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tv   News 19 7  CBS  January 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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around the world, good night.3 good evening and thanks for being with us on this tuesday. 3 3 we begin tonight with a gambling ring that first came to light nearly 3 years ago. good evening thanks for being with us. we are beginning with a gambling ring that came to light three years ago. in june 2013, brett parker was convicted and given to life sentences for the murder of his wife, tammy and friends, brian. the murder brought to light the illegal gambling operation that was run by jack-i been run by parker ananhis dadajack parker and their business parker doug taylor. the men were found guilty has also ended in a guilty verdict. federal court of gambling charges.
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out after it was determined that the prosecution failed to disclose evidence in a timely manner pay both parker ann taylor got another trial. the started yesterday and ended today with a guilty verdict. jurors deliberated for an hour before finding both men guilty on federal gambling charges. the defendants did not take the stand here is what the prosecutor and defense attorney said after the verdict. >> clearly we are disappointed in the verdict we still maintain jack parker and doug taylor's in a sense that the jury has spoken and we will respect that decision and fight for our clients and hopefully justice will prevail. >> we are pleased with the jury did. 3 they are gone without hi5 they were gone for an hour they came back with a verdict of the substantial evidence of five people this gambling organization and they held jack parker and doug taylor accountable.>> sentencing will take place in the next few weeks. the namemeof a homicide
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shooting of the columbia va hospital in the capital city, 42-year-old damon james was wanted on murder charges in connection with the death of his girlfriend in texas from two years ago. it looks like he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. it started when investigators got a tip that he was in columbia. they notified the fugitive task force and found him yesterday. investigators say he fired at them when they tried to arrest him and officers returned fire. during that exchange for the corner believes james shot himself. we spoke to the ex-girlfriend's family in houston they were happy to finally get some closure tonight. smith this was a dangerous individual who had killed someone in texas who traveled into the columbia area and officers confronted him. he chose to shoot it out. the officers. and we believe that some point he took his life inside the vehicle. >> anyway, it gives me closure because i know it is done and over with.
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my mom back. >> the case remains under investigation. we don't know what led to the midlands are to the byron road apartments. a woman cused of abusing a 91 a vulnerable adult 59-year- old mariam race. the victim's daughter notified deputies that reese it wasn't the victim's home was abusing her mother. the abuse was captured on the victim surveillance video equipment located inside her home. reese is in the richland county jail. a black what man has been convicted of stealing more than $1.5 million from the department of veterans affairs. 45-year-old dennis paulson was found guilty of extremely exaggerating the extent of his disabilities. he faces up to 20 years in prison and repayment of more than 1 1/2 million dollars.
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but we warmed up nicely 32 for a low and both locations saw high locations of 680. right now it is cloudy and our temperature is 580 under calm conditions. tonight we expect to see cloudy skies and showers towards a daybreak, it will stay cloudy throughout the day we will see occasional showers. the high temperature is 50 for the clouds will remain tomorrow evening with a low temperature of 39. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. to make lawmakers should off international attention for an unusual bill explained it today. mike pitts proposed a lot requiring journalist to register with the state. robert kittle has more. 26 representative mike pitts said it was not one issue that gave him the idea to file the bill that something is noticing and news reports. his bill would require journalist three-register with the state. the guthrie criminal
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he wants to call attention to the bias against the second amendment right to bear arms by the the same restriction on the first restriction, freedom of the press. >> the concealed weapons permit a law of the state of south carolina and i transposed that to journalists. >>reporter: representative that said the bill is not a job but he knows it doesn't ve a chance to pass this year. it's not unusual for lawmakers introduce bills that have no chance of passing but they do it to make a point.>>. he also put a bill to have a restriction on erectile dysfunctional drugs. the house majority leader question filing bills like that. >> it does make a political point, i think people are served better by filing bills that deal with the issue at hand are one of the states problems and not filing bills
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pass. >> the bill is not frivolous. >> i don't consider education of the public a waste of time. >> pitts said he filed the bill because of the president's executive order on guns. journalist did not complain about the attack on a second amendment but they did complain about his attack on the first amendment. some of the house her testimonial south carolinians who wanted to alimony law passed for the bill would make it easier to modify the amount of money. someone has to pay their former spouse after the divorce. it would depend on the length of the marriage, changing financial circumstances and other factors, rather than setting a fixed number to be paid for ever and ever. a few dozen people showed up to be heard. >> it's okay for one person to pay the other for the rest of their life with absolutely no requirement that the payee do anything.
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injustice. simply because so many people showed up to be heard. not everyone got a chance to speak, so another hearing will be scheduled down the road. strikes south carolina state ununersity presented their $128 million budget to lawmakers today. the university is on track for a balanced budget but it is still on probation for accreditation. in order to meet the fiscal requirements for accreditation the schools asking lawmakers to forgive them $12 llion in loans used to pay off offender debt. the budget also included 14 million and one time, money for deferred maintenance projects. at the end of the meeting we told the board of trustees. they need to begin their search for a permanent president and address that cost in their budget. here's what she had to say about if the president could be picked for the spot. >> i have no idea and i don't care about that.
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because with permanency comes a different level of decision- making. it is not fair. in my opinion for a president to come in the last part of the third year and the saddled with whatever decisions have been made. >> school leaders plan on discussing their search for a permanent president at their meeting next week. the unemployment rate is holding steady and ended last year 5 1/2%. the same rate as novembebe unemployment is the highest in marion county. 9.3%. trusting county with the lowest it for .2%. nationwide, it held steady at 5%.
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panther support co time to upupade your tv before you watch the big game. we have the best bargain and what to look for it what you need to avoid.>> you might need
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we are chat ever wonder who has the task of cleaning nfl team uniforms week after week...we can't tell you all of those responsible but for the carolina panthers it's do you ever wonder has the task of cleaning the nfl team uniforms, week after week? the carolina panthers the same guy has been doing it since their first season. dave jordan has the story. it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it and 82-year-old bill fowler is more than up to the task.>>his numbers, his back, his name. the official dry cleaners a carolina panthers job he has held since 1995 before the teams first season.
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spartanburg location at 130 in the afternoon. they are quickly sorted and separated. pants go in one washer and jerseys and another. a hard deadline must be mad with very f f by weeks.>>if they wore white they are going to wear the black the next. you have a little bit of leeway.>>the panther jersey hangs not as a souvenir. but asas standard. >>everything should look like it is right now that's the way we try to do it. >> on more than one occasion a number goes missing. and that's one fowler, throws his challenge flag. this week, cam newton's jersey is included with the rest of the team and it is likely will be on full display super bowl
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the field. >>panthers will be wearing their black uniforms. see if you can follow along a seahawks fan has started his own petition to ban seahawk fans who want to ban cam newton from seattle. he says the complaining makes the seahawk fans look like crybabies. this started after they wanted to ban him from their stadium next season after he tossed their flag to the ground. following the panthers went overerthe seahawks a couple of weeks ago. the panthers are set to play in seattle next season. you can see the super bowl l right here on wltx sunday, february 7. keep in mind the night before the super bowl. you can keep more action in a show called nfl honors.
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a nice day tomorrow there is a child safety seat check taking
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we have been watching rain to the west pretty can see it is coming through northwestern georgia and a little bit of light shower activity moving into the upstate of south carolili. this is occurring. it is the cold front coming into the area and this is what we are expecting tonight. clouds will continue to increase and we expect to see some rain but most of that will be occurring tomorrow and t ter off the clouds are going to hang on and it will be with us tomorrow night that will be good to thursday we will be seeing much of our clouds moving out and we will see sunshine. today we saw sunshine to begin with and the crowds were increasing and we saw some warm temperatures.
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moving 660 for a high greenville. temperatures look like this. we have readings generally in the 50s. 50 in greenwood 52 and augustine 55 and sumter and 58 in columbia and orangeburg. looking ahead, once again. much of this rain coming through will be light rain so don't expect a lot of rain from this. it moves out and it's going to be relatively dry as we go through the next few days. let's go through our forecast. we will see plenty of sunshine and tonight's low temperatures dropping down to 46 and newberry and 470 and bishop will and high temperatures cooler than what we saw today but rain coming through 50 and newberry and 53 in columbia and sumter
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our forecast looks like this. by the time we get to friday, 510 we will see a dry weekend but will also be warming up. by sunday. 68 and that will continue to warm up into the beginning of
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3 meals on wheels has gotten a huge donation from the t-j maxx foundation.the company gave a $5000 grant to help meals on wheels got a huge donation from t.j. maxx. somebody gave a $5000 grant to help fight senior hunger.
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create a 700 hot meals to the meals on wheels program. it's the only provider of services in richland county. meanwhile the united way got a large check today. they received a $13,500 donation for its flood recovery efforts. a columbia retailer for more than 60 years following the flood-the flood they launched a campaign to raise funds for custom product sales, including limited edition t-shirts and bracelets. hundreds of people, god help to fight off the cold, the season. thanks to molina healthcare. the organization joined forces with st. john's baptist church to provide 300 blankets and gloves and folks learned about staying safe and the cold temperatures and with the
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temperatures could not have come at a better time. >>we have provided healthcare for those in need. those who want to stay warm. especially with the cold snap that we had this past week. >>we need people like you that care about people and love people. >> in addition to the winter assistance first steps and first dental was there giving out resource information. that's our time inside edition
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. how could anyone survive this? down and down she goes. she can't stop. can you believe her name is angel? >> when you're going that fast, you can't do anything. >> and dual in the sun. bat versus club. >> what should you do if someone comes after you with a baseball bat. >> then sarah palin volero jacket, the inside story of how they scrambled to make one for tina fey. plus, blizzard of heart attacks, even a young pregnant woman. >> the body of a 64-year-old woman found by school kids still holding her snow shovel. >> what you need to know.
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prolonged periods of exertion in the cold.
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