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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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start the day. 3 bracing for a storm ... that's the idea for most of the east coast as a strong winter bracing for a storm, most of the east coast as a strong winter weather system makes its way to the eastern seaboard. as you head up north, people are prepping for extreme conditions. most school districts in the charlotte area have canceled classes today. shit duke energy brought in and asked her cruise from florida. here in the midlands we are not expecting anything that bad, but there could still be some problems throughout the weekend. good friday morning, >> we are going to bring in meteorologist, efran afante right now. you have been tracking the system obviously very volatile, it can change at any minute. it has been raining out the money. morning.
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now? fortunately a lot of the rainfall has started to taper off and he can see a little bit of clearing in the western and southwestern parts of the midlands at a big line still has to come through. it's right now and central parts ofofeorgia, even though the rain has start to taper off, we have been noticing, on radar that a lot of the freezing rain and even sleet now in the central and northern part of the state from rock hill all the way to sharad, the cold air is starting to drag through and that freezing rain could start affecting our community. we still have a freeze rain advisory for newberry, fairfield, kershaw and lee counties in effect right now through 12 noon today. the temperatures right now, it is cold, 36 newberry, 43 saluda, 39 lexington, 39 columbia and a bishopville 30 for degrees. as of 6 o'clock, the wind chills are starting to affect the northern half of the midlands. it feels like 25 winnsboro, even camden 26, here in columbia feels like 32 degrees,
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point where the temperatures are starting to affect us. when the kids had out to the bus stop, 35 degrees, they will need their winter jacket and raingear. we may deal with a wintry mix around 33 degrees. once we start warming up by 12 o'clock, 30 for degrees, and then the heavy rainfall and the strong winds come in and we will be dealing with the strong windfalls -- winds. as far as the roads, give yourself extra time. some of the road -- all of the roads are wet, some could start getting slick. and casey right now no issues from knox abbot all the way down to i 26 both north and south directions. coming from lake murray boulevard from i 26 to the willie b, 23 minutes. from the airport to downtown a 60 minute commute. we will take a look at the
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in the next couple of days. both south and north carolina are expecting a mixed bag of moisture that includes possibly rain, sleet, and snow. according to duke energy when rain starts to freeze, it -- once there is a quarter of an inch that is when tree branches fall,-- onto power lines. >> we are taking an up-to-the- minute look of the power outages in our area. right now, we are hearing a little over 430 outages in richland county, most of them in the columbia area. of course we will continue to monitor the situation throughout the morning. if you have a power outage you need to report, or if it happens later in the day write down this number 888-333-four for 65 and keep it here. another problem with potential threats of icy rain is that roadways can become very dangerous to drive on. the highway patrol says to be smart and be prepareded
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coat if you are going to be traveling. take a blanket and food items, make sure your phone is charged. as always, call storm -- storm for seven we will be glad to send a true brought trooper out to assist that person. >> certainly better to be safe than sorry. remember that number is *- asterisk 47. they have troopers in place to patrol those roadways to help if need be. 3 he also say to make sure to install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms inside your home to provide early warning
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3 the winter storm is affecting air travel just up the road in charlotte.american airlines ... southeast and the winter storm is affecting air travel, just up the road in charlotte. going back to american airlines ... the company has also taken precautions to delay or cancel flights at other airports arcoss the east coast including ... washington d-c ... philadelphia and new york city. 3 news 19 will continue to follow the latest on this storm throughout the can keep up with everything on the forecast by going to our website wltx dot com.also be sure to fofoow you can keep up with everything on the forecast by going to our website also, be sure to follow our weather team on twitter, and you can also download our free weather app. the richland county sheriff's department is taking time to make sure you know what
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accident -- active shooter. they spoke with people at the progressive church of our lord in columbia last night giving them ideas on what they can do to help save lives. sheriff leon lott says they have been holding these types of prerentations for years, but since the tragic shooting in charleston, they have ramped up their outreach. a deputy explained three key points to churchgoers. >> avoid, deny, defend. that is the three main topics avoided if you can, get away from the situation, deny it, locked doors, shut dies often the defend. if you have no other way out, defend yourself and protect as many people as you can. >> it takes about three minutes for law enforcement to arrive at an active shooter scene. in that time they hope that people can use the information they learned last night to save lives. two days before mexin nationals to get ids from the consulate and can't separate is called a consulate on wheels wilson this week it made its way over to camden.
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id cards and birth certificates. over 600 people are expected to benefit from the service. the problem is setting up appointments. people have to call or go online and the registration service is for all of the offices across the country. >> we want to tell the mexican nationals, try to plan these kind of events because these - - -- attend these kind of events because these events are for them. avoid any other place to get an id because signs -- sometimes it is very difficult. >> the last day for the consulate on wheels is sunday, their next trip to the state is not until february. south carolina usually receives about 20 visits a year from the mexican consulate. according to the us department of state south carolina has 14 consulates from different countries. let's move on to meet our mom of the day, her name is carolyn johnson. she is a mother of two and was nominated by her daughter kendra, kendra tells us her
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is very driven. she supports her children, and grandchild in so many ways despite the struggles and tragedies shhas face. her mother is a special gift from god, and they say that she is their angel on earth and she she is everything a mother should be, and more. congratulations to carolyn. if you want to nominate a mom for mom of the day had our website, we have a banner that you can click there to send in your nomination. time now for our word of the day, today's word is -- [ inaudible] which means rascal or a mischievous person. i guess --[laughter] that is some old english right there. >> this is derived from rascal. >> that is what i was going to say. >> i am sorry, i jumped in there. >> that's okay we were on the same page. >> try to slip that into your vernacular today. tweet at us if you can think of
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today. people living along the east coast are bracing for the worst this morning. >> still to come on news 19 this morning, blizzard like conditions, rara is causing oblems at our nations capital. how people are preparing. plus, what officials say is
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we continuing to follow developments with this new start. from kershaw county school districts, there is a two hour delay this morning in the north central area. that means that those schools will only open two hours later than normal. that is in the north and central area. students who ride the bus in that area should report to their bus stop two hours later than usual. all other schools in kershaw county will operate on a normal schedule. once again, that is for the schools in the north central area of kershaw county. they are on a two hour delay this morning. >> we have crews from all over the state in the midlands area keeping an eye on this. that includes the emergency management division and with the division, i believe we have derek on the phone. >> in morning. >> and morning, you guys opened up early this morning around for 30 a.m. what has been the plan for you guys this morning?
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emergency operations center with emd staff, and select state agencies such as the highway patrol and department of public safety. and as several others just to facilitate any sort of request for resources from county emergency management -- an address. we will be regularly doing updates throughout the morning. the storm is just getting started. >> derek, i know a lot of what you guys do is preventative measures just to be better safe than sorry, what do you want to remind people of this morning as they get ready to head out the door for work and school? >> the department is just getting started, conditions continue to very rapidly, we are already getting reports of 2 inches of snow in cherokee county. that could change, as the day progresses. it will be very important to monitor the weather. pay attention to the media reports throughout the morning. >> what is the biggest threat
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wintry mix? >> the traffic conditions, obviously, will be a big issue for us, we hope that people are giving themselves time to get where they need to go, if they have to go out and into the elements. if there are emergency alerts coming from local public safety officials, heed those warnings, pay attention to the weather alerts. we do those for your safety. >> of course, safety is key, what are you guys seeing right now? i know this is very early in the storm system , to come into our area, what are you cursing at this hour? >> we are getting reports of snow and freezing rain in the upstate. several counties have artie closed government offices for the day. lots of school delays surrounding the state. several other counties are doing delayed opening for government offices, specifically in the pee dee regions. we expect those reports to continue >> at this point, with the roads and conditions possibly getting worse, the suggestion is
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>> always. if you do not have to go out today, stay off the roadways, if you have to go to the upstate, give yourself time to get where you need to go. be prepared for hazardous road conditions, give yourself plenty of time, go slow, leave a lot of room ahead of you and the car in front of you and so forth. >> before we let you go, anything else you want to add or mention to her viewers this morning? >> absolutely you can check real-time road conditions at sc dot. org. >> derek becker with the emergency management division. thank you so much for that update. now, we know fairfield county is one of the areas that is expected to get hardest hit with this freezing rain. we have chuck ringwald out there right now, we are going to go to him and get an update. what are you seeing out there? >>reporter:it's pretty chilly, we have a lot of rain and it's pretty windy out here, you can see i am bundled up, my hat, my
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go out here. we are right outside the fairfield county sheriff department. i have the sheriff here with me. tell us a little bit about how you guys are preparing, or have prepared for today? >> thank you for having me, the main thing is having four-wheel- drive vehicles on the road today in weather like this. right now it is just cold rain, but things are expected to get worse. >>reporter:the temperature dropping, you said the biggest worry for you guys as those roads. tell us what you want to tell the people that are at home? >> please be careful on the roads. we will be monitoring traffic control and continue to monitor the weather also. >>reporter:if they do not need to be out, they should not be out, right? >> please stay out -- please stay at home if you do not need to be on the road >>reporter:anything you want to add? should they had to the store to
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and staying warm and dry? >> stay at home unless you absolutely have to get on the roads. if we can help anyone, be a good neighbor and we will come out and help and check on the citizens of fairfield county. >>reporter:you said dot was also out here putting salt on the roads, just making sure and ice over? >> i have been on -- out on the road often on all night. we are being prepared. >>reporter:thank you very much. i know you are super busy and you have not gotten much sleep tonight. thank you so much. we will be her for the rest of the show in fairfield county, chuck ringwald, news 19 wltx >> thank you. stay warm and safe out there. now we want to send things over to meteorologist, efran afante. the sheriff mentioned they are having cold rain there, what are using on the radar right now? >> that is exactly right, we see this rain all throughout the midlands even northern midland you can see the impact right now, the bulk of the heavy rainfall we have had this morning is already starting to move through. we already have freezing rain and winter conditions all in the upstate along the north and south carolina state line all the way into the pee dee region.
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impact as of yet. you can see where we actually have -- we have reports right now showing that we could have freezing rain. now starting to move into the areas into kershaw county, the northern parts moving into possibly fairfield county, the bulk of the rainout is along and east of i 26. we still do have a freezing rain advisory. this covers all of our northern communities from kershaw, lee, fairfield and newberry counties and 12 -- until 12 new today. those are the only ones under the advisory. temperatures are cold, 36 newberry, 39 columbia, 34 bishopville a tad warmer and orangeburg 40. the wind chill will pay -- play a very critical over the next several hours. 32 columbia, 29 sumpter, 24 winnsboro, we will be dealing with a lot more precipitation. as we go throughout the morning, we could be experiencing rain and freezing rain in the northern half of the midlands. we saw a lot of heavy rainfall coming through. as we get transitioning from
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of this will start turning into just rain, but very heavy rainfall is expected right as we get into the afternoon and evening it will start tapering off. i early tomorrow morning, with a lot of my sister returning in the cold temperatures we could see a snowflake, or two, and the northern half -- in the northern half of the midlands by the end of the day. forecasted highs today are going to be at the freezing mark in the northern communities and slightly above freezing from the central and southern midlands. here columbia 36, as we get into the afternoon very heavy rainfall and strong winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour. overnight 32 degrees with the potential of a wintry mix in the early morning hours after lows to the lowe's to the north are in the upper 20s and the central and southern midlands into the lower 30s. when all is said and done, 40 degrees for tomorrow, as guys begin to clear into sunday with a high of 52, and then up to 59 by monday. as far as the roadways right now, no issues are being reported. all the roads are slick, no
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going along sunset boulevard. if you're coming from shaw air
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jackson gate, 39 minutes. 3 a behind the scenes look at what you don't see when you watch news 19. students at ballentiti e behind the scenes look at what you do not see when you watch news 19. >> students took part in a recent tour of our station at our station and put together the short video. take a look. >> we are here at news 19.
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of their information. [inaudible] lee is our audio man, he will be taking care of all of the sound. they are coming, they are getting ready. there's so much more that goes on around the newsroom. we do not wait for the noon news to put the news up and we put it up as so as we get it. that is the way it looks if you go to the middle monitor shows us how people are using it. right now, there are 530 for people on you can see which stories are getting the most views right now. 52% are on a desktop computer
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and 5% are on a tablet. >> here we are at the control room, this is where the anchors get ready for the show. how do you get ready for the show? >> well, you know, that is a very good question. i spend every day getting ready for the show, even on days when i am not working. i am still dialed into what's happening with the news. but, when i come in at 11, i spent 30-45 minutes just reading over my script making sure that we have everything we need. then i spent about 20 minutes putting all of this junk on. shit what is it like to be about a journalist? >> about 15 -- mac -- mac -- mac talk to us about what it's like eating a journalist. 6:27, from the weather center
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you what's being covered. we are watching winter weather. good morning to you, i am deon. >> and i am savannah levins. our meteorologist, efran afante has been keeping track of this every step of the way. we have seen rain move in, expecting it to freeze in some places as the morning gets colder. >> you are absolutely right. radar is starting to show that we can potentially have some freezing rain developing already in parts of and parts of kershaw county, going down into eastern parts of fairfield
6:24 am
rain, still just rain. i stepped outside, pretty decent rainfall is now coming down. moderate to heavy rainfall along and east of i 26. even though there is a break right now to the southwestern part of the midlands, in georgia there is a lot of rainfall moving through, and this is still making its way toward the palmetto state. we are nowhere out of the woods, and temperatures have gotten colder it is 36 newberry, 34 winnsboro, 37 saint matthews, manning 37 but the wind chill with the winds coming out of the east at 11 miles per hour it feels more like 23 and winnsboro, 32 columbia, down in manning 31, sumpter 29 which means that any of the roadways could start to get a little bit slick. when the kids had out to the bus stop, no doubt they will need a winter jacket in the rain gear, 35 degrees when they head out to school today, we still do have a freezing rain advisory that covers fairfield, newberry, kershaw and lee county up till 12 o'clock. with the additional rainfall and temperatures dropping we could see conditions worsening as we go throughout the morning.
6:25 am
right now, as we check on our commute from our friday morning. there is a significant delay now, congestion is arty starting to build up on banners for the -- ferry heading west from i 77 to divine. give yourself extra time to commute right from my 26 and harvest and heading to downtown, a 15 minute commute. for now i 77 south blythe went to downtown a 22 minute commute. he will check on how this weather will impact us today and tomorrow and the rest of your 70 forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we have been taking a look at this winter weather right here in the midlands with team coverage especially out in fairfield county which is one of the areas we are expecting to be hardest hit today. ringwald right now. you have an update on us -- forest with how things are looking out there? >>reporter:i have been out here
6:26 am
and i, we are so because of it. we are just trying to stay warm up and we have our hats, gloves, my jacket on and i've got the under armour on underneath trying to stay warm out here. we spoke to jeff montgomery, the sheriff of fairfield county earlier this morning, and he was saying how the biggest concern for the county as the roads. i know we have been talking about it all day, and the roads are the biggest concern out here, they are hoping that people stay safe, if you do not need to drive around, specifically be careful this morning since the sun has not come up yet, driving in the dark, not a lot of visibility out here on your pretty want to be sure you're driving safe, if you do not need to get on the roads, do not. a lot of schools are closed in the area. the fairfield county schools are closed a awell as the midlands stem institute, the sheriff also said the dot has been out here salting those roads to make sure they do not freeze over. temperatures are fairly cold out here, and we have been out here and feeling it especially with the wind
6:27 am
not too long ago one of the branches from the trees actually snapped off because of the wind. hopefully we will not be experiencing a ton of that today. like we have been saying if you do not have to head out, stay home be safe stay dry and warm. we will keep you updated every step of the way on-air and online and social media. i am chuck ringwald, news 19 wltx. sending it back to you in the studio. we have updates on school closures as they are coming into the studios here. we want to mention kershaw county school district two hour delay in the north central area. that means those schools are opening two hours later today. that is only for the north and central area. all other schools in the kershaw county school district district are operating on a normal schedule. >> for hundred power outages primarily in richland county, the columbia area but you can report those and keep it here on news 19 news 19 on air and online for all of your up-to- the-minute updates. usa today headline --
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monthly subscription fee for many longtime subscribers. people who are now paying $799 for the hd plan will have a choice, they can either pay the same for standard definition service, or pay two dollars more for their hd. get this, volvo working on a death proof car with a goal that no one should be killed, or even seriously hurt in a new volvo by the year 2020. the automaker is working on a car with an autopilot feature that includes lane assist, collision avoidance and pedestrian direction. one of their models, the volvo xc 90 has no us fatalities -- or has had no us fatalities in four years. the mayo clinic just completed its first health checkup survey. researchers found that 74% of people want to be better, they want to exercise more, they also want to talk with her doctor about overall wellness, but a lot of people say their work schedule is the biggest obstacle. other reasons for falling short on health, include food cost,
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welcome back to news 19, the wintry conditions, all throughout the carolinas, continue. very heavy snowfall right now from the western part of north carolina from asheville all the way through charlotte, sleet, freezing rain, snow into wally and fayetteville. in the northern part of the border along the north and south carolina state line, freezing rain is coming down. we are not out of the woods yet, a lot of heavy rainfall still moving through all of georgia heading toward the palmetto state. on the last several hours we have had a lot of rainfall move to the midlands, and right now even though it's a long i26 and points east there is more rain starting to build up from behind it. you can see light showers already starting to redevelop in parts of southern lexington county, western orangeburg and eastern aiken county. we are nowhere out of the weights we still have freezing rain advisory in effect for newberry, fairfield, kershaw and lee counties in effect
6:33 am
today. not only are we expecting temperatures to drop but more rainfall to come in as of right now, the temperatures are 36 newberry, 43 soluna, 39 lexington and columbia, 33 bishopville, but the winds have been kicking and in the wind chill is a big factor. it feels more like 22 degrees in bishopville, 23 winnsboro, 32 columbia, 29 newberry with the wet roadways and the wind chill, we could be looking at impacting row conditions over the next several hours. more back building rain coming into the western and southern part of the midlands with the potential of that freezing rain line moving as far south along and north of i 20. as we go throughout the morning, we will still have that impacting weather when it's not freezing rain, very heavy rainfall will be expected right up until 12 o'clock. as we get into the afternoon things will start tapering off. as we get into the morning, we are looking at even more, the possibility of some snowflakes.
6:34 am
degrees, with possibility of snowflakes early in the morning. no accumulations. 40degrees with a high, when all is said and done tomorrow, 52 sunday with a lot of sunshine and then up to 59 by monday. as far as the roads, if you're heading out right now give yourself a lot of extra time because the roads are slick right now. no problems in lexington other than coming east on sunset boulevard heading into town and both sides of augusta and main street intemperate no problems on sunset boulevard, if you're comi in from shaw air force base to the fort jackson gate in 39 minute commute, i 26 and 77 and 11 minute commute. we will be watching the road conditions, as of right now we are watching very carefully as the temperatures drop. let's get a check of lee smith with the latest on dirty grandpa >>reporter:good morning, welcome to news 19. we've got to know each other off camera, but you are right
6:35 am
we get to speak with one another. i am glad to hear that you are such an enthusiast of the m ovies. >> yes, my friends call me a movie snob -- >> you and i, sir >> peas in a pod right here. >> finally someone sees it my way. i tell you, if you think the title, dirty grandpa, sounds uninspired, just wait until you see this movie. take a look at this -- right now hollywood's most creative minds are working feverishly to correct -- create the next great cinematic masterpiece, but in the meantime they are starting up serving up cinematic slime, and robert de niro shows up in both categories. his new film takes us to depths , the only difference is that those guys make their punchlines count. all jokes extend painfully beyond the point of amusement and dirty grandpaa, which is not to imply that there was a joke there to begin with. in case the title has not given
6:36 am
niro plays a raunchy widower who wants to sell some wild oats, so he rankles his grandson to daytona as his wingmen. in theory, this can make for some comic possibilities, but it also feels a little too soon. >> are you kidding me right now? g randma's funeral was yesterday. >> she told me on her deathbed, get back out there again >>reporter:it's not like the timing is great for zac efron either, he is getting married in a week to a controlling a moment, would it be fortunate if his dirty grandpa could introduce him to someone new just in the neck of time? and while he is at a , he can also acquaint them with the all the debauchery his life was missing. all attempts are made but nothing hits the mark and dirty grandpa. even the alluring eyes of aubrey are not enough to save the shipwreck. and embarrassment for all involved that is worthy of a late entry into this year's
6:37 am
stay far away. >> you know, i might be a little bit spoiled, because this past week i went and saw me some great movies. i went and saw spotlight, i went and saw the big short, i went and saw the hateful eight >> all of the oscar winner's. >> and then i went and saw dirty grandpa, and, i mean,, maybe by contrast it came across even worse, but this really was bad >> bottom line, dirty grandpa stinks [laughter] >> it is really -- it really is . you are absolutely correct. dirty grandpa stinks. [ laughter] >> the interesting part of this is zac efron imitated robert de niro in the movie neighbors. >> that was a cute moment. >> oh, well. >> then they had to go and spoil it at all by making a movie together. >> leo smith, thank you so much for that update. sorry it stunk.
6:38 am
of winn welcome back, the only hospital in barnwell county has closed the doors. they released a statement saying the hospital lost two and a half million dollars because of a low number of patients and uncompensated care. they said they are working to find alternative support -- for providing healthcare but plans have not been approved for the hospital has been operating for more than 60 years. people and winnsboro are trying to stop the walmart there from closing in one week. tonya trapp works in the
6:39 am
from the start. she started the petition to keep the walmart open and has gotten more than 800 signatures. a walmart spokesman says closing the stores was not an easy decision. >> these are very difficult decisions, because there are circumstances in each community that make them unique, and winnsboro is only one of those conditions. >> neighbor say they plan to rally this weekend in an effort to keep the store open, but walmart says it will not matter. the store was will still close for good next thursday. let's take it over to the statehouse now, statehouse now, a former con artist is helping the state department of revenue keep money out of the hands of criminals. frank abbott is with the fbi and volunteered to work with the revenue department to protect all of us from tax fraud, especially before the
6:40 am
because he was played by the -- leonardo dicaprio in the hit he says billions of dollars are paid in fraud claims every year but people stealing that money are not always from the united states. he said the money eventually comes back into our country in the form of drug trafficking, human trafficking and child pornography. still to come, our coverage of the winter weather continues. >> we will head back out to fairfield county for the latest on that winter weather there.
6:41 am
up hollywood maybe helping we want to continue to follow this winter storm. we have some power outages >> obviously this winter weather has been moving in throughout the midlands but we are keeping an eye on it but we
6:42 am
outages all across richland county, most of them are across columbia. they will try their best to remedy that situation. we have a few school and office closures and delays as well. >> we want to start with kershaw county right now, there is a two hour delay for the north north-central area today. all other schools, and offices in the other parts of the district are on a regular schedule. fairfield county, several schools there, that is where we find our check ringwald who has been out there all morning, we want to send things over to him. what are you seeing out there? we know it has been raining off and on. >>reporter:it is raining off and on, but it is actually -- in the rain has actually slowed down a little bit. at the winds has picked up. it is pushing down hard on us
6:43 am
that happens. here in fairfield county, right outside of a shell gas station, there is a few people that have come in and out. most are staying off the roads, we talk to sheriff montgomery at the fairfield county sheriff's department is that if you do not need to be out on the roads, stay home. that is their biggest concern. dot was out overnight laying down salt, sherif montgomery said he did not get a lot of sleep making sure those roads are okay. if you have to get on the road. he did say with the sun not being up right now, to please be careful, and just try to stay indoors, stay warm, stay dry and try to stay safe. in fairfield county, i am chuck ringwald for news 19. back to you guys. we also want to mention that there are two closures in that area, fairfield county, also all of the fairfield county schools and offices are all close today. two hour delay for lee county disabilities and special needs board and once again kershaw county school district the north-central area on a two
6:44 am
ship-- we have been tracking this all throughout the morning. now, it might be impacting the roads. traffic has been picking up, i 26 this is as you approach saint andrews road, traffic has been picking up, the roads are very wet right now, and they are going to start turning slick as temperature start to drop. you can see on the rater right now, a lot of rain has already started to move through. freezing rain, snow, to the north of us. a lot of rain is still coming through, the second round is still supposed to come. most of the rain is along the north and east of i 26 but you can see redevelopment still continuing. in fact, right now, we are looking at the greatest chance for ice accumulation will be a part of newberry, fairfield, kershaw and lee counties throughout the morning up until about 12 o'clock. that is the reason why we still have a freezing rain advisory in effect until 12 o'clock for today. temperatures right now are in the 30s, the wind chills the 20s in some parts of the north.
6:45 am
carefully as we will be having a pretty good shot of dealing with this weather all throughout the day today, and into tomorrow morning. high temperature of 40 degrees by saturday, but, we will start warming up and with a lot of sunshine we will begin to thaw out on sunday and then up to 59 on monday but the bottom line is we will be tracking very carefully as the weather conditions unfortunately worsen as we go throughout the morning. >> this will continue throughout the day, make sure you follow us online at, and our social media. we will bring you everything as it happens. >> cbs this morning is next, we will see you captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, january 22nd,
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