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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

7:00 pm could evening. thanks for being with us on thursday. all eyes are on the skies as we prepare for possibilities and freezing rain over the northern midlands. they are under a freezing rain advisory. the question is how much ice can we get to those areas? our meteorologist daniel bonds joins us. this is not everyone is talking about. there are so many different reports >> we feel like we have a good beat on the system as we continue to make it closer to the midlands. here's the storm system portions of the midland moving in extremely-portions of
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newberry, fair filed--fairfield and kershaw counties and some potential for freezing rain will be less of and 330. those are low. a cold rain tomorrow, 380 and freezing rain for the northern counties. when that rain winds down friday into saturday, you will see a wintry mix. we will break this forecast down much further coming up in a few minutes. of the weather team is tracking these conditions all across the state pay for the latest. follow them on twitter per they will be tweeting up-to-the- minute and also opt for text alerts go to our website to sign a. the gov. is calling for the senators to
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. that topped the conversation at the statehouse today. reactions are like a domino effect. some reacting to speaker j lucas pay some have ignored the speaker altogether. >> if you support true independence and investigation. >>reporter: that spark conversation on ethics in today's a senate. >> oversee with the hospital hired her as a consultant and she found a confidentiality agreement and doesn't want anybody to know how much that was. >>reporter: the center referenced a 2012 case when she was a state representative. >>talk about the defendant reviews. >>reporter: the house ethics committee cleared her almost charges per they started pushing for reform. holding it up and that investigations rather than fellow lawmakers having an
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>> because those people weren't with the legislator, they will be more inclined to--of the person being accused. treacherous six larry martin said is not that the senate has ignored ethics, which is what j lucas said after hailey's speech. spirit there is honest disagreements about independent investigations. >>reporter: not only other disagreements but they don't want anything to take priority over roads. >> there are pressing needs patriot six of the 12 individual builds-i for bills market hopes that one piece will pass. >> these moments have a way of them sticking. i really hope that we have an opportunity to take up the sources of income.>>we reached out to the gov.'s office to a direct response to the senate's reaction but she did not really
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summit take a moment to think about the time user id for hospital visits or to return items. for some people from other countries who cannot get an id here, they have to go to a foreign consulate office, a drive that would normally take hours. sunny and gutierrez explains why the long drive is not necessary this week. one by one nationals are called it to pick up an idea that mexican counsel, it. -consulate. russell came with a passport and a card for a friend. it doesn't expire until june. but he is afraid he won't get another opportunity to do this before then. sitting at the point is going around south and north carolina every single place where we now mexicans are. >>and with a 60,000 mexicans in the carolinas.
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will meet requirements in raleigh, north carolina has the most a man's. scheduled to see 600,000 they are hosted from organizations like the off the counseling center to come here or they reach out to places where they know there are big pockets of latinos to bring the consulate to them. the university of south carolina's happy there. stay longer. snake, sometimes getting through those calls is very difficult. smith, they recommend calling in early in the morning or late at night because the service has every consulate office in the country. >> we would like to have an office in south carolina because the population is large. >> the last day for the
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the next trip to the state is scheduled for next month. timothy only hospital in barnwell county shut down today. they say the hospital lost 2 1/2 million dollars because of a low number of patients and uncompensated care. the plans have not been approved. the hospital has been operating for more than 60 years. a trustee is facing federal trust-charges for illegally trapping and killing hawkesbury 65-year-old charles williams has been charged with seven counts, three men are charged with one count. they tracked the hawks at the willow creek plantation and orangeburg. agents serving a search warrant at 2014 seized several dozen carcasses. williams has pled not guilty. if convicted he could get six
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we have received multiple cars about traffic problems because of the work being done on a railroad crossing in -county. we reached out to csx littleness engineering teams are working to resurface the railroad track through that area. resurfacing allows the train to run smoothly, which in turn helps prevent service disruptions accidents and injuries. hickory lane, poultry lane and ferry road crossings were repaved today. they are scheduled to reopen in the morning. and bluff road is scheduled to reopen next week. state education superintendent molly spearman's bedtime lexington county talking to the rotary club. she addressed numerous topics including an incentive plan that would encourage teachers to work in rural schools and they are growing virtual schools progress. they talked with us about the new direction.
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testing. >> we are moving away from high stake assessments. one day on one test it does not accurately show. we will use testing but we will use other things. how can i solve problems. what are they doing to--not just one high-stakes bet many>> the main goals this year is to make sure every student is prepared for success after high school. daniel bonds is joining us as we go to break it out radar right now showing a good bit of rain and that is all i say right now. spirit there is a lot of rain moving across it. we are expecting some of that to become freezing rain by tomorrow morning and is that
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and friday (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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transportation crews are
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off ramps. we are one month into winter. tomorrow will make one month. with cold air here. authorities are encouraging folks to use precaution one heating their homes. we spoke with brick lewis with the columbia fire department. he stressed the importance of practicing good home heating safety. >> we encourage our citizens to stay warm. but we want you to be safe. the legend have space around your space heaters. your furnace, a space heater, a fireplace keeping three-foot diameter free of combustibles. materials from a couch,
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to keep you safe. >> home heating is one of the leading causes of house fires in house fire deaths. good the thursday evening. a lot of talk on the weather and something we will continue to watch. but today wasn't too bad pay we made it up to 53. it's pleasant across the midlands. 53 in columbia, 48 and orangeburg, it's cool down to 370 and raquel. it was a dry day we saw a few passing clouds but the rain will continue to increase. when it comes then you can see showers moving through portions of the midlands and more rain off of our radar moving through parts of georgia. rain chances will be increasing our forecast model husband handling the situation. we will put it into motion and 7:30 pm. clouds and rain moving in overnight with showers likely
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early-early morning hours. around daybreak or so you can see some freezing rain of those northern counties including fairfield newberry kershaw and lead counties and we will watch it closely as this line gets further south. right now it looks like it's going to be confined to northern counties. the rain continues potentially heavy rains that time, even up to an inch and a half, so that's another aspect. as the rain winds down, cold air spills and on the backside moisture moves in and late friday into early portion saturday. a wintry mix something we will watch saturday morning as it winds down saturday afternoon, we are left with clouds. as far as i said is concerned, i think it's less than a quarter of an inch in these northern midland counties where a freezing rain advisory is and that's until noon tomorrow. a lot of people are talking
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this is the thinking may be trace amounts for the midlands and we will say maybe a dusting at best and the extreme north western portions. the main priority right now is the freezing rain potential of something we will be watching closely. lows dropping down into the 30s and for tomorrow it will not warm up a lot expecting highs to the mid to upper 30s will be a cold rain. keep in mind freezing rain potential. this is what we are expecting. 40 on saturday but we will have a chance for a wintry mix. winter weather early saturday morning by sunday afternoon. we are expecting temperatures around 530. so the panthers game shook off with no problem. and another system approaches tuesday, wednesday chances of showers in the low 60s by tuesday will be paying
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it's time to talk to do we go behind the scenes of flightdeck with this week's report card restaurant extra. we are back in the kitchen of flightdeck with tad he will show us how to make chores he does.>> you did good. >> this is a sausage pin will one of our featured appetizer dishes. people love them. it's all made. my kitchen manager has been
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previous taken the sausage pudding and i'll puff pastry and he will smear it all over the puff pastry to get an even spreads what covers the whole puff pastry sheet and when you get the sausage. there you want to have a bite. every time you take a bite. so is tricky to do that you want to have the sausage be abouou410 where it is sy to smear out nice and eight downloadable and what he does that he will take it and roll it up and it's going to be like a big giant 10 will and he will slice it into three-quarter inch to an inch wide slice and when he does that we put on a sheet pan our pizza pan and put in the oven. therefore hundred 500 and bake it until it is golden brown and the sausage is fully cooked and we serve it with honey mustard. >> honey mustard and sausage, i would not think to put that together. >> it is out of the world and
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it's quite delicious. the honey mustard is a good tip we use it for everything. >> we have a finished product over there.>>we are putting some touches on a is tricky. but i want to show you how he rose it up and it comes up like a big sausage log and you see how pretty it is and he just slices it. and we will freeze it because it makes it easy to slice so doesn't follow party. one is bait this is what we come up with sausage pinwheels. it's spanish for sausage. and believe it or not, this is one of our best sellers and another thing that is interesting, we got this recipe off of the back of a pillsbury dough recipe. you open up the diskette and you get a recipe. snake you gave your secret away. thank you so much. any of the dishes you get it
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my need for prom without the
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you can drop items off at estimate krispy kreme has made it carolina panthers don't appear they are on sale it is
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still plan on selling donuts for $3.99 a dozen.>> that's a nice-looking donut. >> nice hot donuts on a cold night. >> keeping our eyes on the sky to see what mother nature will bring us. >> a freezing rain advisory begins tonight at 1 am it will last until 12 pm tomorrow. that's where we are expecting freezing rain but a lot can change. we will continue to monitor this. for others as the rain wraps up friday and saturday we will see some wintry mix that will include some snowflakes as well. welcome. how you doin'? good how are you? so today you're gonna choose a mobile office. you can choose this chevy silverado which offers built in 4g lte wi-fi. or you can choose this ford f-150, which doesn't offer wi-fi.
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he didn't know! >> i came home and, what happened? >> will smith says he knew nothing about his wife's call for an oscar boycott. >> i will not be at the academy awards. then, sarah palin under fire. >> it comes from our own president. >> president obama is to blame for track palin assaulting his girlfriend this. >> new details on the arrest of sarah's son. >> cops say they found his girlfriend hiding under the bed. and, i'm no joke thief. amy schumer defends her good name. >> i did not steal any jokes. and i wouldn't. then, brace yourself. >> things you never thought of to get your car through the blizzard of 2016. >> it's kind of silly but it really works. and the new way to meet up when you're snowed in. >> dating apps to find a blizzard buddy. >> i think they need someone to cuddle with. and the "over there" girl
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