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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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up a barbershop at gunpoint good afternoon thanks for joining us... i'm colby gallagher -- darci has the day off. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. darci strickland has the day off. a jury is being selected today in the retrial of jack parker, the father of bread parker, the man convicted of killing his wife and his gambling partner. the two days gambling -- faced charges in 2013. parker was originally convicted. the court of appeals overturned the conviction because of prosecutorial misconduct. the columbia barbershop whose employees defended themselves from armed robbers continues to recover. despite what happens, the barbers at next up barbershop on for jackson boulevard were back heading had just hours after the robbery turned shooting. they say the store was filled with children and families when two masterman came in friday night before 7:00 p.m. demanding everybody's money. a quick thinking customer with their weapons permit was able to shoot one robber. a barber also fired shots. one of the robbers was pronounced dead at the hospital
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police are asking that if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers. we will send things over to meteorologist efren afante. we're hoping for a warm-up this week. can you give us that? >> we already warming up. in fact, after starting temperatures this morning into the 20s and 30s, we have been warming up. right now, temperatures -- have been warming up. we will take a look here when we get the graphic set up. back to you. heading into some of the top headlines from around the state, officials say an elderly couple in the upstate died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home. they have been identified as would be bell and her 87-year-old husband robert bell. they were found by their son over the weekend. the coroner believe they died sometime friday night after the carbon monoxide poisoning. a relative had left the garage
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power. they say somehow the garage door closed filling the couple's house with the deadly gas. an update on the citadel investigation of a viral photo. and internal report connected by the citadel says a group of cadets photographed wearing white pillowcases over their heads last month did not intend to be offense that. this comes after the picture surfaced online of some of the cadets with pillowcases over their heads with holes cut out of their eyes. resemble the ku klux klan. the report says the cadets were supposed to be dressed as ghosts singing christmas carols. fourteen cadets have received either on campus punishment or dismissal. the school president jon rosa says he is creating a task force to advance diversity and inclusion at the school. for jackson is opening the new post headquarters this week. the facility is named after major general george maybury junior. he earned the medal of honor in world war ii for his actions
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opening its headquarters at 2:00 p.m. richmond county deputies have arrested a man they say fired shots at one of their deputies over the weekend. sheriff leon lott says christopher bagby was shot at while the -- while responding to a domestic -- domestic disturbance call. they say a man fired the shots and took off into the woods. he was later captured. the sheriff says that deputy christopher bagby showed proper restraint during this incident. >> we were very fortunate in saturday night. chris, and other deputies did their job. we were able to apprehend the bad guy. and nobody got hurt. >> the sheriff says that the suspect has an extensive criminal history and was only released from prison two weeks ago. he faces several charges including attempted murder. richland county deputies
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teenagers were shot at a party around 12:30 p.m. -- a 30:00 a.m. yesterday morning. they say several suspects approached them on fox hunt road. they say one of the suspects filed multiple -- fired multiple rounds at the teenagers. both victims were shot in the lower body but are expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. a sumter mother who went missing has turned herself in and is now charged with leaving her two young children home alone. the 27-year-old -- davis, was charged friday with two counts of unlawful conduct toward a child. you may remember officers responding to her home back january 15 -- after a neighbor called 911. there they found two small children alone in the home. sumter police are continuing to look for 34-year-old herbert butler who is wanted on a warrant for domestic might --
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any information is 888-crime sc. the man accused of assaulting a victim has been arrested. this is a surveillance image that the columbia police sent to us from the incident. they say 21-year-old harald jacobsen turned himself into investigators saturday morning. he is charged with assault and battery. he is accused of punching a man, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete. a record number of south carolinians tried to buy guns or carry concealed weapons in december. and 50,000 residents attempted to purchase weapons making it the busiest month ever for gun sales and our state. 2015 became the second-highest year for sales for 2013 is the highest the. because of the spike in sales after sandy hook elementary school. keep in mind, not all of the 50,000 who tried to buy a gun were approved for sales. some people account for more than one sale. south carolina highway patrol released pre-luminary numbers from a deadly 36 hour period this weekend. from 6:00 p.m.
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midnight on sunday, troopers say five people died on our steak roads. -- on our state's roads. one was a pedestrian and one was a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet. just 26 days into 2016, 46 people have died on the highway. have a patrol says it is better than last year. in 2015, 50 people were killed during the same time on our roads. it is a snow day in the nation's capital with federal offices and schools closed. mounds of snow are being piled up from washington dc, to new york, following a paralyzing weekend blizzard. craig braswell reports from dc. >> people spent the morning digging out cars buried in snow in washington dc. about 2 feet of snow on the ground in the nation's capital. more than enough to close federal offices and schools today. residents around here are not used to shoveling this much snow. >> people are not really fit for this job.
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>> many streets in the city remained on passable. some drivers are deciding to stop near the street, and walk where they need to go. >> we are still in a snow emergency in washington dc. i'm operating under a state of emergency in the district as well. >> and washington dc is not a long. -- not alone. at least five states reported 30 inches of snow. many people in the outer boroughs by queens, are finding is slow going on foot and on the roads. 89-year-old joe has a message for city officials. >> at the airports, flights resumed at reagan national in washington dc and there is limited service in new york, baltimore and philadelphia. >> people should be expecting larger than usual crowd. >> more than 12,000 flights were canceled over the weekend. airline officials say it will take some time to get everyone back on track. cbs news, washington. >> communities along the
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cleaning up after widespread flooding due to the storm. storm surge from the powerful winter storm came through and put several towns underwater. it also pushed boats onto the streets. crests topping 9 feet forced evacuations for many towns. nearly 100,000 people lost power. the search continues in california for three dangerous prisoners. they made a daring escape friday in in the santa anna using cutting tools and bedsheets to get out of their maximum security jail. one of the suspects on the loose was charged with murder. president barack obama says the democratic presidential primary will be a race between hillary clinton's experience and bernie sanders's liberalism. the president has been careful not to choose sides the gave the most insight into his thoughts on the democratic race and political interview. he called clinton wicked smart but that her strengths on her weaknesses. president obama says sanders uses the need for leaders to be ball floated in the aggressive politics. on the other side of the aisle,
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lead for the republican primary. he is now five points ahead of ted cruz to lead the poll only last month. a british adventurer has died while trying to cross the antarctica alone. henry worsley was a 30 miles from the end of the almost 1000-mile trek when he called for help and was airlifted off of the ice friday. his family says he died following complete organ failure. the 55-year-old covered more than 900 miles in 71 days pulling supplies on a slide and attempting to complete an expedition that was done a century ago. a recent study shows women may be paying more for virtually the same product. the research shows on average, products for women cost about 7% more than for men. experts say part of the reason is because women's clothing often enters the country with a higher tax and four. and one coffee maker wants to make cups recyclable. right now the cups are made of trout -- plastic and other
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difficult for the comedy to recycle them. they will see if this new recyclable material will affect the taste of the product. big news in the carolinas. super bowl 50 is a set. the denver broncos have reached the title game for the second time in three years and the eighth time in franchise history. they will be taking on none other than the carolina panthers
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first appearance in welcome back to news19 at noon. for some of us, who were up early this morning, around 6:00 or 7:00, it was chilly. temperatures started off in the upper 20s and into the lower-30s. it was a sunshine by this morning. but very cold. and since then, a lot of the temperatures have almost doubled. right now, 50 degrees in newberry. as well as camden in. 50 -- as well as 53 in sumter.
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a little cloud coverage in place. humidity at 38%. we have wind out of the south, southwest. at about 8 miles per hour. the controlling weather is an area of high pressure over georgia. all of this is slowly moving its way into the atlantic seaboard. but, from behind it, a lot of warm tropical air and a lot of moisture will be filtering and as we go throughout the next day or two. highs today -- looking at about 55 in newberry and winnsboro. sumter, 57. a little warmer in orangeburg at 59. a lot of clear skies in columbia. a high of 61. wind continuing out of the south, southwest at about five up to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight, cold. looking at 36 degrees. we will have a little bit of cloud coverage as all the lows tonight will be from the lower to middle 30s. about 37 degrees for a low in sumter. and out in saluda, a low of 33 degrees. computer models show that we will have clear skies throughout the day.
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cloud coverage may pass through. by tomorrow morning, we will have at least -- we will start with mostly clear skies. increasing cloud coverage throughout the day and into the overnight. by wednesday, rain moving in from the upstate and into the rest of the palmetto state. it will be warm tomorrow. a high of 64 degrees. and clearer -- increasing cloud coverage. rain likely on wednesday. a high of 52. as the rain clears out thursday, we get to a high of 48 degrees. the warm-up continues into the weekend. by saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine. and highs in the lower to middle 60s. so we will have to get through the rain on wednesday and thursday. otherwise, a warming trend for the seven-day forecast. stay with us here at news19.
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but it is not, burn your mouth, hot. if you're feeling like you want to escape to the tropics right about now, all you have to do is mix up a batch of our caribbean spice blends. the nice thing about this is, it is good on just about anything. i like to dust it on shrimp and finish it off in a grill pan or sauti in butter. either way, the taste of the islands comes out in every bite. i do hope you will go online and get the recipe for our caribbean shrimp, along with all of our other spice blends. maybe whip up a batch of pia colada was -- like you are on vacation.
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kitchen where today 3 the matchup the matchup for super bowl 50 is set. carolina versus denver. cam newton's and the panthers
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beating arizona 29-15. james brown with cbs sports has more. >> throwing. it is in the air. it is intercepted. >> this may have been peyton manning's most of satisfying victory in a long nfl career. not because the beat tom brady and the patriots -- but he always does this. he beats them with his experience. patriots star quarterback tom brady you always a seems to thrive under the brightest of life, was harassed by the denver defense all afternoon. >> this will be his fourth super bowl appearance. he is now the oldest quarterback to lead his team in nfl history. >> going to the super bowl is very special. just an office -- awesome effort by our entire team.
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patriots. >> he is in for the touchdown. >> but football is a football in the young men's game. and the carolina panthers may have the best quarterback in the national football league. >> 26-year-old cam newton and the carolina panthers dismantled the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game by 34 points, setting up a super bowl showdown between signal callers who are a generation apart. peyton manning is 13 years newton's senior, the largest age difference between super bowl starting quarterbacks in nfl history. >> did you ever think that would happen? >> either way, we will live in the moment right now. it will be exciting. >> of course, you can watch the super bowl february 7 right here on wltx. if you need legal advice, we are on your side.
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funding from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. lawyers will be in the studios asking all of -- answering all of your legal questions for free. we have to do this again really quick. everybody, happy birthday to efren afante. >> there goes the diet. at least it will be sunny. so i can work this off. it is 54 now. heading to 61 this afternoon. down to 36 later tonight. and then, getting warmer. sixty-four on tomorrow. before rain comes thursday. getting ready for a nice weekend. a lot of sunshine.
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>> look at th (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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[ door closes ] >> adam: [ sighs ] look at that. the airline found my luggage. i wasn't worried. that's great. now, if you could just call me a taxi, i can get the hell out of here. how's that sound? >> [ sighs ] you stink. >> adam: yeah. yeah, it's not good. but you're ugly, you know, so... i don't know why we got to talk to each other this way. i thought we were getting along so well. >> brought you your clothes.
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