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tv   News 19 11  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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are 3 the higher temperatures and the sun shining for a bit today... helped out the roads after snow and freezing rain hit parts of the state. as expected... parts of the midlands saw a light snowfall. the south carolina emergency management division... and other agencies are now on regular operationsbut officials are still urging people to take precaution... as the temperatures fall tonight... 3 good evening and thanks for
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sturgill. meteorologist daniel bonds joins me now.... daniel...the question on everybody's mind...are we in the clear...or do we have more freezing rain heading our way? 3 we saw some snow showers earlier today. here are the highest snow totals for the midlands. newberry .05" - aiken .03" - sumter 0.1" - in the upstate - inman 7.5" - 3 tigerville 7.0"our satellite radar composite confirms what we saw today, you can see the light snow moving across the has been a cold day, here are the current temperatures across the 3 midlands.tonight, look for decreasing clouds with lows in the middle to upper 20s.sunday - look for sunny skies and highs in the lower 50s.sunday
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the middle 20s.we'll take a closer look at the forecast coming up in just a few a minutes. mary. 3 although there isn't much evidence of it now, folks in newberry county woke up this morning to find snow, outside their front door.news19's chuck ringwalt was there and has tonight's story. 3 --- "it's exciting for us because we don't see this down south." connie baker is one of the many in the county who enjoyed the light dusting of snow early this morning "we've had a good time. my six year old said, 'hey. mom. i know it's just a little bit, but we're going to build a little snow man.' it's lovely. it's heaven. it's heaven sent. she said,'hey. we're going to build a little one."others said they were excitied for the snow, but not the cold temperatures that came with it. "i loved it because i time and i love the snow, but it was so cold out here, i don't even want to be out here. i'd rather be inside drinking some chocolate." "i'm not doing to good because it's cold. i don't like the cold, but i'll deal with it." but the biggest concern...road s. "the roads got kind of
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know 3 you could be driving, looking like it snowed already, but it was just the ice."sheriff lee foster says it something everyone needs to be mindful of. "you can't just follow the speed limit. you've got to slow down and you've got to caution and be cognesent that their could be ice on the road." "especially in the gutters, in low lying areas, and the roads are not in great condition. the potholes and the water in the pot holes 3 can freeze over, so you've just got to be expecting that it can happen when you;ve got temperatures that are below freezing."--- "in newberry county chuck ringwalt news19, wltx." 3 even though we aren't under any winter advisories...don't let your guard down just yet. dot says drivers need to be cautious overnight and into tomorrow morning because roads may refreeze and become covered with invisible ice. earlier i talked with trooper david jones about the possibility of black ice...and being prepared for future weather events. not only
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storm, but anytime you see a temperature drop below freezing go ahead and be prepared and be proactive. always make sure when you depart and get in your vehicle make sure if you have a check engine light on you get that looked at immediately. go ahead and check the fluids in the vehicle. make sure you have plenty of antifreeze and so forth. but also go ahead and pack you a couple of snacks, pack you an extra jacket, pack you a blanket. but most importantly, if you do become stranded or you do find yourself in a bad situation call star 47 because as troopers we will respond and if nothing else offer you a warm seat to sit in. but all too often we see people embark on a late night when its below freezing, they become stranded and we see them walking down the side of the road in their pajamas and a t-shirt on with no jacket and they just weren't prepared. so go ahead and be mindful of that, but most importantly, make sure you have a full cell phone charge so if you become stranded you have plenty of battery life you can call us and we will send a trooper out to come help you. 3
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the weather...thousands of flights have been cancelled or delayed across the east coast... and thats affecting travellers here in the columbia metropolitan airport... many departures to atlanta and charlotte were delayed...and flights arriving from charlotte and washington dc have been if you are traveling in the next flights before you head to the airport. 3 while parts of the midlands saw a little snow overnight... it's not as bad as our friends in the upstate.some areas have recieved as much as *7 inches of snow... which has led to a lot of power outages. the majority of outages are in the blue ridge electric cooperative service territory... around 32-hundred outages. that down from yesterday high... of over 9,000.crews from around the state have also gone to the upstate to help... get power restored. 3 if you need a warm place to sleep tonight... you can head downtown to the city of
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run by the united way and transitions.its on calhoun street... and opened tonight at 6pm and will stay open until 7am. 3 you can keep up with the latest on the forecast... by going to our website wltx dot com.or follow or weather team on twitteryou see their twitter handsles right there on your screen. 3 3 columbia police are still looking for one of the robbers who entered a barber shop not knowing its employees and customers were ready -- and willing -- to defend it. news19's colby gallagher visited the shop today.. to see how they're recovering. 3 "if you have people out there like that that's willing to do anything and to harm kids, then they show no regard for anyone's life."not even 24 hours after two armed robbers walked in to next up barber shop, on fort jackson boulevard.. the business is packed with waiting customers, both young and old.natsbarber brandon dreher says the shop was a similar scene on friday
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entered."two men came in, armed one with a handgun, one with a rifle and ordered everybody to put their hands up. they forced all the customers and kids to put their hands up and they were starting to go in everyone's pockets."master barber elmurray bookman and his customer did what the robbers asked. but what the masked men didn't know is that both bookman and his client have concealed weapon permits."when he came to him for his money, he told him that his money was over there in the chair. when the guy walked over to the chair, that's when he came out and shot. then when he started shooting, i came out and started shooting.""the man who got shot tried to go through the back door and it was jammed up. he ended up getting shot again because the door was stuck."columbia police say that man later died at a hospital. his partner was able to run out the front door and is still on the run. the barbers say their concern now is how the children who witnessed it all are recovering and want the person responsible for their fear
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them in. beause if you don't, they're going to do somebody else like that and this time it could be an innocent victim getting killed."colby gallagher news19 wltx. 3 if you know any information on where that man could be... or who he is... you're asked to call crime stoppers at 1888 crime-sc. 3 a mother who went missing a week ago... has turned herself in... and is now charged.. after leaving her two young children alone.27 year old... shardae evette davis... was charged yesterday with two counts of unlawful conduct toward a child. you may remember officers responded to the her home on jan. 15... after a neighbor called 911... following a disturbance. they found two small children... alone in the home.sumter police are continuing to look for 34 year old... herbert linwood butler... who is wanted on a warrant for domestic violence... from a previous incident.anyone with information about butler
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crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 an up date for you now on an assault investigation we told you about yesterday... the man accused of assaulting a victim on greene street... in five points has been arrested... this is a surveillance image columbia police sent us from the incident. they now say 21- year-old... harold jacobsen... turned himself in to investigators this morning. he's been charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.jacobsen is accused of punching a man in the head... causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete.we're told the victim is in stable... but serious condition. 3 3 edventure welcomed more than 200 middle schoolers for their youth summit.students from *under resourced schools.... from across the state... spent the day learning about leadership skills and self confidence... through different workshops.organizers say this summit was created to
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of themselves.... from being t risk... to t promise. 3 that's what our students. our students need someone to say that you can do it, motivate them, encourage them, and that's what we are doing here today at our summit.the keynote speaker was celebrity chef... jeff henderson. 3 the museum road show was back in action's one of the state museum's most popular events. people bring in items... like military memorabilia and jewerly... and experts offer appraisals on them. this gives the owner an idea about the items history and value. 3 the biggest thing about it is they have a lot of expertise. they are very well respected in their fields and they are very well known. our silver expert, dawn corley, is known world-wide. the people we have have here really know their stuff.the south carolina state museum holds the road show event twice a year..the next
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3 the columbia metropolitan convetion center was the place to be for beer drinkers. that's where the annual world of beer festival was held today..folks were able to taste beer brewed around world... around the country... and right here in south carolina. 3 so at all about beer magazine, we curate and bring the brewers together ourselves. we're speaking to brewers across the country daily about trends and what they are seeing in the market and what beers they are working on. we try to bring together a group that really reflects a lot of what's going on in the exciting brewing industry across the country. the festival is in it's 8th year. 3 the big question on every ones's mind... are we going to see any more freezing rain... or snow... daniel bonds what
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look at the seven day 3 in north carolina about 150-thousand homes and businesses suffered power outages... after the ice and strong winds hit the state. the north carolina state highway patrol had responded to more than 2,000 crashes... since icy conditions moved in on wednesday. at least five storm-related deaths are reported in the state.the heaviest power outages were south of raleigh. take a look at this picture. this is from my home in the north carolina mountains..this is my 3 grandmothers property where they got 13 inches of snow... as you can see it was almost
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was taken about noon 3 today... luckily they did not lose power. 3 3 it was a cold 3 day across the area. it is still cold outside are the current temperatures across the midlands.we still do have a breeze, so if feels colder is the current wind chill values across the midlands.there is the storm system that is pounding the east coast and the storm that
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this is still 3 bringing some snow to parts of the northeast tonight. for us we still 3 have some clouds across the state. these should decrease is how our forecast model sees things. skies will begin to clear overnight, and it will be cold. tomorrow we're expecting sunny skies and it will be a little warmer.if you're going to the panthers game, it will be dry and cold tomorrow night.
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sunny skies monday 3 afternoon and temperatures will be a little warmer. tonight expect lows in the middle to upper 20s.tomorrow we're expecting highs in the 3 upper 40s and lower is a look at the seven day forecast: sunny on sunday and monday.a few clouds on tuesday, but it will be mild with highs maybe in the middle 60s.scattered showers on to see a chance of rain on thursday.partly cloudy conditions on hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo.
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walmart vs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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3 the gamecock mens basketball team had their work cut out for them today as they were in tennessee taking on the vols.. lets head to knoxvilleusc looking to go 18-1.. coming
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they get it done today.down 21 -13 here in the first.. working it around finally to duane notice who sinks a three to try to mount a combeback... and before the hafl -- carrerra would bring it within one 29-28mackie and silva ... fighting for the basket finally mackie with the putback..but the vols just had too much on the gamecocks today as they fall on the road by a final of 78-69..theyll be back home in a few days taking on missipii state on teusday. 3 the usc women will look to stay unbeaten on the season and on the road as thye head to mississippi state tomorrow...this is going to be a good one as the bulldogs are ranked 10th in the country and are prepared for a good gamecock team to take the much so that theyre making a similar push that the usc women made a few years ago by trying to get 10 thousand fans to attend tomorrows game. nto only will they get state's best effort tomorow.. but the crowd will certainly be rooting against the garnet and black...but tiffany mitchell
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prepared. 3 we're aware its going to happen. everywhere we go its going to be high attendance, people want to see us and knock us down. so we're aware. we really dont worry abut what missippi stat'es mindest is. as long as we are whwere we need to be and stay in character, i like the team we're puttin gon the floor sunday. 3 benedict basketball taking on albany state...taylor rydealous with the threethen its brennan reynard charging the basket.. no good so they kick it out to rydealous who is mmoney again...then off the breakwawy.. brennan to chistophers spencer.. w ho gets his own putbakc.. and the tigers get the win over albany state 56-48 3 well in about 24 hours the panthers will be taking the field to do battle with the
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title and a trip to the superbowl... of course the big story north of columbia is the weather.. and the white stuff was everywhere this weekend as the guys were getting last minute preparations in ..but head coach ron rivera and south carolina's own josh norman say theyll be ready to go 3 the elements may change but we don't. we don't change who we are. we went out and practiced. i thought the guys had great energy. butt to everybody's feet and hands started to go numb, it was like man lets just do our work, get in as fast as we can, execute what they asked us to do 3 panthers defensive end, jared allen is ruled out of sunday's n-f-c championship game.allen, the league's active career sack leader broke his foot during last sunday's game against the seahawks.knoy ealy will start in his place.....jonathan stewart, dwan edwards and fozzy whittaker all practiced they
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3 he's such a competitor and such a warrior. i didn't do this lightly, i really thought about it from the time i found out about it after the game. 3 well another local angle in arizona is harold goodwin - the former lower richland standout who has worked his way up the nfl coaching ladder. he's currently the offensive coordinator for the cardinals. although he doesn't call plays, that is the job of head coach bruce arians, he recently interviewed for the head coaching job at tampa bay so he figures to get a head coaching job sooner than later. his brother, jonathan, has come in this year as an analyst of gamecock football and he talked about what it would be like to see his brother become an nfl head coach.
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3 clemson's head football coach... dabo swinney... took advantage of a snow day yesterday...the school's football program tweeted a video of coach swinney sledding down the hill at death valley... saying most places don't have built in hills for sled riding....or head coaches as awesome as dabo swinney.offensive coordinator... jeff scott... said that the staff and players had a snowball fight
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3 here is a look at the seven the one they think shot the president--that's me. previously on "scandal"... you set me up. yeah, i set you up. you're mad right now because i had you. but, huck, you're missing the point. we're alike. you're like me. we're built for each other. what's your real name? does it matter? i will leak to one of your liberal media papers that you have terminal cancer. step down from the bench, verna. i'm asking you nicely. i could give you my letter of resignation, or i could give you the name of the man who tried to kill the president. what's the charge? this man is being held under the patriot act. (projector and camera shutter clicking) the american people deserve to know you, sally langston, caught the president's shooter. you haven't turned bashful on old hollis. i told the attorney general i want to announce it tonight, in prime time. so what's the holdup? they're still interrogating the suspect. suspect. that boy's guilty as a chicken-feathered hound. well, they insist the evidence is circumstantial,
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are y'all using enhanced interrogation techniques? yes, repeatedly. he's not cracking. maybe they need to enhance the enhancements. (squeaking) (huck grunting) aah! (choking) (muffled screaming) what is your name?! what is your name?! (coughing) who are you working with?! aah! aah! (choking) (grunts and exhales) (huck choking) he hasn't answered any of our questions yet. he will. they always do. eventually, they always do. uh, i'm just wondering about... it really looks like he can't take much more of the waterboard-- the interrogating-- and i'm wondering maybe if we want to do a little less "interrogating" and maybe start thinking about his civil rights. i'm a u.s. attorney, gentlemen. i represent the united states of america.
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so you need to watch how you treat the prisoner on american soil. i represent the cia, the department of homeland security, the patriot act, and all the men and women who ever fought and died for your right to stand in this room with your glasses and your briefcase and spout your crap. we're not on american soil. this is not america. this is the pentagon, and that is an enemy combatant. son, i represent the united states. you understand? the united states of america is in the room with you. you're our guest here. shut your mouth. (buzzer sounds) again. (static) (grunts) (groaning) (choking) (projector and camera shutter clicking) verna. what are you-- are you okay? i'm so sorry, liv.
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what's your fault? what are you-- huck. i'm the reason they took huck away. (projector and camera shutter clicking) where's hollis? doesn't he usually host this dance? hollis doyle is why i've asked you all here tonight. (indistinct conversations) can i, uh, buy you a drink? of course you can. you work so familiar. you work for hollis doyle, right? i think i've seen you on the hill. oh, hollis and my daddy go back a dog's age. when i left u.t. and told daddy i wanted to move to washington, he said hollis was just the man to call. (projector and camera shutter clicking) you don't say. i went to see hollis the other day. do you know he keeps a second phone in his office? locked it in his desk drawer the second he laid eyes on me. it was a cheap little burner like the drug dealers use. a phone? you brought us here because the man has more than one phone? my husband is clinging to life in a hospital bed. verna, plenty of people keep two phones.
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