay attention to is the opportunity for freezing rain. we will be watching that closely. that will happen early friday
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we are talking about trace amounts. this is something we will be watching over the next day or so but right now it should not be a big deal. tonight lows dropping down to the mid-to low 30s and tomorrow high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. here is our seven-day forecast. this whole system is going to be a big rainmaker for us. it winds down saturday morning to a potential wintry mix. we are talking about highs in the 60s on monday. nothing to get worried about right now. we will keep an eye on it.
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>> that was in february.
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new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. well for the first time in franchise history - the carolina panthers will host the nfc championship for the first time in franchise history the carolina panthers workers the championship.
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cardinals sunday night. it will be their second super bowl appearance. they loss to the patriots back in 2004. newton lives for moments like this. get to the ultimate stage and he never gets nervous and he says his approach will absolutely not change. >> we have this game in the parking lot in the practice field, we have this at the practice facilities. it's nothing different. i don't get nervous more than anxious. >> carolina is one bad being undefeated. carolina does have three guys
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super bowl rings and one of those players is roman harper. he says the focus has been great all season and the focus remains strong today. >> we are looking forward to it. a lot of these guys in the locker room have not been in this position. if we have the right attitude we can win. >> two weeks before national signing day is not when you want to be in the market for a head football coach. mike houston left and it was clear the best thing was to promote from within. offense of coordinator was formally introduced as the bulldogs new head football coach. >> my reaction was disbelief. the best thing was to say let's take this one step at a time.
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situation and let's get those guys going and had out and recruit. i have a ton of guys call me and i have an established relationship with a lot of people. it's a great group of guys. i'm excited to work with them. >> anytime you can win on the road no matter the circumstances you take it. carolina made the plays last night and took advantage. carolina getting it done by rallying from 11 down ininthe final four minutes. they pulled out a win.
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play as well as we are capable of, our guys were phenomenal with their enthusiasm and encouraging each other. excel showed up between presbyterian college and charleston southern. second-half shaun murray with the steel throw it down to his team. marcus dairy had 14 and psu going down to the wire.
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one of his guys he coached was bj mackey. he's in his fourth season as an assistant coach with the buccaneers. he only had four points in the game but they came in the second half and they were huge and this game would go down to the wire.
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