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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening and thanks for being with us, i'm j.r. berry. >> and i'm andre amok. this we just found out into the newsroom, fairfield county schools have already made the decision to close. at this point, we have no other cancellations for school systems. we know fairfield county has already closed. >> that's right. this is a developing weather situation. let's find out what's going on now, let's bring in our meteorologist daniel bonds. what's it looking like, sir? >> we are watching that storm system, rotating around in portions of louisiana and arkansas, and all of this precipitation is moving in our direction. and has brought a little bit of rain across portions of the midland this evening. it has been all rain and a little bit of heavy activity towards greenwood and saluda counties. all of this is moving towards the north and east. all of this is rain. the thought process is some
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there is a freezing rain advisory that includes newberry, and kershaw counties until 12:00 tomorrow afternoon. right now, the thought process is maybe anywhere from a tenth to quarter inch of freezing rain in this area. and that could cause some hazardous driving conditions especially on some bridges and overpasses. this is what we're expecting over the next 36 hours or so, we'll see that rain chance continue tonight. keep in mind freezing rain tomorrow morning for the northern portions of the midlands. otherwise we're just expecting a very cold rain, 38 degrees. once that rare kind of wraps on down late tomorrow night, could see a little bit of a wintry mix, including a little bit of sleet. we're expecting lows tomorrow the major forecast issue we're going to be watching especially tomorrow will be the chance for freezing rain in the northern midlands and that's really the concern especially with these schools you, too, and as you mentioned, look like fairfield county schools are closed. continue to follow, guys.
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any chance this thing could change in the next 6 to 10 hours? >> the forecast has been pretty consistent. we've been watching through the northern midlands. there is a chance it could shift to the south, and could impact richland and lexington county. if that shifts a little bit farther south we'll be watching that, and also just how much freezing rainfalls in this area. so of course, big storm system going to make some major impacts but right now, something we think we've got a pretty good handle on, but as always, it could make some pretty big changes. >> with the threat of some icy danger to drive on. the highway patrol says though prepared. >> make sure you have a coat if you're traveling, make sure that your cell phone's fully charged
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items if you encounter some long wait times. as always, call star 47 because we'll be glad to send a trooper to assist that person. >> because of these cold temperature you need to be cautious when you're heating your home. heating sources that warm us also lead to fires and fatalities. the columbia fire department has tips on how you can make sure you and your family stays safe. >> we want you to have space around your space heaters, whether it's your furnace, a space heater, fireplace, you want a three-foot area, materials from a couch, curtains, your kids, pets, those kind of things, we want to keep you safe from that. >> something else to think about as we all have our windows shut this time of year, he says to make sure to install and maintain a carbon monoxide alarm inside your home, providing
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does build up. >> and if this is affecting air travel, american, jetblue, announcing flights cancelled tomorrow. airport officials say contact your airline. you can keep up with the very latest by going to or follow our weather team on twitter. the richland county sheriff's department is taking sometime to make sure you stay safe in the event of an active shooter. tonight, they met with parishioners at the progressive church of our lord to discuss different techniques that can be used to help save lives if the worst case scenario happens. news 19's lauren thomas reports. >> we want them to start thinking about, what would i do if this happened. >> reporter: more than 80 people filled the progressive church of our lord in columbia thursday night, hearing from richland deputies on an active shooter.
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whoever thought what would happen on a wednesday night, it did. it can happen anyplace, any time and we don't want people to be in denial. we want people to know it could happen at our church and our work. we have to take steps and be prepared. >> the sheriff says they have been holding training sessions for years, but since the tragic shooting at mother emanuel ame spoke to the congregation with three main tips to takeaway. >> avoid, deny, defend, the three main topics. avoid it if you can, get in the way of situations, deny it, lock doors, shut lights off and defend and protect as many people as you can. >> the deputy explained it takes three minutes for law enforcement to arrive at an incident and at that time, that's when people can use the information they were given tonight to make a lifesaving decision. >> that a public place, anything can happen. >> it just helped me to know
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situation to respond quickly and in a way that'll protect myself and others around me. >> those precious seconds that you react instead of have to stop and think to save your life. >> reporter: in columbia, news 19 wltx. >> sheriff deputies are looking into all counties with this active shooter seminar. a man was seen in surveillance photos after a woman was robbed at the greater faith baptist church. the 72-year-old victim was pushed against her car by the suspect who demanded her purse. she says she managed to get the purse away before he pulled out a handgun. if you know who this person is, you're urged to call 1888 crime sc. well, in orangeburg county a man has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars for what he did to his german shepherd
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larry leon levener pleaded guilty toil treatment of animals back -- to ill treatment of his dogs in december. surveillance videos shows him beating his dog with a board with nails in it. in addition to jail time, a fine of $300, and all of his dogs were taken into custody at the animal shelter. and we're on your side with some recall of 71,000 of b-safe 35-car seats because the carry handle can crack and break, unexpectedly. they've received 74 reports of the seats were sold nationwide from november of 2014-through 2014-january 2016. we have that information on the web site for you, there is a boil water
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columbia, the city says water customers in the 1,200-block of lincoln street need to boil their water prior to drinking it. there was a six-inch water break. crews are on the scene now. it could create some traffic tie ups. news 19 will let you know when that has been lifted. and at the state house, lawmakers continued the investigation of three south carolina's abortion clinics today. one of the most controversial issues under investigation is fetal tissue donations and whether or not to make it legal for them for medical research. representatives renee fielder amended the recommendations saying fetal tissue donations should be used for medical research as long as they are not being paid for. she said mothers who consent to donate their tissue after deciding to have an abortion allows medical research to move forward.
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research and finding a cure for diseases like alzheimers. >> if we can do research and we can save lives, then we can make that quality of life better. as a cancer survivor, i think that's most important and that's part of our responsibility to the citizens of south carolina's and to this country. >> not all committee members agreed with her amendment, but it was approved to go to the legislation and the ad hoc committee will continue reviewing recommendations by state agencies next week. a former con artist, "catch me with you can," spoke about keeping money out of the hands of criminals. frank abnegnail volunteered to work with the revenue department to protect the public from tax fraud especially before the 2016 tax filing season. he says billions of dollars are paid out in fraudulent claims every year, but people stealing that money aren't from the united states.
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comes back into the country in the form of drug trafficking, human trafficking and child porn. >> so it is ironic that we as americans allow people to steal who are not even in this country, billions of dollars of the hard earned money of the taxpayers of this country take that money and bring it back in to commit worse and more hideous crimes against the citizens of this country. >> and the revenue departments your state tax refund checks may be delayed as they try to crack down on fraud. you remember lidar lidar play leonardo dicaprio played him in a movie. all right. still ahead, we're going to update you on the weather situation outside. what's going to happen freezing rain, snow flurries, daniel bonds will let you know what the possibilities will be like when you wake up in the morning.
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>> reporter: there are only two footballs left in our golden football treasure hunt.the clues believe it or not there's two footballs left in our golden football treasure hunt. crews leading in the locations have been posted to instagram, facebook and twitter accounts.
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. 3 each week we recognize a midlands restaurant or b . each week we recognize a midlands restaurant or bakery that received a perfect routine inspection store. >> tonight, colby gallagher takes us to a new spot in lexington. >> reporter: this week's award winner have only been here a month. people have been coming in and out to try her sweets this is stephanie. congratulations on the score and tell me. there's an interesting story. glaze'n. tell me your story.
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our wedding cake and he thought that i was the crazyist person, but it came out great and i had such a blast making it, so that's when i decided to start doing this. >> and the rest is history. there are tons of sweet treats. you would never know you started with your own wedding. let's take a look at this week's highest and lowest scores. piggy park in irma, and charlie fisherman's wharf and got a 98. no roaches were found. and red bulls asian bestiary was given a b. they -- bistro was given a b. they lost points for not storing the wiping cloths and sanitizing solution and storing food on the floor. during a followup on the 15th
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this next score doesn't follow protocol, but lets viewers know when there's pests. the wendy's on 290 in winnsboro, scored a 96. theipspectors found a roach in the dish catcher -- the inspectors found a roach in the dish catcher. cook's bakery scored a 99. enjoy. >> reporter: we're back with stephanie to show off what you have to offer. tell us what's in front of us. >> okay. so the first one is a chocolate raspberry mousse. and the third is a pistarrhio, white chocolate. and macrons, apcot,ricot, fig, and vanilla, and with the mcroons, macroons.
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>> you name it, you have it. >> and a lot of people have been saying they were looking at the flavors on facebook. if you wondering what they have, check them out on facebook, and open tuesdays through saturdays. coblby gallagher. 1925 southlake drive. and a difference of a couple miles will make all the difference in the midlands. >> we were talking about charlotte earlier. for us in the midlands we're going to be watching for the potential for some freezing rain mainly in the northern midlands. we'll kind of break down the forecast for you. the good news is we warmed up to 53 degrees. the clouds started moving in to help keep our temperatures up so far this evening. right now, 47 degrees in columbia and orangeburg. the models are indicating we'd be a lot colder.
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little bit of rain across the midlands. you can see the showers starting to move into portions of the midlands. all of this is rain across the area. if you look just past the north carolina or south carolina's border up towards north carolina, you can see a little bit of snow up there. they are getting some snow up there for us here across it is the midlands. it's just been rain so far. we'll put our forecast into motion for you, show you what we expect for the next 36 hours or so. the rain continues to build in tonight and by tomorrow morning around daybreak or so, enough cold air may spill into the northern midlands. we'll see a little bit of freezing rain so that's what we're going to be watching. keep in mind that freezing rain advisory does begin at 1:00 and does last until 12:00. this particular forecast model tries to bring that freezing precipitation a little further south. that's something we'll be watching but right now, this is just one of the forecast models that kind of brings that precipitation a little bit further south. as we go through the afternoon hours though, a little bit warmer air kind of streams in. it becomes all rain, still have
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the area and as this rain kind of wraps on up late friday evening, a little bit more moisture kind of swings on through and that's when we may see a little bit ofidx5n5>'h late friday night, early portions of saturday, and it looks like that may move on out by the time we got to the afternoon hours. we're still left with mostly cloudy skies. as far as the forecast is concerned, we have that freezing rain advisory for the northern midlands, anywhere from a tenth to quarter of an inch of rain, or freezing rain up there. we educational background get a little bit of freezing rain here in the central midlands at least in this forecast model is indicating that. right now we don't think they'll be any problems but this is something we'll be watching closely. if you're getting ready for any kind of snow, if you made me make a forecast this is what i think we'd see snow on saturday, maybe a dusting in the northern midlands, and just case amounts so maybe just something to look at -- trace amounts, but not expecting any kind of accumulation. lows dropping into the
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we're expecting highs to not warm up a whole lot, maybe mid-to-upper 30s. it's not going to warm up a whole lot. keep in mind we have the freezing rain in the northern midlands, kind of tapering off tomorrow night and early saturday morning may end with a little bit of wintry mix, maybe some sleet and snow. it's all history by sunday. 53 degrees, 59 degrees by monday and another system will approach the area by tuesday and wednesday. 62 degrees by tuesday. but again this is a storm system we'll be watching very closely. small changes in the track or intensity could change what we see whether it be ice in the northern or central midlands. >> 100% chance of rain. not something we see a lot. i haven't seen that graphic a lot. >> it's going to rain.
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>> yeah, but we'll3 starting tonight with a talk with the . announcer: now, news 19 sports director reggie anderson. >> and starting tonight, a little football talk with the hbc. steer spurrier back on the wild wing cafe for ten and a half season, this is where spurrier spent part of his thursday nights. the last segment spurrier put on the headsets. he's the all-time winningest football coach repeatedly in san
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football coach's association. you haveton when it's your to know when it's your time to step aside. >> we all have an expiration date as coaches and players, whatever. at the coach's convention i just mentioned that maybe mine was last year after the 14th season, but we thought we had a good season is this year. it didn't work out, and for whatever reason, i thought it would be best for me to step aside. >> reporter: you at peace with your decision to walk away? >> definitely, reggie, definitely. i've had my run. i'm glad i got in when i did, out when i did. maybe i should have got out a little bit sooner. but any way, i've had a wonderfullun. god's been good to me and my family, and i'm pulling for the gamecocks, coach tanner, present past td's, they've got me doing a little sort of good will work for the gamecocks and i hope to do that for a long time. >> all right.
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specifically, the second ranked usc women on the road tonight taking on auburn. they've been tested of late, passing every test. gamecocks off and rung. check out the nice pass to asia wilson, with the bucket and-one. knowing when to make that extra pass, and white on the ensuing free throw miss. there's asia, gotta block her out. leading score tonight with the gamecocks was elaine a coach, and ten rebounds to lead usc to a 74-58 win over the auburn tigers. how about a little ladies action tonight, the benedict lady tigers moved up to 15th in this usa today sports division two poll. lady tigers against fort valley state, terry jacobs scoring
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back to the hot hand, number 34, jacob scores inside. she had a season high 19 points. and then a tough catch by destiny bets. tough shot, gets the contact, and-1. and benedict, wins by a final of 83-61. the benedict men looking for the sweep. out of columbia high school, dials up from long range and he buries the triple. another local product is jose roman anquaria. he powers his way up for the bucket, and benedict men cruising. it's taylor going to stop, hit, takes the contact. gets the foul. he'll go to the free throw line and good night for the tigers who do indeed get the double-header sweep by a final
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down in orangeburg, the panthers at home against reggie jackson and his guys and the panthers trying to keep it going. watson gets it going, and it's rogers finding thompson, and he hits the jumper. and check out ryan mcneil moses, drives to the bucket, panthers
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and . all right. fairfield county schools are closed tomorrow.w. other than that,t, no school closings. >> that's the area we have the freezing rain advisory that begins in an hour and a half, the area we'll be watching closely. that freezing rain advisory
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we could see a little bit of freezing rain here in the central midlands. right now we don't think it's going to be a big deal. we'll be watching very closely anywhere from a quarter to maybe a 1/10th of an inch. by the time that rain winds on down late friday night, early saturday morning we could see a couple snowflakes. again we don't think that's going to be necessarily major deal. the biggest thing by far is the freezing rain in the northern midlands. >> it's possible to go to work with no freezing rain and be
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>> a lot to watch and captioning sponsored by cbs
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