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tv   News 19 6  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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family has been looking for a closure after 42-year-old damon james kills his ex-girlfriend. today they got confirmation that the man that died in the shootouts is a saying that man that they have been looking for. >>we got him. we hope you are resting and have them good. sloth closure --tran26 closure came for this family. >> living without my mother and watching the hurt in our family. her family will never be the same. >>reporter: readout was gunned down on her way to work , leaving behind young children. police arrested her former boyfriend damon james, who is charged with murder. he posted bond and fled.
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houston, texas for murder. >> a fugitive task force moved into a shootout. the police say he started. >> it was a short-term battle he got into his vehicle and inside the vehicle. there was a single gunshot. >>reporter:, according to to the quarter. he most likely died from a self- inflicted gunshot to the head. they acted appropriately. because the task force it deals with the worst of the worst. >> they trained together because they are working together and they focused on a high risk fugitive.>> i need the day was going to come. we put it in god's hands and left it there. >> the victim's daughter is happy it's all over. >> even though justice was not
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it's over. some of the family will visit her grave sent to tell her what happened. the case is under investigation and we don't know why he traveled to the midland. back to you. in june 2013, brett parker was convicted and given to life sentences for the murder of his wife, tammy and friend. and illegal gambling operation was run by parker and his dad and his business partner. the men were found guilty in federal court in 2013 of gambling charges but the convictions were thrown out after it was determined that the prosecution failed to disclose evidence in a timely manner. both parker ann taylor got a new trial and after two days of testimony, the jury has reached a decision after an hour of deliberating both men were found guilty of federal gambling charges ththdefendants
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the two men involved in the gambling business that included five people in the business operators for more than 30 straight days and had a gross income of $200,000 on a single day. here's what the defense attorney prosecutor told us after the verdict. >> a very effective presentation. they are good lawyers. but if they were going through the presentationi knew there was a rebuttal to everything and that's what i did and i think we saw that in the verdict and how quickly it came back. >> sentencing will take place in the next few weeks. we know the name of the man shot and killed a columbia barbershop last friday. hannibal was shot and killed while attempting to rob the next step, barbara and beauty shop located on for jackson boulevard. hannibal and another man entered the shop filled with people, including women and children around 7 pm and demanded everyone's money and valuables. the customer with a concealed weapons permit shot hannibal in
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the suspect died at the hospital. they are looking for the other suspect if you have any information on that person call crimestoppers. deputies need your help finding a shoplifting suspect. he shoplifted electrical tools from three home improvement stores. he stole two chainsaws and a generator for me, those store it to drill kids from a home depot the items totaled more than $1800 but if you know where he can be found tonight call crimestoppers 1888 crime sc. deputies have arrested a man who was drunk while driving 111 miles an hour. 28-year-old clarence edwards. deputies saw a car going a high rate of speed which is between highway 601 and--road.
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club in the columbia areaea a passenger was also arrested after it was determined he was wanted on three outstanding bench warrants. seven today. a loaded gun was confiscated at the columbia metro airport. tsa agents discovered a firearm and eight passenger's bag. police took the bag and escorted the passenger out of the checkpoint area. firearms may be transported in checked baggage and they are declared and in the proper carrying case and not loaded. they are prohibited and carry- on bags. this is the first firearm discovered by officers at the columbia metro airport that last year, 11 were found. tonight a new police chief and chapin. he was a native that served the patrol division for the west columbia police department. he replaces troy crop, who stepped down last year that
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replacement was hired. clouds have been moving in during the afternoon hours and right now it's cloudy outside. our temperature is at 62 in our wind is from a southwest have 3 miles an hour. we expect clouds to remain and we expect a chance for showers but not until daybreak and we will see scattered showers with a high temperature of 50 for. it will be turning cooler on thursday but it should be mild and dry for the weekend. we will look at that forecast in a moment. some of the governor tonight said teacher turnover is high and school districts across the state. so she made sure teachers weren't left out of the executive budget proposal during the legislative session. the budget includes $1.5 million in a plan to pay tuition for students who commit to teach at a rural school for eight years of the student has
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paid off. >> this is about making sure every child knows that their district is worthy and every teacher feels like they have a support team. >> the gov. said the plan will use incentives for those who want that is challenge. also a bill that shortens the state legislative session by a month is advancing to the floor of the senate. the judiciary committee voted to adjourn in may instead of jan and the bill would require the house and senate to write to their budget plans from the same revenue estimates.s. operating of the same estimates will make a compromise between the chambers easier as there will be less that is disputed. a state of the state address given tonight. a live look at city hall for the speech is about to get underway. we have the address getting live on our website at
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speech when you join us tonight at 11 pm. tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in the democratic presidential primary. so if you have moved make sure you are ready to vote by updating your registration or if you have moved from a county to the other, you must register in the new county by the deadline to be eligible to vote for the republican voter ledge- registration was last week the primaries february 20 and the democratic primaries the 27th. similar tomorrow. donald trump will be in lexington county making a stop at the tree farm off of highway 1. it is at 7 pm and it is free and open to the public. on your side with a recall from ford recalling 931,000 ranger pickups because of faulty airbags. it includes tracks from 2000 for three 2006. they extended a airbag recall to include 5
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lancaster county man was killed when his airbag in his 2006 ranger exploded with too much force. some are-i for tomorrow will be a child safety seat check in lexington at the municipal complex 7:30 am until 9:30 am. no appointment is necessary. a gogo day for kelly moore middle school. leroy burke will leave for tomorrow to washington dc for a counselors. he was the 2015 middle school counselor of the year.>> to me, it is being an advocate for kids. i come to school and i come to work and i try to cater to the needs of the kids and i listen to teachers and parents, but my goal is to try to make the kids
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clemson university has been awarded a us manufacturing innovation fund grant of almost $1 million. it comes from the walmart foundation. we are told the money will be used to make an energy efficient dying process for polyester fabric. it was a nice day outside.
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and much warmer day out there character actor abe vigoda has died. he was ideal for playing his most noted walls painted over the hill detected fish in the
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eight mafia soldier in the godfather. abe vigoda was 90 for years
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to commemorate his death . several people reporting shaking in charleston. the result of a sonic boom. a spokesperson for the marine corps confirmed planes were in the air at the time of the boom conducting exercises. 15 to 20 miles off the coast, it is unclear. all of the
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like noise. the person on the ground said when an aircraft or other type of vehicle flies faster than the speed of sound. >> have you ever felt a sonic boom? so that people went crazy and social media. from mount pleasant to charleston to somerville. it's crazy. that's the reason. you know me. i was have something else i am thinking. >>i don't know. jim gandy in. you going to give us a sonic boom? >> absolutely. >> his best explanation. >> 680 in columbia. so if it says warm air outside. you can see clouds increase but
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progress. you can see through alabama and northwestern georgia , some rain has moved in. we are not expecting a lot of rain. it's all along. a cold front you can see the cloud out ahead of it and streaming down to the gulf of mexico and the main weather system is up in canada moving off to the east and moving into the nation's midsection, but it's not terribly cold behind the system so we will cool down briefly before we get-began to warm up. temperatures look like this. we have temperatures around the great lakes region in the 20s and it is chilly out to memphis and that's what's going to be coming in ahead of the front. it's going to be 600 and orangeburg 57 and augustine and sumter and 62 in columbia, 53 in rock hill. now clouds will continue over
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daybreak we will see the showers that will be with us tomorrow morning into the afternoon tomorrow night we will see some clouds hanging around the area but we are going to be drying out as we go into the weekend. here is our forecast a low of 460 and winnsboro and columbia. tomorrow we will be seeing high temperatures in the 50s. 50 in newberry 52 in camden 50 for for columbia and 57 and orangeburg and our seven day forecast looks like this. we will see the sun coming back out, partly cloudy 510 and we will be sunny for the weekend. warming up 58 on friday. 68 on sunday and by tuesday. clouds increase again, we should hit 720. >> what did we do to get this
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>>we are benefiting from that. thank you. >> what's going on in sports with melissline?>> in a
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at home afte well today is key endorsements help donald trump undercut the support for ted cruz in iowa. plus, hillary clinton's fight to stop burning sanders support. it is a charity dedicated to helping veterans short changing them. we have an investigation (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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a big came-i been a big game for the gamecocks.
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have taken the court and tonight's game could not have come at a better time. to add another went to their record. they need to have a type of performance on the last home game against the-i been he is ready to see his dad get back on track tonight. so that we are not 10 and seven. we are 17 and two. we have won seven out of nine games away from home. we have one to road conference games. that's the most since it was invented. sad that one will tip off at 7 pm. now over to-i-finalizing his coaching staff with the hiring of that guy right there. mike peterson. he came from florida whwhe he was s a strength
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and he played under steve spurrier back in 1996. and clemson tigers are back tomorrow after a break of their own. if they went tomorrow night thth will make it a fourth. that's the most since the 9697 team. >> they are excited to play. we would have preferred to played in such a good way. right now but at the same time it's good to give couple of days away for the guys to rest up. we will come back with good practices and guys are excited to compete. we have to play at a higher level. the benedict college women's team has climbed to
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they are 19 and one overall d they have one 19 consecutive games. one of five teams from the south region. so i things are undoubtedly heating up in charlotte as the guys start to begin buckling down on preparations for the denver broncos in the panthers mighghnot be the underdog. this is what they have been used to for the past 18 weeks, especially a defensive unit but holding arizona to 15 points and forcing seven turnovers for something that made a statements. >> is the biggest group of guys that deserve the credit brady look at interceptions this guy did an excellent job didian excellent job of putting together a package that allows them to get pressure on the quarterback and the backend works with the front end. it's a relationship with pressure
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get some sacks. some are counting down the days until the super bowl. i am looking forward to it. >> he is one of the leaders on the defense of such a young
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are you look if you haven't made state plans a chain restaurant hopes to save you a little money on february 14 by offering candlelight dinners. they have offered participating locations. the restaurant on s. lake dr. in lexington and the waffle house on knoxville avenue and manning and on sunset boulevard in west columbia. >> nothing says i love you like a waffle. to make you have to know what your lady likes.
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