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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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production! good afternoon, and thank you for joining us for news 19 at new. midland could see wintry weather, and we take a look at your forecast with our meteorologist, and we have some questions about that four letter word, snow.>> we have a lot of cloud coverage, and a little bit of rain and areas around augusta, but temperatures are a little bit on the chilly side, 45 and newberry, and down in st. matthews 44. lexington 46, and that is where we are in columbia, 46 degrees
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wind chill at 41 degrees. we are looking at 46 for the high today with a chance for afternoon showers, and a better chance of showers throughout the midlands, and tomorrow 43 degrees with rain likely throughout the day. we could see freezing rain, and we have a freezing rain advisory covering the northern midlands, newberry, kershaw and lee counties from 1 am until 12 noon tomorrow with anticipation of road condition issues throughout the morning. and we will take a look at the 7-day forecast and impact, coming up. the weather system is turning and nightmare and the nation's capitol, inches of snow falling, hundreds of accidents, hours of delays, and the virginia governor has declared a state of emergency, and the national weweher service has issued a
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starting saturday morning. back here in the midlands, fire broke out around 5:30 am on the winding court, and no one was injured in that blaze, and no word on what caused that fire. the richland county officials have arrested a man accused in a violent armed robbery, 27-year-old justin jenkins. on sunday night, jenkins robbed the video express store, and the employee was shot during the crime, and the victim is expected to recover. jenkins has been charged with attempted murder and strong armed robbery. a reminder to the drivers, the department of transportation is closing the exit on i-26, eastbound off ramp on exit 116, and will be closed from 8 pm until 5 am to replace signs. the detour signs will be in
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the exit 150 eastbound off- ramp, and be careful when you travel through that area. the officials want your input on the counties penny tax program for richland county, and a public meeting is scheduled for this evening to discuss the sidewalk project, and more on this. and the professor that was want to law enforcement says that body cameras are good for keeping officers accountable and making the prosecution easier, but he noted that they have limitations and it is important for people to recognize that. >> one of my biggest concerns about hottie cameras is that the public wishes so hard for them, and be really disappointed when they don't do the job that we expect them to do. we need to go in knowing that
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but they are not the cure all, or an unlimited tool. >> they say that the body cameras are limited because they do not capture every angles, including the officers gestures our actions, and they make the situation look more close-up and intent than it usually is. members of the usc baseball team were at the school helping to hand out books and reading to the students. the athletes spoke to the kids about the importance of reading. as part of the team, mlk week of services.>> i am more impacted than the kids probably are, seeing the reaction on the faces and the reaction from the guys being hear from the baseball team. one, the reactions, and two, to
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kids, and this is an awesome experience.>> as part of the service with, the athletes have already visited the children's home and the va medical center in columbia. the democrats are deciding over the support for the establishment, bernie sanders is gaining ground over hillary clinton.>> i was somewhat confused when senator sanders said that the planned parenthood and human rights campaign, they are part of the establishment. i thought i wish it were, and i wish we were fighting all the time to protect women's rights and health.>> reporter: clinton was responding to sanders who said this when asked why planned parenthood endorsed her and not him. >> hillary clinton has been around for very long time, and some of these groups are part of the establishment. >> reporter: sanders is trying to position himself as an outsider, but the clinton camp
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>> the term "socialist" does not make it easier to win.>> reporter: they have argued that putting a socialist at the top of the ticket would hurt them down the ballot in november. >> there is a place to carry the socialist banner, no question about it. but swinging the districts, that is the banner.>> reporter: and clinton warned that the tax position would make sanders an easy target for republicans, and sanders favored a 100% tax on incomes over $1 million. and sanders has joked that he backed off the position a bit. >> we have not come up with the number yet, but it will not be as high as the number under dwight da eisenhower which was cited %. -- dwight de eisenhower, which was 90%.
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i'm not as big of a socialist as eisenhower.>> and the new polls show that donald trump main rival is gaining support in new hampshire, and donald trump has a commanding 20 le -- 20 point lead over the field, and ted cruz is moving ahead of jeb bush and marco rubio, and they said they would back donald trump if ted cruz is the only alternative.>> and serving as the acting undersecretary since june, and serving as the top advisor as the defense secretary, and if farmed, sanders to be the first openly gay secretary of a branch of the military. stocks have been slightly how are -- higher so far today, and yesterday we saw -- saw a sharp decline triggered by the slumping oil prices, and the
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ground today as the price of crude oil stabilize, and appeal to the lowest level yesterday since 2003. walmart is giving more than 1.2 million employees a pay raise, and they will see a bump in the pay beginning every 20th. the average full-time hourly wage will be $13.38 an hour, and still below the $14.95 national average for the retail workers. working on a death proof car, the goal that no one should be killed her sister injured in a new ball bowled by 2020, working on a car that has lane assist collision avoidance and pedestrian detection. and one of these models has had no u. s. fatalities in at least
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-- four years. it's -- and the amazon is offering a refund for hoverboard purchased on its website. if you were affected by the flood in october, you still have time to share your story at several public hearings throughout richland county, and there are three meetings today across the county, and we had the location on your screen. the meanings of part of a series of six quality community input and recovery projects. the input will be used to compile a technical report specific to the county, and including strategies for lessening the effects of future flooding. you can see the meeting times and locations on our website, later today the anning committee will announce the musical lineup for the a package they celebration and the changes coming this year, and it will be at the music club in five points beginning at 6 pm. the women's
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keep the undefeated streak alive, traveling to auburn before getting back on the road for game against mississippi state. if you want to travel for the game, tickets are $60 for the round-trip ride, and a t-shirt, boxed lunch and other goodies, and of course, tickets to the game. tipoff is set for 7 pm, and the bus leaves at 12:30 pm today, and less than 30 minutes, and returning around 3:30 am tomorrow morning. the buffalo bills have made history, hiring kathryn smith as the full-time assistant coach, the first the mill coach in the nfl, and she has worked as an assistant under rex ryan for 12 years, in his namethe
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a closer look at
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cloud coverage is moving through, and the rain is staying at bay in central and southern parts of georgia. we will see this on the increase as we get into the palmetto state. temperatures are chilly, 46 in lexington with ns. st. matthews 47 degrees, and 46 degrees in columbia. we have cold dry air coming in from this area of high pressure, and a cold front is sagging over the coastline, and that will be the prelude for this precipitation we are expecting for today. the model shows cloud coverage continuing and light showers beginning this afternoon going through rush hour. as we get to the evening, more chance for showers and overnight a good chance for showers moving through. high temperature today, mid to upper 40s, and throughout the community.
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in columbia a high of 46 and a chance for afternoon showers, and overnight 37 degrees with a better chance for showers. throughout the midlands, temperatures will generally be in the mid to upper 30s. keeping a lookout, lows in the northern part of the midlands to be just above freezing, and with that said, we are expecting the cold air in the northern part of the state, this area of low pressure is what everyone is talking about. that is the big weather maker. winter storm warnings in northern carolina -- north carolina and for us a freezing rain advisory in effect for newberry, fairfield, kershaw counties, and this is from 1 am until noon tomorrow. from three 8 pm until daybreak, the rain could transition into freezing rain and sleet. in the northern midlands into the upstate, this could continue from 10 o'clock
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through noon, and as this warming air starts to cover all the state, we will see a lot of rain coming through, and into the afternoon. this model shows that bike seven 8:00, the rain willll-- by seven by 7 o'clock, or 8:00 -- we could see a snowflake or two. it will melt right now, so no accumulation expected, but we do expect a lot of precipitation throughout the midlands tomorrow with a high of 43 degrees, tipping off by saturday morning, sometime in the midday we could see sunshine into the afternoon, and warming up by sunday with sunshine and high of 53. we
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and cinnamon. and we add a box of vanilla pudding mix to the batter making it super moist. that is the secret ingredient. you may want to make a double or triple back, depending on how far and wide you want to spread your hugs. go online, and get the recipe for our shortcut almost -- bread. we have the link on the bottom of the recipe so you can learn more about this quirky and fun holiday. and we found a huggable way for you to say it is so good.>> if you would d rather lelesomeone else do the cooking, tune in for our restaurant report card, and we will showcase the great new restaurants here in the
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with your friends at (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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the hunt is still on for the news 19 golden foot fall. we placed 19 footballs across the 1111counties in the midlands. the locations are posted on the instagram, twitter and facebook accounts, and there are still a few that have not been found. if you find the golden football, bring it to the wltx studio, and get $500, and sign up for the grand prize. coming up today, will smith is that he will not attend the academy awards next month, joining his wife jada pinkett smith, and two a straight years of all white acting nominees.
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fans at looking forward to the academy awards? more on that today at 5 pm.>> and we did not get and invite.>> we can always make our own invitation. but wait a minute, we can't go, we have to watch the weather. 46 degrees with rain this afternoon, a better chance of rain overnight, 37 degrees. keep in mind that we have a freeze rain advisory for fairfield, kershaw, lee and newberry county's from 1 am until 12 noon tomorrow, and we are expecting the possibility of freezing rain in the northern communities. we will continue with precipitation through early saturday morning, and it will start clearing up later. high of 44 degrees on saturday, warming up sunday to the high of 53. we will definitely be tracking
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this winter precipitation possibility all night and right through saturday. we are in contact with the school counties in through the
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up-to-date on any lays for
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