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tv   News 19 6am  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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this is over the rock hill area. if you know this man is, or if you have seen him at all call the department of corrections 877-three for nine-2130. are other big news this morning, it is starting off c old, but not too long just like yesterday, we started off cold, sunshine warmed up, and part two it's going to be what we are expected today. as temperatures right now are starting off relatively cold throughout the midlands. 32 soluna, newberry 34, 37 winnsboro. sumter 32 as well as in manning. here in columbia we are sitting at 33 degrees. clear skies right now, calm winds. a bit of moisture in the air. when the kids had out to the bus up they will need their winter coats. 36degrees as a is a way to get to school this morning. we are going to warm up and be warming up very nicely with a
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start. a high of 66 degrees with winds out of the southwest five-10 miles per hour. increasing cloud coverage as we get into the evening. by overnight tonight, a chance of a sprinkle or two, low of 49. chance of rain all throughout the day tomorrow, we will have a high of 50 for degrees. as far as the road conditions, the roads are dry, taking a look at i 26 and between piney grove and st. andrews. traffic is really light right now, but as usual we will -- we will be expecting to pick up. no accidents or issues. if you are coming out of casey from knox abbott all the way to i 26 both directions moving pretty good. sunset boulevard for my 20 and i 26 into west columbia. i 26 and harvested into downtown 15 minutes, blblhely heading south on i 7722 minutes. it will be beautiful today.
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morning. we are expecting today to learn the identity of a homicide soaps -- suspect wanted in houston, texas who died after shootout here in columbia. just before noon yesterday members of the us marshals service, columbia police moved in trying to give an arrest warrant. we are being told the suspect fired first, but it is still unclear who fired the deadly shop. the suspect later died at the hospital, no officers involved were injured. but there is a lot of activity, and a lot of people in that area on edge. >> we are working on to determine why he was in south carolina. >> it was scary, more or less, when we heard everything we locked all of our doors just to make sure there was nobody escaped or anything. >> his identity and details of this investigation are expected to be released in just a few hours. the richland county sheriff's
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this case. this is a story we told you about over the weekend that has a lot of peoplpl talking. this attempted armed robbery of a local barbershop, a business filled with women and children, at the time. >> what the suspect did not count on was a customer, and the barber fighting back with their own weapons. one of the suspects ended up dead, the other still on the road this morning. >> without those concealed weapons, that attempted robbery could have had a much worse ending. >> news 19 lauren thomas talking with a local firearms trainer who says more people are learning how to defend themselves. >>reporter:a split decision from a customer at the next step barbershop in columbia helped save lives on friday night. as this video shows, two armed men came into the shop demanding money. a man who was getting his haircut used his gun to shoot and kill one of them and robbing the place, the unidentified customer has a concealed weapons permit which is becoming a growing trend. >> more and more people try to get their permits.
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classes have been full in recent months >> is becoming more and more, that people see they need to defend themselves. that is the answer to doing it. >>reporter:according to the fbi, nearly 50,000 people either wanted to buy, or carry concealed weapons during the month of december. that is a new high for the state. when it comes to protecting your business, the richland county sheriff's department says it is your choice if you want to carry a weapon, or not. if you do so -- >> or through your training. make sure you know exactly what type of weapon you have and how to operate that weapon properly back lieutenant curtis wilson says your business should always have a security system and be well lit with windows of people can see in and out if there's trouble. he promotes it at the chickadee diner he owns intradermal. >> cash in restaurants, alcohol in restaurants, people in restaurants, people in and out of their cars. the more licensed and trained
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businesses at any point in time >>reporter:henderson wants people to be prepared in the event of a life or death situation. >> the prepared first of all starts with having a firearm. if you don't have it on you, it serves no purpose. the second is being able to use it. have you drilled and prepared yourself. have you used it enough in the range of practice to where if you needed to utilize it, you could >>reporter:in richland county, lauren thomas, news 19 wltx. >> nearly 327,000 firearms background checks were conducted last year just in our state of south carolina. kershaw deputies need your help identifying a man who used a pistol to try to break into a gas station in camden. take a look at the surveillance video from the young gas station on jefferson davis highway. this is back from december 30. debbie say the suspect tried to get into the store, by pointing a gun at a customer outside the store and an employee. you see the person with their hands up there.
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the doors to prevent the man from entering the store. no one was injured, but if you know who the man in this video is you are asked to call crime stoppers at 888-crime-sc. jars in the trial of jack parker are expected to hear from three more witnesses and closing arguments today. the first day of particles trial and his business partner douglas taylor wrapped up yesterday. he is the father of the men convicted man convicted of killing his wife and his gambling partner. the two-phase federal gambling charges back in 2013. parker was originally conflicted but the court of appeals overturned the conviction because prosecution -- because of prosecutorial misconduct sending his case back to district court. you can follow news 19 on air and online for any updates from the trial. in ununn county, doubt is facing charges this morning after deputies say he, and his sun, went to -- went door to door asking for money for his sons cub scout tube and then pocketed it. jeff henderson collected $65 from five people over today.
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cub scout leaders, they said they were not currently having a fundraiser and henderson should not have been collecting money. the cub scout say the pack had been selling coupon books in september, but henderson never turned in any of that money from that particular fundraiser. henderson has been charged with obtaining money under false pretenses. ideas here, 100 new jobs are heading to lancaster county. three i product is investing $3 million to renovate an existing building near interstate 77. the company makes cushions and pillows for outdoor and indoor furniture. the plan is expected to be in full operation by the spring. the jobs are expected to be created over a period of five years. all day egg mcmuffin's are bringing a big box for mcdonald's. the company's turnaround plan is starting to pay off. sales in the united states jumped nearly 6% last year. mcdonald's recently started serving all day breakfast and simplifying its menu.
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tank recently, you already know these prices just keep falling. aaa says the national average is at $1.83 a gallon. that is a national average. the price of crude oil rebounded last week, it is possible gas prices could also get a bump there's a big shakeup at twitter for the companies top executives -- for of the companies top executives are leaving, ceo jack dorsey says they are taking some well- deserved time off. twitter stock has been falling as the company struggles to gain new users. cure wants to make it singleserve k cups recyclable by 2020. now the cups are made of mixed plastic and other materials if you have ever used them, you know that, which makes it difficult to recycle. the company says it is trying to see if using a more recyclable material will affect the taste at all. a time for a mom of the day.
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her three daughters. they tell us they love their mother, because of who she is. her smile is contagious, and her love is never ending. it would take more than a lifetime to show their mother how much they appreciate her. we think god for her. congratulations to pamela. if you would like to nominate a mom for mom of the day just head on over to our website, and click on the banner to send in your nomination. time now for our word of the day. today is -- which means no longer fertile, or loss of character, vitality, or strength. i guess if you start feeling a little weak or something that would be how you would use up. >> that is a tough on. >> some of these words are easy to use in your everyday language. that might not be one of them. if you can find a sentence to use it in, another reason to tweet at us. let's see how you guys use those words. >> we like having that
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you guys have been engaging with us this morning with some of the things we have been talking about. especially the political candidates ice cream. >> that has been really fun. coming up, some big changes coming to some of the apps on
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devices in an attempt to get hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices,
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that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmararvs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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and some of your top tech headlines, spot if i come of the music streaming app is turning into a video streaming app this week. back in may spot if i revealed that it is partnering with major video outlets like espn, and comedy central just to name a few. it will also feature popular podcast. spot if i said the new content is comingnghis week on android and next week for iphone. but added video and podcast podcasts encourages people to spend more time on the app and that means spotify can make advertisement. >> i am not surprised at all. everyone is trying to integrate every possible aspect of what we will talk about that a little later. >> i am trying to figure out a way to create my own app. >> how are all of the ideas not
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>> it seems like there isis new app every day, for something. >> the next big thing out there, it isiscoming. another big change coming to snapchat, they seem to be working on new types of audio, and video calling features now. developers posted screenshots of these new features which seem to be hidden inside the current app somehow. it could be similar to google hangouts or facebook messenger so you can make an audio, or video call and send stickers in a text chat. snapchat not commenting on this but i guess we'll have to wait and see. i know they rolled out this thing where you can pay money through snapchat, and i don't know what happened to that. >> is that similar to where you can pay for things or facebook. >> i do not know that. i know there is money sharing apps, and stuff. we will see about that, i guess. >> our producer this morning, catherine, she is a god snapchat.
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but i have never created a username. >> you are going to have to do that. we are going to do it. this is what i mentioned earlier with apps doing everything, even feeding you apparently. a new update coming to uber, uber customers are going to be able to use the app to order from menus from restaurants near them. and have their meals delivered to their front door by an uber driver. it's an exexnsion of a lunch only service that was tested last year. right now it is only in larger cities like la, atlanta, chicago, new york. they are discriminating against us in south carolina. >> i like the fact that they are doing it at those places so they can work out the kinks. once it comes here it is smooth sailing so we can get our food in time. >> if they can make it work in new york city, they can make it work in columbia. i will shortly be taking
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speaking of good ideas -- efran afante making my week telling me it is going to warm up a little bit this week. >> i'm trying to find and see if i can find someone in uber tucson breakfast to us this morning. >> it might be a longshot, efran afante. >> it is cold right now, some hot chocolate would be nice. temperatures right now in the business. it is cold out there, 30 degrees right now in camden, 32 sumpter and manning, as well as in saint matthews. so luda at 32, here in columbia 33 degrees, clear skies, calm winds, but do points at 28 degrees. moisture has returning to the palmetto state. average low for this time of year, average high 57, a beautiful sunrise this morning at 7:26.. a beautiful sunset at 5:48. clear skies over the palmetto
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that will be approaching that will give us a chance for rain. for today, as we go through out throughout the morning, we will have increasing call coverage. no rain expected throughout the day. but into the evening we will see a little bit of sprinkle early in the morning, but by late morning into the afternoon we will be looking for chances of rain to come through and into the afternoon. as far as when the kids get out of school today, mostly cloudy skies it will be relatively warm, 65 degrees as we are looking highs today generally in the middle to upper 60s, then as we go through columbia. 66degrees winds out of the southwest five-10 mile-per-hour. chili tonight as the rain chances are to come in as all of the lows will range in the middle to upper 40s with the souther -- southern midlands into the lower 50s. as this cold front comes through it will quickly move through, an area of high pressure will replace it. we will have a temporary stent of cold temperatures as the rain and on thursday with a high of 46. 54 friday, as we get into the weekend a lot of sunshine with
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60s. the roads are dry right now, taking a look at the road conditions. i 26 in between piney grove and st. andrews. traffic has been moving along and picking up and no accidents reported on the interstate. right now lexington looks pretty clear. south lake drive both directions heading into town and sunset boulevard all the way as you head towards the interstate. from shaw s -- from shaw air force base to fort jackson 39 minutes. weather looks pretty good, but you will need your sunglass for this morning. >> you know, we were still treating people about the presidential candidates and ice cream. >> we just got a good one. >> dewayne wayne 19 tweeted blueberry bands and ice cream. >> good idea. still to come on news 19 this morning, tonight you have
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man the game clock men are back at colonial arena tonight. alyssa lang has the stories in today's morning sports representative >>reporter:good tuesday morning, if you are a gamecock basketball fan, plenty to do tonight is as the men are back at home after 10 days on the road. they're taking a mississippi state tonight at 10 o'clock. their second loss of the season came this weekend on the road in knoxville against the bulls. frank martin talk to media yesterday, he said this week they are looking forward to having what they see as home-
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the bulldogs tonight. >> i'm happy that we can actually stay home for a couple of days this week. we split, obviously, to road games in one week. both good basketball teens. conference play. january. everyone was -- trying to become the team that they are destined to be.e. high school option -- hoops in action over night last night. both played at usc. as you may know print first- quarter, no or -- noah harper over to brenner. westwood would get on t t board here as adam douglas finds crosby and he finishes up the bucket. spring valley would get the defense going as harper forces this still. those dozier pretty pleased with those results, spring valley leading 21-15 after one.
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back as jordan finds crosby in the lane, spring valley not tucson last night as d'angelo ward good from a long range. vikings s d 42-30 at the half and they would go on to take a final score 80-62. that is a look at your sports you can be sure to follow me on twitter at alyssa lang for more sports updates. some of your top healthth new information involving researchers at new york university found those workers may be subjected to unhealthy levels of secondhand smoke. the employees were all found to have elevated levels of toxins and markers of inflammation linked to heart disease. secondhand smoke plays a role in 35,000 heart disease deaths each year in the us speaking of small, smoke, new study is feeling the debate over e-cigarette. smoking habits of teenagers in hawaii. they found that those who bait were nearly three times more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes just a
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still to come, the reason for the presidency heating up now. we have an update on whwhs ahead going into the iowa
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that is right after this break. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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in and made has walked away from a president rock hill. what officials say happened coming up the growing popolarity of concealed weapons in our state. also a discussion this morning we will talk to an instructor about those numbers you what the candidates are doing with their final few days
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i am brian webb in new york. i will have the latest coming up. good morning, thank you for waking up with news 19 i am deon gilbert >> and i am savannah levins, 6:30 on your tuesday morning. stop-- start with the top news overnight. an inmate from raquel prison has walked away from the jail. 26-year-old zachary reeves seen there, walked away from the catawba prison pre- release center. he was serving eight years on burglary second-degree charges. he has a tattoo of an angel on his shoulder and was last seen wearing his south carolina department of corrections uniform that is a tan color. if you know where he is, or you has seen him at all. call crime stoppers at 888- crime-sc. efran afante is watching
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you've got some blue behind you, and when we see blue, we know what that means. >> it is called. it is really cold. but just like yesterday we started off cold, wait until you see how warm it is going to be. we are still going to have to deal with the temperatures. it is pretty cold out there right now 37 winnsboro, 34 lexington, newberry 32 a chilly 30 degrees in camden from sumter to st. matthew's to manning each at 32 degrees. here in columbia 33 degrees, clear skies, calm winds even though we do not have a wind chill, it is still flat out cold. when the kids had out to the bus stop they were still neither winter coats. 36degrees as they wait to head out to school this tuesday morning. just like yesterday, a lot of sunshine. a high of 66 degrees, increasing cloud coverage going into the late afternoon and evening. winds out of the southwest f ive-10 miles per hour. overnight tonight 49, the rain
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have a high of 50 for degrees as the winds start coming out of the north-northeast at about 10 miles per hour. the roads right now are dry, check on the road conditions, over a 26 west bell, mile marker 105 as you are heading in between piney grove heading to saint andrews. traffic has been moving along no accidents are being reported on the interstate. no issues on the southern part of town. if you're coming in anywhere highway 321 gaston up to i 26 traffic is moving along. and no accidents being reported . from the village of sand hill to downtown 27 minutes, from i 20 and highway 277 a 12 minute commute. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast that is coming up in just a few minutes. at the statehouse this morning, republican senator -- senator cleary say they will spend this week working on a bill to get more funding to fix our state's broken roads. one of the major problems now is that it seems every senator
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fix the roads. republicans do not want to raise the gas tax without a big cut to other taxes. democrats are trying to make sure any cut gets distributed to the largest amount of people. water still flows where a road should be over on spears creek church road near walton place on dam. next to a recent meeting, more than 100 of you attended, progress now being made. dot determined that cicero does not run over the dam it can be repaired without waiting on the breach and the dam to be fixed. contractors are submitting bids to the dot to temporarily fix the road. we are told the work is expected to begin sometime next week. the lawmaker who proposed a journalists registry bill and in the process receive lots of criticism says he never actually wanted to go through with the bill. representative mike pitt says that he only was trying to make a point.
6:29 am
way the media covers gun issues. he wanted to get people talking about what he calls media bias in treating free-speech rights under the first amendment as being more important than gun rights under the second amendment. turning to the presidential campaign. gop front runner donald trump will be in lexington county tomorrow. he is going to be at harmon tree farm off highway one at 7 p.m. that event is free and open to the public. do not forget the deadline to register to vote in the democratic presidential primary is tomorrow. very soon here. the democratic primary is february 27. if you have moved, make sure you are ready to vote by obtaining a registration. if you have moved from one county to another you still need to register in your new county by county by that deadline in order to be eligible to vote. the republican voter registration deadline was last week. there is now less than one
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clinton and bernie sanders in a very close race. brian webb has the latest on how candidates from both sides are making the final pitch to iowa voters. >>reporter:at a democratic presidential town hall in iowa last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best to set themselves apart. >> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. i lead the effort against wall street, the regulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >>reporter: there are very -- >> there are very different visions, different values and forces at work. you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter >>reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows sanders leading clinton 47-46% among likely democratic caucus goers. the republican battle for iowa is also a close one with donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tense fight for first place. >> my views are different
6:31 am
cruz released his first out attacking trump's so-called new york values. earlier he met privately with pastors in cedar rapids pleading for their vote. >> even if you are thick and about another candidate, the simple reality is, there is only one campaign that can beat trump in the state. >>reporter:campaigning in new hampshire, trump, once again, ashton ted cruz is citizenship right >> he could run right now for >>reporter:trump, ted cruz, and the other gop contenders face- off this thursday night in des moines in their seventh debate. brian webb, cbs news. >> ted cruz, rubio, and donald trump will finish the final push for a win in the final stop in iowa today. let's take a look at your usa today top headlines. three prisoners are still on the run after breaking out of a california jail on friday night. 20-year-old jonathan, 37-year- old, and 43-year-old, are
6:32 am
possibly harbored by vietnamese gang members. according to court documents, he has a record of grossly regular gross vehicle manslaughter, domestic violence and faces charges for murder, kidnapping and torture. he has a violent criminal history that includes attempted murder as well pray there's a $50,000 reward up right now, but officials are talking about raising that up to $200,000. antiabortion activist who prompted an investigation of planned parenthood are now facing criminal charges themselves. a texas grand jury handed down indictments monday against david , and sandra merritt for allegedly tampering with a governmental record. the pair were behind secretly recorded videos allegedly showing planned parenthood employees trying to sell fetal tissue for profit. federal offices and schools in washington, dc remain largely close today, as part of the northeast continue to dig out from the weekend blizzard. area airports experience
6:33 am
return to a normal flight schedule. forecasters are watching a system that could bring even more snow, and another big storm by this weekend. coming up, the super bowl is right around the corner. a week from sunday.
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ma chances are you are paying for a picture quality that you never even get to see on your tv, and that all changes this tech tuesday with our moneyman, matt granite. >>reporter:great to be with you, as we gear up for that big game, that four ktvu own, or the one you actually buy when i show you some deals tomorrow. mais c'est for k on it, what you are seeing is likely
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take a look at my favorite heads up for television owners. grade scaler inside your tv is showing you an inferior picture or video quality. not on my watch. my favorite cat will update your video and picture even improve audio and streaming. rated for hundred $30. i found for $80, free shipping. let me show you the difference on my tv at home. this is video without the scaler . you can see it as pixelated a little bit. now, using the scaler, as i zoom and in a little bit. look at the quality. so much more definition. absolutely awesome. again, no scaler, this is video with the scaler. perfect definition for k you can see every blemish and imperfection. >>reporter: this 80-dollar upgrade kit back to you.
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>> every blemish on imperfection. >> our viewers do not need that. >> i'm going to cover my face right now. >> that is a really great deal. >> it is. who knows -- who knew you are not using your tvs full potential. >> who knew? we will tell you matt granite new. >> that is our boy, matt granite. that deal is on our website wltx. com. now let's get a check with the weather with efran afante. the cold is here again this morning. what you are making my day telling me it is going to warm up a little bit? >> i have making you smile all throughout the morning newscast. it is cold again right now, we will warm up just like we did yesterday. we are still starting off with temperatures that are below freezing as restarting camden 30 degrees, sometimes a matthews 32, newberry 32, soluna 32, here at columbia 33 degrees.
6:37 am
clouds right now. for the most part we are clear in the skies. when the kids get out of school that will be different. we are expecting it to be mostly cloudy, it will be warm 65 degrees after school, we are looking at a high today, very warm, 66 degrees. increasing call coverage as we get into the late afternoon with winds out of the southwest at about five-10 miles per hour. with a chance of spring goes overnight tonight, low of 49 degrees. chance of rain. because of this cold front, as it's making its way through, the lower mississippi valley. it will be heading our way and quickly moving through. we are not expecting rain for a lot of days, just for tomorrow we will have a high of 50 for degrees. rain will start tapering off thursday afternoon. a high of 46. once that cold front and area of high pressure pushes off we will warm up with a lot of clear skies by saturday 63, sunday 65, get a load of monday we are looking at 67 with lots of sunshine. as far as the roads right now we are getting ready for
6:38 am
i 26 westbound mile marker 1055 piney grove road, traffic is moving along, it is starting to pick up no accidents are being reported on the interstate. right now if you are commuting from i 262 lake erie boulevard to the williams brice stadium 23 minutes. from the airport to downtown 16 minutes. time right now 6:46, we will be looking at these conditions to be great, but right now get your sunglasses ready it is going to be a beautiful starter the day. >> the future is so bright, we've got to wear shades. >> that's good i like that. >> boehm. coming up more south carolinians are buying weapons than before.
6:39 am
is rising in our state. concealed weapons permits on the rise in south carolina. according to the fbi, nearly 50,000 people, in the state, either wanted to buy or carry concealed weapons during the month of december. >> that is a new high for our state. firearms are lane henderson set her classes have been fully. >> being prepared starts first of all, with having the firearm. if you do not have it on you, it serves no purpose. the second is being able to use it. have you drilled yourself, have you prepared yourself, have you used it enough, in the range and practice to wear where if you needed to utilize it you could? >> nearly 327,000 firearms background checks were conducted last year in the state of south carolina. as we are speaking of concealed weapons, a new bill at the statehouse aims to keep
6:40 am
by letting more people carrying guns actually in the classrooms. that bill would create a new school protection officers, as they will be called, to help school resource officers. >> teachers, administrators, and any school employee could volunteer to be school protection officers. they would have to get two weeks of special training at the criminal justice academy. and they would be allowed to carry guns, if they have concealed weapons permits. >> i am very concerned that this bill would allow other people, besides law enforcement agencies to carry guns inside the classrooms. >> the bill sponsor says everyone knows that schools are gun free zones, and that makes them targets. >> obviously a lot of discussion around this. this bill could change that because more people would be armed and trained with those guns. today, we are expecting to learn the identity of a homicide suspect wanted in houston texas who died after a
6:41 am
just before noon yesterday, members of the us marshals service, columbia police were trying to give an arrest warrant. >> we are being told the suspect fired first, but it is still unclear who fired the fatal shot. that is the latest update. we know the suspect later died in a hospital and thankfully no officers involved were injured. coming up, deputies need
6:42 am
was on the run (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
6:43 am
thank you for waking up with a news 19 this morning. tuesday january 26.
6:44 am
top stories in your midlands run down. this morning we expect to know the identity of the deceased suspect in a barbershop shooting. police are still looking for the second suspect involved in armed robbery at next up barbershop. two armed masked gunman entered the barbershop, last friday, demanding cash. a customer, along with the barber pole that concealed weapons and started shooting. one man died from his injuries, the other got away. no charges will be filed against the customer and barber who fired their guns. call crime stoppers at 888- crime-sc if you know anything about this case. also if you know anything about this case, you are asked to help kershaw deputies this morning identify a man who use a pistol to try to break into a gas station over in canton. the young's gas station on jefferson davis highway. this is from december 30. deputies say the suspect you see here, try to get into the store, i pointing a gun at the customer -- at a
6:45 am
an employee. the employee was able to lock the door to prevent that man from entering the store. jurors in the trial of jack parker expected to hear from three more witnesses and closing arguments today for the first day of parker's trial, and his business partner, douglas taylor, wrapped yesterday. parker is the father of brett parker, the man convicted of killing his wife, and his gambling partner. the two-faced federal gambling charges back in 2013, parker was originally convicted but the court of appeals overturned the conviction because of prosecutorial's conduct sending his case back to district corporate you can follow news 19 on air and online for any updates from this trial. take a look at what's happening today, columbia mayor steve benjamin will give the state of the city address. it all starts tonight at 6 o'clock over at city hall. there will be a reception after the address, as well.
6:46 am
coverage of that address. molina healthcare is giving away 300 blankets and kids gloves to help people stay warm today. it's taking place at st. john's baptist church over in columbia from 9:30 a.m. until supplies are gone. you can go check that out. the usc manifest about team will be back in the colonial life arena tonight taking on mississippi state. they are coming off a disappointing loss on the road in knoxville over the weekend. head coach frank martin says this week they are looking forward to playing at home. tipoff is tonight at 7 p.m. let's send it over to meteorologist, efran afante for a check of the roads, and a weather forecast. right now, no issues on the roads. looking pretty clear right now as you're going from garners ferry to divine to millwood avenue heading into downtown. casey south on 321226 traffic is flowing along pretty good and traffic may be picking up a little bit on sunset boulevard out of lexington over i 20 and i 26 heading into west columbia.
6:47 am
issues. road conditions favorable this morning. our weather, clear skies right now, here in columbia 33 degrees, dew point dewpoint at 28. a lot of moisture in place you could be scrapping frost off your windshield. when the kids head out to school 36, they will neither jacket. they will not need it this afternoon, 65 degrees, warm and cloudy. as we are expecting highs today 66 degrees. as we going to overnight t onight, we will have a slight chance for a sprinkle or two with a low of 49 degrees. a good chance for showers for tomorrow, but i have updated this. not as much of a chance as we expected. we could be looking at a sprinkle it is all out of here by friday, 50 for degrees with sunshine and get a load of this weekend, a lot of sunshine. highs getting to the middle to even upper 60s by monday. >> i love seeing that. [ laughter] a little sigh of relief her after all of this cold weather we have had. >> we deserve a nice little break. >> thank you so much.
6:48 am
19 this morning. we hope you have a great day. >> cbs this morning is next. it is tuesday, january 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." washington still struggles to dig itself out, and a rush of travelers causes massive gridlock at one of the nation's busiest airports. hillary clinton and bernie sanders blast eechl other before the final push to the iowa caucuses. and the american who survived the paris attacks reveals her story for the first time. but we begin this morning
6:49 am
world in 90 seconds.
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