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tv   News 19 430am  CBS  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 the search is on this morning for a rock hill prison inmate who walked away from the jail. according to a tweet sent out by the department of correction, 26-year-old zachary reaves walked away from the catawba pre-release
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for second degree burglary.he has a tattoo of an angel on his shoulder and was last seen wearing his south carolina department of corrections tan uniform.if you know where this man is or have seen him, call the department of corrections toll free at 1-877-349-2130. 3 3 happening today, columbia mayor stephen benjamin will give the state of city address. he will present the 2016 state of the city address at city hall, that's on main street.the dress starts tonight at six.a reception be held in the gallery at city hall immediately following the 19 will have complete coverage of the state of the city address tonight. 3 testimony will resume this morning in the federal re- trial of jack parker and his business partner douglas taylor. the men are accused of operating a sports gambling ring....that was conducted by five or more people.they were convicted on the same charges three years ago...but that conviction was overturend after it was determined the prosecution failed to disclose evidence in a timely manner.
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taylor ran the gambling ring with brett parker...tammy parker and bryan capnerhurst. both tammy parker and capnerhurst are dead and brett parker is in prison for their murders.however...witness testimony monday linked both tammy parker and brett parker to the ring.the trial could wrap up this afternoon. 3 a second group of bikeway projects have been presented by richland penny.tonight, a public meeting will be held to discuss the proposed streets on the bikeway.the meeting will be at the lourie center on park street at six this evening.streets included in the bikeway are assembly, blossom, broad river, gervais and clemson road. 3 classes will be back in session this morning at winston-salem state university after police issued an "all- clear" from a lockdown.police issued the lockdown after an altercation on campus near the donald j. reaves center. university officials say someone displayed a gun, but say there were no reports of shots actually fired on campus. the university says the lockdown was a precaution while a sweep was done across campus.
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3 concealed weapons permits are on the rise in south carolina. according to the fbi nearly 50-thousand people in the state either wanted to buy or carry concealed weapaps during the month of december.that's a new high for the state. firearms trainer elaine henderson says her classes have been full in recent months. 3 "being prepared starts first of all by having the firearm. if you don't have it on you it serves no purpose. the second is being able to use it. have you drilled yourself, prepared yourself, used it enough in the range and practice to if you needed to utilized it you could."3 nearly 327-thousand firearms background checks were conducted last year in the state of south carolina. 3 3 a new bill at the state house ... aims to keep your children safer in school.... by letting more people carry guns in the
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create new school protection officers ... to help school resource officers. teachers ... administrators ... and any school employee could volunteer to be school protection officers. they would have to get two weeks of special training at the criminal justice academy. and they would be allowed to carry guns... if they have concealed weapons permits. 3 "i am very concerned that this bill would allow other people besides law enforcement agencies to carry guns inside the classroom."the sponsor of the bill says ... everyone knows that schools are gun-free zones ... and that makes them targets. supporters say this bill would change that ... because more people would be armed and trained. 3 3 republican senator jay cleary and democratic senator joel lourie say they will spend this week working on a bill to get more funding to fix our state's broken of the major problems now is that it seems every senator has their own idea for how to fix
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don't want to raise the gas tax without a big cut to other taxes.democrats are trying to make sure any cuts get distributed to the largest amount of people. 3 3 all day egg mcmuffins are bringing in big bucks for mcdonalds. the company's turn around plan is starting to pay off. sales in the united states jumped nearly six percent last year. mcdonalds recently started serving all day breakfast and simplying its menu. 3 if you've filled up your gas tank recently you know... prices keep falling! triple a says the national average is now--- 1-83 a gallon. according to gas buddy-dot- com, we are paying an average of 1-64.the price of crude oil rebounded last week... so it's possible gas prices could also get a bump 3 hilton is launching a new hotel brand... focused on budget travelers. the new brand is called tru---rooms range from 75 to 90 dollars a night. tru is meant to compete
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mfort inn and la quinta. 3 3 100 new jobs are headed to lancaster county.3-i products is investing 3 million dollars to renovate an existing building in lancaster near interstate 77.the company makes cushions and pillows for outdoor and indoor furniture the plant is expected to be in full operation by spring.the jobs are expected to be created over five years. 3 a recent study shows women may be paying *more* for virtually the same product.the new york city department of consumer affairs revealed a big price gap, after comparing nearly 800 items with clear male and female versions.that research shows -- on average -- the womens' versions of a product cost seven percent more than the ones for men.but price discrimination is not limited to retail.michelle miller reports. 3 nats"just this please. last name. have you ever been here before?" cbs went
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producer and one male producer visited a handful of dry cleaners in new york city- they brought nearly identical 100% cotton button down shirts in comparable sizes anan requested the same service. nat "dry cleaned huh? yes 3 please."our female producer was charged at 3 least twice as much in more than half the businesses visited- in one she was charged $7.50 while her male counterpart just $2.85. at another she paid $3 dollars more.but it happens more than just at dry cleaners. the new york city study found differences in clothing like these jeans, personal care products like these razors, and toys like this scooter. their research showed that women paid more than men for similar prodcuts 42% of the time.tod marks the senior project editor for consumer reports has been researching this issue for years.sot tod marks ou don't realize how badly you're getting ripped
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because you've become so conditioned to pay more. hile there is no federal law that bans this practice, gender price gouging for **services** is illegal in new york, miami- dade county and california. sot- michael cone, trade lawyer fisherbroyles e don't really know who is responsible for it.ichael cone is a trade lawyer who says part of the problem are the extra costs for women's products tacked on from the get-go. he found that women's clothing, shoes and gloves often enter the country with a higher import tax than men's. sot michael cone, trade lawyer fisherbroyles t may be $5 extra paid to uncle sam, but by the time it hits the shelf it can be 10, 112 13 dollars.- michelle miller, cbs news, new york 3 progress after the floods.the steps being made this morning to fix a road still covered by water and when the work could being. 3 and later, taking workplace relationships to a new level. the company organizing blind dates for its employees.
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3 progress is being made this morning on spears creek church road near waldon place pond dam. water still flows over the road. after a recent meeting, the state department of transportation determined that since the road does not run over the dam... it can be repaired without waiting on the breach in the dam to be fixed. four contractors are submitting bids to the d-o-t to temporarily fix the road. 3 ....everybody was in the room that could do something.the temporary 3 work will still be done to dot specifications... dot says the chosen contractor could start work as soon as monday. the road is also on the list for the richland county penny tax money ... to be used to widen
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3 molina healthcare is giving away 300 blankets and kid's gloves to help keep people warm today. it is taking place at st. johns baptist church in columbia from 9:30 am until supplies are gone. 3 3
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3 the u-s-c men's basketball team is back home tonight for a game against mississippi state. alyssa lang has a preview in your morning sports.
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33 on a blind date with a coworker? a study showed an employee's relationship with coworkers ranks *first,* when asked what makes them feel connected to their job. one company is taking advantage of that to make its employees happier and more productive. demarco o morgan shows us the office dates that are *strictly* professional. 3 nats: guy on scooter with dog05 here at 3 "freshbooks," a toronto-based accounting firm, workplace satisfaction has been taken to a whole new level.nats: video games in cafeteria05 with a growing workforce of over two-
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"f"fshbookers" emphasize creative thinking.01they bring thier pets to work, nat 04 stand instead of sit, and now... go on "blind dates" with their co-workers.sot: dm with mary grace: 10:41:07 i like to meet 3 everyone that 3 shows up. and as the company grew, i noticed that more and more people just didn't know each other's names anymore which for me i thought that was crazy cause i liked this real tight-knit community that we built at freshbooks and i wanted to keep that up.walk and talk with grace: disc 1 07: 04:54 dm: so blind dating, in the workplace- this was your idea?yes i thought about it months ago ..05 manager mary grace antonio, an eight-year veteran with the company, lauched the program last summer. sot: mary grace antonio / suport manager: disk i 02: 49:24 there's a lot of talking and a lot of communication going on sometimes it's not with everybody and that's what blind dates is about, trying to get people who would never really work with to just meet dm: and its strictly work dates- not personal hook ups or are any relationships made out of this?no not at all. it's really just to get to know people....07 so antonio began playing matchmaker. first, by asking for volunteers who are then grouped together and sent on lunch or coffee dates. sot: antonio: disc i 02: 43:54 there's people from all different departments that sign up-- even execs sign up for these blind dates -- then
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working together.04 that means top level executives can be matched with newly-hired college-graduates.06 company c-e-o mike mcderment says the program is well-suited to a work culture centered around fun and innovation.sot: mike mcderment/ freshbooks, co- founder and ceo: disc i 33: 13:04:22 we believe culture is strategy and having people connect with folks they don't t necessarily work with actually helps build the ties that keep the organization strong and keeps information and ideas flowing.sot: dm with antonio dm: tell me about some of the cool stories you're getting from these blind dates. two fresh bookers went on a blind date and actually they're both in charge of hiring people, // so they ended up discussing a lot of different methods that they use to asses talent09 during our visit, a finance manager named marcus was paired up with shannon, a newly-hired copywriter.both sit at opposite sides of the open-concept office.morgan standup: disc 1 95: 14:57:00 it might look like a real blind date, but the people we spoke with say 'it's all business..."nats: from date: disc 1 88: 55:19 how big is the team?we've got about twelve people now so we're getting bigger...02 at the end of their date, we checked in to see how it went.sot: demarko with marcus and shannon: disc 1: 96: 14:58:25 dm: what do you think- be honest, shannon: it wasn't as awkward as i expected was awesome and i think that it really did hold my initial idea that it would encompass all our company values and i think that really held true05 antonio said that despite those first-date jitters, the program has been a win-win for everyone involved.sot: dm with anotonio: disc i 02: 10:44:55 after the first round we sent out a survey to see if people liked it and 100 percent of people who joined said they liked it dm: any negatives?the sometimes it felt awkward but other than that?dm: like a real a real first
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3 plus, a major boost for bernie sander's campaign in south carolina.the change in endorsement he just received coming from a former hillary clinton supporter.those stories, plus meteorologist efren afante has your forecast
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five. 3 today on news19 this morning... an inmate has walked away from a prison in rock hill.what officials say happen coming up. 3 the growing popularity of concealed weapons in our state. we'll talk to an instructor about the numbers. 3 and... a new report out is evaualuating all day 4 year old kindergaten.we'll tell you what it says coming up on news19 this morning. 3 3 good morning and thank you for waking up with news19.i'm deon gulliroy. and i'm savannah is tueday january 26... your time is now ____. 3 getting right to a top story this morning... an inmate at a rock hill prison walked away from the jail last night. according to a tweet sent out by the department of correction says 26-year-old zachary reaves walked away from the catawba pre-release
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