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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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for joining us for friends @ five. >> a homicide suspect wanted out of houston, texas is dead after a shoot out here in columbia. it all happened before noon today. officers moved in attempting to execute an arrest warrant. we are told the suspect fired first. but it is still unclear tonight who fired the fatal shot. the suspect died at the hospital. no officers injured were injeer -- oved were da volved -- volved were injured today. >> we locked our doors to make sure there -- nobody escaped or anything since we are in the middle. >> the suspect's connection to south carolina is unclear tonight. his identity and details of the investigation will be aj tomorrow morning.
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praising one of his deputies for not firing back at a man who fired at him saturday night. the deputy was checkingoon domestic dispute -- checking on a domestic dispute. the sheriff praised him for not firing. investigators later found a 23- year-old in the woods. >> deputies put opperimeter in the area -- up a perimeter in the area. it was cold. our deputies were dressed for the cold. he wasn't dressed for the cold. and he attempted to come out of the perimeter, a deputy recognized him and we were able to apprehend him. >> he is a felon on probation and is not supposed to have a gun. >> reporter: deputies need your help looking for a man who was
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holding a gun at a gas station. this hapand few weeks ago -- happened a few weeks ago. he tried to geinto the young's tags -- go into the young's gas station. an employee stopped the suspect from coming in by locking the doors. if you know who they are looking for you are urged to call crime stoppers, that number is always: 1-888-crime- sc. also deputies arrested a man following a high-speed chase at ended up in another county. sumpter. before 3:00 a.m. this morning deputies shah a ford being driv -- saw ford being driven recklessly and rasheed sumpter refused to stop. he crashed in lee county and was taken to the jail. he has since bonded out. the investigation into
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on their head have been complete. 14 have been suspected. -- suspended. the college president said it showed poor judgment. they will increase diversity training. the photos of 7 cadets with pillowcases on their head surfaced on social media last month. the investigation determined they were ordered by upper classman to sing dressed in costumes. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a dry and pleasant start to the work week. what we are seeing, a few clouds out there. showers off the coast. we will zoom in. a few clouds across the midlands. no rain. this afternoon or tonight is expected. temperatures have been pleasant. upper 50 and low 60s in some cases. cooled off in columbia.
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60 degrees sumpter. 58 orangeburg. for tonight we expect a few passing clouds. not as cold as we have been seeing. lows into the middle 30s. for tomorrow things will be warmer. nice breeze 5-10 miles per hour. high temperatures in the mid- 60s. a small chance for a isolated shower tomorrow night with low temperatures around 48 degrees. we will see a better chance for rain on wednesday. rain likely at times. 55 degrees and cooler by thursday. 47 degrees. once the rain moves out temperatures respond. 59 degrees by friday. low to middle 60s by saturday. that is your forecast. a look at traffic this fron. no major -- afternoon. no major plans to interstates. i-26 in the green -- problems on the interstates. i-26 in the green. i-20 in the green. 2 notch road, alpine road, collision with injuries
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if you are heading up 2 notch road keep that in mind. elsewhere things are quiet. no problems reported. downtown to blith wood 24 minutes. downtown to the village 30 minutes. we are seeing partly cloudy skies. sunshine. that will be the case for tomorrow as well. we will look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. guys? >> thank you. if you need legal advice we are hosting our ask a lawyer phone bank till 7:30 p.m. tonight. lawyers are in the studio answering your he will legal questions for free. the number is (803)647-0299. . 36 people died in the blizzard this past weekend. today it was the big dig out as cities struggled to return to normal. here is craze boswell.
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>> reporter: the nation's capital monday clearing paths through two feet of snow. some vehicles couldn't make it through. residents helped this truck driver get back to work. >> almost there. >> reporter: mounds of snow piled up next to streets. government offices and schools in washington closed again on monday. >> we knew that we would have 24 inches of snow in the district and very cold temperatures throughout the week. several days of clean up ahead of us. >> the piles are just as big in new york city, where 27 inches of snow fell. >> considering 48 hours after people are getting around, that is pretty good. >> reporter: new york mayor urged residents to keep cars parkload week but some new yorkers -- parked all week but some new yorkers needed to begin the process.
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craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> 12,000 flights in all were canceled from the weekend. airports in the areas are starting to get back to normal but it could take a few more days before passengers are rebooked. if you build up your -- filled up your gas tank you know prices keep falling. average prices in columbia fell 4 cents in the last week. we are averaging $1.63 a gallon. the national average is now $1.83 a gallon. the price of crude oil rebounded last week so gas prices could also get a bump. hilton is launching a new hotel brand focused on budget travelers. it is called true. $75 to $95 a night. the vegas odds makers say the carolina panthers are a 4 point favorite to beat denver
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last night the game was viewed by 40 million people. meanwhile the earlier contest between new england and denver was the highest rated afc championship in 29 years and the highest rated tv program since last year's super bowl. super bowl 50 airs right here on wltx sunday february 7. the day before you can see more action as the nfl salutes the best players and plays from the season in a show called nfl honors. it starts at 9:00 p.m. saturday night february 6. all right. women's basketball and the gamecocks remain number two in the nation after beating mississippi over the weekend. they moved to 19-0 over all and 7-0 in sec play. they take on ole miss thursday at colonial life arena. tip-off is at 7:00 p.m.
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begins spring practice this weekend. saturday's first pitch is at 1:00 p.m. and sunday 1:30 p.m. they are free to attend. south carolina is looking to bounce back from one of their worse seasons in a while. nfl they failed to make the ncaa tournament. hard to believe it is almost that ue. >> i know. i hope it will warm up for them -- [ talking at the same time ] coming up after the break, bannial b will have the -- daniel bonds will have the
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the week. all right. we are downstairs in our labey with the -- lobby with the ask a lawyer phone bank, (803)647- 0299 is the number to call. (803)647-0299. this is one of our most popular
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we have them every so often, every couple months. let me show you what is going on here as they answer their phones. everybody is on the phone. we have one phone that is open right now. (803)647-0299. if you have any kind of question at all on anything related to any kind of subject that you want to talk to they are ready and able to assist you. (803)647-0299. s the number -- is the number. as you can see they are on the phones and these phones are constantly ringing. they are not stopping and that is a good thing. we are trying to get in as many phones calls as we can. this goes on till 7:30 p.m. tonight. you have time if you are at work or at a friend's house and you want to ask questions you can go home and call (803)647- 0299.
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you might be wanting information about a will. you might want information about an issue, domestically in your home. this guy got off the phone. what chgroup of attorneys -- which groups of attorneys do we have? >> this is our 20th anniversary. we are doing 20 service projects and this is one of them. >> reporter: you have been busy since this started. >> incredible. my phone is ringing right now. >> reporter: what are the questions you are getting? >> landlord. criminal. domestic. anything. it is a great service project and great to hear from the community. >> reporter: go ahead and answer the question. (803)647-0299 is the number to call. right now we will get a check on the forecast. buto the -- back to the studios with daniel bonds. upper 50s and low 60s. right now upper 50s.
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orangeburg. across the state temperatures have been pleasant to start the g3l1 new work week. a mix of sun and clouds. we have been rain free. across the united states, 67 degrees in dallas. have to look to the north, towards great lakes and great plains to see colder weather. 29 degrees minneapolis. 28 in omaha. satellite and radar, a number of systems trying to develop. a cold front approaches us by wednesday. that is going to bring our next chance for rain. in the short term we have high pressure off the coast. helping to bring in warmer air and that will be the case again for tomorrow. a nice southwest flow. it will help temperatures warm up warmer than what we saw today. pick things up at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. sun and clouds tomorrow.
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but then into tomorrow night, there will be a small chance for an isolated shower tomorrow night. better chance of vein wednesday. show -- rain is on wednesday. showers wednesday and wednesday night and thursday can't rule out still more opportunities for showers. into wednesday into thursday temperatures will be a little cooler. this is what we are expecting tonight. not as cold as what we have been seeing. lows into the middle 30s. 36 degrees columbia. 35 winnsboro. 34 bishopville and newberry. tomorrow a pleasant day across the area. high temperatures 65 degrees columbia. 64 degrees sumpter. 65 manning manning manning and orangeburg. this is what we are expecting for the next 7 days. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. 65 degrees. rain will be likely wednesday. cooler on thursday. mostly cloudy with thigh his in
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59 degrees on friday. partly cloudy skies again and towards the weekend, looking pleasant. 64 degrees saturday. 66 degrees on sunday and next monday, i know it is several days away but high temperatures in the upper 60s by the beginning of the next work week. >> thank you. as you can see something special is going on. it is tiki week. >> it is. >> this is the second week. >> yeah. yeah. second year for ticky week. we do it because we love ticky cull -- tiki culture. it is a fascinating. >> i am thinking island time. cocktails. >> yeah. >> what are we going to make? >> one of the most classic
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corrected by trader vic. the second to the tiki culture. first guy was don the beachcomber. he invented it. a very simple drink. we are using our home town rum from -- >> made in columbia? >> in columbia. copper horse's bold rum. combination of white rum and dark rum. works for this. >> double shot? >> two ounces. and then we are going to -- [ talking at the same time ] >> half ounce of lime juice. >> okay. >> orange -- >> okay. an almond syrup. >> i want to smell that. never heard of that before.
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little bit different. instead of simple syrup i am using a burnt sugar. >> is this something you made -- >> you can buy this. >> okay. >> you can buy this at some of the better liquor stores in town. [ talking at the same time ] >> it adds a deep, rich flavor. crushed ice. >> i can't wait to try. >> we will give it a quick shake. mix all those ingredients. >> we go through a lot of work to redecorate. after last year -- after 5 days last year i looked at all the stuff we put up, and all that, and said i don't feel like taking this down yet. too many people hadn't had a chance to enjoy it. >> should have made yourself
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>> i know. >> let me taste this. >> that is a mai tai. . >> not too tart -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the thing about a true mai tai, a true cocktail, most people look back to what happened to tiki culture in the 1970s and you had these sweet springs and that is all people think of -- drinks and that is all people think of. traditional cocktails are well balanced balanced and thought out. [ talking at the same time ] >> you have -- your normal menu and other tiki [bleep] tills. >> we will -- tiki cocktails.
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our food men sue the same but we will have a separate special menu at lunch and dinner with island food. >> speaking of food, we will let you go fro for now -- for now but you are coming back and will share a tiki gift. >> shrimp maui.
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have different a new study finds that more than a third of people are pre diabetic - and most have no idea. study finds a third of people are prediabetic and have no idea. there are no symptoms but risk factors include being over
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doctors say up to 30% of those individuals with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes in 5 years. woman's heart attack may have different causes and symptoms and risk factors that could be more dangerous than men according to a statement from the american hard association. >> reporter: three years ago she felt nauseous and she headed to the hospital hours later. >> `i had no idea i have having a heart attack. i really expected shoulder pain or heavy chest pain. >> new statement says there can be differences between men and women when it comes to heart attack symptoms. >> may not feel like they expect it to teal if he will but there is discomfort -- expect it to feel but there will be discomfort in the chest area. >> reporter: this is the first
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out a statement on heart attacks in women that highlights women have different causes of heart attacks such as the type of plaque build up. risk factors can also be more harmful. >> diabetes can be twice as strong a risk factor. >> reporter: one year later she had the same symptoms and another heart attack. this time she didn't wait. >> i tell my friends if you have stomach pain or nausea, don't hesitate. >> reporter: she continues to manage her high cholesterol and high blood pressure with medication, diet and exercise. cbs news. >> the report says that black and hispanic women have more risk factors at the time of thr heart attacks. still ahead in the next half hour the search continues
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suspects in connection to the friday night incident at a barber shot incident in columbia.
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as they protected the customers you are watching news 19 friends @ five. >> those phones are ringing if you need legal advice. we are on your side. we are having a ask a lawyer phone bank till 7:30 p.m. tonight attorneys are answering your legal questions tonight. the number to call is (803)647- 0299. not stop ringing -- >> fabulous. they can answer your questions for free. >> thank you for being with us for friends @ five. i am jr berry. we are the friends today.
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the such continues today for one of two armed robbery suspects in connection with friday's incident at the next up barber shop in columbia. during the robbery attempt a man waiting for the hair cut and the barber pulled weapons and defendanted the shop and those -- defended the shop and those inside. ebb sec the barber -- elmurray bookman is the barber. here is his account on what happened. >> two guys came in with a gun. guy with a shotgun stayed to the front of the building while the guy with theal walked through -- the guy with the pistol walked through and got money from everybody, collect money, then he was -- you know, yelling at the clients and pushing their heads down and different things like that. kids were in here. and the kids were screaming and
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i was like man, you need to hurry up and let them get out. the whole time i was waiting for them to do something wrong so i could get a shot or whatever, so. i had a client in the chair, he told him that his money was in the chair. when the guy walked to the chair that is when he came out and when he start shoot ing i started shooting. the -- shooting, i started shooting. the guy with the pistol ran back here into the back of the store and i guess he didn't know how to get out and i was shooting back at him through the back of the shop and hit him a couple times and then he got out the backdoor. i am sorry for anyone dying. i don't want nobody to die but i don't want to die neither, you know. i am not afraid. just going to be cautious.
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a surprise. probably going to have monitor up all the time. >> just compelling to listen to and watch. the guy -- what gets me the guy who -- the customer, he didn't just pull a gun out and start doing this -- >> he had a plan. >> the way he is properly trained with a concealed weapon. i don't want to assume here, this could have just been their plan to rob the place and get out of there but you don't know. if they don't have the weapons who knows what could happen. >> we saw the small child run across the way. hiding right there. running to his mother. and when the customer -- you can -- like he was calculating when he could be able to take action to protect everybody because he pointed to his bag
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making the robber turn his back to him so that he had the chance to grab his gun and then he shot in the direction of that robber and immediately turned to the other piece of danger, the robber that door with the long rifle. >> we don't know the identity of the robbers. if you have any information about who the second suspect could be, he could be wounded, the number to call is crime stoppers, 1-888-crime-sc. all right. a jury will be selected for the -- selected for the retrial of jack parker. he is convict offend killing his wife and gambling partner. parker was convicted but the court off peals over turned the conviction because of misconduct. sending his case back to district court. news 19's janae frazier is in federal court and will bring
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homicide suspect wanted in houston, texas is dead after a shoot out in columbia today. just before noon members of the u.s. marshal service, police and sled moved in attempting to arrest the person. the suspect fired first but it is unclear who fired the fatal shot. the suspect died at the hospital and no officers were injured. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a pleasant start to the work week. clouds this morning. satellite and radar confirms that. 7:30, passing clouds. we have seen a lot of sunshine as well. right now a mix of sun and clouds across the state. it has been mild. 60 degrees columbia, sumpter and orangeburg. charleston 61 degrees. and cooler in the upstate, 55 degrees in greenwood, rock
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the sun started to q m3?8uset. temperaturestemperatures are dropping. 57 degrees sumpter. cooler in the upstate 52 rock hill. 53 greenville and anderson. tonight we will see clouds. mostly clear. not as cold as this morning. temperatures will fall into the middle 30s. this morning upper 20s and for tomorrow a touch warmer than what we saw today. expecting partly cloudy skies with high temperatures into the middle 60s. ahead of the next system may see isolated showers tomorrow night. better chance for rain on wednesday. showers likely. 55 degrees on wednesday. 47 degrees on thursday. and we still could see showers. once the rain chances end thursday, though, our weather improves. 59 degrees on friday. saturday expecting high temperatures in the middle 60s with a lot of sunshine. that is your five-day forecast, as far as traffic is concerned,
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problems reported. downtown columbia. i-26 good. i-77 as well. downtown columbia, i-26 and i- 20. all in the green this afternoon. if you are traveling that is good news. the northeastern portion of columbia. a collision along 2 notch road. not far from i-77. you may want to pay attention to that. otherwise driving from downtown to i-20, i-217, 13 minutes. columbia to charlotte 41 minutes. looks like pleasant weather on the way for tomorrow. we will look at the forecast tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you. water still flows where roads should be but thanks to a meeting that more than 100 people attended progress is being made. they determined since the road does not run over the dam it can be repaired without waiting on the breach in the dam to be fixed.
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bids to fix the road. >> depending on what the pond does depends on what we do. if they repair the pond then the culvert will be the outflow, if they don't repair the pound then the stream channel changed and we will have to come back in and do more work later on. >> the work will be done, the contractor could start work monday february 1. coming up at 7:00 p.m. what residents say about the repairs and what came out of the meeting. family effected by the flood received a gift today. donating a new heating and air system to the fosters. they partnered to help families who were in need of heating and air systems and assist them in getting closer back to normal.
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to be a part of. you know, everyone should be a part of their community and give back in some way. even on small levels. on any level. it is so important to give and to be involved so to be a part of a project of this level is just so gratifying and it makes my heart feel like it will come out of my chest sometimes. >> the cool care team will provide 6 homes with new units and expects to have all up and running by next month. this is a school choice week in south carolina. more than 200 events are scheduled to celebrate the week. rallies, round table discussions, festivals and fairs. the week is to help promote educational options, public charter schools, magnet schools, online learning, private schools and home schooling.
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his state of the city address tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. on main street. a reception immediately following in the lobby. he was elected mayor in 2010. south carolina is the 4th best state in the country for you to retire in according to a new analysis. the survey looked at 24 areas. cost of living, healthcare and entertainment. the state ranked in the middle for the cost of living but it did better in other areas. 8th in taxpayer ranking. south carolina was 4th for the number of family and general physicians. >> who doesn't want to retire here? >> i know. we have the beach, the mountains.
5:35 pm
do you want to move? he laughed at me. [ talking at the same time ] >> we are like two hours from the beach. two hours from the mountains. >> perfect location. >> he packed up and moved to florida. >> maybe it wasn't hot enough for him -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> not sure. all right. coming up after the break. we celebrate tiki week.
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hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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all right. welcome back. christian is here. we are talking about tiki week. [ talking at the same time ] >> two weeks. [ talking at the same time ] >> great cocktails and great food. >> exactly. yeah. >> what are we cooking?
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maui wowy shrimp. simple. using a a lot of -- a lot of -- some local ingredients -- >> as much as we can -- [ talking at the same time ] >> carolina white shrimp. >> okay. saute that -- >> saute those. and our burner is not getting really hot. >> while we are waiting for that, let's talk about tiki week and you will have the restaurant decorated -- >> we redecorated our restaurant. she and her crew transformed bourbon. which i like to describe as an upscale saloon into a tiki bar. we have grass thatch roof, bamboo, tiki masks, torches. >> you will feel like you have gone to the islands -- [
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>> that is aerogel make you feel like you left -- that is our goal to make you feel like you left columbia. and that is what don the beachcomber and tradey vic did. it came from one -- trader vic did. it came from one guy. traveling around the world. world war ii. and came back with all these fond memories of all the islands he was in and opened up beam comer don -- beachcomber don in los angeles and made up all these drinks and everybody loved it. what is so fascinating is that we will have pineapple, what is so fascinating is that what he was incelebritying at the time was so new -- inventing at the
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even let his bartenders know what was in the bottles. he would premix everything and put it in bottles and tell the bartenders use some of the rum and then you need to use don's mix number two. thankfully, just last year, there is a tiki historian who figured out what don's mix number two was. it was a cinnamon syrup. [ talking at the same time ] >> world war ii, we happen just begin -- we were just beginning to travel off the mainland -- [ talking at the same time ] >> fly to hawaii -- [ talking at the same time ] >> it was really very interesting and new. >> exotic. >> exotic. >> peppers.
5:41 pm
those are sweet and spicy. you can buy those at whole foods and at fresh markets -- [ talking at the same time ] >> on their little olive thing. >> when does tiki week start? >> starts tonight. we will add pineapple juice. rum. >> which is local. local rum. >> we will run out of time before it is done. after this cooks and simmers down and reduces we will finish with butter and then -- [ talking at the same time ] >> chives and that is all. >> you start tonight. when does it end? >> ends on saturday, february, 6. >> okay. you have two weeks to -- [ talking at the same time ] >> brunch on super bowl sunday you will be able to get tiki drinks. >> good my ties -- mitize.
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-- mai welcome back. we are at our ask a lawyer phone bank, (803)647-0299 is the number to call. what law firm? [ indiscernible ] we are celebrating our 20th year in practice this year. we are doing 20 service projects and this is one of them. >> reporter: we say this all the time, this is our most popular phone bank ever because the phones ring non-stop. >> they do. we have had questions from all over the midlands and all sorts of topics. >> reporter: familyish ruse
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are calls you are taking? >> yeah. >> reporter: if a viewer calls and you can't give them the answer you want, are you referring them? >> we do. we have resources to refer them to. a lot of these questions we can answer on the spot. sometimes we need to read an insurance policy or do search. we refer them out. >> reporter: doing this out of the goodness of yoyo heart. preciate you doing this. often times people say an attorney, that will cost me an arm and a leg. here you go. free legal advice. >> our pleasure. we give back to the community. we wanted to raise awareness for that issue too. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much and thank you for what you are doing. >> thank you. >> reporter: (803)647-0299 is the number to call.
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tonight. a look at what is coming up tonight, 8:00 p.m. super girl, scorpion, ncis los angeles and news 19 at 11:00 p.m. the bad weather effected the weekend box office. many movie theaters closed because of the blizzard. star war came in second. not bad. another conert is coming to concert is coming to colonial life arena. may 13. there will be performances by salt-n-pepa, coolio, color me badd, kid 'n play, rob base, all-4-one, and young mc. tickets start at $55 and they go on sale on friday online, by phone or at colonial life arena. i have a friend who said we are
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>> if it were the 1970 i am in. 1990s -- >> it will be fun to look back. >> we are out of time on friends but stay with us.
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is coming up in a minute. tonight on news 19 at 6:00 p.m. an officer involved shooting in columbia, leaving the suspect dead, what led to the shots being fired. a report evaluating four-year- old all day kinder garden and free legal advice with our ask a lawyer phone bank. attorneys are answering your calls till 7:30 p.m. tonight (803)647-0299 the number to call. more details, news 19 at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> from the station that is on your side you are watching news
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>> a homicide suspect out of houston, texas is dead now after a shoot out in columbia earlier today. good evening and thank you for being with us. news 19's sonia gutierrez was there moments after what happened today and joins us with the details here. this guy was from texas. right? >> reporter: that's right. u.s. marshal, police and sled agents moved in on the arrest warrant from texas. houston, texas police have been looking for the suspect and this afternoon the search ended in his death. i spoke to neighbors who said the confrontation was loud and scary. before noon the u.s. marshals executed an arrest warrant on a suspect. >> wanted out of houston, texas on a homicide. located here. and when the u.s. marshal, sled and as well as other law enfoement officers approached
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>> reporter: the richland
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