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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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have coming up on news 19 this morning. a wintry weekend buried most people on the east coast, how people are trying to dig out as they get back to work. keep pounding as the phrase this morning, the carolina panthers headed to the super bowl. the big moment that sealed the deal coming up on news 19 this morning. in morning, thank you for waking up with news 19 this morning i am deon hillary >> and i am colby gallagher. >> getting that blue on, putting that on and turning up the carolina panthers music. anything that is exciting and anything having to do with them that is what's happening right now. we have new details emerging right now about a student found dead at a coastal carolina university. authorities say the 21-year-old art student was found in a dormant. >> says an autopsy revealed on sunday says brendan scott died brandon scott died of natural causes. he had a history of court --
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no foul play is expected. >> school officials say scott was a junior's art studio major. students are participating and planning a mark -- a memorial service for scott. millions of people along the east coast headed back to work, but efran afante, right here, we are pretty good with the weather? >> yes, there are many people trying to travel those emergency travel bans have been lifted. we're going to take a look now at a story talking about how roads are already proving pretty tricky for drivers. >>reporter:federal offices in the nation's capital remain close this morning as people in the area continue to dig out from under 2 feet of snow fall. krystal lucas and got a hand uncovering her buried car from a good samaritan. >> even on a sunny day they would not have said hello. but in a time of need people are here to help.
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maryland, residents did their best to chip away at the mounds of snow ahead of the start of the work week. 7-year-old stephen spent hours shoveling out his entire driveway only to have passing plow trucks undo all of his work. >> i am so outraged by the state i am liable to have a stroke now thinking about it. >>reporter:while much of new york city came back to life after record snowfall totals. residence here in queens are still dealing with unplowed roads. >> we are wondering what happened to the sanitation department? why did they care about these blocks? >>reporter:the impact is being felt at many of the nations busiest airports. >> this is not what i thought my 30th birthday was going to be like. >>reporter:airports along the east coast are slowly getting back to normal. at hundreds of flights have
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brian webb, cbs news, new york. >> considering the fact they are starting off with blizzard conditions, we had a few snowflakes ourselves on sunday morning. very, very little but it was pretty. it was cold, and it is cold right now, still. 28 camden, 28 sumter, down in orangeburg 29 degrees, saluda 29. here in columbia 30 degrees, clear skies the winds are calm. it is still very cold out there. when the kids had out to the bus stop 26 degrees, they will need their winter gear. they will not need it by later on this afternoon. a lot of sunshine and a very nice warm up. 61degrees with winds out of the south-southwest five-10 miles per hour. mostly clear skies, down to 36 degrees. as the winds continue to warm us up we will have increased -- increasing cloud coverage tomorrow with a high of 60 for degrees. is you get as you get ready to head out this morning you may want to
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bit of ice off your windshield. i 26 between suite -- saint anders and piney grove road. traffic is slow right now. commute from casey knox avenue all the way down to i 26 both directions are moving pretty good at this time. lake murray -- lake murray boulevard from my 26 a 23 minute commute. from the airport heading downtown a 16 minute commute. you will need your sunglasses this morning because it is going to be a very sunny start to our morning. we will take a look at the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. columbia police are still looking this morning for one of the robbers to who entered a barbershop, not knowing its employees, and customers were ready and willing to defend it. i spoke to one of the barbers about the moments that led up to when they decided to take a stand. >> if you have people out there like that that is willing to do anything and to harm kids, then they show no regard for anyone >>reporter:not even 24 hours
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into nick nicked up a barbershop on for jackson boulevard, the business packed with customers both young and old. barber brand injury or said the shop was a similar scene on friday night went to mass then entered >> two men came in, one with a handgun, one with a rifle and came in ordering everyone to put their hands up. and force all of the customers, and kids to put their hands up, and they started to go into everyone's pocketbook >>reporter:they did with the robbers asked, but with the masked men did not know is both he and his clients have concealed weapons permit. >> when he came to him for his money he said that his money was over there in the chair. when the guy walked over to the chair, that is when he came out and shot. when he started shooting, i came out and started shooting. the guy who got shot try to go through the back door, and it was jammed up, he ended up getting shot again. the door was stuck. >>reporter:columbia police say
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his partner was able to get out the front door and is still on the run. the barbers say they are concerned with how the children who witnessed it all are recovering and what the person responsible for their fear caught. >> if you know them, turn him in. if you don't, he's going to do somebody else like that. next time it could be an innocent victim getting killed. >> if you have any information on who that man is you are asked to call crimestoppers @ 888-crime-sc. we are taking a look at her money, we will see if the markets can continue to climb after a rough start to the year. on friday, rising oil prices gave a boost to energy companies and help lift the overall m arket. the dow jumps 210 points, nasdaq climbed one 19th. 2015 was the best of her home sells in nearly a decade. the national association of realtors said the purchase of previously owned homes jumped 14%, 7% in december
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warmer weather. as for 2016 the group predicts that sales will slow down because interest rates are likely to go up. barclay says 51% of his workers are no female, 49% are male, but men still make up the majority of top positions. target fan, listen up, they are making house calls now. company executives have been making home visits to better understand consumer choices on their shopping habits. target ceo says customers are getting more digitally savvy and harder to pin down. he hopes by looking through the closets and cupboards of target shoppers that will bring new insight to the store. >> i thought you were going to say they were delivering. not so much. >> well, it's almost better if they were to not deliver, because -- i mean, it is better if you deliver, excuse me. early brain. early brain. going in the stories he so much around you that you want to s hop. >> whatever is on your list,
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2> do not deliver, target. we are a little more than two weeks away from the super bowl right here on wltx. chipotle is hoping to cater your super bowl party. the chain says it will be taking $50 off orders for the big game on february 7. 20 burritos or more. the offer will be extended to the first 1500 catering orders received by february 1. it is part of the company strategy to try to win back customers after an e. coli outbreak last year. it is now time for our mom of the day. sure b hughes, if you would like to nominate a mom for mom of the day you can head over to and click on the banner to send in your nominations. time now for our word of the day, today's word is -- it is a skiing term that. >>reporter: -- refers to the sunken area in the snow that
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it means to sit. let's talk sports now, the carolina panthers headed to the second super bowl in franchise history. so many people are excited about this. quarterback cam newton threw for 335 yards and scored for touchdowns. carson palmer and the cardinals cannot get their offense going. with palmer having the worst performance of his season. carolina's high-powered offense will square off with the denver broncos top-notch defense to determine the super bowl 50 champions. and the panthers players are ready to go. >> we are ready to go to the biggest game in the world. [inaudible] is going to be a fun ride. we have two weeks left. we can do it. it's not by chance or reason
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we have fought all year long. through the weather, through everything they doubted us on. i have so much to say right now. [inaudible] we are about to be up there. we are about to be living. >> i am sure fans feel that way, too. and now fans can also get their hands on a new shirt because of the panthers when last night it means you can add the shirt to your collection. we go now live to richard from our sister station w cnc who watched the shirts come in. >>reporter:good monday morning, basically a lot of fans are excited, we just have a crew actually looking as they are making some more t-shirts, getting them hot off the presses. fans left the stadium last night excited about the second trip
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the first win. we can tell you, from the moment this game started, there were fans outside of the stadium, around the stadium excited about the possibility of a super bowl. now that it is here, we can tell you a little bit about the p rice. we looked online, so far the tickets for super bowl 50 relisting a $3100, they are now up to $3400. we expect them to go even higher. hotel rooms in that area anywhere from $200 a night for a two star hotel, all the way up to $1400 a night for one of those luxury suites or something like that. hey, if you have a little bit of money and you want to enjoy yourself, for $500,000 you can get a vip package which includes tickets, airfare to the game, and a luxury suite at the game, as well as great hotel accommodations. only $550,000 to enjoy the panthers. if you notice, cam newton, coach rivera coach rivera and
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representing the carolinas. they are not just a charlotte team anymore, they are not just a state team, they represent the carolinas in this region and the hashtag one carolinas is one of the more popular hashtags on twitter. the panthers are becoming a regional phenomenon. they are representing the region excellently. we are excited. i know everyone in columbia is excited about them as well.
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those t-shirts. welcome back to news 19 on this monday morning. 6:16, a lot of our communities are stop -- starting out below freezing. 27 bishopville, 30 camden as we get up to dewberry 32 degrees, soluna 29, lexington at 31 and with clear skies overhead right now in columbia, 30 degrees the winds are called, wind chills 30, humidity at 82%. you could be scraping off a little bit of frost on your windows this morning. average high 57, average low 34, a beautiful sunrise at 7:26. sunset this afternoon at 5:48.
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warming trend today. a lot of tropical moisture and a lot of warm air coming out of the gulf and we will be warming up very nicely today. after school, kids will be dealing with mild conditions, 59 degrees as our highs today will range from the high 50s down into the low 60s from central and southern midlands. here in columbia expecting a high of 61 degrees, a little bit of call coverage, mostly clear tonight as all of our lows tonight will range from the lower to the middle 30s. as we go through our community -- computer model. a lot of sunshine and clear skies. a little bit of call coverage as we begin the overnight. we will have a little bit of cloud coverage, that increasing call coverage all throughout the day. as we get into tuesday night into wednesday we will introduce a chance of rain starting to move into the palmetto state. tomorrow, 60 for degrees, as the cold front comes through, a chance of rain on wednesday with a high of 52 and as the
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thursday it will be considerably cooler 48 degrees for a high. as we get into t t weekend a lot of sunshine we will start the warming trend once again with highs in the lower to middle 60s. affirms the road conditions right now is you take a look at your commute for your monday morning. i 26 westbound over mile marker 105 and 105 in between piney grove and st. andrews. traffic has been picking up slowly but no accidents reported. no issues on lexington. straight up to i 26 looks pretty good at this point. from shaw air force base to the fort jackson gate 39 minutes from my 26 and i 77 772 for jackson and 11 minute commute. it's like it will be a great day today, at least we are going to be continuing the nice weather over the next few days. the tax man is coming. are you ready? the volunteer income tax
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here to tell us a little bit about that is kera simmons. good morning. okay, free tax service. >> yes, you've got it. >> i always say if it's free, it's for me. tell us how people can qualify for this. >>reporter: >> the cooperative ministry in cooperation with the united way of the midlands has a program called the vita program. which stands for the volunteer income tax assistance program. if you make under $54,000 we would be happy to prepare your taxes for free. >> that is the key word there, free. in order to take advantage of this, less than $54,000 a year, , what do people need to have when they come and get their taxes prepared. >> please, please, please, have your social security card and a valid picture id. that is all you need as well as your tax documents. your w-2s if you are receiving social security, that document they mailed out to you. all of your official documents.
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we all know that it is tax time , and it's getting to be tax time and everybody's getting there w-2s. some people kinda forget about that april 15 deadline. explain to our viewers why this is so important? >> it is extremely important because uncle sam is coming to get you. the first day that you could start preparing your taxes with january 19. we started today, our kickoff is today at 13 different locations throughout the midlands. you can dial 211 which is united's -- united way helpline. the last day we will be preparing taxes is april 15 which is a friday. this year it has been extended to the 18th we will be completing our services on the 15th. >> tell us why you got -- you guys are providing the service? >> this is a free service offered through the irs. it is a grant funded program that the irs offers and we have
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it is exciting for us. it's extremely important because it allows us to prepare taxes for free. the average person pays $250 to have their tax returns prepared and we are offering the service for free putting it back into the midlands residence pockets. we are trying to stimulate the economy throughout the midlands. you get to keep it and put it back into the community. last year we put over $2.5 million back into the richland resident community. i'm gog to have mike on commercial and say we put millions of dollars back in the community pockets. >> tara simmons, thank you so
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free service. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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the centers for disease control added eight more countries to its travel alert for the zika virus including barbados, ecuador and saint maarten. the mosquito borne disease has been linked to a birth defect which causes an abnormally small head and undeveloped the brain. a brain. the cdc is advising pregnant women to postpone travel and it dashed to two areas of latin america and the caribbean that are affected americans should start screening for colorectal cancer at age 50. but researchers at the university of michigan found nearly 15% of patients are diagnosed younger than that. their study calls for increased awareness about the warning signs of colorectal cancer. still to come, the emmanuel ame church welcomes new leadership this weekend. after the devastation the
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why this welcome is something new for the town.
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vehicle hands-free >> ron's first-year, here we are five years later with good guys who play hard. they did it the right way. took us a couple of years to build it. we are on her way to the super bowl.
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arizona cardinals last night, the panthers are headed to their second super bowl in franchise history. they are feeling good about it. cam newton had a good night with four tantra -- for touchdowns and the panthers. they have what it takes to win. good monday morning, i am deon hillary. >> and i am colby gallagher. many of you planning to head out to school to work, let's head over to efran afante for a look at your forecast. it is going to be a cold start for the kids when they head out. it is downright cold out there right now. we are under the freezing mark here in columbia, 30 degrees, clear skies and calm winds. humidity 82%. do not be surprised if you have to scrape frost off your windshield this morning. the kids will need their winter gear, 26 degrees under a full moon heading to the bus stop or
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on today. our by our a lot of sunshine 39 degrees by 10 o'clock, 52 by lunch time as the sunshine continues we will be warming up into the lower 60s. by this afternoon with a cloud or two, by 6 o'clock later on this afternoon. 53degrees under a very pretty full moon. as far as our road conditions as we get ready to head out the door, i 26 and between piney grove and saint andrews road. traffic has been picking up a very slowly. no accidents are being reported on the interstate. a little bit further down in the southern part of our communities. gaston from 321 no delays past pineridge all the way up to i 26. south of 321 a merge delays you get off fish hatchery road. in the village of sandhills to downtown a 21 minute commute. we will take a look at that warming conditions for the next couple of days and your seven
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minutes. mother emanuel ame church welcome that's new it's -- newest pastor this morning. reverend doctor betty diaz pulpit. this is the first time in thth churches histoto that a woman will be pastor. if you have a suspended drivers license, listen up, the south carolina dmv says driver suspension eligibility week will be march 14-18. drivers with a certain suspensions, you could be eligible, if you lost your license for having no insurance, or driving under a suspended license not including alcohol or drugs. you must pay all of your fines, first, before you can get back your license. we are on your side this morning, the cdc is investigating a listeria outbreak linked to dole packages.
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and 12 people were hospitalized linked to this after getting sick with my stereo. the solid was sold under various brand names including dole fresh selections, simple truth and the manufacturing code of the solids begins with the letter a. the massive e ccata airbag recall is getting even bigger now. regulators are now recalling another 5 million vehicles with those faulty airbags. this came after the driver of a ford pickup truck was killed last month. this is the first death to occur in a vehicle not made by honda. want to look at some headlines from usa today. the manhunt continues for three escaped prisoners in socal -- care -- cal -- california. they use bedsheets and clothing to propel to freedom. the men are considered armed and dangerous. millions of people across the east coast are heading back
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winter snowstorm. in the nation's capital, where 2 feet of snow fell, the federal government and schools are all closed for the day. much of the nation's air system is slowly resuming service after canceling thousands of flights. many of them in the new york area are canceled. if you have a flight going to any of those areas in the northeast, you will want to check with your airline provider before heading to the airport. we have been talking sports all morning, we have a talking been talking for paul, but let's talk some basketball. the number two lady gamecocks held off mississippi yesterday by a score of 57-51. the ladies pulled away after a strong fourth-quarter performance by guards tiffany mitchell and sessions. the how to combine 13 of south carolina's 15 points in the fourth quarter. the gamecocks remain undefeated with a record of 19--ro. they will host all mississippi this thursday at 7 p.m. some money news, listen up, a device to make your car hands- free that will not cost you an arm or a leg. >> i love that idea.
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ways to help you say. >>reporter:great to be with you, today's savings actually inspired by someone that hit my brand-new vehicle as i was driving off the lot. she was texting. and she did have hands-free. let's be honest. when a lot of us are going hands-free we are still fidgeting, we still look down at the phone, we still have to hit the speakerphone button and if you are looking to change t racks, let's be honest again we are grabbing from beside us, even though we have bluetooth. my favorite kit changes that today. take a look at stephanie, i hope you are watching, the top wireless vehicle car kits will make it all hands-free for real, for under 0. the top rated system takes control of your smart phone, your music, for automatic activation when you start your car. i found this extremely well rated system for under $30. it even comes with a three port usb car charger which has a 25- dollar value on its own.
6:30 am got the deal and everything you need. back to you. >> that is a great deal. >> he knows how to find them. >> that is why he is the moneyman. >> that is. matt, we love it, because we hate it because we always spend money. >> you can go on our website for more details on that deal and others. alyssa lank was at bank of
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game last night. if you are flying out of columbia metropolitan airport you could have a few delays especially with a massive blizzard over the weekend.
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flying into washington welcome back to news 19 on this chilly monday morning and we have clear skies all throughout the palmetto state. but temperatures are cold right now. 29 sumter, 28 degrees campton, 32 newberry. here in columbia we are sitting at 30 degrees. we are looking at, for the most part, clear skies prayed a little bit of call coverage into the upstate. this area of high pressure will allow a lot of moisture and a lot of tropical warm air coming out of the gulf. we will be warming up and about 59 degrees when the kids get out of school. sunny, mild conditions as our highs today 61 degrees, maybe a little bit of call coverage
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outh-southwest at about five-10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, cold, 36 degrees our low. a lot of sunshine throughout the day into the late evening even cloud coverage will not last long. tomorrow we will start off with mostly clear skies with an increasing call coverage. all throughout the day. we will be introducing some rain come in the forecast, for tomorrow. as far as tomorrow's highs, 56 degrees. wednesday 52, less chance for rain on thursday with a high of 48, by the weekend we will start warming up prayed a lot of sunshine with highs in the lower to middle 60s. as far as the road conditions right now for your monday morning commute. i 26 and between saint andrews and piney grove road traffic has been picking up but no accidents are being reported on the interstate. on the thoroughfares in columbia, no problems right now. on garners ferry road heading into downtown columbia. if you
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from blithe went to downtown a the carolina panthers could be super bowl 50 winners. they certainly look like it last night against the cardinals >> they very much did, news 19 alyssa lank was at the game. she joins us now from bank of america stadium >>reporter:good monday morning to you from bank of america stadium where there is still confetti on the field because the panthers are indeed celebrating after they punched a ticket to super bowl 50 with a win over the cardinals last night.
6:35 am
in the making sense 2011 when ron rivera was first hired as head coach. cam newton was drafted first in the 2011 draft. it has snowballed into 2016 as they head to santa clara to take on peyton manning and the denver broncos in super bowl 50. >> what was really nice about it was they owned it. by that, i mean,, when we were getting ready to come out for the second half i did not have to say anything. but the players set it and cam stepped up and challenged everybody. [ inaudible] >> ron's first year, here we are, five years later going to 50 the right way. we have good guys, we play hard, we did have the right way. we are on her way to the super bowl >>reporter:perhaps the most excited guy on the field last night was coastal carolina, josh norman.
6:36 am
talking to people for so long, officials actually had to come grab him and tell them it was time to go into the locker room. it is something he has been waiting for for a really long time. >> i didn't want to go to the pro bowl anyway. [laughter] i wanted to go to super bowl 50. [inaudible] i have dreamed about this ever since i was in high school. [inaudible] >>reporter:the panthers are used to being the underdog rated seems they have been that way all season and they have done nothing but prove themselves -- solves in the last couple of games especially in this last game last night against the cardinals. it will be remained to be seen what the media predicts. one thing to keep an eye on, one thing that will be pretty interesting is about a between
6:37 am
first overall pick in the -- in their respective nfl draft, peyton manning versus cam newton. as far as the panthers meant -- mentality goes, they are used to be $900 and have the confidence to keep pounding. >> a lot of people feel just like me, we are not done yet. we are going to live in the moment right now. i am happy for not only the teammates but happy for the carolinas. [cheering] >> we can do it right it's not by chance or reason that we are here. we have fought all year long. i have so much to say right now. but i do not want to say it. we are about to be out there, and be winning. >>reporter:it will be a battle of the team that has not seen a super bowl together versus a peyton manning resting it a few times -- few
6:38 am
to their eighth super bowl. you can be sure, last night's excitement, will continue into today. probably for a few days as the panthers celebrate a hard- fought nfc title, and a hard earned trip to super bowl 50. in charlotte, alyssa lank, news 19 wltx >> you can see all of the confetti on the field behind her. plenty of celebrations going on there. >> the t-shirts are coming in. >> the celebrations continued here, you do not have to be in charlotte to be celebrating. last night we spoke to fans across the midlands who enjoyed the nfc championship when. we caught up with some fans at the buffalo wild wings on vine street. they are ready for the franchises first super bowl win. >> every score, every touchdown, every big play on defense, everything was just amazing tonight. >> the best part of the game, the whole game was great, the interceptions, the touchdowns. everything was great.
6:39 am
first super bowl in the franchise history. i am just excited. >> they will be taking on
6:40 am
denver broncos in super bowl 50. and thank thank you for waking up with a news 19 this morning. time to get to today's big stories >> in your midlands rundown richly county deputies are investigating after two teenagers were shot at a party at 12:30 a.m. they say the victims were standing behind a vehicle when several suspects approach them
6:41 am
several times at the team, both being hit in the lower body. they are expected to be okay. if you know anything about this case you are asked to call crime stoppers -- crimestoppers @ 888-crime-sc and update this an update this morning on an assault investigation we told you about last week. the man accused of assaulting a victim on green street in five points has been arrested. columbia police sent us this image, they now say 21-year-old harold jacobson turned himself into investigators over the weekend. he has been a charge -- he has battery. he is accused of punching a man in the head causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete. investigators say a power of suspect that an armed robbery for attempting to use checks business. according to the lexington county sheriff's department's detectives, two hispanic males
6:42 am
the suspects took some cash and checks in that robbery. investigators say one of the men has cashed or try to cash the checks of businesses in greenville, kershaw and saluda counties. his image was caught at some of the businesses. investigators say he has also been seen in a newer honda accord you see here or old white workmen. anyone that can identify this man should call crimestoppers @ 888-crime-sc. a mother who went missing over a week ago has turned herself in and discharge after leaving her two young children alone. 27-year-old davis was charged friday with two counts of unlawful contact towards a child you may remember officers responded to her home back on january 15 after 15th after a neighbor called 911 following a disturbance. they found two small children alone in the home. sumter police are continuing to look for 30 for-year-old herbert adler who is wanted on a from a previous incident. if you have information about butler's whereabouts call
6:43 am
the retrial of jack harper today. he is the father of brett parker the man convicted of killing his wife and his gambling parker. the two-phase federal gambling charges. parker was originally convicted but the court overturned the conviction sunning his case back to district court. if you need legal advice, we are on your side today, we are holding and ask a lawyer phone bank from five-7:30 p.m. today. lawyers will be in our studios and -- answering your legal questions for free. that number to call is right there on your screen. let's send things over to efran afante for look at the roads >> not too bad i 26 westbound over a mile marker five, this is going to be the headlights heading towards saint andrews road. traffic has been slowly picking up, but no traffic congestion's and really no delays showing up anywhere. if you're heading into columbia, no traffic congestion's at all.
6:44 am
roads are good so far. us was our weather, it is still cold out there, 28 saluda, 24 winnsboro, 30 columbia, saint matthews at 27 degrees. 26degrees as the kids had to the bus stop. later on today, after school, it will be sunny, a lot warmer, 59 degrees with mild conditions as we are expecting a high today of 61 degrees. a lot of sunshine, overnight tonight it will still be cold. a low of 36 degrees. as soon as we get into tomorrow increasing co- coverage and warmer looking at a high of 60 for degrees. a good chance of rain as we get into wednesday. a high of 52. as the rain starts tapering off by thursday. it will be pretty chilly, 48 degrees, into the weekend we will get a lot more sunshine and warmer temperatures as this weekend looking at highs in the lower to middle 60s. outside of the rain a warming trend is going to be a nice one for this week.
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>> you know, it is cold now, before the sun really comes up. but one way we want to warm things up here in the studio is by wishing our meteorologist, efran afante a happy birthday. >> we have treats for you. we have to celebrate! >> a little pastry. >> okay. wow! >> we worked on trying to surprise you with this. >> there goes the diets, right out the window. chocolate-- >> i love that accident when it comes out chocolate. >> new york comes out. the chocolate on the coffee, thank you so much, guys. >> happy birthday! you have not said anything all morning. most people are parading around. >> it is great to be 28, again. [laughter] thank you very much, this was a very nice gesture.
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off my face and asked the hours. >> it is well-deserved. well deserved. it is your birthday. >> calories do not count on your birthday. >> they are all zero. [laughter] >> we are not judging. it's your birthday. >> right out the window. >> that is all the time we have. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." millions dig out after the blizzard of 2016. washington, d.c. is still shut down. parts of the jersey shore are under water. donald trump retakes the lead in iowa, one week before the caucuses, but could another
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