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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and from thetation that's on your side. you're watching news 19 at 11:00. well there's not much out there right now. the midlands is under a winter weather advisory until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. good evening thanks for being
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>> all eyes on the skies and our roadways. so far look pretty good. daniel bonds monitors our situation. >> that's right things are pretty quiet so farhis evening. we still have the winter weather advisory until 2:00 this afternoon. again, things have been pretty quiet. we saw a band of showers move through the area this evening. right now, if you look very closely maybe a little portions of snow in north portions of richland county. take a look at a wider view. you see this rotation. if this moisture hangs on and moves through our area we see a little bit of wintry mix. we are looking for lows right
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we keep a small chance of wintry mix as well. tomorrow afternoon we are expecting clouds to decrease. we see temperatures right around 40 degrees. we take a look at your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> there was one area that saw a little bit of snow. they saw a light dusting that made roads slick. >> people weren't too excited about the snow. >> reporter: they got a little bit of snow this afternoon. the county says they are more. >> our job primarily is the eyes and ears for the d.o.t.. >> reporter: he says they are preparing for ice and snow. >> when someone calls we give that information to d.o.t. d then they come in and handle
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put some precaution treatments down so people can get around. >> reporter: the department of transportation can hold six tons of salt mix. residents who were out were taking precautions. >> i ran upon a couple wrecks. i prayed all the way there and back. >> it was kind of unexpected. it was cold and wet and tried to stay warm. >> reporter: one man has a few words of wisdom for drivers. >> try to drive below the speed limit. >> reporter: there was enough to
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reporting in newberry county loren thomas news 19 wltx. >> as you just saw daniel bonds showed you on the radar it looks like they could be getting a little bit of snow even as we speak. periods of freezing rain or snow could cause travel difficults including slippery roads, back ice especially in bridges and overpasses. state transportation crews say that potholes could become a problem because of this nasty weather. >> we w wld have to dress those with cold mix asphalt. right now we are trouble having receiving asphalt.
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as they come back up we plan to address them. >> crews are on standby. >> we know what we had here but this is up in road in charlotte. take a look at this. they are covered with snow. this was before it got dark. more snow has been falling in the evening hours there. some places have seen a foot of snow. more accumulation expected overnight. no matter whats the nfc affected. trying to stay warm and loosen up for their big contest. if you are going to the game extraordinary event. kickoff is at 6:40 sunday night. to sleep tonight.
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head to downtown columbia to the city of columbia homeless shelter. they open up their doors at 6:00 p.m. tonight and stay open until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. several basketball games are postpone tonight. tomorrow there are a few cancellations we need to let you know about. all midlands tech campuses are going to be closed. the zoo will be opened an hour late. the s.a.t. testing has been cancelled. the ministries tax event has been postponee for tomorrow. we will have list of all the changes for you. simply go to our web site,
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storm will cause a big headache in the midlands. numerous states and the district of columbia have snow and ice. here is the very latest from the nations capital. >> officials warn it could get ugly. >> this is 36-hour storm with expected dangerous winds. >> it could dump as much as three feet of snow on the nation's capital. in the morning up toward philly and new york island. it has been blamed for deaths. >> conditions here in the nation's capital have detearuated rapidly. most are listening to stay off the roads. >> we came to have dinner with
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so we thought we would walk because that was the better option. >> reporter: the jersey shore is bracing for flooding. >> this is going to be a significant storm but nowhere near the storms we have dealt with. >> reporter: airlines have cancelled flights for saturday. the storm will impact more than 80 million people. craig boswell cbs news. >> you can download the news 19 weather app or follow our weather team on twitter. this is a developing story. gunshots during an attempted robbery. this happened just before 7:00 this evening at the barbershop at fort jackson boulevard. they demanded and stole money from several victims. somebody at the barbershop opened fired.
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hospital for treatment. police continue to search for a second suspect. if you have information of where that person can be found call crimestoppers. by the way the victims inside the barbershop were not hurt during this incident. also in columbia tonight, police are searching for a man they say assaulted somebody in five points. they got a pretty clear picture of surveillance cameras of who is. it happened on the 2,000 block of green street. he punched the man in the head and caused him to hit his head on the concrete. if you know who this is, please call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. deputies say he hasn't been
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if you have information on his whereabouts call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. some students at allen university are making history in competing the first ever allen university wrestling team. the team has a winning season so far with a record of 11-6. it is not just about having a winning record. >> we wrestle and i love wrestling so i have to keep my grades up. >> they have to get first is the academic trophy and the rest will follow. >> next week the team will be sanctions as part of the athletic conference and then they take on usc next friday. the spark club at blythewood
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theirr app will help students of all ages to keep track of their assignments and better grades. if they win verizon will send someone with a 15,000 dollar grant to help students create study spark. >> we would all be elated, happy, and proud for knowing pepele liked our idea enough to vote. it's like if you do something on your own. like bake a cake or clean a room for the first time of yourself. you would be proud of that. that's probably all of us would feel if we won the challenge. >> the app that gets most votes by january 31st will be named the fan favorite and they will get the award. win. you just have to text to win. web site. just look for the story.
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you're watching news 19 at 11:00 with j.r. mock. >> everybody is complaining today that it is too cold and too wet outside. looking ways to warm up. the hot doughnuts light is on or get hot coffee. some people went to a tanning salon to get warm and try to imagine they are some place else. >> i'm way on the beach somewhere. i think i am but i'm actually going to sleep. just trying to get comfortable and get warm and walking back out in the awful wet rain and going home and getting in my bed to get warm. >> well, any place warm today whether it be a tanning bed or let's say starbucks was very popular as people were trying to find ways to be a little less freezing outside. i got to take a moment to say
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berry. i got a flat tire in the coldest time of the year. >> 9 pounds of pressure in your tire. >> that's bad isn't it? >> it is bad. >> you know what else is bad people were complaining it was too warm. and now they are complaining it is too cold. >> we like to complain. >> we hear it constantly. we will talk about this winter weather forecast. 28 degrees newberry, 29 degrees saluda, 23 degrees in lexington and columbia. slightly warmer in orangeburg. it is 35 degrees. if you have been out tonight, you know how cold i i is. the windchill value of 21.
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and columbia 25 the windchill currently. not too bad in orangeburg. the windchill value is 35. picking upaybe just a few flakes. maybe a few flakes towards blythewood. we had a band of showers move through the area earlier. as you can tell from our wider view not much going on here in the midlands. have some snow up towards greenville. we have m me moisture to our west. some of it maybe making it's way towards us overnight. keep that in mind if you are outand about. just maybe some mixed precipitation. as you can tell from our forecast from our forast model.l. it iss not that impressive as any kind of wintry mix is concern. we may see some sunshine before it is said and done. a lot of sunshine and everything
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morning is a dissubstantiate memory -- distance memory. i don't think we will see much of anything. add a little bit of white there. as far as temperatures are concerned upper 20s low 30s. there will be that opportunity to see a snowflake or two. looking for highs upper 30s to near 40 degrees. this is what we are expecting over the next several days. wintry mix early tomorrow morning. the clouds will break up tomorrow afternoon. 52 degrees on sunday. inching near 60 degrees by monday. 64 degrees on tuesday and looking for a high of 53 degrees on wednesday. right now i know we have that
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of the midlands until 2:00. just don't like going out there. >> it is good news. >> i know people will be disappointed. if you look closely in some areas there maybe an isolated -- >> he thought he saw one
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>> just a3 dramatic ovetime win over ole miss.. theyll look now news 19 sports director reggie anderson. >> take on tennessee, the gamecocks went on their last meeting with tennessee. after that dramatic overtime win they will be looking for their second s.e.c. victory. michael has to do like wise.
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one of the three seniors who has been with frank martin for all three years. >> it's been pretty good. trying to help everybody on the course and off the court. that's how i am. i'm just passionate and i love to win. i think this is the year we have the opportunity to keep winning. >> all right, big show down. hammond looking to extend its winning streak. second game for the cardinals. the cardinals and the students were readydy drives hits the bucket and gets the foul. the head coach, giving his guys instructions. shawn williams gets the put back. hammond up just one at the break 40-39.
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lay-up it goes. and he is fouled. three. cardinals thinking upset. now the sky hawks. e tomhawk jam. cardinal newman were unphased. they would come back. he drops in the triple. trying to keep this one close but the sky hawks would try to pull away. a nice pass to michael turner who finishes. goodwin will score inside.he had 22 points. the skyhawks ranked 12 today. extending the winning streak to 36.
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a nice pass to winston hill. hill had 13. nicely done. sweat had a bakers dozen. here is one of them. brandon played football. he knocks down the triple. make no mistake this was a one-way traffic. irmo wins it by a final of 78 to 45. instructions for her team. ryan scott is going to step back and knock down the three for river bluff. irmo very strong tonight. watch sam with a nice move. gets it to go.
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and hampton scores who win it by a final of 56-30. more girls action. jade williams. she finds hampton. she will get the bucket off the glass. shay jackson dribbling. she will score. he has a team that can easily be continued for a state title in early march. they roll by a final of 74-26.. all right obviously the big game sunday night in charlotte. the cardinals and the -- harold goodwin has worked his way up the ladder.
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he hopes to be a head coach sooner ratherr than later. he talked about what it would be like to see his brother be an nfl head coach. >> it means a lot. we both grew up with dreams of playing professional sports. i was able to be do that. unfortunately, injury took that away from him. to become a head coach in the nfl is just as a big accomplishment in thehe nfl. >> reporter:hat makes him a good nfl coach. what makes harold a good coach? what will help him be successful as the head coach? >> he works all. it is important to him. he demands a lot of his guys. i think that is what -- he knows how to be their friends but at
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how about this now. the columbia metro poll tan center you will find 200 beers from around the world. it doesn't c ce cheap. tickets start at $40. >> $40 but that's all the beer you can drink. >> how much beer can you drink? >> you definitely shouldn't drive. you got to uber there or get a taxi or have a designated driver. >> i remember that commercial. >> what did you say? >> the commercial. >> what did he say? >> the liquor.
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>> never mind. >> we have light snow moving in portions of northern newewrry county. that's about it. we do have that winter weather advisory until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. you might see a snowflake or two. not really holding my breath. >> if you see a snowflake tweet
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michelob ultra. the superior light beer. >> stephen colbert!
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