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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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folks are fighting good evening thanks for joining us for friends at five on thursday. i am darcy strickland. >>i am andrea mock. people are speaking out about their walmart and a petition is circululed to make sure they keep their doors open. sit back, we are joined now with what is going on. any chance we can keep the
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>> i talked to officials and they say it is a done deal. petitioners will do anything they can to stop the walmart from closing in one week. >> its emototnal abuse to elderly people. it has scared than and not knowing what they are going to do or how they are going to do it. to make you just heard from-i been who started a petition to keep the walmart open and it has more than 800 signatures. she is partnering with several groups like fairfield united in the a doubles acp to host a rally on saturday to keep the ors up. i spoke with the folks at walmart and they say despite the effort. the store is closing. >> these are difficult decisions because there are
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that make them unique and winnsboro is one of those conditions. senate the rally will be at 11 am on saturday and the winnsboro parking lot. that decision is final. the store will close on january 28 and their main concern is helping out their associates who are losing jobs but they will listen to anyone who will have different ways to help the community. deputies have arrested a man who shot a store clerk during a robbery at a video store and strickland 327-year- old justin jenkins. after 11 pm sunday night. jenkins walked into the video express and pointed a gun at the employee and demanded money. jenkins climbed over-the- counter stole cash from the register and shot the employee. he is charged with attempted murder and strong whahastrong- armed robbery.
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trustee has pleaded not guilty to federal charges that he illegally killed hawks and orangeburg county. last month, prosecutors charged charles williams the seven counts of violating the migratory bird treaty act. three other men are charged with one count. the man trapped red tailed hawks during 2013 and 2014. authorities say they started investigating after a tip. he could face six months in prison if convicted on each one of those charges. a georgia judge will not be granting an early release for the movie director charged in the death of a west columbia woman. sarah jones is a camera assistant while shooting a film about greg allman, former midnight. writer-director miller had asked to be set free after serving less than half of a two- year sentence, at the wake county jail because he said he
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the judge rejected his request. jones was killed by a train as miller's crew worked on a railroad bridge without permission. her parents live in columbia. the coroner's office said a woman was killed while riding her bicycle to work this morning at 6:45 am. the coroner said 31-year-old erica lorraine base was riding her bike along the 12th st. extension when she was hit from behind. she was pronounced dead at the scene of the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. the collision is under investigation. firefighters are working to figure out what caused a fire this morning at 5:30 am and a home on winding maple court. nobody was hurt. a mix of sun and clouds across the midlands. we are still watching the
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and we have a freezing rain advisory. that begins tonight at 1 am it includes newberry, kershaw and other counties and last until noon tomorrow. if you are traveling of those areas pay close attention. you could run into some slick places on overpasses and bridges. so as i mentioned we warmed up in the low 50s and maybe upper 40s and 520 in columbia, 52 in st. matthews and 48 and orangeburg and manny. we will see rain moving in. it is likely to have freezing rain for the northern midland. cold rain tomorrow for many of us was 380 in tomorrow night as this rain winds down moisture moves in and we will see a wintry mix early saturday morning so that someththg to look forward to that. that's what we are expectct over the next five days. 53 on sunday, 59 on monday and
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break down the forecast coming up in a few minutes. but let's take a look at the traffic across the midlands. 77 and interstate 20 and 26 slow . if you are heading out of town. interstate 20 across there. slow going if you're heading out of town. it's going to take you 20 for minutes from downtown to the villages. it will take you 28 minutes to make this commute, but we will take a look at the potential for wintry weather and break it down in a few minutes. rate snyder is asking the president once again to declare a disaster to help fix the city's water crisis. last night. snyder reduced-released a 200 pages show what he knew about the situation. there is ongoing testing of where levels. pres.
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school officials are in session today. it comes one day after a massive sick out by teachers yesterday. the school system filed a lawsuit to stop absences that have kept thousands of students at home. teachers are protesting gov. rick snyder's plan for their districtwide number of buildings are in disrepair and finances are shaky. a mother is defending her son who was suspended after helping a fellow student who is having asthma attack her 15- year-old son said his classmate was wheezing and gagging for three minutes. while no one did anything. according to her son the teacher was waiting on an email from the schools person told the class to remain calm. he did not listen. after several minutes. went against the teacher's wishes to help his friend. he could return to school but
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homeschooling him. this story is bananas. i am thinking it has gone viral. it has gone nationwide. it is on every website. the school system is going to change a heart, or i hope so. i have asthma and when i was a kid the rules and middle school, this is so dumb, they had to keep my inhaler in the office. is that still a thing? spirit, probably because as far as i know all medication has to be in the nurses office. surrogate middle school i had to go to the nurse and say i can't breathe. but if your classroom is far away, it's awful. by the time highghschool came around. i had my person. i was going to keep my inhaler with me, but that's probably what the situation was. they probably had her inhaler. connect this child is coughing and gagging and wheezing, was
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to send an email and wait for the response? stena she obviously doesn't know a lot about asthma. >> my kids have been to the nurses office before, when there's a problem you go to the nurse.>> everything about that story is funny. >> if you are a school nurse or a teacher and understand the logistics by miss you can tweet at us. >> i think that little boy is a hero and by the end of the week
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do you love to spell?b jim gant is a colorado the weather and climate summit. he joins us from the slopes of the breckenridge ski resort. >>reporter: i am jim gandy
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gerber climate summit. if you saw my report yesterday it was snowing pretty good. the latest figures from breckenridge, colorado, we have seen 32 inches of snow this week. back on top of all the snow. they got earlier in the month. today the sun has come out but it's a bit cold and we got a little bit of land, but you can see behind me, it's beautiful today. the snow that came through our area yesterday and breckenridge was the topic of conversation today at the summit. why? because it is that storm that moved down into texas. it's getting better organized and it will be a big snowstorm that hits the mid-atlantic states friday and saturday so obviously some of the people at the conference have had to go back east to deal with weather conditions. we had a good day at the conference and we will continue
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i hope you are able to tune in and watch them online as they were strained. if you missed any of these storm center communication is the website to go to to see replay of those presentations and that's probably going to be online in a few weeks. sosoive it some time in february. if you want to see anything. the other topic of conversation was a presentation by dr. jennifer francis, who came out with a revolutionary hypothesis on why the weather is acting strangely. she proposed it in 2012 and it has become a hotbed of research because her expertise is in the arctic and she has been studying how the arctic has been warming and it has been warming up at least twice the rate of the rest of the world.
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been seeing strange weather and there's going to be stranger weather back in columbia. i will let daniel tell you about that. live from breckenridge, colorado. i am jim gandy. thank you so much. we saw the white stuff behind tran23. everyone talking about the possibility of a few flurries in the midlands. >> what we haven't talking about is the rain and freezing rain. that's a big concern for us right now that we will break down the forecast in a second. it has been a pretty pleasant day. that's good news. 52 in columbia, 50 and orangeburg 49 in sumter. we haven't seen much in the way of rainfall but the clouds have been increasingly expect the rain to develop saying showers with activity moving towards the northeast, some rain will be developing overnight we will
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the forecast model is doing an excellent job of showing what we expect. clouds continuing to increase and rain will be likely as it continues to move through. by tomorrow morning you will see some freezing rain and portions of the northern midlands and we have a freezing rain advisory that began at 1 am until 12 pm tomorrow with kershaw, fairfield and newberry counties. that's something we will be watching and also how much freezing rain. we get to that this line shifts down. right now it is only northern midlands. as this continues to wind down by 11 pm tomorrow night and more moisture tries to wrap back around, we may see a few snow flurries across the midlands. it doesn't look like it will be a big deal that something we will be watching closely and that will continue into the early morning hours we get to saturday night we are left with
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as far as the ice potential is concerned newberry, kershaw counties are what we will be watching closely tomorrow. and if that line shifts towards the south and everyone has been talking about the chance of snow. you can't totally rule out trace amounts of portions of the midlands. there may be a slightly better chance and a dusting of extreme north western portions including fairfield and newberry county. there is a potential for the north western portions of the midlands. as far as tonight's concern. it's not going to warm up tomorrow. highs in the mid to upper 30s. so it's going to be a cold day. 380 a wintry mix early saturday morning. 53 on sunday mostly sunny skies
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brings us a chance for rain and things began to warm up by tuesday. temperatures in the lower 60s. we will monitor the progress of this major storm. >> we will be watching that daniel. thanks so much. a this is a very unique events going on this weekend. if you like to spell. there is an event going on saturday but you will just love. to make it will support the children's theater in columbia. good to see both of you. thank you so much for joining us. scott. you are the cochair for this super fun event. so give us the details. >> we will be at the glory ctr., saturday night from 7 pm to 10 pm and we have 12 teams in each team has three members
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swarms because it's everything about the bees. -i think they will spell in swarms because evything is about the bees. and they will have tables and markers and scott is the mc and he will give the words. there are a panel of judges that determine if they are spelled correctly or incorrectly and if they are following the rules and if people are having fun for the most part and then the winner of each one of those comes back and there is a championship swarm and the winner gets a prize and first runner up and second runner-up also go home was a gift.>> you are on the board at the children's theater for a long time and this money is going to help them do what?>> help them provide for children and families of the
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they have theater production for children and classes and this helps us to run the theater and make sure that the midlands are exposed to theater through education for attending performances. some ask god last year. you said this is an adult event so you get to have some drinks. >> you said, the alcohol has a unique affect on the ability to spell. >> as most things. people tend to give the lots more money as the night goes along and we will be having fun from the get-go. >> we will participate in a mock spelling bee. subject. i never did well in school. suing is it too late for teams to register?
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thinking about this for next year. put on your calendar. in the middle of the summer and this weekend next to the last weekend in january football season and it's over for colleges and in between just not super bowls. >> it's always this weekend. >> here is a disclaimer. journals are horrible spellers. smith there will be a word a meaning and i sent us. similar he has god that sosa last time i saw him.>>freedom from demands of work or duty. >> leisure could be a name. >> hold on. the teams have 30 seconds.
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>> i had to think about it. >> i had to win by default. >> leisure. >> i haven't the first time. >>i talked myself out of it. and with the teams it doesn't matter. the time he doesn't matter. everyone is a 30 seconds, they get to show the answer. if they are correct. everybody stays. >> i want talked myself out of it. this time. >> hinchey. informal. dishonest. suspect. unreliable. some accounts from the audience? too bad we don't have an audience. >> about fowler over there looks pretty hinchey. >> i have never used this word
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>> hinky. so my time for one more. >> fishing with one hand, only in the south but anyone know what gotshal is. groping in a stream. look at that school over there. >> can i get the origin of the word? to make its scottish. >> guttalin a stream you are fishing with your hands?>> apparently so. >> i don't know. i have never done that in my life. so if they don't have to be big guddlewords. >>.-- >> guddle. >> . tickets are $15. please come down.
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opportunities if they want to spell a word and stay in the forum.
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to help them out. you need to be cautious this weekend all heating your home. heating sources are the leading cause of the fires and fire fatalities. second quick to the national fire protection association half of all fires a kirk during these winter months. we have some tips. number one, all heaters need a space. keep things that can burn like paper bedding or carpet 3 feet away. to make install stationary
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heaters, or central heating equipment, according to local codes and manufacturing instructions. have a qualified professional install the equipment. spirit make sure all fuel- burning equipment is sent to the outside to avoid carbon
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>>but carbon monoxide welcome back. everybody is talking about the weather. >> we could see some snow flurries friday night and early saturday morning for a wintry mix as we are calling it.
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bonds led us know what we will be seeing. >> late tonight and early tomorrow morning. there will be a freezing rain advisory. newberry, fair deal, kershaw. it begins at 1 am and last until 12 pm. if you're going to be traveling in that area paid close attention to the weather. there is potential for freezing rain. a wider view showing a these winter storm watches and warnings because that storm is developing. we will see some impacts by saturday morning as well. 52 in columbia, 40 for national and cooler in the mountains but we warmed up nicely in the midlands. for tonight. rain developing as we mentioned and it's not going to warm up a whole lot tomorrow. 38 will be our high. all rain during the afternoon and when the rain decreases friday night and saturday morning we may see a few snowflakes.
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way of accumulation. 53 on sunday to 59 on monday and 60s by tuesday. that's a look at your forecast. so far no major problems being reported by the highway patrol. there is a downtown look at columbia. secondary roads and north eastern portions of columbia. again, no major problems being reported by the highway patrol. downtown is going to take you. 13 minutes. for jackson going to take you 41 minutes but we will take a closer look at the forecast and break down this winter weather potential coming out tonight at 6 pm. ladies? stupid gov. haley's estate of the state moment where she asked the senator to go on ethics issues democrats recalling gov. haley's history with ethics allegations and republicans
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by house speaker j lucas. the senate had ignored ethics altogether. the house passed 12 individual ethics bills and one big ethics reform package over to the senate but none of the pieces half past onto haley's desperate one of the issues brought up last night was independent investigation of lawmakers who are accused of wrongdoing. legislation will look to change the current committees made up of lawmakers and independent investigators. >> these loans have a way of sticking things. i hope we have an opportunity to take up sources of income. i would like to do hundred independent investigation. i would like to do a third-party committee. this governor spend a little bit of time trying to call the senate out on ethics reform and the things that he is asking for
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done herself. >> democrats say they hope to pass some bills on ethics and saving on roads and education very yesterday unc law school hosted a lecture with the pros and cons of body cameras for a professor who was once a law enforcement led the lecture but he said body cameras are good for keeping officers accountable making prosecution easier but they have limitations and it is important that people recognize that.>> is an incredibly valuable asset. it is not a cure all. and informed rational expectation for what the value of body cameras will be the only way to do that is to think about their limitations and how we will maximize their use. >> body cameras are limited
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-capture every angle, including the police officers gestures and actions and they can make the action look more up ose and intense than it is. some i think about all the times you user id for hospital items are to return items but sometimes imagine if you are from another country and you cannot get an id here. they have to go to the foreign consulate office. the mexican one is in raleigh. they are coming to the midlands . . it's called the consulate on wheels and this week it has made its way to canada. the issue passports, id cards and birth certificates. 600 people are expected to benefit. the problem is setting up appointments. people have to go or go-i for go or call online to get to offices, all across the country.
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nationals to attend these events because they are for them. obviously, and maybe try to avoid going to any other place to get an idea because sometimes it's very difficult. estimate the last day for the consulate on wheels a sunday and the next trip to the status not until february. according to the us department of state south carolina has 1400 consulate's from different countries. education was one of the topics the gov. haley discussed during her state of the state address last night. she spoke about an incentive plan that would encourage teachers to work in rural schools. today the superintendent of education gave more details with a proposal and speaking to the rotary club of lexington. >> one of the biggest challenges to make sure we have enough high quality teachers. so we are offering the general assembly asking them to find an
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agree to go teach in a rural area for every two years that they teach, one year of the student loans would be paid offset within a year commitment, their loans could totolly be forgiven. >> they got a a chance to talk about the virtual school program. there are currently 30,000 students enrolled in that system. some it today and tomorrow us rep. joe wilson is touring schools across the district. this morning he visited eastpointe academy west columbia , a charter school that enrolls preschool students through sixth grade. he will visit private and public schools and will meet with homeschool families. he is making the stop to promote school twice. different options. people can happen. it is exciting because when i was growing up. it was virtually one option, but there are so many options and what can be adapted to the young people of our community. >> wilson represents a second district and serves on education and workforce.
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filed for free through the volunteer income tax assistance program. it offers free tax help to families with a household income of 50 for thousand dollars or less. cooperative ministry offers tax assistant sides every year in richland, fairfield and newberry and this one will take pl., saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at three different locations. if you're looking for those locations or you can get your taxes done for free. thanks to the department of ministry pay go to our website and they are listed on your screen. richland county has been hosting these meetings all week long for people have been affected by the flood. this is a series of six meetings to gary-gather feedback . they will be used to compile a technical report that is specific to the county will
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with any possible future flooding. if you haven't had a chance to go to a meeting the last meeting is scheduled for saturday from noon to 2 pm and east sulfur part. a lot of time we have to report bad stories, but today we wanted to share a random act of kindness. this photo was posted on our facebook page. she was on her way to school when i columbia police officer pulled her over and he said she had a flat tire and he change the tire for her on the highway. she wrote if he didn't stop me. i could've had a bad blowout that could have ended up in a accident. people are saying all police officers are bad. this is proof they are not. >> i wish you could see his face to give him a shout out. does anyone recognize them from that angle? >> do you recognize him? >> i don't but i'm glad she posted that for us.
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us stories all the time so keep them coming. spinning. thank you for sharing that and posting it. if they could to the officer that did that. very cool. coming up, the
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the the usc baseball team is in the middle of their mlk week of service. and they visited students at an elementary school. they handed out books and read to the kids and signed autographs and talked about how important it is to be a good student.>>a lot of them want to play basketball or football or baseball be able to stress the importance of a good student comes first and as far as what they are reading and what they are doing now, in order to get
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the opportunity is it for everyone. if you don't have the student part, you're not going to be a student athlete. student the book was called just a chicken written by former gamecock football player. the gamecocks are looking to keep their undefeated streak alive in the take on auburn tonight for the tipoff is set for 7 pm. they are back on the road. after tonight's game against mississippi state. we will have details if you join us tonight for news 19 at 11 pm. there were only two footballs left in our goal the football treasure hunting on tuesday we placed 19 signed golden wltx footballs near landmarks across 11 counties. the clues have been posted at the wltx instagram , facebook and twitter account for it. if you find one of those footballs bring it here to try
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and you can win a grand prize of $519. we will announce the winner on tuesday on friends at five. start there was a ball controversy before the playoff game between new england and kansas city chiefs. he probably didn't know about this one. tom brady had nothing to do with it. there was almost no ball to play the game with. the officiating crew left the balls at the hotel room with the pumping equipment so they contacted the highest and the logan airport and they were able to sunday trooper over there with his lights on. i gegethe balls in the palms and get them back to the stadium in time for the game. a woman named catherine smith has made pro football history. the buffalo bills fired her as a special teams quality control coach, making her the first woman to be a full-time assistant coach in the nfl. >>reporter: historically, the nfl coaching ranks happen.
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on the block. the buffalo bills are changing that. late wednesday, the bills announced they had promoted catherine smith to quality control, special teams coach making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the nfl. the league's newest coach has been around front offices for years. the 30-year-old began her career as an intern with the new york jets in 2003. for years later, she was promoted to player personnel assistant and in 2014 was named assistant to the head coach, racks, ryan. smith followed, racks, ryan to buffalo after he took ahead coaching job last year. ryan consulted with the arizona cardinals head coach this team made history this past july. >> we are very excited to have coach john walter join our staff. >>reporter: they hired her for the team's training camp during the preseason for the first
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position in the nfl. >> i could not have dreamed big enough to imagine the state has ever come.>>a team spokesperson said she may talk to supporters about her new role. sometime after the super bowl. >> in her new job as quality control coach. she will be responsible for thering video and statistical analysis on upcoming opponents. sudafed is a big job. >> you have to figure out what
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tonight featured spot for the restaurant report card has a menu that features stromboli, stirfry, burgers and fries. more on this very famous spots. colby? >> i am not flightdeck. this is the owner. we don't have to say much to realize that being here behind us, how did you get this idea. 20 for years ago? >> being a kid growing up loving aircraft and model airplanes and remote control airplanes in the real thing. i have had the love for aviation and i told myself if i open up my own restaurant. i'm going to decorate it my way. this is my way. >> the kids come here and you are just marveling at everything around it. you see people talking on starting conversations? >> kids and adults fall in love with the place i walk around
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it's a lot of fun and you get to share stories of their customers who have stories. her family members who served our country and have fun for our country and it has been fascinating. >> i'm going to let ralph walk in here with the camera. they have their very own arcade. have you come up with this theme? >> i haha been told by friends and family that i haven't grown up yet. i love arcades. growing up in the 70s and 80s around arcades. pinball, air hockey, foosball, i'm going to add one to the restaurant to have fun with it. we've been having a great time. >> we are probably looking at picking out our game because he went to challenge each other. you can marvel at the decorah needs plenty of food, including cheesecake in different american foods.
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coming up at 6 pm. it looks like a lot of fun. bring us back something. >> so some sweet news. if you are shopping for snacks. cinnamon bun flavored oreos. they have officially hit the market. the twist on the classic is a cinema cookie with creamy, i see slate--creamy icing flavored filling. one reviewer said it taste like you're eating a cinnamon bun. >> we don't get to try them because our producer said we need to lose weight. >> i just made that up. >> she is going to get you after the show.
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it. coming up tonight, the big bang theory at 8 pm. life in pieces at 8:30 pm. mom at 9 pm. angels from hell at 9:30 pm. and before you go to bed. keep it here for news 19 at 11 pm. will smith will not attend the oscars. he joins his wife jaded pinkett smith and protesting them for nominating only white actors and actresses for two years in a row. he was passed over for a nomination for his role in concussion. he would have likely have been asked to be a presenter. >> i am so excited to see concussion.
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this the weather is a developing story tonight.
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ice. daniel has the latest. and efforts going underway to try to save the walmart in winnsboro from closing their doors. details on that day reactions from walmart. these cheesecakes are one of the options at this lexington restaurant. we will show you what they have to offer. news 19 at 6 pm starts right now. all eyes are on the weather. freezing rain is a possibility in some parts of the northern midlands tonight. lots of people talking about snow and ice. thanks for being with us. >> for the very latest on what we can expect over e next for to 48 hours turn things over to daniel bonds. estimate the man's story for us that we are focusing on is, of course, freezing rain. that could be the impact it looks like for tomorrow.
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