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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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starting to develop. so far it has been pleasant and not much in the way of rainfall . the just a few isolated showers moving into southwest portions of the loans. we do have a freezing rain advisory for the northern portions of the midlands. that will come until late and continue until noon tomorrow, including newberry, fairfield and kershaw county. you want to be careful over these bridges and overpasses. the rain will continue to develop overnight. freezing rain but otherwise look for cold rain with the temperatures dropping wn to the low 30s. >> tomorrow. freezing weather and 380 are low and is there absent will see potential for wintry mix tomorrow night and tomorrow morning. we will break the forecast down
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minutes. some of the state emergency management division, said now is the time to plan a case, the storm causes power outages are making traveling dangerous. have nonperishable food items on hand, blankets to get warm and get a portable charger.>> don't use your phone as much and say that type of thing for emergencies. text to first and talk later. send a text message you will use a lot less power and a lot less segmented extra medications. cash on hand if there is a power outage atms will not work. so we hard to try to buy things. if you need a. doing this as a precaution. we are not expecting anything too bad. of course, you can keep up with the latest by going to our website or follow the weather team on twitter. a walmart are shutting down in winnsboro.
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it close without a fight. janae frazier spoke with folks behind a petition to save the store. >> the organizers of the petition have collected almost open. they say this resource is needed for the community. >>is just a slap in the face to the community. >>reporter: working across the strere from walmart and she was sosofurious that she started a petition to save it. she said the people at corporate don't understand have devastating this will be sure the people that can't travel to the closest walmart in columbia. >> if you are not in this area and it doesn't affect you, you don't know how to feel. since the petition has 800 signatures and with the
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you noted and the naacp chapter they will hold a rally on saturday, five days before the store scheduled to be closed. >> it's our life flight. we need to keep the store opened. there are so many elderly and handicapped people. brian nix says there is no turning back. >> our concern and emphasis right now is on making sure that we take care of our associates. and these hundred 50 for different communities in the country and certainly winnsboro is no exception. >> either way, these residents are not letting it close quietly. >> they need to come in and build a supercenter. >> we need this to stay open.
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saturday in the walmart parking lot. walmart said the decision is final and the store will close and they told me their main concern is helping their associates who are losing jobs but they will listen to anyone's concerns. tonight we are on your side with a recall on infant seats being recalled nationwide. the carry handle can crack and break which can cause the city to fall unexpectedly. they received 70 for reports of handles breaking ball and use. they are sold across the country from november ball and use. they are sold across the country from november 2014 through this us. kids in touch with-i for to get a repair kit. andrea had a hell is state of the state moment her. she asked them to stand for
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and gov. haley's on history with ethics allegations and republicans reacted to the house speaker jake lucas in which he said the senate has ignored ethics altogether. the house passed 12 individual ethics bills, a big ethics reform package, but none of the pieces have passed onto the desk. one of the issues brought up last night were independent investigations of lawmakers who are accused of wrongdoing. legislation will change the current ethics committees made up of lawmakers to independent investigators. >> what was suggested by being put out an impressive statements we have not debated it or take it up or wasn't getting a hearing on it. it was ludicrous. we had a debate on the last year. we debated at the year before. she focused the attention on us. let's look back at the mirror on her ethics record, which is far from stellar.
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about her past, even though she has run for governor twice. senate democrats hope to pass some bills on ethics, but the dam wanted to take priority over rosen education. the gov.'s office did not get a response to the claims. some of this morning at west columbia woman was killed riding her bike to work. 31-year-old erica bass was hit by the car on the 12th 31-year- old erica bass was hit by the car on the 12th st. extension this morning. we are told she was said sure. the driver of the goal was taken to the hospital but her condition is unknown. the condition hyphenated collision remains under investigation. deputies arrested a man who shot a store clerk during a robbery saturday night. justin jenkins enter the video express store and stole money from the register. his shot the clerk pray when they couldn't access the safe, the victim was treated and released. jenkins is in jail charged with
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armed robbery. a summit underway columbia presented by -woman magazine. leaders from all walks of life are invited to the conference to work to improve education. they also discussed other social policy issues. >> we hope the people that are here today leave. formed by what we as leaders in our community can do and inspire us to go back and do something to make a difference. >> this is the eighth year for the summit. so many people talking about the weather. lots of conversation. >> will they see snow?
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on each this restaurant is sure to give you dinner with a view.>> we are taking to flight deck where the food is not the only thing the customers are talking about. since they just keep piling the food on this table. we have the owner coming over
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if you want to sit, we could go down the line of this table and why don't you tell me what's on the table? to make the primo salad with a combination of the chef salad in the greek salad turkey, ham, cheese, peppers, tomatoes, olives. one of our best sellers. back here we have a sausage pinwheel and we have a homemade cordon bleu with smoked hand, the smoke provolone cheese wrapped up chicken and we take it and read it in panko and deep fried and slice and serve it with our cordon bleu on the bed of rice. >> let's take a look at this week's high and low scores. >> follow-ups. piggy park received a 100 other follow-up. charlie fisherman's wharf got a 98.
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was treated by pest control and no roaches were found. red bull asian bistro the village of sand hills was given a 79. inspectors saw employees not washing their hands or changing gloves between contamination events and handling ready-to- eat food with their bare hands. they also did not store the wiping clause sanitizing solution and stored food on the floor. during their follow-up. they received a 96. this story does not follow normal protocol but we let you know whether a pass. wendy's scored a 96, but inspectors found a row to the dishwashing area. their second visit is scheduled for the 22nd. crossroads cafi and eric's food truck received 100 big cooks bakery scored a 99. enjoy. >> i said every week, we were talking about this earlier. we have a huge sweet tooth. this is what i have been
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what kind of desserts. do you offer? >> all of our cheesecakes are homemade. this is the key lime cheesecake and the oreo cheesecake and the chocolate tart cake, chocolate cake child-chocolate frosting and bits and pieces thrown over for good measure. so this is your dream right here baby. >> and these are not the only things you have to offer. >> we have 120 items on our menu and a good selection so everyone can find something they like. greek food country food italian food salad. cheesecake. seafood. stakes. a pretty big variety. >> so tell everyone where you are located and what your hours are. >> and of course much more. we are in historic downtown lexington on the highway 137 a
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rite aid drugstore. slackware open six days a week. we are closed on sundays.>> flightdeck in lexington. so for now. news 19 wltx. we will head up the road to colorado to check in with our chief meteorologist attending a weather conference. >>reporter: i am jim gandy in breckenridge, colorado . i have been attending the weather and climate summit. the sun came out and is beautiful. but in the conference. the big news has been the storm back east. we are keeping our eyes on that and we will be wrapping things up in breckenridge early because of the storm and it turns out that many of the attendees at the conference this year, from back east so they are trying to beat the storm home but in the meantime we will continue with what we have been doing here we have some exciting things happening
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what you may not know, there will be a new generation of weather satellites that will be put into orbit at the end of this year and the project director is giving us all of the details of how that satellite will improve weather forecasting and improve our ability to warn for storms that what we are seeing here we are excited to be part of the actions and i will try one more from breckenridge, colorado. i am jim gandy in. >> don't to do it. don't to do it. >> he might be good at it. should i kill come back on crutches. >> he was an athlete in his day. >> not so long ago. >> far away. swimming very long ago. >> we need a meteorologist.
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storm quite closely and we will break it down to show you what we are expecting as of right now. it's been a mild day. we did make it into the low 50s but still columbia 48 and sumter 50 and orangeburg, it has been cooler towards the north 42 and raquel and 47 and greenville. i haven't seen much in the way of rainfall. we did see some sunshine that allow temperatures to climb but the clouds have been building in. we are starting to see a little bit of rain and over towards aiken county. rain chances will be increasing as we work our way through the rest of the safety and tonight. our forecast model has been doing a good job of telling us what we are expecting and breaks it down. we will pick things up at 6:30 pm. clouds continue to build in and rain will move in. have midnight. showers will be likely. tonight, it is rain across the midlands, but as we work our
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cold air starts spilling in and we may see some freezing rain and portions of the northern midlands, including newberry, fairfield, kershaw and there is a freezing rain advisory. so that's something we will be watching closely. the rain ends tomorrow night and as a wraps around we might see a wintry mix as far as ice is concerned, talking about. less than a quarter of an inch in as far as snow is concerned trace amounts for most of us and a dusting that's something we will be watching as well. looking for the lows in the 30s and highs tomorrow in the upper 30s and this is what we are expect. rain likely, tomorrow freezing rain in the northern midlands and a chance for a wintry mix saturday morning. we're talking about trace amounts and a dusting in the northwestern portions and all of this is history by sunday with high temperatures around 53.
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closely but that's the way we see it right now. >> they are expecting it to affect flights in charlotte. >> it could impact the eastern
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we will be following closely. welcome back. talking to the game clock legend alex you just came from the practice were the men are getting ready for their game and you told me frank is still pushing them.>> he will not let up. he built his reputation on tough defense. this is the thing that kept him in the game working on defense work making sure they have guys on the weak side and focusing and making them all were card.
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team working on the defense. >> they are ranked they should be ranked with the poll comes out next week. but can you tell this team has a different edge >> last year when they were in this type of position. when they got the tournament play it was tougher they couldn't call on the bench. he is giving them some quality minutes and you can see they have that confidence. they are leaving. they are making sure they bring the young guys up to speed to play the type of basketball that they need to play if they're going to win basketball games. some of the usc women have a big game tonight but so far they have passed every test. similar that's all that matters.
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they won't last year but you look at that kentucky game where they came from behind and won the game. they played well and in the last game at texaxaa&m. it was tight to the end that carolina, those young ladies, the whole team, they knew what they had to do in those were state meant moments for them to come back and say we are going to win this game and they did but they needed to do. >> at kentucky there is a career-high--living up to the hype >> she is. i have watched this young lady because my son went to school with her for watching her play the game of basketball be able to drive with her left and right, blocked shots and rebounding. she is the kind of confidence
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basketball player and she and elena copes will work well
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stick alex english the legend. coming up tonight on wltx the big bang theory at 8 pm.
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mom at 9 pm. a new list is out with the worst computer passwords. topping the list password 136 and the top six letters on the left side of the keyboard. welcome, princes, solo, star wars. 2 million passwords have been leaked during the year.>> somebody had to point out the letters.
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geese. >> pelley: d.c. deep freeze
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capital of america as the east
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