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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you can see the storm system getting going right now. a little bit of a break in the rain and freezing rain here across the midlands by do not let that deceive you. we have more rain and freezing rain on the way potentially even some of snow and sleet. as we mentioned a little bit of a break light freezing rain and northern portions of kershaw county. just updated a few minutes ago, we do have a winter weather advisory for the good portion of the midlands. everyone except for calhoun and orangeburg counties. this means the expectation of some wintry weather that includes rain, freezing rain, sleet and maybe even some snow could make driving conditions a tough tonight or early tomorrow morning especially on those bridges and overpasses. a wintry mix will be possible tonight, lows of 32 degrees. possibly until around midmorning and then things began to move on out. 40degrees our high. we will take a look at the forecast and break this down a little bit further coming up in just a few minutes. with the freezing rain, and
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transportation crews are doing their best to make sure the roads are in shape. >> news 19 sonya gutierrez joins us live from assault barn in richland county with details. >>reporter: as we speak, there are 40 sc-dot trucks out in the roads in columbia ready to respond to any emergencies dealing with the freezing temperatures. they also have salt for the icy conditions. they are not expecting to use much of it. they do warn that the potholes make it worse. trucks were loaded with assault and plows attached to sc-dot trucks all in efforts to stay ahead of the ice. >> we will do a little bit of pretreating's in the areas. we are checking the roads and bridges to check the temperatures as it gets closer to a freezing temperature we will pretreat withal. >>reporter:the department of transportation says they are expecting rain to damage potholes and put ice on bridges >> bridges will tend to freeze a lot quicker with the air traveling underneath it causing the bridge to get much colder
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we do not anticipate too much problems with ice on our roadways. there may be some places in rural areas that will get colder, and as we are notified and we become aware of those, we will certainly come up there and address those. >> although they have not had to use much of the psalter, he said the potholes will become a problem. >> right now, we are having trouble receiving hot mix asphalt because all of our plans are currently closed for wintertime they are not producing at this time. we are repairing those, those will be temporary repairs as they come back up, we will readdress them and we do plan to come back and address those with a hot mix asphalt >>reporter:a circle of repair that seems never ending for resident, brandon mills. >> even with main street appear in mason, i think there's 10 potholes within .25 miles it is terrible >>reporter:he travels from lexington to gaston every day. treat every bridge safely, do not drive fast. monitor your speed levels. treat each bridge as if there
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through them safely. >>reporter: cruz here at sc- dot were actually expecting to get out earlier today. as we can n e what they are still out here working. they will come out later tonight but they say around 10 p.m. or at midnight. back to you. >> thank you so much. we have not seen any snow accumulation here in the midlands by taking look at nearby charlotte they were covered with snow. they still are, they are using everything they can, salt water mixture now on the major highways and roadways to keep the roads open there. no matter what happens with the storm up in charlotte, the nfc championship game is not going to be affected by all of this. the team went on with their practice, as scheduled. they were out of the cold today trying to stay loose, get ready, a reminder if you are going to the game on sunday, charlotte has deemed this and extrarat event. that means there is tighter security which means searching your belongings.
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sunday night. airlines have canceled more than 6000 flights for today and tomorrow as the snow began covering most of the east coast. 2900 of the cancellations are in charlotte and raleigh, another 3300 flights were canceled for tomorrow, those cancellations center on philadelphia, washington, and new york with airlines essentially shutting down all flights into those cities. our sunday afternoon, the airlines hope to be back to full schedule. you can keep up to date with the latest on your forecast by going to our website, or you can follow our weather team on twitter. a man wanted for murder charges in west columbia has been arrested near atlanta. he is 43-year-old gerard rodriguez, arrest warrants allege he killed his estranged wife in 2010. the warrant says he had her several times, on the head, with a handgun, and then stabbed her multiple times. he is now in jail in georgia
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west columbia. tonight richland deputies identifying a suspect wanted on fraud charges for they said the photo, stalled credit card to businesses one in richland county, the other casey. and used the cards to buy gift cards and other items but if call crime stoppers at 888- crime-sc. a man has been convicted of selling timber. he is james norwood corbett, junior and he still would the week of thanksgiving. a witness saw him cutting and removing what on november 23 which has left the area temporarily because of the wet conditions. corbett failed to appear in court for his trial, and was convicted in order to pay restitution and sentenced to serve 30 days in n jail or pay a $2000 fine. tonight, police chief is suspension. earlier this week, we told you that the chief there, try crop
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said was a job violation. that suspension was over today, he said he was at a mandatory firearms instructor recertification course at state criminal justice academy, last week, i did not tell the mayor, skip wilson, what he was doing. in response, the mayor says that he suspended him from his duties, for three days, without pay. he says he does not believe a suspension without pay was warranted. he goes on to say that he is happy to serve the citizens of chapin, and he looks forward to resuming his duties as police chief area the dmv is hosting a driver suspension eligibility week. it's taken by some march 14-18. if you lost your driving privileges because of certain suspensions, you might be eligible to reduce, or clear the remaining time to qualify for this program, drivers have to meet certain conditions of their suspensions. all fees have to be paid, and
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all dmv offices across the state are participating. to learn more about the program, and find out if you are eligible, go to wltx. com. south carolina agri-tourism asasciation just wrapped up the first ever conference for the two-day event provider learning opportunities through a daylong farm to her. a second day of educational workshops for newcomers, and those experienced with nonfarm activities. % the goal of the event, is to help grow agriculture in south carolina. meanwhile, the annual south carolina auctioneers convention kicked off in columbia today. the afternoon in informational sessions, the bid college amateur begins at 7 p.m., this contest auctioneers from across the state compete in fast talking, quick words and items sold. cash prizes are awarded to the best auctioneers. watching the bid is free, and open to the public. the conference continues to sunday, it is all happening at
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columbia. chipotle want your business back. as we are more than two weeks away from the super bowl, right here on wltx, they are hoping to cater your party. they are offering you a deal. they will be taking orders, and they are going to give $50 off, as far as catering goes, on the big name day to only the first of 1500 orders received by february 1. you have to order at least 20 burritos to be eligible. as part of the company strategy to try to win back some customers after an e. coli outbreak. fifty dollars off is a good deal. >> did you have any ice, or anything at all? >> you know i live five minutes from the station. how about sumter? >> i have not seen anything. sumter got a little bit of freezing rain today. daniel is coming back with the details on what is want to be headed our way tonight and into
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>> we will also show you unique tonight, your next shot at becoming a millionaire could be that jack thought. mega
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tickets for the with the weather being so cold, and wet, some people are looking for any way they can
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>> robert kettle found out what people are doing. >>reporter:when it is raining, and barely above freezing, it can seem like a sign from heaven. [ music playing ] okay, it really is a sign, sign that says hot, and that is enough on a day like this. >> it's freezing outside. you know, once you are out of the car, the freezing rain hits your face and took him by surprise, too. >>reporter:britney santos took her five -month-old son, george, to krispy kreme to meet friends and to warm up. >> i got a coffee, i don't normally do that unless i am at home >>reporter:with the heat rising from the hot donuts, the hot coffee, the plan worked. >> it made me feel better. i am all warm inside now. [laughter] >>reporter: breland johnson does not like this weather. >> it makes me want to curl up, in my bed and not move. >>rererter:if you are trying to warm up, what is better than the beach? she works at a tanning salon
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brighten her mood. i spoke to three people who do not want to be on camera, but they all said the same thing. they came here specifically to take their bodies, and mind someplace warmer to get out of this. >> i want to lay on the beach or somewhere with a book in my h and. i think i am, but i am actually going to sleep. [laughter] >>reporter:it's a good way to imagine yourself simply -- someplace else. someplace you can feel your fingers and toes. >> trying to get comfortable, and warm and then walk back out in the awful wet rain. going home and getting in my bed. >>reporter:robert kettle, news 19 wltx >> coffee is a good idea, you should have your first cup of coffee -- break the streak and what 45 years? >> i have never had coffee. >> hot cocoa? >> i do not like that either. >> my answer was, fleece lined leggings, i am wearing them under my dress, they are
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>> you will need them today. >> people can sleep in them. >> it is cold outside, we are seeing rain, freezing rain. it looks like t tt will be the trend overnight. and maybe even a little bit of a wintry mix. 32degrees campton, windber, newberry, salida, 35 degrees columbia and st. matthew's. temperatures are very cold outside. we have a little bit of a role in the activity. still seeing some freezing rain even sleet pellets over portions of kershaw county. we have more rain and wintry precipitation on the way. you can see it moving across the savanna river moving toward the north and east. our forecast model does a pretty good job of showing what we expect over the next 24-48 hours or so. 630 seeing a little bit of freezing rain, as we mention a few sleet pellets as well, and that tonight as that freezing rain and rain winds on down we may see a little bit of a wintry mix.
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overninit hours, and then by around daybreak or so that begins to wind on down. by midmorning we are seeing clouds across the midlands and then as we get to the afternoon hours of saturday, may even see a little bit of sunshine and working our way into sunday may see a lot of sunshine. if you have concerns about the panthers game, a lot of sunshine , it should be sunshine for the tailgate, by the time you get to the evening hours we should have clear skies. expecting a little bit of light freezing rain in the northern portions of the midlands. that would include saluda, newberry, kershaw and maybe even lincoln counties. as we mentioned, we will see this wintry mix tonight and early tomorrow morning. ab trace amounts through most of the midlands. if you are lucky a dusting and portions of the midlands. up there whitmire and extreme north western portions of richland county. the winter weather advisory does continue until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. that is something to watch as well. those dropping down into the low 30s, highs in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. as we mentioned we will see the potential for wintry mix late
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morning. this is history, by sunday, 52 degrees and that was heartwarming back up into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees monday. 60 for degrees on tuesday for our next weather maker approaches by wednesday. 53degrees with a chance of showers. as we mentioned that winter weather advisory includes most of the midlands with the exception of orangeburg and calhoun and claritin counties. stay off the roads tonight and early tomorrow morning. that is the main risk. especially the bridges and overpasses with the threat of all of the above, sleet, rain, snow, and freezing rain. >> if we get any kind of snow in any part of the midlands and should be out here early in the morning? >> you are talking midmorning it is gone, then you are talking 40 degrees by the afternoon and it will be breezy in that house with evaporation. >> if there is any black ice -- >> black ice may be a concern tonight.
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freezing midmorning we are talking basketball now? >> of course. big games this weekend, both of these teens in a bit of a streak with road games. the usc band will continue their road trips for the week is ahead to knoxville for a matchup with the volts tomorrow. after a dramatic overtime win over ole ms. earlier this week or they will look for their second straight sec victory and 18-one record starting tomorrow. fight has certainly been the word for this teaeaas of late. it has been how they won a lot of their games a season.
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leader, michael carrere, has in his dna. he has the kind of relationship with frank martin that paid off in these last-minute winds. >> i am the leader on the court. i think it's a great relationship because we have this same attitude. you have to put me on the court, if no one is rebounding, i will rebound for u. i will try my best to rebound. that is what he did. and we got it done. >> the gamecock women will continue their own conference schedule on sunday as they face tenth ranked missouri. not only a highly -ranked opponent but a school that knows what kind of talent usc is bringing into their house. so much so that they made a push to bring 10,000 fansnsinto humphrey coliseum on sunday. >> sec play has been very, very competitive. anytime you going to a place where you have that program jumpstarted, their fans deserve to see good basketball.
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preparations, of course we are two days away from sunday's nfc title game and this is what it looked like this morning at the panthers practice field. still, the guys got to work in those conditions that probably have not seen in charlotte in a good while. with a trip to the super bowl on the line, the weather is the least of their concerns. >> we have been practicing all year long, weather it is raining, or whatever has been. we will be prepared. >> i enjoy playing in it. it is part of football. the field will be a little messed up and sloppy, will be a little cold. it's going to hurt a little more when you get hit. that's part of the game. >> of course, and sunday nights game, the arizona cardinals will be coming to town, and cam newton will certainly be helping to get some big plays against that tough arizona defense. that could mean a lot of passes thrown to the e te occupied by blithe wed, with all-pro patrick peterson on the opposite side. they expect the panthers to
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>> we know that kind of stuff is going to happen. it has been happening since i have been getting in. i think that last game was -- i feel i played a pretty good game until that last couple of plays and then i think i just have to do a good job of finishing. >> plenty to watch it this weekend, usc men tomorrow at noon, the women at mississippi state at 5 o'clock, sunday panthers at 6 o'clock >> it is a busy weekend. >> it is a very busy weekend. >> watching the guys do a
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my favorite things i've seen here is a look at what's starts with undercover boss at 8 o'clock, hawaii five-zero at 9 p.m., one of my favorites, bluebloods with a donnie
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selleck, and make sure all ririt, everybody has their eyes on the sky and roadways right now seeing what is going to happen >> the roadways may be a big deal especially because of the anticipation of rain, sleet, freezing rain and some snowboard right now a little
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you can see rain over the eastern midlands may be some freezing rain and sleet in northern portions of kershaw county. you can see to our west, and parts of aiken county, edgefield county all of that is moving towards us. keep in mind we do have the winter weather advisory for the majority of the midlands and that is until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.n. tonight, we expect entry mix wintry mix oak ring, little bit of a wintry mix tomorrow morning as well. by sunday this is all out t here, and a distant memory. drive careful if you have to be outside. the best thing is to not be on
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morning. >> pelley: the snow's coming down, the warnings are up for the blizzard of 2016. >> they said it's coming. i'm trying to get out of here. >> pelley: also tonight, a new
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time not in a honda.
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