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tv   News 19 Friends 5  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the jury has returned a verdict good evening and thanks for joining us for friends at five. im darci strickland.and im andrea mock 3 just into our newsroom... thank you for joining us at friends at 5 i am darci strickland >>i am andrea mock jack barker and taylor had
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the jury deliberated for three hours. the defendants did not take the stand. parker is the father of brad parker the man accused of killing his wife and his gambling partner for they face gambling charges. back in 2013. parker was convicted and the court of appeals overturned that conviction because of prosecutorial misconduct said his case back to the district court. sentencing will take place at a later date. more information released about a shooting that took place yesterday near columbia. sonja gutierrez joins us live. we learn the name of the homicide suspect who died at 42-year-old damon james wanted for murder his ex- girlfriend in houston, texas back in october 2014. the corner said it's looking
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inflicted gunshot wound to the head with a houston task force received a tip that james is in columbia for the notified the task force a couple of weeks ago in yesterday. they moved up. investigators say james fired first and officers returned fire. during that exchange is what james shot himself inside the vehicle. it james killed his ex- girlfriend more than a year ago and now says they are happy to finally get some closure. >> i am happy it's over. justice was not served the way we wanted it to be withheld facing what he did to her. it's overpaid living without my mother watching the heart from our family. our family will never be the same again. >>reporter: the family said they will visit her grave suit and we don't know why he
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back to you. a man has been convicted of scam a federal agents out of more than $1.5 million. 45-year-old dennis paulson was convicted yesterday diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and discharged from the navy in the 1990s. his unsatisfied with the money he was getting and claimed he could not use his hands or feet , but the government said he led an active lifestyle. playing sports and riding his motorcycle. he faces half $1 million in fines when he is sentenced million. submitted a house-a house subcommittee heard from carolina answer want a new law passed making the amount of money. someone have to pay their ex- spouse after a divorce, it
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their marriage changing financial circumstances and other factors, rather than setting a fixed number to be paid forever but a few dozen people showed up to be heard by lawmakers.>> error page-cases for alimony is appropriate. but rarely is it appropriate for a lifetime. so many people showed up that everybody got a chance to speak, so another hearing will be scheduled sent on this issue. to make the state fiscal accountability approve the sale of a rundown department of mental health building this morning, the development agreed to purchase the 16 acre parcel of the psychiatric institute. more than 200,000 per acre. the department of mental health has to be transitioning the gov. said she supports the private sector to stimulate the state's
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>> these are costing us more to maintain. they're going to start looking at something that is better quality for the public servants that work there but doesn't have to be downtown. it doesn't have to have a payment rates to maintain that property. see you're going to see us get rid of land and buildings. it can make more money in the private sector are more amenities the last of the entire bull street property to be sold to the private sector. 3 south carolina's unemployment rate did not change i what we do this. that the government doesn't need to be in the property business so we are going to get out of it. back in 2011 the department of mental health sold a majority of their campus to his development institution for the hall institute was not included so that will be the last of the property to be sold to the private sector. so south carolina's unemployment rate did not change in the summer. the state department of employment workforce say the
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december, which was the same in november. the number of people working state officials say that man south carolina's employment hit a historic high. nationally, the unemployment rate house study 5% in december. --rate hike study 5% in december. today we started out with some sunshine and we are watching clouds come in and there has been a band of rain coming our way. this is a cold front ahead of it, we warmed up nicely. 63 in augustine a little cooler in knoxville, 600 in atlanta. here in columbia, it's mostly cloudy temperatures 65 wins from a southwest at 8 miles an hour. for tonight. we will see an increase in clouds and a chance for a few showers a low of 490. cloudy skies in a few scattered
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for the clouds will persist tomorrow night the low temperature 39. let's take a look at our traffic around the area. this is the northwestern part of the city right now and it's not too bad right now. even the highways in pretty good shape at this time here on the southeast side of town. here is sumter highway and it begins to pick up on the northeast side of town. interstates are in good shape. we have an accident. here, that is on 2 notch rd. slowing traffic down in that area. if you're going downtown should take you 20 for minutes to the village of sandhill it will take you 28 minutes. we have some dry weather ahead we will take a look at that in a moment. the naval medical facility
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to take shelter because of the possible active shooter. a single witness reported hearing three gunshots in the basement of a building around 8 am. first responder searched the building and it was locked down as a precaution. character actor a pagoda has passed away. he was known for playing the over the hill. detectives he went on to star in the spinoff, fish, he is also remembered as the doomed soldier in the godfather. he died in his sleep thisis morning. he was 90 for years old. we are going to be running a six-hour marathon this saturday in his honor. starting at for p.m. recalling 6000 ranger
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inflator can explode with too much for some cause injury. it goes from 2000 for 2006. it comes days after a lancaster amount county man was killed when it exploded in december. they will recall another 5000 vehicles made in japan. to make the key to the valley -the value of your home. maybe the supermarket nearby. supermarkets within a mile of trader joe's or whole foods is worth twice as much as the national average. in two years, home prices surged 10% more than other neighborhoods. are you are lucky in love? blame it on credit card debt. according to a new survey women in particular are wary of
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so here is the take away if you are looking for love. just pay your bills. >> all day egg mcmuffin's bringing in big bucks. this is starting to pay off. sales jumped 6%. they recently started serving all day. breakfast and simplifying their menu. america has an official comfort food. it is pizza. an interview of more than 2200 adults in the united states and pizza and pasta were 15%. that's still a big win over chocolate and ice cream. 50 for percent of women reach for comfort food when they are stressed out in a majority of men indulge after a good day and i have to say absolutely yes. if there is one thing that i
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>> haven't you ever seen me? >> we have a free table in the news round. that's where everything goes, that's good. it should be free. that's where we put it. and often times there is pizza there. >>lots of good stuff ends up on the free table. >> if i come into work after the thanksgiving meal and there is pizza on that table i will either. so if i have to count two of them chocolate and ice cream because i cannot resist. >> what about a chocolate milkshake? to make. i had cupcakes and cake and apple cobbler and ice cream >> it sounds like a wonderful birthday.
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sugar in one day, but i had a very good birthday. so thanks for posting on my facebook and sending tweets. it's good to be here another year.
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controversial movie of all time (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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all 19 of our golden footballs has been found.a week ago ... we placed 19 golden wltx signed footballs... at several different an exciting update all 19 of our golden footballs have been found. we placed 19 wltx footballs at several landmarks 11 different counties and you got them all back to the wltx studio getting yourself $50 each and you get to keep the football and the exciting part is those people got to register for the
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grand prize winner is now jan keith daymond she found hers at the county courthouse. if you're interested in calling her tell her congratulations on behalf of us because she has just one herself $519. congratulations. >> i am sure someone is calling her right now. >>congratulations. >> welcome back to you. >>it was an excellent conference and he actually got to see it because we were streaming out live on wltx. but we flew from here to denver in the hotel we stayed at in
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the pittsburgh steeler's one morning. it got down to 600. we got some rain on our doorstep. it has been moving through the southwest you can see it is reaching the atlantic area with the cold front we have been ahead with clouds increasing across the area and it has been a mild day along the eastern seaboard. the cool air behind the front in the central plains temperatures here have warmed up into the 60s. right now, 62 and orangeburg
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and greenwood. we will see an increase in clouds showers around daybreak we are not expecting a lot of rain. by the time we get to thursday skies will be partly cloudy. they're expecting low temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. 46 in newberry 15 and manning and high temperatures generally in the 50s. 52 in newberry 50 for in columbia, 59 and the manning area looking ahead on our seven day forecast. cooler on thursday with a high of 51 to 35 and sunshine and dry weather over the weekend, temperatures will be warming up by sunday up to 68 and by
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still warm up to 720. now this go over to andrea. i tell you what. this is such a big deal. 13 years of aladdin, the ballet has been here and now they're being treated to the fabulous show again and we're going to start with one of the principal ballerinas just off the stage is the sugarplum fairy and now princess jasmine. how did that transition go for you? that role in the music is fabulous and i am ready for it. >> is very demanding. big dancing big music. princesses and 22 of the
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colorful and beautiful and the sisterhood and the focus in concentration of them working together is a site something you don't want to mess. we get this and columbia. atlanta doesn't have this charlotte doesn't have this. it's a foundation and an old ballet created in 1877 and a lot of them are reminiscent of the characters and aladdin. so it's just a strong classic is perfect for the entire family. all of the children know the story and anyone who loves anything physical will relate to it and it's incredibly exciting and the dancers are not bad on the eyes either. >> if you have ever been to see a production the way you imagine things i am excited to
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going to fly. >> it's breathtaking and to see aladdin and jasmine fly off into these beautiful stars. and to have this moment together and it's really romantic. of course and really beautiful and i just want the audience to see >> for me. i got to see the nutcracker this year. one of the most amazing dances that almost brought the audience to their feet was the arabian task that you did. how much of that fully see it how much of that. did you use?>> the choreography is maybe not as slow as the arabian and also they are really powerful we bring the character from that also into jasmine that there are a lot of
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>> the marketplace is huge. i was in jerusalem in the marketplace and a lot of places in the middle east are so vibrant and so much energy and so much going on and so much happen--happening. it is huge. there is a lot going on. it's very physical and the music is incredible.>> you have an amazing way of putting so many dancers in your ballet's. how many were in the nutcracker? >> over 200. at one point, 127 at the same time but the children have appropriate roles and we have
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like a broadway show. we have been rehearsing. of course, since december and we are going to see the same with aladdin? >> we have been doing it since december and it is all rehearsed separately and it all comes together and i think i had done it for 15 years and i am not sure why and i just realized it is such a hit on broadway that i thought i should bring it back and i'm not going to say i'm going to wage another 15 years. we do it every 8 to 10 years, but i want everyone to catch it this weekend. >> let's give the times of the show friday. it is at 7:30 pm and on saturday 3 pm and another performance on saturday at 7:30 pm in these dancers are taken the show on the road and performing all over the country. thank you princess jasmine for coming to see us.
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adorable cre you may have seen this viral video on facebook yesterday... take a look at this got stuck on you may have seen this video go viral on facebook. take a look at this. a sloth got stuck on the side of t t highway in ecuador. they are trying to cross over the road but unfortunately, look at that face. he got scared. the good news is, it was not injured. police were able to take it to events where it was checked out before it was rereleased into its natural habitat. they are not known for their speed. they got out there and he is going to hold onto the ll until someone came to get him.
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those things are adorable. i look at it and cute is not what i think. i don't see cute. >> it can be guaranteed to catch and it won't get away from you. >> it's creepy. >>we look like we have the same hair. [laughter] >>have a lot in common. it's not cute. >> i think i use the same highlights as he does.
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>> make sure your kids we are with some breaking news. gambling charges-i from the jury deliberated for an hour, the defendants did not take the stand. parker is the father of brett parker the man convicted of killing his wife and gambling parker-partner. they face charges from 2013. parker was originally convicted, but the court of appeals overturned the conviction because of prosecutorial misconduct sending the case back to district court. here's what the prosecutor and defense attorney told us after the verdict. >> we are pleased with what the jury did. they were gone in our and they came back with the right verdict and i thought there was
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helped hold them accountable for doing that. >> we are clearly disappointed in the verdict. we still maintain their innocence, but the jury has spoken and we will respect the decision and continue to fight for our clients and hopefully justice will prevail. >> sentencing is expected to take place in the next few weeks. stroke we have the name of the homicide suspect who died in a shooting yesterday near the va hospital in columbia. damon james was wanted for murdering his ex-girlfriend in texas. back in 2014. it looks like he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. it started. what investigators in houston got a tip that he was in columbia. they notified a fugitive task force a few weeks ago and yesterday they moved in and james fired when they tried to
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returned fire and they believe that is when james shot himself. >> this is a various-a very dangerous situation. officers confronted him and he chose to shoot it out with the officers and we believe that some point he took his life inside the vehicle. some of the cases under investigation and we don't know what led him to those apartments behind the va hospital. deputies want your help finding a man wanted for shoplifting. michael beavers wanted for shoplifting electrical tools at a home depot. he was caught on each of the videos surveillance equipment. if you have information on where he is you're asked to call crimestoppers. clouds are increasing
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the temperature is 65 and tonight it will be cloudy. i think if we see showers, it won't be until daybreak with a low of 49 and tomorrow it will be cloudy with scattered showers with a high of 50 for degrees. the clouds will persist but on thursday. becoming partly cloudy and cooler and we will start to warm up into the weekend and notice it will be dry and there'll be plenty of sunshine and by sunday. we are expecting a high temperature of 680. let's take a look at the traffic across the area. this is the northeastern part of town and you can see the interstates high in good shape with a little bit of a slow death. on the southwest side of town interstates are in good shape as well. have a little bit of a slow down with lexington highway with 26 and 20 it's a bit slow
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bit of a slow down to the malfunction junction area but if you're going downtown, emotional and taking 14 to 15 minutes. back to you ladies. to the community. today they gave way. 300 blankets to the st. john baptist church to prepare residents for the weather. also they provided winter safety resource information. >>you can get a nice blanket because that will make them feel good. really love people. >> it's very rewarding and it's part of our mission and vision to work with those that are needed. we believe in giving back to the community in this reinforces our core values and mission statements. >> they have donated over 1200
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law enforcement officers were found at the statehouse this morning. kicking off their annual sports run for the olympics campaign. they would wait on tables and hold polar plunges and sports tournaments to raise funds. 100% of that money will go to support the special olympics. gold medalist jack meyer talked about how these games have changed his life.>>this has molded me into the man i am today and if anyone still thinks that this is a one time a year event, just ask my family and coaches if they ever had a week off from practices we are very busy. we are busy every day with special olympics. the
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$775,000. billy 23,000 special olympic athletes in the united states. a columbia retailer makes a huge donation. they have donated more than $13,000 to the united way following the--they launched a campaign #britain's united to raise funds through donations and custom products sales, including limited edition items. the retailer also hosted a benefit for the united way during the campaign. that money will go to united charities. if you have a car seat any think it needs to be checked. there's an opportunity for that to happen tomorrow and lexington. it's going on at the sound of lexington municipal complex.
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appointment is necessary. a bridge more than 100 years old, was demolished this morning at pittsburgh. it stood about the allegheny river for 170 years. traffic has been running on his
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now barges in order to understand your future. you have to know something about your past and to make it relevant for sixth grade students. you have to go outside your comfort zone. tori light has mastered those lessons in richland district
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teacher of the week. six grade social studies students know that it is never going to be a boring day and tory whites class. today some p pducers teaching tool. >> we are working on africa. so we use music videos from the lion king to teach geography >> they are studying a culture and customs for a continent that seems a world away, but they know there is no distance. she wants go to teach them in and out of the classroom. >> my job is to help them. if ththe is a situation in a student's life and they don't have an outlet to talk about that. if i don't give them that outlet they will not learn anything in my classroom because they have to work through these issues and feel safe and secure. so they know that i care more about them as a person and what
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they have a 96 in my class or not. >> is that type of dedication a mixer the educator that we want to recognize. >> you are the teacher of the week. congratulations. >> she is a teacher that truly cares about students first and important for school environment. >> this virginia tech graduate has learned a lot after just 4 years in the classroom, but most of what she knows about teaching six graders. she learned in sixth grade. >> i was the bad good kid so i talked a lot. i got my worked on, but i was all over the room all the time which i think is a reason that i am good with them what they are like that because you can be here and standing and dancing and paying attention.
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attention this time in front of the classroom with no restrictions on how they learn. if you know about a teacher like miss white who deserves to be recognized. you can email us at teacher of the week at wltx teacher of the and recognition doesn't stop with this white. they can also brag about a guidance counselor who is headed to the white house to represent south carolina. we wore your belief or washington dc to be a part of a gala that recognizes school guidance counselors across the country. he was the 2015 school guidance counselor of the year. >> i come to work and i try to
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and it means helping them with academics and helping them with whatever it is, to be successful. >> york has worked in eight different schools and admits that middle school has been his favorite grade level. >> middle school is a great age. they are old enough to understand concepts but don't have the attitude yet.>> of all of the teachers that we have recognized, the middle school teachers have been dynamic out- of-the-box thinkers. so congratulations. you have a great high school teacher or middle school
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it. coming up one (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shshping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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a recent study shows women might be paying more for virtually the same product. smith in new york department of consumer affairs revealed a price after reviewing 800 items with clear male and female versions. the report is called from cradle to cave. the cost of being a female consumer. >> the products cost 7% more than the ones from and the price discrimination is not limited to retail. michelle miller investigates. >>reporter: cbs went undercover with a female producererand a a male producer using a handful of dry cleaners. they brought identical buttoned-
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and service. our female producer was charged twice as much in half the businesses visited. in one she was charge $7.50 and her male counterpart $2.85 and another one she paid three dollars more. it happens in more than dry cleaners. the new york city found differences in closing like these genes personal care products like razors and toys like the scooters. women paid more than men for products 42% of the time. the senior project editor christina reports has been researching this issue for years. >> you don't realize how badly you are getting ripped off for taking advantage of as a woman because you have become so conditioned to pay more. smith there is no federal law that bans this practice price
5:42 pm
miami-dade county in california. a trade lawyer said part of the problem is the extra cost for women's products from the get- go. women's clothing, shoes and gloves. enter the country with a higher import tax than men.>> it might be an extra five dollars that she page uncle sam and--12 or $13. so we did a little research. we called stores around columbia and women shirts were for dollars and measures for $2.50. >> why is that? >> every time i go to the dry cleaners to pickup this stuff for my stuff, he will have 20 shirts and it will be 15 or $20 and i will go pick up three dresses and is $60 so i have wised up.
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cleaning. [laughter] >> we did a story years ago. and if i remember correctly. at one point they said it's more difficult to clean a woman's shirt, but it was the same shirt. the dress is different. that's maddening, especially when he saw the same exact scooter. the pink one is $40 in the red one is $20. >> that happened when santa was looking at the tech watches. the girl color was $10 more >>why because we will pay for it? >> it's a little girl like to read or blue. it was less than the watch with pink or purple.
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because we will pay it? >>i know that our shaving cream and razors and everything is more expensive. my lipstick. just kidding.
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what do you think we should be the storm up-i for nci s tonight in nci s new orleans. bowl? we would love to go but tickets are going to be ridiculously
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the website seat geek said the average retail price between the panthers i'm broncos is more than $5000 but for free. you can watch the super bowl and all the commercials that go with it right here on wltx. the day before the super bowl. you can see nfl salutes, the best players in place of the seasononand a show called nfl honors. it starts at 9 pm, february 6 and we are so excited to be carrying super bowl l. it should be a great game. >> we have to root for the carolina panthers. i know we have a lot of steeler fans. >> but there are a lot of peyton manning fans.
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game. new details about a fugitive who died after firing shots in columbia for trying to bring him in. >> parker found guilty on charges of running a gambling ring. a loaded gun found in the columbia metro. details on when it was. news 19 at 6 pm starts now. the houston texas fugitive that died in columbia was freed from charges that he murdered his girlfriend. good evening and thanks for being with us. the sheriff's department released more information today about that shoot out. sonja gutierrez was there. she joins us with what she found out.
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