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tv   News 19 Saturday Morning  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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interstate 95 south over lake marion was shut down because of icing. those areas now reported to be back open. but highway patrol warns traffic is moving slowly in those areas. thanks for ginning to news 19 saturday morning. i'm coby galling aer. daniel? we have seen little snow across the mid-lands. we still have that winter weather advisory. that includes all of the mid- lands, and that will a little snow. it's kind of wiping on down at this hour. still some very light snow flurries across the area. i just stopped outside. very light snow out. there this is moving toward the southeast, anywhere though we believe this is gouge be winding down over the next hour or so. so hopefully you got a chance to see a little snow across the mid-lands. we have a couple reports of
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the biggest report across the mid-lands so far, newbury. up near widmeyer they saw a little more than that. it's just been a dusting at the very most across the mid-lands. it looks like all this will continue to wound on down if it's still out there. temperatures are slowly increasing. that's good news for the roads. 34 degrees orangeburg, 35 degrees sumter. aikens still hat freezing. the rest of the mid-lands, we're now above freezing. if you are traveling, that is good news there. we'll put the forecast into motion, show you exactly how we expect things to kind of play on out over the next 2 days or so. clouds start breaking up during the afternoon hours. may even see a little bit of surge before it's all sawed and done. as we work our way into the other night hours, clouds will county to decrease. tomorrow we're expecting a lot of surge. if you are headed for the panthers football game, the weather is gouge cooperate. a bit chilly tomorrow night,
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rain across the area. . as far as today is concerned, temperatures continue to rise in the mid to upper 30s to near 40 degrees in the capital city, 9 degrees sumt,r, 37 degrees newbury over to slew low temperatures tonight as the clouds begin to move on out. we'll see decreasing clouds tonight. so clearing conditions. expect lows to fall into the mid to upper 20s. 28 degrees lexington, columbia, 28 degrees in manning and orangeburg. there's still some moisture on the roads. you may want to take that consideration if you're tomorrow morning. possibly could freeze. this is what we're expecting for the next 7 days. 40 degrees today after that little bit of light flurry activity winds on down. we climb to near 60 degrees by monday. we'll go 59. then a storm system approaches the area, increases our clouds. 64 degrees by tuesday. we'll see a better chance for showers. looks like wednesday those rain chances increase heading into thursday and friday.
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concerned, it's going to continue to wind down over the next hour. so hopefully you got to see few flakes across the mid-lands. >> thank you, daniel. as he said one are that did see that snow stick to ground was in newbury county. that's where chuck greenwald is. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: that's right colby. there's snow on the ground. we're here in front of newbury county. appreciate you being on the show. thank you for coming out. tell us a little what it's opinion like last couple hours. >> well, got a brief bit of snow came in early this morning, and it coated the ground. i guess they called it a dusting. and it was really pretty, and it was coming down, and kind of like frosty the snowman. gone. >> reporter: i was talking to street. they said, just like you said, as soon as it came down, it wasn't lasting that long with those temperatures rising.
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wrecks due to the ice. tell me little about that. >> well it general really happens when you have this weather, and the road temperatures are higher than the dirt, ground temperature, and the air temperature. people drive on it just like rain, but than they come to and overpass or a place where a culvert is under the road and, and there's black ice. and they hit it, tap their breaks, and lost all control. that's what we had last night, driving at speed, highway speed, hit that ice, spin out. fortunately no one was seriously injured, but it's still the dangers you going to face today, even though this is dissipating. you're still going to face it. i think it's, like, 30 degrees now in newbury, and we the have pretty stiff wind blowing. but you still have that opportunity to -- black ice. they just need to with caution. you can get out and go around.
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to eat. you can do anything you really want to now. we're not under the conditions they are up north, caution. appreciate it. thank you so much again for being on the show. like the sheriff had said, you know, these be safe, and try to avoid that black ice as much as you can. in newbury county, i'm chuck greenwald for news 19. send it back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you very much, chuck. stay safe on the drive back. while we have missed the brunt of the storm, driving could be dangerous with the threat of black ice, as sheriff foster mentioned, on the roadways. we have trooper jones joining us by phone to talk about that threat. trooper jones? . >> thanks for having me. to reiterate what the sheriff said, we're seeing temperatures starting to freeze again. there's the possibility of black ice that could accumulate on the roadway. if you could stay off the
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postpone your travels till tomorrow, it will help us out tremendously. it also benefits yourself from getting in a bad situation. some of these -- county had to close momentarily, also the bridges on i-95 in orangeburg county. so be mindful of that. if you're gouge be traveling to charleston, there's probably going to be some sort of travel congestion. we see the sunset and these temperatures start to me crease. we're going to see the possibility of some black ice. be careful if you're out traveling. no doubt if you do encounter this black ice, never slam on breaks. reduce your speed. don't use your cruise control during this period. but if you can save yourself the travel and headache being caught up in traffic congestion, bad road conditions, do yourself a favor and stay home if you can. >> trooper jones, as someone with highway patrol, what is the number-one thing you see in weatherer like this, the number-one thing that causes an accident for the drivers? >> all too often, i think a lot
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gout and see what events occurred, whether it be that may have snapped due to ice accumulating. we don't want people to joy- ride or go out and see what nature brought us. we see all too often people getting into crashes and troopers respond. they really have no destination. they tell us they're out and about, seeing how the countryside looks with the snow on the ground. so we don't want people to make that same mistake this year. this isn't an event like in years past, where we have seen a lot of snow accumulated p. year makes it dangerous, because the road you may travel today may be passable, but if you go to dinner tonight, go to a you movie, come home, we're seeing roads with black ice on them. we don't want you driving around anthillsly, because you're jeopardizing your safety, yep partizing yourself, and jeopardizing first responders out to protect people in south
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>> thank you, trooper jones for sharing tips with us. now it's not just the weather. been delayed across the entire east coast. that is affecting travelers here in the mid-lands at columbia proper airport. many departures have been delayed, and flights arriving from charlotte and washington, d.c. have been cancel. many people have tweeting us the pictures of the snow around the mid-lands. you can see all these pictures that have been flooding into the our facebook account, twitter account. these are all from your own backyard in the mid-lands. i see a few snowmen in there. pretty surprising people were able to make a snowman on the hood of that windshield. if you have cheers of the snow or anything you add like to show us from this storm, you can tweet it to us. our handle is at wltx. eighty million people are expected to feel the impact of the storm pounding the atlanta states today.
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>> reporter: living up to expectations, the storm is dumping heavy snow from tennessee to new york. roads are treacherous. >> definitely dangerous. so i would suggest for anybody who doesn't have to be out, don't go out. >> reporter: wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour are creating blizzard-luke conditions. >> the roads are very, very bad, and again, the first message is people really should stay off the roads. >> reporter: in ocean city, new jersey, the wind and high tide caused street flooding. here in washington, d.c., the storm could be one of the worst to ever hit this region: 2 feet of snow or more could be on the ground by the end of the weekend. residents are being told to stay home. the city's subway system is shut down until at least sunday. >> close it down inside. it's just kind of ridiculous. >> reporter: at the airports, travelers face
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more than 8,000 flights were canceled this weekend. jennifer grimer is stranded in chicago trying to got home to north carolina. >> just here for meetings. i have my briefcase, computer, phone, and that's at it. >> reporter: forecasters expect the storm to move out by sunday, giving millions day to dig out before the new workweek begins. don champion, cbs news, washington. >> fortunately the mid-lands was in the hit with conditions like that. but you can keep up on the latest our forecast by going to our web site, here you see the twitter handles our weather team. any updated news. gunshots rang out last night at a columbia barbershop during an attempted robbery p. happened just before seven at the next up barbershop on fort police say they then demanded money, stole from several victims before someone
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one of the robbers. that robber was located near the scene, and has since died. the second suspect has not been found. police are unsure if that suspect was injured, say one of the suspect's weapons was stolen from a so it columbia home in 2012. the victims inside the barbershop were not hurt during this incident. anybody with information on where that second person can be found, you're urged to call crime stores. that number to call 1-888- crimesc. columbia police need your help searching for a man they say assaulted somebody in five points. the suspect you see in this surveillance picture is accused of punching and ma, causing him to fall and hit his head on the condition crete. . richland deputies and kc police need your help identifying a suspect wanted for fraud. they is woman wanted in this photo stole a credit
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went to two different businesses, and used those credit card numbers to buy gift cards and other items. if you know who this woman is, that the number again, 1-888-crimesc. chafffin police chief responding to his sussex, responded for what the town spokesman said was a violation of job standards. that suspension ended yesterday. . he says he did not tell mayor skip wiln he was going. in response he says mayor wilson suspended hip for his duties for three days without pay. crutch said he does not believe the suspension was warranted. will goes on to say he's happy to serving the citizens of chaffin. still to come on "news 19 saturday morning,"
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enjoying >> it's not fun. i'm glad it's on the weekend so they don't have to all of that. that was not a normal obviously this is unprecedented for them, too. >> and what part of new jersey is that? . >> that's the southern area. outside philadelphia. not far from that area. there. i'm pretty sure they're only expected to get more. i'm sorry, mom. she keeps asking me, "i want
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northeast." when i see pictures like that, i prefer what we have here. >> as a kiddings would you be excited about that, though? >> no. we would go sledding, and i would go sledding and be the first one in to get the cup of hot chocolate with the marshmallows. >> my were a little disappointed. ''we may see a few snowflakes, but probably not going to be much of anything." a few isolated areas newbury county, whitmeye saw a little more. for the most part across the mid-lands, a dusting at best. that's my type of snow, too. that's my type of snow. s it out of here by the afternoon. that's what we did see overnight. what we saw the last 24 hours, our radar. keep in mind, we did see some freezing rain yesterday and last night across portions. early this morning, things began to develop more toward snow. that's kind of wining on down. zoom in closer, show you
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these are just a little bit of snow flurries across step outside. right before the show started, just a little bit of snow flurries. this will continue to kind of taper off as we get closer to the noon hour. so we're not expecting much in the way of any kind of more accumulation even if you saw a bit of dusting. mentioned, snow continues to wind down. we may see a bit of sun. still expect high temperatures in the upper 30s to clouds. that will allow our temperatures to fall overnight. we are expecting lows to drop down to the mid to uppers to. high temperature tomorrow around 52 degrees. we start warming back up to the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. as you and the trooper was talking about earlier w the cold temperatures tonight, the potential danger obviously with any of the moisture out there is freezing tonight and tomorrow morning. that system we'll be watching very closely for that black ice on our roadways. >> all right. thank you, daniel. i one place that did get a lot more snow than we
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campus. this is from the school's web cam. they obviously canceled classes yesterday because of their snowy conditions, and clemson's head football coach, d. w. sweeney, he was caught on the twitter sledding down the hill at death valley. there. very surprising. now, defensive coordinator jeff scott said the players and staff had a snowmobile fight in the stadium. school canceled classes because of the snowy conditions. obviously got their workout in there. it is time for sports. research joy ander son joins us with a recap of al your sports headlines. >> all right. good saturday morning to you. big day in basketball. in fact, coming up at high noon, the gamecocks will be taking on tennessee. of course carolina ranked as high as 18th. tonight on news 19 at 6. last night at the high school, big showdown in skiza. ham monday looking to extend
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36 with a victory over cardinal newman. 2nd game for the cardinals in their gym. it was an electric atmosphere. north carolina sliding, quick move, drives, gets the bucket and the foul. hammond off to an early lead. newman not backing counsel. cardinals head coach, instruction for his guys, who were down 0. in the closing seconds of the 3rd quarter, make it just 1. 40-39, hammond up by 1 at the break. christian jones drives, gets a nice reverse layup to go, and he's fouled. they're rolling. jones again knock down the 3. we're tide at 45, and the team nationally ranked. jam. ham monday thinking they're away. they would, but it would come it. newman comes right back. pass.
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but again, eventually hammond would start to pull away. nice passing. michael turner scores inside. goodwin, he would have 2 of his 22 points here, 7th at 27. the sky hawks rank 12th in this week's "usa today" super 25 poll. an 80-59 victory over cardinal newman. more scores on our web site at let's talk a little football now. of course tomorrow night, the panthers and cardinals charlotte. we've got a local angle on the arizona team, in fact, several of them. richmond stand-out far role goodman is the offensive coordinator. he's worked his way up the coaching ladder. he doesn't call the plays. harold recently interviewed for the vacant job at tampa bay. a good bet this guy is going to be a head coach in the nfl sooner rather than later. his brother jonathan is come being year, served as
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brought him in. he talked what it would be like to see his brother become an nfl head coach. >> out means a lot, you know. we both grew up with dreams of playing professional sports, and, you know, i was able to do that. unfortunately injury, you know, away from him. i think, being automobile to become a head coach in the nfl is just as big of an accomplishment as playing in the nfl. nfl coach? you have to have the smarts, working for a great coach. what makes harold a good coach, and what will help him be successful as a head coach? . >> he's a guy --, first of all,, he works hard. it's important to him. and, you know, he demands a lot out of his guys. every coach i have played for has done that, has gotten the best out of me. he does that. he knows how to be friends, but at the same time be the coach at the same time. that's always a great mix. all right. college football news, and nc state and clemson will be meeting this fall.
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2016 schedule. the trip to clemson part of a tough nonconference schedule for the bulldogs. they're going to open the year with 4 straight home games, the first 3 against sbf teams. louis it can on 10th, and clemson on the 17th of september. the bulldogs and tigers met in the valley. a 4-game opening swing for the dogs. again, their 1st home game isn't until october 8th when they take on bethune cookman. we have the story on our web site, it will be year 15 for head buddy hughes, finished 4-7 last year, looking to get back to the playoffs with a strong 2016 campaign. that's it for now. highlight for the day's game between the gamecocks and volunteers. check that out news 19 at 6. see you then. >> thanks, reggie. if you suffer from sleep
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the research is pretty thin. hearing the rhythmic sounds can be soothe. >> reporter: white noise machines like this help most people who have tried them sleep better,
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reports" survey. apps like my noise let you t apps on your smartphone for free. >> you should also think about why you can't sleep. electronic devices like smartphones and laptops, emit blue light, which keeps you awake. >> reporter: these promise to block blue light, and block some. when "consumer reports" tested glasses, they found the glasses that actually blocked out the most blue light are these ux glasses with cost just $8. insomnia? and turn off screens long before you head to bed. an important recall for parents to about. more than 71,000 infant car seats, because the handle can crack and black. the recall involves the britax be safe 35, and be safe 35 elite infant car seats and travel systems. if you have one of these seats,
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get a free repair kit. you should stop carrying the seat by the handle until the seat is recalled. at least one infant has been injured. stay with us. news 19 saturday morning
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short break. 34 degrees down there. 31 degrees rock hill and greenville. we have a little breeze coming generally out of the northwest. that's making it feel a little cooler. windchill value 28 columbia.
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for you guys in orangeburg, 24 degrees in rockhill. 23 degrees in green mill. but we are seeing many, just a half of flurries across the mid-lands. this is kind of winding down pretty quickly. maybe a couple flurries in k,rshaw county. this will probably quickly end over the next hour, as we mentioned. we still have that winter weather advisory. that includes all of the mid- lands, and this will continue until 2:00 this afternoon. so there's thatatpotential. maybe some of the roads could be a little tough. but as our temperatures warm up, also see a little breeze out there. things should kind of get a little better. as far as our temperatures are concerned, look for highs right around 40 degrees. again, a little bit of flurry activity, quickly winding down. 28 degrees tonight. that's something we'll be watching, that potential for black ice. afternoon hours tomorrow, high temperatures 0s. another system approach the area tuesday to wednesday. we will see a chance for
11:26 am
wednesday. you're headed it up the panthers game tomorrow, it's going to be cold. it will be clear, but it will be dry. if you're going to charlotte to watch arizona take on the panthers, the weather should cooperate. we'll take another look at this forecast coming up in a few minutes. coby? the snow has been coming down steadily in columbia, but depending on who you ask, unfortunately, fortunately, it hasn't been sticking to the ground. a different case in newbury, they say that snow has been sticking. chuck? >> reporter: that's right. we're here in newbury county in front of newbury high school. you see the snow here. earlier on we did the interview with sheriff foster, standing. in that area there was a good ground. we thought that snow was going to melt in the next couple hours. turns out next couple minutes. that snow is gone for the most part here. we were in it, and now it's
11:27 am
that with the grass there. but the sheriff did say overnight the snow started to fall around 5:00 a.m. , i guess. i'm sorry. 5:00 m. the snow started to fall. during that time, there were a couple wrecks out on the road, and that's because of the black ice temperatures. now, as the temperatures start to warm up, that ice start -- they say be careful, because obviously that black ice can sneak up on you, and you never know what's going to happen. as you make your way back on the rose, please be safe. like always, you know, in weather like this, if you don't need to be on the road, can be comfortable inside your own home, definitely do so. we'll be here for the rest of the show. send it back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you very much, chuck. as he just spoke about, the roads may look clear, but they could have some black ice on them. if you do not have to go out, as chuck said, please don't go. but if you do have to drive somewhere, here's some steps to stay safe while you're out there on the road. if there's ice on the road, go
11:28 am
never turn on your cruise control. always use the gas pedal. increase your following distance. don't stay closely behind somebody else. make sure you accelerate, and break slowly. if you start to skid, this is one of the most important tips for people, steer into the direction the car is moving. don't drive away from it. that will cause your car to tail-spin. let your foot off the gas. something to always remember, always wear your seat belt. snow did start falling in some areas of the mid-lands last night. there was freezing rain in the town of newbury. a few miles away, they saw a light dusting of snow. sdt had a couple crews out there treating the roads. residents who were out there say they were taking precautions. >> drive slow. you know, pull over the speed limit, and apply your breaks. pump your breaks. you don't want to lock them up, like i'd seen a couple cars do already.
11:29 am
those rods to make sure everybody can get to and from their destination safely. stephanie ramirez with our sister station, wusa, is on capitol hill hill, and joins us with the latest on their conditions. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez outside the capitol hill building on third street southwest up we're seeing cabin fever start to set in for our four-legged friends. a seven-year-old german shepherd out with his owner, having a good time in the snow. a good safe time. the owner telling me got a nice snow day. today looking forward to enjoying as the snow continues to accumulate. >> it's an exercise. i'm actually sweating a lot with my layers on here. >> i'm from pittsburgh originally. i've been in d.c. ten years now. >> reporter: so you know about snow then? . >> oh, yeah. i'm still waiting to be impressed. >> reporter: this isn't comparable to you. >> no. in the blizzard of `96, i was smaller, but i remember the drifts being ahead. i was like, "okay. keep it coming."
11:30 am
over to a drift, like, sky high. >> reporter: that owner told me she did see a couple other owners with their pets outside, but they only made it a block or 2, because it is really cold out here for animal just as it is for hue plans as well. here on capitol hill hill, stephanie ramir,z, wusa 9. charlotte is also under a blanket of snow. diane joins us with more from charlotte. >> reporter: roads around charlotte are a mixed bag. some of the interstates looking clear, other streets, especially the back row, neighborhood streets looking like a sheet of ice. just to give you an idea, this is what any of the snowy roads look like. it is not actually snow. it's a sheet of ice. still very slippery. if you look behind me, the roads around bank of america stadium are especially clear. you know they have a big game here sunday against the arizona cardinals, the nfc championship. so a lot of the roads are going to be much clearer tomorrow afternoon than they are right now. we took a look around uptown
11:31 am
and some of those main streets again in uptown looking good. other ones, it's a mixed bag. they are still snowy and icy on many of the local streets. we saw the plows out very early, plowing and salting. so they want to make sure anyone coming in that are for the induction ceremony today or for the big game against the arizona cardinals tomorrow will be in good shape. also very important, bread truck driver was out this morning. will said he's been out since yesterday, because there was a run on bread, as is usual during big storms, and he wanted to make sure he got all the customers what they needed. and so these were his driving tips. >> it's been real interesting, but our company, flowers baking company, they kind of planned ahead, saw thth coming. whenenou get caught and don't have any kind of a plan, that's where there's big problems. >> reporter: charlotte has 36 salt trucks out on
11:32 am
all the roads around the city should be clear by tomorrow afternoon when all those carolina panther fans come into town for the big game against the arizona cardinals. in up john town charlotte, diana rug for wltx. bringing it back here to the mid-lands, you can get your taxes file for free through the cooperative ministry's volunteer income tax stop signs program. the program offers free tax help to families with a house-hold income of $54,000 or less. the ministry offers tax sites ever year in richland, lexington, newbury counties. this will take place today until 2:00 p.m. at three different locations. you can find those locations on our web site. one thing to note about filing your taxes this year, due to a holiday, you can get three extra days to get your taxes done. the deadline is now april 18th rather than the traditional april 15th. if you have a suspended driver's license, you may want to listen up.
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suspension eligibility week will be march 14th through 18th for drivers with certain suspensions. you can be eligible if you lost your license for no insurance or driving under a suspended license, but does not include alcohol or drug-related offenses. you have to pay all of your fine before you can get your license back. the south carolina african american heritage foundation honored a group of state leaders on friday for recognizing their contributions to preserving, shaping african american culture. the awards presented at the group's annual convention. >> a whole lot bigger than joseph mcgill. it's always about the ancestors, and knowing that someone else has taken no practice that this project is relevant makes me know that what i do has relevance, so we are certainly proud. >> those honored were district congressman james clyburn, his wife, nasa administrator and former astronaut charles bolden.
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students need your help making their app a reality. the sparks club at blankwood middle won best in state for the innovative app challenge. they say their app is called study spark, and will help students of all ages keep track of their assignments and get them better grades. the group is up for the fan favorite award. if they win, verizon will somebody along with a $15,000 grant to help them create sudden spark >> we all will be elated and proud us for knowing people liked our idea enough to vote. it's like, if you do something on your own, like a big -- by yourself, you will be proud of that, and that's how probably all of us would feel if we won the challenge. >> the app that gets the most votes by january 01st will win fan favorite. to vote for the middle school students, you can text study spark 2 to 223, and we
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information on our web site,
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in with when you first got here -- >> they told me, south and bam. >> a punch of snow. this one is going to be a memory maybe by this quickly moving out. no problems what over. as far as temperatures were concerned, we did drop down to 30 degrees earlier this we're only expecting high
11:37 am
0s to near 40 degrees. idea we hit 45 degrees. that was a little bit deceiving. we're at 45 degrees early in the morning as that cold air starts spilling in. temperatures were basically in the mid-30s throughout most of the day yesterday. as far as normal high temperatures are concerned, typically would expect a high 34. our records for today, 13. that was set in 1985. that is going to be safe. a record high of 79, that was set in 1974. well. 36 degrees in columbia, still 34 degrees in camd,n. degrees. the only areas reporting temperatures at freezing. so obviously good news there. increasing. and really the flurry activity is winding down quickly. i stepped outside just a little while ago outside our studios, and maybe just a few isolated snow flurries across the area. this will continue to wind down as we make our way closer to the noon hour. as far as what's going on elsewhere across south carolina, a little bit of light
11:38 am
carolina. for the most part, as we mentioned, it's winding on down. this is how we're expecting it to kind of pan out over the next 2 days or so. a little bit of sun. not gouge be totally out of the recommend of afternoon. skies will clear out. that will be the concern as temperatures drop below freezing. black ice. sun. heading to the panthers game, clear skies. cold, but weather shouldn't this an issue. as we go into monday, a few clouds roll into the picture, but we're not expecting any rain. the next storm system approaches the area, looks like, tuesday. as far as temperatures, temperatures above freezing this afternoon. tonight is when we'll be watching as the clouds going to decrease. temperatures drop into the mid to uppers to. as we mentioned, that may be the concern, black ice, with those temperatures falling. 52 degrees tomorrow afternoon. monday. maybe even up to 60 in some areas. shooting for a high of about 64
11:39 am
as our next weather maker approaches the area. we ole see scattered showers on 53 degrees. maybe a lingering shower early thursday. 5050degrees. looking ahead towards friday, 57 degrees under mostly cloudy skies, but as far as today's concerned, a little bit of flurry activity is kind of winding on down. so i think sheriff foster put it best: it was kind of like frosty the snowman. kind of melting away. >> and you and i are more than okay with this? . >> i am not a winter person, so i am happy with it. if it were up me it would be 75 and sunny. >> every time i see the forecast, i think when is it going to be breaking that shark? i keep waiting for it. still ahead, the usc
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brea he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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for baseball players issues hands are pretty important. pitching and catching may be what comes to mind for the gamecocks baseball tale. but more importantly, their hands are helping. >> that's something really special for each and every within of our applause. >> reporter: this week at the doorwin medical center, they spent time with some of the most important members in team usa. >> fun to be able to meet some people who have served our country and gave us the opportunity to live the way we do today. >> reporter: and how does it feel? . >> real good. >> reporter: but their service >> wake up. wake up. >> reporter: it's another day, and the guys are at greenview park, reading stories, and playing fans. just because they're a bit smaller doesn't mean it isn't teaching these college guys a thing or two. >> i am impacted to see the
11:43 am
excitement they have, you know, seeing some guys out here from the baseball team. >> reporter: whether on the field or off, the gamecocks are busy preparing for the upcoming season, all while lending some smiles and helping hands. in columbia, alyssa long, wltx.
11:44 am
. >> reporter: now, as ugh see, that snow is starting to melt. we have sheriff lee foster here with the newbury sheriff's department. thanks for being with us again. for those who weren't watching the show earlier on at around 11, tell us, you know, what has goneneon these last couple of hours. >> well the snow is just completely gone, what we had. here just a minute, and i's gone. but still have some patches of ice on the road. scdot has done a remarkable job of keeping that under control. i just checked a couple of bridges, and they're well intact. . city of newpururs cruise did a magnificent job. so it's pretty easygoing. you have patches of snow aroundings still some perhaps of ice on the road. you can get around if you just take your time. >> reporter: great. you had said earlier be very careful of the plaque ice on the road. that could still be out there. i know there were a couple of wrecks earlier on the road.
11:45 am
people be taking? . >> just slow down. it's a 55 miles per hour speed limit. slow it down a bit, give yourself some time to react. also be conscious that if you see a wet spot in the road, that could be ice. so just take it easy, and pay attention, and just, when you come to a bridge or an overpass, just slow down a little bit. >> reporter: well thanks so us. i rally appreciate it. quick. it will be melting through the rest of the day. like sheriff said, please be careful if you see a wet spot on the road. it could be black ice. maybe slow down a little bit there, maybe slower than your normal speed. for news 19, send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. thank you, chuck. if you do head out to the movies or somewhere like that, please take caution. if you do go to the movies, our movie reviewer tells ususif "dirty grandpa" is worth that trip. >> reporter: right now,
11:46 am
create the next great cinematic masterpiece; but in the meantime they're serving up cinematic slime. and robert day near row shows up in both categories. his new film takes us to depths judd apatow and kevin smith often frequent. the only difference is those guys make their punchlines count. all jokes extend beyond the point of amuse. in "dirty grandpa," which is not to imply there was a joke to begin with. in case the title hasn't given away too much of the plot, day near row plays a raunchy widower who wants to sow some wild oats, so he rang else his grandson to daytona. this could make for some comic possibilities, but it all feels a little too soon. >> are you kidding me? . >> she told me on her death bed you get back out there again. >> reporter: and it's not like the timing is great for zac they have ron either. she's getting married in a week to a controlling young woman.
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11:47 am
dirty grandpa could introduce him to someone new just in the nick of time. he could also acquaint him with all the debauchery his wife was missing. all attempts are made, but nothing hit the mark in "dirty grandpa." even the alluring eyes of aubrey plaza aren't enough to save this shipwreck, an embarrassment for all involved that is worthy of a late entry into this year's razz say awards. stay far away. >> a scathing review from low owe smith. despite the weather, there are great events taking place this weekend in the mid-lands. the annual world beer festival is being holiday at the columbian proper ceceer. visitors can sample over 200 beers around the world, even some brewed right here in columbia. tickets start at $40 for general admissions, and there are two sections. the first is from noon to four, and the second is . the circus is in town this weekend. it runs through sunday at the
11:48 am
there are two more performances today at seven, and two again tomorrow. a reminder, the elephants you see here, the last time they'll be part of the circus, because they are being retired from the show next yeye. we keep talking about it, the snow, the snow. by the time we go outside to check the window, nothing. >> i checked outside, as mentioned. a little earlier, and there was maybe a flake or 2 kind of drifting down, sad little flakes drifting down. it's all winding down quickly. radar confirms what we have been seeing: not much going. maybe a couple flakes near pinewood, maybe a couple flakes near eastover. not much is happening. as far as the rest of today is concerned, we do expect some clouds. clouds will gradually decrease overnight. lows into the mid to upper 20s. that's something, maybe a lilile bit of a concern if there was moisture out there, it could refreeze. 62 degrees tomorrow. highs in the mid to upper 50s, maybe even near 60 degrees by monday.
11:49 am
we'll see a chance for showers wednesday. gradually temperatures may be warming back to around 57 degrees by friday. but today is going to be chilly; but as far as the snow is concerned, it's all basically done the we still do have -- officially have that winter weather advisory until 2:00. for the most part looks like the snow is over. >> didn't stay here for long. if you do go out, be careful of that ice.
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