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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: the richland county sheriff's department said the suspect was working on a car when they moved in. >> the suspect opened fire first and officers returned fire. >> reporter: it is unclear who fired the fatal shot but no officers involved were injured. >> trying to determine was it our gunfire or self-inflicted. >> reporter: residents were shaken up. >> it was scary more orless. when we heard -- or less. when we heard everything we locked on l our door -- locked all our doors. >> reporter: she works at shop and saw what happened. >> 8 cop cars pulled up and there was a lady that was in between her car. she was trapped inside and so two cops went and got her and took her to their vehicle. >> reporter: she heard six gun
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>> i saw somebody rolled out on the stretcher and after that maybe like 10 more minutes or so theyeyind of -- the cops were moving in. >> reporter: officers were on the scene. >> reporter: the details of the case with the suspect's identity will be released tomorrow morning. the chland county sheriffs are investigating the case. i reached out to the houston police department and i am waiting to hear back. we will keep you posted on air and online. man who was released from prison is back in jail charged with attempted murder accused of firing at a sheriff's deputy. he is 23-year-olds. investigators say hehefired at the deputy who was responding to a domestic dispute saturday night. he fired a thet deputy -- at the date hitting -- deputy
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he was caught after a search. the sheriff said the officer showed great restraint in not firing. he said he had no choice. >> the way the neighborhood was shot up i didn't have a safe back drop. and a lot of that came with training from the sheriff's department and military. >> we are told he has a criminal history and he is held tonight at the richland county jail. deputies need your help identifying a man who tried to break into a gas station in camden. this is surveillance video from the youngs food store. this happened about a month ago on december 30. deputies say the suspect tried to get into the store by pointing a gun at a customer outside and at an employee. the employee locked the doors to prevent the man from entering.
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call crime stoppers 1-888-crime- sc. the search continues in columbia for a man who robbed a barber shot last friday at the next up barber shop on fort jackson ulevard. police say the store was filled with people when two man demanded money. a customer with a concealed weapon was able to shoot a robber and the barber also fired shot. one of * robbers was pronounced dead and the other is on the run. if you have information on the second suspect call crime stoppers 1-888-crime-sc. . union county a man there is facing charges after deputies say he and his son went door to door asking for money for his son's cub scout troop and then pocketed.
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over a two day period. when deputies -- when deputies spoke to cub scout leaders they said they weren't having a fundraiser. the pact was selling coupon books in september but he never turned in money from that. more victims could be out there. he has been charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. now, the midlands most accurate forecast with meteorologist daniel bonds. >> a pleasant and dry start to the week. temperatures above normal. still mild outside right now. 53 degrees columbia. 52 sumpter. 54 degrees orangeburg. cooler in the upstate, 48 rock hill. low 50s greenville and anderson and greenwood. tonight lows 36 degrees. clear skies. tomorrow warmer. today high temperatures around 65 degrees. maybe 5 degrees warmer than
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we will look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. a 4th death attributed to a winter weekend storm that brought hazardous conditions. the latest death is out of jonesville. troopers say a 61-year-old man ran off highway 9 on saturday. authorities say the vehicle hit a ditch and then a tree. a couple in greenville died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator. and a 44-year-old man was walking in greenville when a car hit a frozen area and then hit him. tonight we are on your side getting your legal questions answered for free. we have our ask a lawyer phone bank. joyce koh is standing by now with attorneys. good evening to you. >> reporter: well, you know, it has been a busy night here.
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off the hook all night long. legal advice could be expensive. if you have questions you want to get answered it would be a good idea to call. 1-888-crime-sc. tell us what you are talking about tonight. what kind of questions are you getting? >> you know, we are getting questions across the board. smaller money issues. property damage. power of attorney. those things. curious about the legal issues. >> reporter: what type of law is practiced at the firm that you are representing? >> we are a litigation firm. we do workers comp, tort litigation and business litigation. a wide spectrum of civil defense litigation. >> reporter: different things.
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can -- that you are answering over the phone that you are giving advice for, or other resources you are offering? >> both. we will answer questions when we can. we will refer folks to the south carolina bar lawyer referral network, pro bono office. and sometimes just telling folks the practical side of it is not worth spending the money to get a lawyer. >> reporter: all right. great. thank you so much. if you have any questions or want legal advice call (803)647- 0299. we are on your side. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. the deadline to register to vote in the democratic presidential primary is wednesday. it is february 2727 if you moved make sure you are ready to vote by updating your voter registration or register
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deadline to vote. the republican registration deadline ended last week. politics, republican presidential candidate donald trump will be in lexington county wednesday. he will be at the tree farm off highway 1 at 7:00 p.m. it is free and open to the public. tomorrow columbia mayor will give his state of the city address at 6:00 p.m. at city hall on main street. a new report says a state funded program for at risk four- years-old needs to focus on quality teaching and expanding access so more students can benefit from the program. they reviewed the evaluation of the program today at the state house. students going into public 4k scored lower than students going into public schools but
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the governor wants to merge them to fill the score gap but another issue is teacher retention. >> that is the big problem for the private centers. they have a hard time recruiting classroom teachers for those centers because they are small operations. therefore you get a lot of turnover. >> the administration merge is something they need to talk about because of budget issues. speaking of budgets, more good news, the price of gas continues to drop. the average is $1.82 a gallon. in our state 20 cents cheaper. the cheapest price in the state right now, $1.40 a gallon in aiken county. 100 new jobs are heading to lancaster county.
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$3 million to renovating an existing building. the plant is exacted to be in full operation by spring. the jobs are expected to be created over the next 5 years. keurig wants to make the k- cups recyclable. they are made of mixed plastic right now. they are trying to see if using a more recyclable material will effect the taste. still ahead, we are in for a chilly night but it will be nicer tomorrow. mid-60s. the family true view forecast.
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don't look now but the
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the next drawing is wednesda you are watching news 19 at 6:00 p.m. with jr berry and darci strickland. >> over the weekend as the ow piled up on the east coast so did losses for businesses. $850million. restaurants, movie theaters took the biggest hit but people just shifted their spending, stocking up on food and shovels and shopping online and renting movies. all right. tomorrow we are expecting a
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>> best day in a while. >> probably so. we didn't see a lot of snow. [ talking at the same time ] [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] not a lot of snow for us. next chance for championship is in liquid form. today. a pleasant start to the work week. 28 early this morning. normally we expect a low of 34 degrees and a high of 57 degrees. records for today, record low, set in 2014. 11 degrees. and 81 set in 1950. as far as temperatures are concerned. pleasant, 53 degrees. columbia, st. matthews. orangeburg.
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this is what we have going on. satellite and radar. the next system cranking up, the cold front will bring us a chance of rain wednesday. right now high pressure off the eastern seaboard bringing in warm and moist air. wins out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. that will allow temperatures to be warmer than what we saw this afternoon. forecast model, clouds tonight. clear skies over night. and tomorrow we will call it partly cloudy skies. clouds increase tomorrow afternoon and special by tomorrow night. we can't rule out an isolated shower tomorrow night. the best chance of rain is wednesday. rain will be likely at times. not expecting a lot of rain right now. up to a quarter inch through thursday or so. thursday there will be a chance for a few showers. mostly cloudy skies. tonight not as cold as this
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lows into the mid-30s or so. tomorrow 5, 6 degrees warmer than today. low 60s. 65 degrees in the capital city. st. matthews. 63 degrees newberry and saluda. next 7 days. a pleasant day tomorrow. mid-60s for highs. rain on wednesday. middle 50s. cooler on thursday. highs middle 40s and as the rain chances decrease temperatures increase, upper 50s to 60 degrees friday. mid-60s saturday. and sunday. and next monday right now it looks like upper 60s to 70 degrees. >> i dare anybody to complain. >> we had a lot of complaints in december. great weather on the way. >> people complain last week. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you so much. the world of sports tomorrow and tonight.
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action here in columbia.
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tonight, the nation's capital is paralyzed and other east coast cities dig out after the storm. plus a real life cliff hanger as el nino takes a bite out of
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and she is a tiny terror on what a game last night. as a carolina panthers fan i say what a fan. >> it was one of the best games i witnessed. i am still picking confetti out of my hair this morning. the excitement has not warn off
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night they punched their ticket to super bowl 50. this will be the best team in the afc against the nfc. peyton manning and the broncos against cam newton and the panthers. josh norman he was jumping around on the field for sosolong officials had to drag him off the field and into the locker room. after a while. the third nfl draft pick, a lot of work to put into get to this moment. he was pretty excited.
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>> he isn't the only guy on the roster, he is involved with the team and he wiwi get to make the trip to santa clara for the super bowl as well. i caught up with him last night and asked him how cool it is. >> no words that could describe it. [ indiscernible ] >> doesn't matter who you are -- [ indiscernible ] >> everybody is a part of the team. >> if you know ron rivera you know he is all about business. the guys were back meeting with media again today in hopes of capturing a super bowl title. the panthers have been the underdog in the minds of the
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won some games. especially this one. that is why ron rivera says it is important for the guys to remember they belong in california. >> there are certain things -- [ indiscernible ] >> you know, i think -- i think it is important our guys understand what we are capable of and they understand that they will continue to keep who they are. >> back home in columbia a long week of traveling for the usc men. two sec road games last week. they are back at home tomorrow night for a game against mississippi state. coming up off their second loss of the season. mamain said this week they are looking forward to having home field advantage. >> yeah. they dropped out of the ap poll
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>> they did.
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here is what is come
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love 1990s music, "i love the 90s" tour is at colonial life arena may 13.
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we are coming back at 7:00 p.m. lslslwww;`__q >> pelley: frozen in place. >> it's the worst i've ever seen. pell --. >> pelley: the road to recovery is buried under snow and ice water. also tonight, a real cliffhanger. homes at risk of falling into the pacific. the candidates agree on one thing. >> we've got a week to go. >> one week away. >> 172 hours. >> pelley: and a pint-sized martial artist strikes terror into the heart of a usually unflappable reporter.
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